Outfit Details: Classic Prep

I like to think of myself as “preppy”. You could classify a “prep” as someone who is well educated, wealthy, a good dresser…but that word has evolved over past years. Although it can still mean all three of those things I just mentioned, I envision “preppy” as more of a way of thinking. I associate being preppy with being a positive, upbeat, stylish human being, who loves the high class lifestyle. I like to focus on the preppy dress style

Sweaters, khakis, pastels, pearls, monograms…all of these things tend to be classified as “prep” or “classic”…that is because these never go out of style. I will never retire my monogram necklace (it is my most treasured item…), I will never give away my sweaters. I will never get tired of my string of pearls I got from my Grandmother when I turned sixteen. There are those simple “preppy” things that are considered to be truly classic.

Classic prep… that is what I call this look I am detailing today. It’s everything I love about J.Crew, prep fashion and truly reflects what I love to wear most. Whether you are heading into the office, attending a baby shower, or going to Sunday service, this look is perfect, and so easy to style.


This gold polka dot dress is from J.Crew Factory. I picked it up in my outlet haul last summer. I only own a couple of dresses from J.Crew (shocking, right?) and I usually pick them up when they have been heavily discounted. Regardless, they are such great quality and they currently stand as my favourite retailer out there right now.

This colour is a great colour for a dress. Especially if you have fair skin. Why is this? Well, the gold undertone can bring out undertones that you might not necessarily see against white fabric, or a drastic contrasted colour, like black. I am very pale…but in this dress, I don’t look as pale as usual…plus who doesn’t love gold? I do!


I wore this look to work on a Friday, and because the office can get a little cold at times, I paired it with a white cotton cardi. The white pulls out the white in the polka dots. I wouldn’t recommend pairing the colour gold (at least, this shade of gold) with anything other than white. White and gold go together. Try picturing this look with a pink cardigan…or a black cardigan…wouldn’t look as sharp, in fact, it most likely wouldn’t look good at all.


Okay…shoes. Shoes are my all time favourite part of most outfits. These are my comfort heels that I wear to work (so my feet don’t die), that I picked up from Payless Shoesource. Every girl owns a pair…cute, affordable, and most importantly replaceable. However, I absolutely love these. They are uber-comfortable, and the perfect nude shade, which happens to go very nicely with this gold dress!

Usually I would have a handbag for the look, but in the grand scheme of the look, a bag doesn’t add or take away anything. This could be accompanied with a simple white clutch, a nude tote…anything that continues the gold-white colour palette.


This look is the classic prep look. It embodies the pearls, polka dots, gold tones, white accessories, and I see this as timeless. Timeless in that it will never go out of style. I won’t ever outgrow this look and I certainly think that a polka dot dress (or some classic pattern) is a staple in every prep gal’s closet (just my opinion, of course).


August: Looking Back

August Faves

It has been quite the busy month, I must say! Not only have I been running around to get ready to go back to school, but I have also been planning, planning and more planning! It’s literally been all about Pearls and Polkadots! I have successfully released one post per day for the last two months! Well, not only have I been posting every day, my outfits have been documented every day as well. Which brings me to today’s post…

Let’s take a look… 

This Jessica Simpson dress (top left hand corner) is one of my favourite dresses! It is by Jessica Simpson and I bought it to wear to a wedding last summer. Well, I had never worn it after that…and then I needed something to wear to work! Well, there you go – totally work appropriate and such a cool dress to wear in the summer. My favourite thing about this dress is the pattern (it kind of looks like windows up and down!). The pop of yellow in the shoes (by Nine West) compliment the navy. Lastly, this Aldo handbag is in blush pink, but it strangely compliments the navy/yellow combo well. You wouldn’t think it would…but it does…and I looove it!

