Outfit Details: Chambray + White

I am very excited to show you this look. Why? Well, because it is super casual and comfortable (and you all know how much I love being comfy)…but also because I am blogging about this cute ensemble over at Sash & Jayd for a new series called “Steal Her Style”. Make sure you head over and give it a read!



Now let’s get to the deets… 

I am a huge fan of chambray! For those of you who do not know what chambray is, it is a type of linen cloth that mimics a denim pattern. I have a few denim shirts – which I love – but chambray is different. It comes in many colours, and is a light fabric, as opposed to denim which is heavier.


I got myself my first pair of white linen shorts from J.Crew a couple of weeks ago, and I have never loved a pair of shorts more. These shorts are cool, light and the perfect summer staple. I am never getting rid of them (ever!!). I love how the bright white contrasts against this vibrant blue chambray shirt.


I paired back on the accessories for this look, keeping it to my little black bag, and black shades. As much as I love a good statement necklace, my aimed focal point for the look was the white shorts.

Last but not least…shoes. You can never forget the shoes. These wedges have been my ultimate go-to this summer, and they did wonders for my short little legs in this look!!


This look is great for running around town, doing errands, going shopping…pretty much any time you want to look cute while ultra-comfortable! I just might have to grab more of these linen shorts before they sell out for the season…


That’s all for today!! What is your go-to comfy look and how do you style it? Let me know in the comments below!!


Outfit Details: Nautical Preppy

One of my favourite parts of the summer season are the nautical styles that come out. Anything with a sea or nautical feel to it is good in my books. I love the colour scheme, the preppy style, and how it looks so perfect!! It is one of the categories that I constantly frequent on Pinterest. That is why, today, I am going to break down a very nautical look that I love and comes directly from my closet! I have tried to link similar items down below for your shopping needs!


I picked up all of these pieces this year and they all come from reasonably priced stores. As a university student, I am always on the hunt for sales and amazing deals!

I have many nautical looks that I love to wear out during this season, but this one has got to be one of my favourites. I have a sweet spot for anchor print. Last year, I searched the province high and low for a navy blue blouse with white anchors (that was up to my standards). I was all about the navy blue background with the white anchors. Well, THIS YEAR, I went the opposite direction. I am obsessed with the white background with navy blue anchors! The white fabric has a very summery vibe to it!


These navy blue sailor style shorts were made for me, I swear. They are so comfortable and fit me perfectly! I always keep my eye out for sailor style shorts because, surprisingly, they are pretty hard to find. I am pretty picky when it comes to this style – I love the gold buttons that are sewn in threes on the hip bone. Like the ones in this look. I found these at Winners. I only saw them there once, so I am extremely glad I didn’t put them back and purchase them another day (they definitely would have been gone…)


I love deck shoes. Let me say that again…I love Sperry deck shoes. I picked these up last year on sale and everything about them is perfect. The mini nautical charm, the metallic blue – it ties the look up and I love it. Since these were from last year, I have linked some equally nautical Sperry deck shoes below.


I pondered for a while over what bag to add to this look. I didn’t want to take anything away from printed polo or the sailor shorts. I really just wanted it to be a muted neutral for the outfit. I am currently on the hunt for a white tote, but haven’t found one yet, SO I went for this navy blue and white striped purse from Aldo. I love this bag, and it goes really well with the whole outfit.


I am going to do some more nautical looks in the future, but for now, this is my favourite one!! Hopefully you all like the nautical look as much as I do!! Make sure you check out my most favourite nautical items (from this look included) that I have linked below.


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Pan Am Games: My Canadian Look

PAN AM GAMES-As we enter the closing ceremonies tomorrow night, I reflect back on these two weeks of crazy fun in Toronto and all over!! For those of you who didn’t know, my hometown was hosting the PanAm Games this year! We have been prepping for this for the last couple of years and it has been marvelous to watch the city transform into a multitude of patriotic greatness, breath taking venues and star athletes!!

