September: Looking Back

IMG_6047First month of my graduate year down, seven more to go! September seems to have gone by incredibly slowly. Maybe it’s the papers on papers and upcoming midterms that are coming up (sigh). This month was great for my casual side of style (with a side of dressy). I haven’t gone full on hoodie and jeans yet, but I have tried to keep super comfy for sitting in two hours lectures and studying my mind away.

Let’s take a look… 

This was my homecoming look (top left hand corner) and is probably my favourite look of the month. It isn’t fashion forward, it isn’t super dressed up, but it represents one of the best days of this month! What is better than spending the entire day cheering your team on to a victory with your best friends and relishing in your last homecoming of university? Nothing. Nothing is better than that!

This is my typical campus look (top right hand corner) because it can be thrown together so easily. Jeans, casual tee and flats. The perfect combination! What I love about this top is the leather details on the sleeve. Unfortunately, you cannot see the sleeve details in the picture above, but it is a nice compliment to the grey, thin material of the top. Side note: this coffee thermos is the cutest I have gotten yet and perfectly describes a typical Monday morning…but first, coffee.

I get a lot of inspiration for my looks from Pinterest. I see something, I try and replicate it and there we go. This third look is a great example of that (bottom left hand corner). This was the very first time I wore my Modcloth skirt and how cute does it look with the chambray? I love how well the chambray plays off the stripes in the skirt. Patterned skirts are my favourite!

The last look (bottom right hand corner) is a look I literally threw together in five minutes. This pink top is so airy and fun and perfect for summer. I am surely going to miss it while I stash it away for the winter months. Light jeans are really coming back into style it seems, and I am right on board. I love dark jeans, but I am really feeling the light jean trend right now! The wedges kicks it up a notch and really made the look complete!

September was a great month! Looking back is always fun to do, and the best part is I get to see which were my favourites and remember the days that go along with each outfit I posted! October is going to be packed full of midterms, but with the October, also comes Thanksgiving!! So there’s the positive…

What is your favourite look? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to see your outfit roundups, so leave a link and I will go and take a look!!


Outfit Details: Homecoming Fashion

This past weekend was my last university homecoming weekend/celebration and it was a blast! Free stuff, football games, hot dogs, Starbucks, amazing breakfasts, cheers…I could go on forever. It was a spectacular weekend full of fun, friends and smiles…but most of all, the fashion was on point. A few weeks ago, I gave you three prime hoco looks for her, so that you could dress your best for those winning moments of fun…so it’s only right if I share how I dressed for the weekend of the Fall!

Spoiler Alert: This is not the most glamorous look you have seen…trust me. I mean, the important thing is that I had school spirit, right?? However, it held up in the beautiful weather, and looked cute too.


For this look, it was all about trying to incorporate school spirit and the school colours: maroon and grey. Now, out of the two, I picked maroon because it is my favourite over grey (obviously). Being the spirited individual I am, I have a lot of university clothing. Since it was a football game, I picked my #1 jersey (to be festive for the football game)!


Along with the jersey, it was high waisted jeans and striped knee socks! I wear these knee socks to pretty much every football game. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t feel like a true football game without the knee socks. They are so fun and cute, plus when it gets into the cool Fall weather, they keep you nice and warm!


I have highlighted these shoes before. I picked these up this past summer at Payless Shoesource for literally nothing and I have worn them out, but they are by far, the most comfortable pair of sneakers that I own. They look cute with almost everything…so thank you City Sneaks.


This is probably my favourite way to wear my hair now – bows, bows and more bows! I only own one (made by Auntie Marisa’s Homemade Bows) and it absolutely adorable! I was going to wear a baseball cap, but when I found this bow, I just had to do my hair up in it (to be festive, of course!). I have to say, however, wearing my hair down on a windy day was not the best decision…but for the pictures beforehand, it made for some cute looks!! Accessories are always a great way to show your support for your team. My friend always wears a wristband she got from, it has our team name and slogan on it. You can be as creative as you want with accessories, from bows and socks, to wristbands. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re supporting your team!


At the end of the day, the focus is on the players, the school and winning (because we are the best) and I am happy to report that we celebrated our university right into the win that we deserve! Number one we are, and number one we will stay!!


Outfit Details: Rural Life

There are many things to appreciate in life, and one of those things is a rural sunset. I love them and even more so, I love taking photos of the sunset. Which is why I like these photos, and the outfit that went with it! It was a beautiful night, so I decided to snap a few…

But the real reason I was on that farm road, was to capture this cute summer get up I put together! Other than dragging my sister to be my professional photographer (thanks sis), we had a grand old time. There isn’t much to this little number, but I want to share it as it is one of my favourite looks of the summer so far! I mean, any chance I get to wear this rust coloured hat from Nordstrom, is worth it, right?


