Trends to Try in 2016!

BANNERPeople say it every year – new year, new me! Although that is a super over used phrase, I feel there is a tad of inspiration and truth to it! This saying may be a crazy cliche that everyone says at the beginning of each year, but it is a positive statement to start your year off right! Those who are lucky, will actually accomplish those New Year’s resolutions that we all think so hard about in the first two weeks of January!!

Well today, I am bringing to you some new fashion trends to try in 2016! Why? Style keeps us on our toes, and being the style blogger that I am, am always looking to try new things!


I am currently obsessed with tulle. I have never worn it…but it is on my list of things to try – fashion wise. In mid-December when I was hunting around style blogs and Pinterest for holiday party looks, I came across so many fashionable tulle based looks and thought to myself – “I need a tulle skirt!”. There are so many cute tulle skirts to try out there, but what’s great is that tulle skirts are (apparently!) simple to make as well! Which is what I am planning to try very soon…


Serendipity Tulle Skirt:


DAS ist das Must-have der Saison!


Tulle Midi Skirt. I would definitely wear this to dinner.:



Collars, vests, coats…it’s all in trend and I am on board! However, I must say…this is a bit circumstantial. If you are strutting your stuff at the mall, or downtown…fur completely jives. However, I have to say that I do get peculiar looks on campus when I am sporting my ultra-furry vest (probably because it is an attention grabber…and looks a little strange amongst the sea of sweatpants that is lecture). However, smaller accessories made in faux fur steal the show…nevertheless, I love faux fur!


Faux fur scarf:


Faux Fur Vest | MURPHY'S LAW:

Lauren / Murphy’s Law

Finish your holiday dress look with a fab faux fur coat. | Warm and chic! find similar on sammydress:



Leopard print is quickly becoming my most favourite pattern to style. I stick to accessories with this print because it is so versatile and it really goes with (surprisingly!) a lot. We have seen blogger after blogger tell us to pattern mix (and I do!), and this is one of the patterns that I highly recommend to do so with! Leopard and plaid, leopard and stripes…the possibilities are endless. I wear this print in booties, scarves, beanies and gloves (so far!)…maybe it’s time to branch out to bigger and better things? A.K.A. Sweaters, cardigans, and anything else I can get my hands on.


Leopard Scarf Outfit Idea by With Love From Kat:

Kat / With Love From Kat

Courtney Kerr of What Courtney Wore featuring 7 For All Mankind and Steve Madden.:

Courtney / What Courtney Wore

Fall Fashion - 20 Fashion Outfits that you can put together with cardigans, jeans, sweaters, and jackets that you may already have inside of your closet. These are super cute , easy, and comfortable fall outfit ideas!:



Prior to this day, I really did not consider leggings to be a valid replacement for pants. In fact, I usually find leggings to be incredibly annoying when worn in place of pants because I can’t every get them to stay up (which results in always yanking them up over my hips). However, it turns out that I really hadn’t given them a chance. SO I ordered myself a pair of red tartan leggings…and I have seen the light. Worn correctly, patterned leggings are a blessing in disguise!


Wearing ideas for a Christmas party, see on


Amanda / Little Southern Life


Cara / Cara Loren


I was heading into an exam earlier this month, and what do I see? A camel coat here, a camel coat there. Now what is a camel coat you ask? Pretty much what it sounds like…a coat that is camel-coloured. Well, wouldn’t you know after seeing them one after another, I saw them all over the mall, in catalogues…and I’m going to be bold and say…the camel coat is totally in. I am completely digging the colour and of course…the in-trend material (which is usually wool or faux wool).


winter camel coat outfit:



Helena / Brooklyn Blonde

Chic and warm winter outfit idea. | Winter Style:



Feathers are too bird-like for me, however, you never know what could come into trend. Many bloggers have hopped on this style train already, and it’s something that has caught my eye as well. It’s becoming so in style that chains like Winners – believe it, I saw it!! I am loving the black feathered skirts the most, because although it’s a wild trend, it also passes as as a dressy casual bottom that you can really rock (all seasons!)


banana republic ann taylor fringe petite style

Jean / Extra Petite

Fashion Blogger Haley Skirt From Shop Dandy Shirt From J.Crew factory Purse From Michael Kors And Sunglasses From Karen Walker:


Top :: Three Floor dress worn as a top Bottom :: Milly Shoes :: Christian Louboutin Bag :: Valentino Accessories :: Karen Walker sunglasses, Stila ‘Fiery’ lip color, Dior earrings, Lulu Frost rings, Wendy’s Lookbook X Tacori Promise Bracelet.:

Wendy / Wendy’s Lookbook

There you have it – six style trends to try in 2016! I am going to do my best to try every single one of these trends. Why? Well because it’s fun, and because it will broaden my horizons in style! Besides…jeans and a top gets boring from day to day.