I was among the lucky ones who got to attend a few events, and let me tell you, I just loved it!! How I got to shout my country’s name from the top of my lungs, cheering on the Canadians we all love! I attended Men’s Springboard Diving and Men’s Baseball! Well, that was absolutely fantastic and such a once in a lifetime chance. I have never been to any Olympic games before, so this was a pretty exciting first for me.


7 8However…despite the games being so exciting, I have to point out that dressing for the games was super fun as well! It’s always a good idea to dress down for a sporting event, but you don’t have to let cute style go out the window when you are playing it cool! I put together a pretty simple look for the festivities that I want to share with you today!


This type of look really goes for any sporting event that you are attending, whether it’s baseball, football, or any other fun summer sport!


Casual are looks are the best looks for many reasons. First of all, casual is comfortable in most situations. You don’t want to be in tight, uncomfortable clothing when you’re watching a game that potentially could last up to four hours…(tad exaggeration…). You also want to make sure you dress for the weather that you are going to have! If it’s sweltering hot, make sure you wear some cool clothing…and if it rains, be prepared with a poncho (quick and easy to store in a bag).

And now for the details…

For this event, where I was rooting for Canada, I made sure to deck myself out in all things Canada! Any Canada shirt would do…this one is actually borrowed from my best friend when we went to an event, but anything Canada is PERFECT to cheer in!


I really love white Canada shirts because I think the red writing looks great against the white background (but any Canada shirt is great). I also added a cute little Canada hat that I’ve had forever to this look. Kept the sun out of my eyes, and allowed my hair to stay in place with the wind blowing while I was at baseball! I’m not a huge baseball cap wearer, but in this case, it was pretty necessary!!


I picked up these shorts last year at Winners and they are made by Cynthia Rowley. I have found a number of items by her and cannot say I have ever been disappointed! These linen shorts are perfect for summer – light, airy and adorable (which is definitely a requirement). The tan and white stripe pattern makes it easy to pair it with any ensemble.

I got my bag from Tommy Hilfiger last year as well. This is probably the best satchel I own at the moment. The pattern is funky and pink (my favourite), and the size is perfect for heading out to run errands or going to an outing like this! When attending these events, there was heavy, heavy security and so taking a large bag would have slowed me right down when going through the security check. Having a small, side satchel, like this one, was perfect, quick and easy!

In even more exciting news, Canada came in first place in a lot of events this year – even baseball (which I attended!!) It was certainly an event not to be missed! Yay Canada!



Outfit Details: Summer Stripes and Polka dots

Lately, it has been extremely hot outside and pants don’t really jive with 40+ degree weather. So that calls for some cute shorts so that you can breeze through the summer season with ease. I put this outfit together last week after I stepped outside in capris and a tank and I felt faint. What I love about this look is the pattern mixing!! I am all for putting stripes and polka dots together, but this combo works from every angle – colour scheme, type of pattern, etc.


Let’s talk about the colour scheme…

Grey and slate blue is a pretty easy colour combo. You really don’t have to worry about anything…the two colours basically play off one another, creating an overall polished look. With a colour scheme like this, it is super easy to throw a splash of colour in there that doesn’t match (because then it looks like it does match!). The pop of pink in the Kate Spade New York bag looks great against the neutral colour scheme.


…and the pattern mixing…

I love polka dots and I love stripes. Putting them together is even better and probably the best combination ever. Okay, I have to say…there are some guidelines to follow when approaching this pattern mixing task. You want to make sure that you are not combining two wild and overpowering patterns. Usually by picking one “loud” pattern with one “quiet” pattern, you cannot go wrong! See the combo above? The shorts are in a quiet, thin stripe and the top is in a loud, large polka dot.

4 5

…and the accessories! 

An outfit is lost without some type of accessory. Accessories include anything from a cool hat to an over sized belt (if you want)! In this case, I used minimal accessories: a multi strand pearl necklace (J.Crew), fashion hat (H&M), and a neon pink bag (Kate Spade New York). That is really all you need in a casual outfit like this! Like I said, the pop of pink is a focal point and all else just compliments the outfit!