Stripes were definitely a thing this August, for me at least. I love this blazer from Old Navy (top right hand corner) because it is cotton and extremely light to wear in the summer. I went with a very simple colour scheme for this look – navy, white and black! It’s classic, simple and perfect – especially for work! I wore a lot of work clothing this summer (because of my job) and this is by far one of my favourite looks!

Patterns were certainly a thing this month (bottom left hand corner), and this crop top was such a great summer fave! It actually comes from a two piece set, but I love mixing and matching it with other bottoms. Here, I chose to wear it with my all-time favourite jogger pants and a black fedora! This was such a comfy outfit for running around on a weekend. August was a hustle and bustle month, and these joggers were all too comfortable to run around in!

Another classic look, brought to you by J.Crew Factory. I got my polka dot dress (bottom right hand corner) on an outlet haul last summer. It is more of a summer dress, so I really only wear it between June and August, but when I do wear it, I wear it just like this! It is one of my favourite looks – completely classic and timeless and will never go out of style!

That completes my outfit round up for the month!! Looking back is always fun to do, and it shows how trends trickle into your every day style. September will bring the beginning to midterms, essays and studying, but it will also bring pumking spice lattes, football games and knit sweaters…so I’m not complaining!!

What is your favourite look? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to see your outfit roundups, so leave a link and I will go and take a look!!


Campus Clothing: Keeping Chic this Semester!

Campus ClothingThis marks the last weekend in August (silent tear) and the upcoming school season is upon us! Some have already begun and some start in a few weeks (depending on where you are, of course!). Well, that includes me as well as I head into my fourth and final year of university!! When you are at school, there are several looks that you want to nail. You don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror, or in your closet trying to decide what to wear. There are too many exams to study for, football games to cheer at and parties to plan for to be humming and hawing on clothing!!

Today, I am going to show you a few outfit combos that you can strut around in on campus, without putting too much effort. Sweatpants are cute…but not the best look! It’s important to dress well – even when you’re up to your ears in readings!

Running to Class: 16211

Sleep is precious during the school year, which usually means you sleep in until the last possible minute before jumping out of bed and running to class! This is definitely more of a transition outfit in the first couple of months on campus…only because in about three months, campus may be covered in a white blanket! This look is really casual and cute! You really don’t have to fret about being too coordinated whenever you are working with neutrals like black, camel and white.

Studying the Time Away: 64854

Studying is dreadful and you want to stay comfortable when spending hours in the library and going over lecture notes. You are probably not thinking about your appearance when you have a 50% midterm the next morning, BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t look half-human. Why not look half-human in a cute pullover, a pair of black pants and the comfiest pair of moccasins? This is a very comfy option and still maintains some kind of fashion sense!

Heading to the Campus Club/Bar: 60886

When the weekend rolls around, it’s time to doll yourself up, try a little harder than usual and have fun with your friends! Well, this is the perfect look for that and it takes absolutely no thought at all. The LBD is the ultimate go-to for most, but I am loving crop tops + skater skirts these days – you can never go wrong with this combo…which is why it’s so easy! You don’t have to accessorize because the two pieces are statements enough, and whether you want to throw on heels or flats…doesn’t matter!

Well, there you have it! Three ultra-fab looks for college/university, and looks that you can get away with with no preparation. I mean, if we are being real, it’s the make up that really takes the longest, right? As for dressing…keep these combos in mind and you won’t be left trying on three different outfits when you should be sitting in on that exam review!

Summer is coming to a close, but school isn’t so bad – before we know it, we’ll be singing Christmas carols, partying on Spring Break and then kissing school good bye for another summer!


Outfit Details: Tropical Threads a’Flowing

Summer fashion is full of tropical patterns, sheer threads and flowing dresses! Which is why today I am detailing one of my favourite dresses from mark. by Avon. This dress is last summer’s dress of the season and happened to be one of my Christmas gifts this year. Being that I received the dress in the dead of winter, it hasn’t gotten much use. However, on my recent weekend getaway, this dress was the perfect night out look for dinner and a stroll through town!

