Review and Replicate: etalk’s Danielle Graham

Hollywood gossip makes the world go round, right? Well, it does in my world. I love hearing about the latest trends, watching the stars walk down the red carpet and keeping up with who is dating who. Ho do I get all of this information? I watch etalk, of course! If you are a regular viewer of etalk, like me, you would know that the hosts always bring the style. However, Danielle Graham, the co-anchor of the show, always wears outfits worth replicating! I want to highlight one of her looks in particular, that was to die for (right).

Danielle_Graham_Green-SkirtTime to Review! 

When I turned on etalk and saw Danielle wearing this ensemble, I wanted to run over to the mall and hunt for that skirt and that’s exactly what I did…well a few weeks later, that is. It is available at H&M (like many of the pieces Danielle wears). Being able to see it up close only made me love it more. The texture is beautiful and the colour is so vibrant in real life! The best part about this skirt is the cut. The flared look is a total winner and with a tight waistband, it creates a very positive waistline (even if you don’t think you have one).

My favourite part about this look is what she paired with the skirt. When wearing this kind of colour, you want to make sure that you don’t overshadow how bright the emerald is – this skirt is the focus of the look, so everything it is paired with should bow down to it. The white crop top with the slight detail compliments the texture. Nude pumps gives the outfit that step up, taking the look to an even dressier level. Also, notice how she is wearing minimal jewelry. A large statement necklace would take away from the focus of the ensemble.

Replicating the Look!



I tried my best to replicate Danielle’s ensemble exactly. I feel like I did a good job at it too (if I do say so myself!!). Although I loved the details on the white crop top she wore, I went with an even simpler tee from Garage. Of course, I made the emerald textured skirt the focus of the outfit, pairing it with nude heels and simple jewelry.



The necklace that I chose to wear with this look was the “Twice as Nice V” necklace by mark. by Avon. Unfortunately, the necklace is not available anymore…but any simple necklace would work with this look!! There isn’t too much to this look, but it is incredibly classic and perfect for summer! Keep the amazing looks coming, Danielle! I love your style!!


Outfit Details: Mother’s Day!




11194486_887715744623254_7065757134448883502_oBWhat a fun and short weekend it was! That’s usually how weekends go, right? Short. My weekend has run a little long this week since I woke up this morning feeling awful and sick as a dog. The good news is, is that I was up and about for Mother’s day and had the most wonderful day ever! My family and I woke up on Sunday morning, had breakfast as a family and spent the majority of the morning having my Mom open her gifts. After that, we spent the day at home together and then met my Grandmother for dinner! It was a lovely day.

11225893_901890169868207_376290474_nA 11253839_901890416534849_799160012_nA

My Mother’s Day look highlighted one of my favourite, casual dresses from Old Navy. I found this in the clearance section, so I don’t know if there would be any left, but they have similar styles selling right now! What is great about this dress, is that acts as a neutral that you can pair with bright pops of colour. That is why I paired the dress with my bright blue mark. by Avon statement necklace. It really ties the outfit together. My mark. by Avon hat is from last year, but a floppy felt hat looks amazing with this fun dress. To top it all off, I wore my nude covered heels from Avon. They are the ‘Cushion Walk’ line which means they are super comfy (and they are).

It was a great weekend, great Mother’s Day and one of my favourite looks!



April: Looking Back


April has come and gone, which means school is out, work is beginning and summer is just around the corner! The snow has finally melted completely off my lawn and I awaken to birds chirping every morning now! This is my favourite time of year because finals have ended and I have so much freedom. I kick off my summer break reading list, relax on the weekends and coordinate even cuter outfits than I can in the winter! My all time favourite season!

This April, we saw lots of fun prints, simply put together threads and completely comfortable looks (which everyone loves). Towards the end of the month (entering finals), I got a little more casual, but the looks I have chosen to look back on in this post pulls from a variety of different styles of outfits of the day. I love pearls, which I always wear (the JCrew pearls, top left hand corner, are the best), mainly because they go with almost everything. I wore a lot of stripes and polka dots, because why not? I love fun patterns and these are two of my favourite patterns ever made.

I have to point out my apple sweater separately because this is probably the best sweater I own. Being a teacher in training, this sweater fits me perfectly. It is made by JCrew Factory, and I got the last one (unfortunately). However, JCrew always has fun motif sweaters (animals, fish, etc.).

Finals are over! Summer vacation has begun! Four months of student freedom!! See ya later April.

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