This was the perfect outfit for a hot summer day! Pattern mixing is such a fun thing to do when coordinating an outfit!! The polka dots, the stripes, the pop of pink, the pearls – it’s all perfect. If you take anything away from this post, take away this: neutrals with pops of colour make for a great summer look and patterns are your friend…

As always, I have linked some similar styles I wore in this post down below, so make sure you flip through those!! Enjoy!

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Outfit Details: the Black Maxi two ways!

Many of my readers know that maxi dresses are a favourite of mine. I love how you can throw one on, accessorize and be ready to go for the day! I wish I could wear maxi dresses to work, but unfortunately, they are a tad too casual for my workplace. The weekends is where the maxi dress shines, and this black maxi I found at Winners is no exception!! I love how many ways there are to wear a black maxi (post idea!!), and today, I am going to show you two ways that I have worn the dress so far!

Number One: On its own… 

Maxi dresses really don’t need to be dressed up, in my opinion, because they do plenty well on their own. Especially a black maxi, it’s slimming, hugs the curves and looks great with a few accessories and the right shoes. I love to wear maxi dresses with heels, only because I’m the shortest person on the planet (okay, maybe I exaggerated there…) and I like the extra 3-4 inches.


These shoes that I am wearing are cognac coloured and perfect for summer!! They are about 3.5 inches, and the perfect height for this dress. The great feature about this maxi, is the slits on each side. It goes just high enough to give plenty exposure to the leg, but not high enough that you don’t have to worry about any “oops” moments. The slits also give you a chance to show off your fab shoes – usually long dresses are too long that the shoes are hidden!!


I decided that a longer necklace with the maxi on it’s own would be more flattering. I tried on several different statement pieces, but didn’t love any of them. When I put this one on, it just felt like it kept the length going. No one wants to look short in a maxi dress, therefore, accessorizing with long accessories, will keep that lengthy look going. Plus, it gives the outfit some glam that stands out against the black background, as opposed to right on the skin.

See how good the dress looks on its own? It’s perfect for a hot summer day, or even bounding around town running errands! Cute, simple and the slightest bit trendy!

Number Two: All Dolled Up! 

For the second way to wear this maxi, I paired it with a darker washed jean vest. I remember when jean vests (and vests in general) were in style in high school…I had a black one that I wore (I felt so rebellious)…so I was hesitant when I bought this jean vest. I don’t regret it though!! Because look how it transforms the maxi, from simple and fabulous, to chic and casual!!


Everything else (accessories, shoes, etc.) remained the same, except the add of the vest. Well, and the hat. But that’s because how could you not accessorize with an adorable hat like this? (Side note: I finally grabbed one of the hats from my #WishlistWednesday post! Horray!) This is a very summery hat, and works with this overall look, if I do say so myself!


What I love about adding the jean vest, is how it provides coverage of certain areas that would be extenuated by the dress if it were worn on its own. There are times to show it off, and times to cover it up, and in my opinion, adding this cute piece on top, really transforms the outfit in a conservative way (i.e. totally appropriate to wear in front of my Grandmother).


I got this bag earlier this year, and it is honestly one of my best purse purchases! I found it at Aldo and it was truly love at first sight. I was in the market for a cognac coloured bag, and this one caught my eye the moment I walked into the store. It is the perfect size, and the black floral scarf tied to the strap is so cute! I added my little touch of glam with the gold “S” key chain (gift from my Mom). And bonus…it goes perfectly with the shoes!

I love maxi dresses and have been on the bandwagon for a few years now. It really is the perfect summer look and so easy to style! I look forward to styling this dress more in the future, giving you even more ways to wear a black maxi!


If you want to get similar items to what I have shown in this post, visit the links below. I tried to find the similar styles as the dress is from Winners. I wasn’t able to link this jean vest that I got from Old Navy, but I did link up some other cute ones I found!!

Happy styling!

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