This tropical statement dress does all the work when wearing it out. The detail on the top half of the dress in the pattern and the beading makes jewelry unnecessary. I decided to pair the dress with minimal arm candy, including my watch. To finish the look, I included my favourite pair of turquoise sandals with leopard trim around the sole, that I also bought from mark. by Avon.


High-low dresses are right in style this season, and I have to say…the style is quite practical as well. The high cut in the front allows there to be a little leg action, while you are totally covered in the back. This naturally lets the dress be swept around, creating a magical and tropical look!


I have seen this dress styled many different ways, however, when I put the dress on and went to style it…I thought to myself, why dress it up, when it is already dressy? Jewelry would take away from the wild pattern in the thread. Heels would be a good compliment to the high-low cut, but they aren’t totally necessary. Adding any other accessories would need to be neutralizers to the pattern because you don’t want to upstage or compete with the pattern itself…

So that’s how this look came about…

The dress is the superstar of this look. The dress is the look! Dresses are easy looks to style and this one was ridiculously easy!! I highly recommend any fun patterned high-low dresses for your summer wardrobe!



Outfit Details: Baseball Getup 101

Sporting events are always a fun outing with friends, and this past Sunday, I went to a very exciting baseball game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees!! Since the Jays are in a very good position this season, the fans were dressed to the nines in their Blue Jays getup and I was one of them for sure!! Although there isn’t too much to an outfit for going to see a baseball game, who says you can’t put your personal spin on the look? Well I am saying you can…and I’m showing you exactly how I did just that (along with some wardrobe tips for sporting events)…

1   2

I picked up my MLB shirt at Old Navy, if you can believe it!! It is the perfect cotton shirt to keep cool while sitting up in the nose bleeder seats (which is exactly where I was)! It was super hot and although this was no dri-fit shirt, it certainly was cooler than a thicker cotton or other type of blend that doesn’t breathe!! I really love this shirt design, specifically because of the stripes on the sleeves! A light cotton blend shirt is always the best option when you know you are going to be in the sun all day. It won’t soak up all your sweat (I know, gross…), but it is a lighter option.


This little red cross body is perfect. It is my latest #WinnersFabFind and I am drooling over it right now. It has three pockets on the inside and snaps closed. It is just enough to hold money, a cell phone and any cards or tickets. It’s pretty much a large billfold, but when heading to a baseball game…that’s really all you need. One thing I have learned when going into any kind of sporting event, is to keep the bag as small as you can!! That way, you can get through security a lot faster!!

These vibrant red shorts were a bring-home from my recent outlet haul. This was the first time I got to wear them, and how perfect are they?? They go amazingly!! I highly recommend wearing shorts to a baseball game. Although that may be an obvious tip, it is one to remember. Jeans are good…but they do not breathe as well, and if it is a really hot day, then that’s not the best option!!


I am not a huge baseball cap fan…but when going to a baseball game and sitting directly in the sun, a little head gear is nice to have! Plus, this wide cap was perfect for a hot day – completely protected my face (which we all need to do)!! Fun Fact: This cap is technically “vintage” because it belonged to my Dad – I think – almost twenty years ago!!

I have been raving all summer about these sneaks that I picked up from Payless Shoesource. They are comfortable, cute and perfect for summer! I’d love to transition these into Fall…but they are pure white (oh well). I am getting as much wear-time out of them as possible,  because come Labour Day weekend, I have to put these away for the year!! I was going to wear flip-flops to the game, but opted for these supportive and comfortable shoes!! Climbing up and down stands can be tiring, which is why you want to have that support for your feet that you need!


Baseball games are always fun to watch and when you are with great friends and the weather is amazing…you end up having a great time!! As a bonus, the Blue Jays won and Toronto couldn’t have been more thrilled!


So there you go…this is my go-to outfit for a baseball game, and although I am not the sportiest chick out there, I can’t deny a fun time with friends!!