Rust is one of my favourite colours to coordinate in an outfit because of its versatility. You can wear it in the summer, but it transfers well into the Fall season (which is quickly approaching). It is surprisingly very hard to find a rust coloured, felt hat. Like I mentioned above, I found this one at Nordstrom last season and it is quite the find. It is my favourite hat and with such a unique colour, it can pair with many things. This was literally the last rust hat for sale in North America…so I cherish it with all my heart…


I just found this dress during one of my thrifting extravaganzas, and to my surprise, it was new with tags (always a definite buy!!) from H&M!! The pattern throughout the dress and then the detailing on the bottom, give it a very “boho” feel. There are two ways that I like to wear this dress – off the shoulder and on the shoulder. It has the ability to cinch at the waist, so either look is possible!


Another great thing about a dress like this is that it transitions well into the Fall season because of the colour scheme. I mean it is a great summer piece, and the neckline suggests that it is made for hot weather…but if you doubled it up with some cute patterned tights (in Fall colours) and a comfy cardi, you are set!

The last piece I used in this ensemble are my favourite pair of tan wedges. I found them at Le Chateau this summer and they are my go-to’s. They are the perfect height and pretty much go with anything!! They are perfect for this look particularly because of the colour scheme. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to snap a close up of them (boo!)…so you’ll have to trust me on this one. Tan is always a good colour to work with as a neutral.


Rust, navy and tan is a great palette and perfect for a cool summer outfit – look forward to the Fall version (I am going to try and detail that in the next month for you guys!!).

Like I said, there isn’t much to this look. Which is why it is extremely simple! All you need is a hat, sundress and a great pair of wedges! You are set!


Instagram Round Up: Photos from the Week

INSTAGRAM ROUNDUPToday, I bring you a new weekly series. With school kicking into high gear, and all of my extra-curriculars starting to fill up my calendar, it’s getting a tad tricky to pre-write all of my posts! So, that’s why I am adding a new weekly series that will round up and review my Instagram posts (just in case you haven’t checked out my feed lately).

Bright colours, comfortable shoes and pretty much anything to keep cool pretty much sums up the week! Might as well put the summer clothing to good use before snow moves in to stay, right?

Sept-18     Sept-17

Sept-16     Sept-15

Sept-14     Sept-13

Keeping it simple with your looks is key when rushing around from lecture to lecture. Jeans, comfy shoes, and useful totes are all staples when talking university fashion. This week has been work, study and a little bit of play, but overall it has been a good start to the year! Bonus, is that the weather has been beautiful and sunny, which is never a thing to complain about!

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Outfit Details: Downtown on a Saturday

Living outside the city isn’t exactly the most ideal situation, but when I do get to travel in, I make sure I document the process (obviously!) and this was one fun-filled day with my sister that I couldn’t pass up for a mini-photo shoot. Plus, sharing this cute and chic look with you was absolutely necessary!! This is one of my favourite looks to wear because I get to feel like I am wearing sweatpants…but it kind of looks like I am wearing denim!


Let’s get to the look… 

I am really into jogger pants right now. They are extremely comfortable and I really cannot get enough of them! I currently own one pair of denim joggers, which are seen in this outfit. I grabbed these on sale from Garage when I did my massive outlet haul last month and they are probably my favourite pair of pants right now. I typically like wearing them high-waisted. 5

The thing with jogger pants is that they are so casual, you can wear them tight or loose. Since I don’t like having my pants super tight (unless they are meant to be tight), I size up in my joggers. By sizing up, you can tighten the drawstring and transform the pants into a different look!

Crop tops can be tacky if worn the wrong way, but with high-waisted pants, you can get away with looking fab instead of drab. Showing a bit of midriff never killed anyone, but don’t go overboard. The navy crop top I am wearing is from Garage as well. Keeping inside the blue family was what I was going for in this look – the navy plays off the light blue of the denim.


Having the blue undertone then really makes my black accessories pop – the shoes, hat and bag. I try to keep some kind of colour scheme – black and blue is perfect – especially against the colourful background!

Adding a little height is always a plus in any outfit and these heels are one of my most comfortable pairs and they are from Avon! Of course, you could wear low-top sneaks with these too (I have before), but I love a good pair of heels! These peep-toe shoes were my first choice for the look because they paired with the hat and bag really well.


I really love these sunglasses that I picked up from Banana Republic. I am not one for reflective aviators, but when I saw these babies, I needed them! With this look (and the black/blue scheme), they are the perfect accessory! The necklace I am wearing is from IcingThanks to my sister, who chose this piece – she figured that a butterfly was suitable with such a free looking outfit! She was right!


This is one of my absolute favourite looks. I can never get tired of it, and these joggers are my recent addiction!

My sister and I had such a fun day in the city! Exploring new places is fun and this alley was one for the memory books…and definitely a place to return to in the future!