Last Minute Guide for your NYE style!

Wait a moment…is it December 30th already? You betcha! The month has flown by, Christmas has ended (ugh!) and the magical night that is New Year’s Eve is right around the corner – a.k.a. tomorrow. You may be totally prepared (like I am for onceor you may be freaking out on your way to the mall to find that perfect look for your big bash!

Well fear no more – I am here to give you some quick style tips so that you can look (and feel!) dazzling as you enter the big 2-0-1-6! I am going to show you how to put a look together with just five simple steps. 


When I am assembling a look, I begin with the statement piece and style every other item around that. The statement piece could be a necklace, a pair of cute shoes, or a chic dress. On NYE, you will want to make your statement the outfit (dress, skirt/top, etc.)! These lovely ladies below put the focus on their NYE dress…

Get this dress on @Emilio Foster or see more #dress #short_black_dress:


gold and nude sparkly loose fitting sleeveless dress + nude strappy heels. 'Champagne Kisses' Dress:


Burgundy | Fall 2015 Trends | Formal Attire | Formal Dresses | Eiseman Style:



Tights or no tights?  I always wear tights when I go out this time of year because it is usually freezing. Tights can be anywhere from nylons (nude colour) to cute fashion tights in navy or black!

party dresses -


I like the unexpected sequins. Would be cute dressed down too.:


Tip: Wearing tights will lengthen the life of your shoes

(less friction from your heel against the material of the skin).


Shoes, shoes, shoes! Open toe – go for it. Closed toe – go for it. All bets are off! I definitely recommend matching your shoes to your dress. However, if the dress is a crazy colour, in many cases black goes perfectly. The fancier, the better!

Golden Plain Sequin Elastic Waist Long Leggings - Leggings - Bottoms:


nude + rainbow glitter heels. business in the front, party in the back?:



Add a little bling! I love jewelry as much as the next girl, and I definitely recommend it for NYE! However, it is not a must. Keep in mind, if you have a super sparkly (sequined) dress, you will want to make sure the jewelry doesn’t get lost! I recommend piling on some arm candy, and a snazzy pair of earrings!

Glamour and Brilliance in your New Year`s Eve Outfit


Holiday Sparkle:

Annabelle / Viva Luxury

Party on the arm. #whbm #celebratebeautifully:



Keeping it clutch with a matching clutch is the final step of putting your look together! Matching is definitely not necessary, but pulling out like colours in your outfit’s scheme is a great idea! Got gold sequins? Try a bronze toned clutch to soften the sparkle! If you can’t find a suitable colour…just like the shoes…turn to black!

Gold sequin clutches and a navy clutch for Natalie:


It had been drizzling on and off for a few days in Paris during PFW but thankfully it cleared up (for a bit) during the day of the …:

Aimee / Song of Style

Sparkling sequined skirt with black sweater and gold clutch & Stella & Dot Gold Renegade Bracelet $59



Coming up with a look can be hard, but on New Year’s Eve, all you have to do is stay in your comfort zone! Remember these five simple steps (with the second, of course, being optional) and you will be set to go!

Ready, set, shop!

Fashion Tights: How to wear them and why you should…

FASHION TIGHTS-There is one clothing piece that often gets overlooked and that is: fashion tights. I have always been a big fan of tights, pantyhose, nylons, etc. Why? The way they look of course. Nylons give an overall finish to your legs (and often give you the tan you don’t have – especially in the winter). Pantyhose substitute for socks, but I understand how they can get uncomfortable. However, there is NO reason not to love fashion tights.

Fashion tights come in all colours. They come in different patterns. They are beautiful!!  Today, I want to go through several looks that include fashion tights, so you can get an idea of how to wear them. Also, I want to give you three reasons why you should be wearing them.

With a sweater dress

This is probably the most common use for fashion tights. Whenever you have a long sweater dress, it’s best to sport it with a pair of tights. Fashion tights give your look that extra detail through the use of a pattern. In the case of the below look (snagged from Pinterest – see link), she is wearing a patterned knit sweater, and paired it with patterned fashion tights that draw out the main colour of the sweater (grey). She looks warm, cozy and she is completely in style!

I like wearing sweater dresses with tights and I really like this pattern:


Patterns on Patterns

I am such a fan of pairing two patterns together. Because patterned tights are usually not a very large or dominant pattern, it is totally okay to go for a large print in your dress, top or skirt. One great thing in the outfit shown below, is how the patterns are broken up. We have the large pattern in the blouse, then a texture (glitter) in the skirt, and then we see the smaller pattern in the fashion tights. That way there is some kind of flow throughout the ensemble.

In Season 4 Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) looked city chic wearing a Dries van Noten top and an Ulla Johnson skirt.:


Under Ripped Denim 

I have yet to use tights under ripped denim, but I really love these looks and some of the other looks that I have seen in fashion mags. Ripped jeans are hard to wear in the cold weather, because if you are like me, any exposed piece of skin pretty much makes your entire body freezing cold (main reason I don’t own many pairs of ripped jeans). Throw a pair of fashion tights underneath, you not only stay warm, but you have a cool look as well – the pattern showing through the rips and tears is perfect!

hmm, I actually am loving the idea of wearing a bright/patterned tight under ripped jeans!:

Christine / Hello Fashion Blog

Fashion tights are underrated in every girl’s wardrobe – even mine – but I am making it a point to try them out. Why not give it a go this Winter season, right? Here are three primary reasons why you should jump on this bandwagon with me:

Choices galore. This is true – there are so many patterns and colours out there (Blair Waldorf is proof of that). So many options and outfit combos that you could create and debut each day! That’s all I need to say about that…

You can wear your skirts!! This one excites me. I currently rarely ever wear my beautiful and pretty skirts (or dresses) in the Winter season, unless I know I am going to be inside! Why? Well that’s obvious…my legs would get cold!! Throw a pair of thick cable knit tights on…you are set – your legs will be kept super warm and cozy.

Upgraded detail you need. Whether you are wearing them with a long sweater, a dress or under a pair of ripped jeans, they take your outfit to the next level. The detail in the patterns on the tights take your outfit up a notch and give more to look at! Used correctly, the tights may just become the focal point of the look!!

Are you convinced? Or are you a seasoned patterned tights wear-er (that’s not a word…) Let me know in the comments below…