Fashion Tights: How to wear them and why you should…

FASHION TIGHTS-There is one clothing piece that often gets overlooked and that is: fashion tights. I have always been a big fan of tights, pantyhose, nylons, etc. Why? The way they look of course. Nylons give an overall finish to your legs (and often give you the tan you don’t have – especially in the winter). Pantyhose substitute for socks, but I understand how they can get uncomfortable. However, there is NO reason not to love fashion tights.

Fashion tights come in all colours. They come in different patterns. They are beautiful!!  Today, I want to go through several looks that include fashion tights, so you can get an idea of how to wear them. Also, I want to give you three reasons why you should be wearing them.

With a sweater dress

This is probably the most common use for fashion tights. Whenever you have a long sweater dress, it’s best to sport it with a pair of tights. Fashion tights give your look that extra detail through the use of a pattern. In the case of the below look (snagged from Pinterest – see link), she is wearing a patterned knit sweater, and paired it with patterned fashion tights that draw out the main colour of the sweater (grey). She looks warm, cozy and she is completely in style!

I like wearing sweater dresses with tights and I really like this pattern:


Patterns on Patterns

I am such a fan of pairing two patterns together. Because patterned tights are usually not a very large or dominant pattern, it is totally okay to go for a large print in your dress, top or skirt. One great thing in the outfit shown below, is how the patterns are broken up. We have the large pattern in the blouse, then a texture (glitter) in the skirt, and then we see the smaller pattern in the fashion tights. That way there is some kind of flow throughout the ensemble.

In Season 4 Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) looked city chic wearing a Dries van Noten top and an Ulla Johnson skirt.:


Under Ripped Denim 

I have yet to use tights under ripped denim, but I really love these looks and some of the other looks that I have seen in fashion mags. Ripped jeans are hard to wear in the cold weather, because if you are like me, any exposed piece of skin pretty much makes your entire body freezing cold (main reason I don’t own many pairs of ripped jeans). Throw a pair of fashion tights underneath, you not only stay warm, but you have a cool look as well – the pattern showing through the rips and tears is perfect!

hmm, I actually am loving the idea of wearing a bright/patterned tight under ripped jeans!:

Christine / Hello Fashion Blog

Fashion tights are underrated in every girl’s wardrobe – even mine – but I am making it a point to try them out. Why not give it a go this Winter season, right? Here are three primary reasons why you should jump on this bandwagon with me:

Choices galore. This is true – there are so many patterns and colours out there (Blair Waldorf is proof of that). So many options and outfit combos that you could create and debut each day! That’s all I need to say about that…

You can wear your skirts!! This one excites me. I currently rarely ever wear my beautiful and pretty skirts (or dresses) in the Winter season, unless I know I am going to be inside! Why? Well that’s obvious…my legs would get cold!! Throw a pair of thick cable knit tights on…you are set – your legs will be kept super warm and cozy.

Upgraded detail you need. Whether you are wearing them with a long sweater, a dress or under a pair of ripped jeans, they take your outfit to the next level. The detail in the patterns on the tights take your outfit up a notch and give more to look at! Used correctly, the tights may just become the focal point of the look!!

Are you convinced? Or are you a seasoned patterned tights wear-er (that’s not a word…) Let me know in the comments below…

Leather on Leather is taking over

In 2012 and 2013, we saw a ton of designers send leather on leather down the runway. Generally in the fashion universe, we frown upon wearing the same material on top of one another. Suede on suede? Gross. Plaid on plaid? Wrong. Leather on leather? Not okay…except fashion is evolving, and we are starting to see these rules break and fade away (as if we didn’t even remember there were rules…). Designers and Clothing Manufacturers understand the demand for something like leather, especially on the runways. Even on the high street, you’ll notice that affordable pieces of high end items are stocked for people who can’t afford to spend thousands on a jacket or shoes. With the emergence of leather, we can guarantee that we will be seeing it even more over the months.

Fall/Winter 2013 – Runway London

Today, I am going to cover how you should be jumping on the leather on leather bandwagon…and why. Maybe you don’t follow runway fashion, or simply don’t think that what walks down the runway even applies to you. However, as Meryl Streep tells us in “The Devil Wears Prada”, fashion starts at the top and trickles down into all of our closets.

Who says you can’t wear two leathers together? Whether you mix up the colours or pair the same leather pattern on the same leather pattern…it looks hot and fresh. Personally, I love a good leather pencil skirt paired with a leather moto jacket and there are different ways to rock the leather-leather trend. Obviously, when you own any leather item, taking care of your leather should be a big concern for you. So when you wear leather on leather, your leather care efforts should, in theory, be doubled.

Let’s look at some of the leather-leather trends that are making their way around the world of Pinterest, shall we?

Leather Crop + Leather Pencil

This is a particular look that I am a huge fan of right now. I wouldn’t necessarily rock this for a school lecture or at work…but I would consider this a viable option for drinks with friends or even a party that I was hitting up on the weekend. What I particularly love about this look is the detail in the leather crop. I think the “rose-like” pattern is really cool and intricate.

Leather on leather - Pearls and Polkadots


Leather Moto + Leather Mini

The leather moto jacket is a staple in any gal’s closet. Particularly in black. Black goes with everything – we already know that – and black leather adds texture to any look. People tend to classify the “black leather jacket” as edgy or hard-looking, which is not untrue. It gives your look that hardness that it may need.

Leather on leather - Pearls and Polkadots


Leather Moto + Leather Pants

I have not made the leap in getting myself a pair of leather pants. Personally, I don’t know if I would love wearing them…but I know that I love how they look. I think leather pants make you look sharp, and they are the trend that keeps resurfacing in fashion. Paired with the leather jacket, it steps up the look – although leather pants themselves would be a statement, complimenting the bottom use of leather with a moto jacket (or even a crop…) is a leather overload in a positive way!

Leather on leather - Pearls and Polkadots


So why should you jump on the leather on leather train?

Leather is everywhere. It’s on the runway, it’s in the department stores, it’s in the magazines. It’s hugely in trend right now. We have seen it on the Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein runways in New York this year.

Leather on Leather - Runway New York

Fall 2015 – Runway New York

Leather is no longer a “hot” seasoned piece. Wear it in the Fall and transition it to Winter. This sexy fabric will tide you over through the months and keep you looking hot all year round. Ultimately, leather gives your look texture and edge…it makes a statement, and is currently all the rage right now.

As long as there is no snow or below zero weather, why not keep rocking it right?

What are your thoughts on leather on leather? Let me know in the comments below…

Make Room for the Two Piece

MAKE ROOM FOR THE TWO PIECESo you’ve got an event to attend, or maybe it’s super hot out and you’re feeling a little dressy? Why turn to the little black dress or stress over the perfect top and skirt combo? Fear no more ladies because there is a spunky new solution for your wardrobe problems…and it’s name is the two piece.

Two pieces consist of…well…two pieces – a top and a bottom. They match in either the same colour or print or wildly colour blocked as well. Whether the top is cropped or meets the skirt perfectly, it is a polished look and no one can deny how cute it is as well. There are so many different types out there – sexy, cute, and chic looks…all with two pieces!!

We have seen this beautiful style choice worn by celebrities like Sarah Hyland, Taylor Swift and Emma Stone – in very elegant ways, I may add:


These are such posh looks, worn in such an elegant way! However, when you aren’t attending red carpet events every other week, there are ways to incorporate the two piece into your wardrobe…and still be super cute! Which is why I want to show you some two piece looks that I love for fancy and casual occasions!!

The Transition Two Piece: I have never found such a cute knit two piece like this one, that not only can be worn in the Summer but also can be worn during the Fall. What I love about this two piece specifically, is the long sleeved crop top. This is such an interesting spin on the look and very in trend. The knit material is light for summer and warm for Fall. Another interesting feature of this look is the length of the skirt. While many two pieces include a mini skirt, that doesn’t always work for everybody. The knee-length skirt actually makes the torso look longer – throw in a fab pair of heels, and you are set to go!

   Buy a similar two-piece…

The Floral Two-Piece: Floral two pieces were super in this summer. This, especially, is a two piece that will never go out of style. The white back with the large floral print is simple and beautiful! No jewelry is needed with this outfit (which is another reason I love two pieces). This is an example of the mini skirt included in the two piece outfit. Worn the correct way, it can look cute and not too revealing. This would be the way to do it!

Buy this two piece… 

The Short-Top Two Piece: Okay, so I kind of branded this two piece myself because, when I think traditional two piece, I tend to think skirt and top…but there are the rare sets that come with shorts and a top! The blue and white detail reminds me of china pattern which may sound a little drab…but it is quite the opposite, don’t you think? This is a Summer wear for sure, so this would have to be stashed away for next year…but why not get it on sale?


Buy this two piece…

The three pieces that I showed you above are three among many, many cute pieces out there!! I find success with two pieces at places like Winners, Marshalls and even thrift shops if you look really hard. Keep in mind that two pieces don’t always have to match. That’s the fun part…mix matching is part of the ordeal and colour blocking is really popular in this trend as well! It’s such a fun trend to try and definitely worth investing in as you could potentially be getting multiple outfits out of it!

Have you tried out the two piece look yet? If you have…how do you wear it best? Let me know in the comments below!!


Beautiful Beauty Bloggers: Fall is Here! 7 Easy Ways to Move Your Makeup Routine into Autumn – Guest Post

5This is the fifth day of Pearls and Polkadots’ “Beautiful Beauty Bloggers” series. I have Natalia from I’m Almost Ready guest posting today! It’s too bad we are nearing the last couple of days of the BBB Series, but I am psyched about these seven ways that Natalia has put together for us today!! Happy Reading!!

unnamed (6)im almost ready

Natalia is a beauty and curly-hair blogger in New York City. When she’s not busy exploring NYC one makeup store at a time, she likes to take photos, read horribly-written mystery novels, and hopes one day to create a cat eye that’s even on both eyes. You can find Natalia at her blog, I’m Almost Ready.

I absolutely love fall and everything that comes with it: sweaters, boots, changing leaves, apple-picking, pumpkin-flavored everything, and, best of all, fall-inspired makeup!

Even if you’re not a fan of the cooler weather, it’s tough not to find something fun in the fall makeup trends that feature darker, richer colors and lots of experimentation in the looks you can create.

While summer makeup is usually characterized by a lightweight base, bronze eye shadows, coral lips, brightly-colored nails, and glowy skin, fall makeup tends to be dominated by heavier bases, as well as darker and richer shades on our eyes, lips, and nails.

Just as we have to clear out our closets to make room for our cooler-weather clothes, it’s also a great idea to go through your makeup bag and get yourself ready for the fall’s makeup trends. If you want some tips and techniques on how to bring out your facial features click here, you can learn effective ways to bring out your facial features and enhance your natural beauty, creatively expressing yourself through makeup.

Below, I’ve shared my 7 tips for turning your summer makeup collection into a fall one!

First, we’ll prepare our skin and our base:

1. Add some more moisture to your skincare routine

With the cooler weather coming our way, it’s incredibly important to make sure that your skin is getting all of the moisture it needs! Even those of us with oily skin should make sure that our faces are properly moisturized. While it might seem counterintuitive, if you’re not adequately moisturizing your skin, it’ll overcompensate by producing more oil!

2. Choose a heavier base…

With the heat and humidity during the summertime, you can easily feel like your skin is suffocating under a heavier foundation. It’s no surprise that we all flock to the much more lightweight tinted moisturizers and BB creams in the warmer months.

As fall rolls around, though, you can comfortably pull out those foundations with more coverage than your tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Some people have recommended foundation such as Estee Lauder foundation, which they feel is a more lighter and comfortable foundation than some.

3. …but be sure to match your lighter skin tone

I know you all wear sunscreen like you’re supposed to (you all wear sunscreen right?), but even with the best of intentions, you probably tanned a bit this summer. Or, maybe you tanned the healthy way with some self-tanner.

Either way, as summer winds down, your tan will start to fade–and you’ll want to make sure that the foundation you’re using matches your lighter skin-tone, in order to avoid the dreaded “mask” of foundation, where your face is a different color from your neck.

Now, we’ll switch up our makeup:

4. Use your bronzer to contour instead of glow

Summertime makeup is all about glowing, and when we’re not strobing, we’re using bronzer to create a warm, summer glow by placing bronzer on the places where the sun would normally hit our face.

As fall rolls around, however, you’ll want to switch out your shimmery bronzer for a matte one. Applying your bronzer below the cheekbones, rather than on top of them, and lightly contouring your face will give you a look better-suited for fall.

5. Opt for darker lips and nails

The corals and fuschia lip colors that tend to dominate our makeup bags during the summer can be replaced with deeper burgundy, wine, and marsala tones (finally, the perfect season to work Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year into our makeup routines!).

The same rule goes for your nail polish. When fall rolls around, trade in your bright shades for your richer, deeper tones, as well as your more metallic shades.

6. Put those shimmery eye shadows away and pull out your metallic shades

During the summer, shimmery eye shadows create the perfect summer glow, but as the leaves start to turn, metallic golds, silvers, and coppers work wonderfully to create a fall-inspired look.

7. Embrace lots of liner and smokey eyes

In the warmer months, we tend to use a lighter hand with our liner, if we wear it at all. With the cooler weather on the horizon, though, this is a perfect time to pull out our sadly-neglected black liners, and create some bolder looks.

Graphic liner looks, bold cat-eyes, and smokey eyes in shades of black and brown–topped off with some black liner, of course!–paired with your favorite boots and a pumpkin-spiced latte: could it be any more fall?

What do you look forward to the most when it comes to fall makeup?

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