Boho Style for the Coachella Man

It’s no secret that men love fashion. Yes, there are some men that are a little…inept when it comes to putting together a good look, but who doesn’t like looking great? Coachella and music festival season in general is a time where men get to be extra trendy. Put away those oxfords, dress shoes, khakis and the cashmere sweaters and say hello to tank tops, cargo shorts and the ever so popular “white tee”.

Of course with any trend, you can go a little too far…which is why I’m here, obviously. If you’re a style-inept man and you are heading to a music festival this summer, or are just looking for outfit options…you’ve come to the right place because this gal knows what she likes when it comes to men’s fashion.

In Trend, but not Trendy

Perfect for the guy who doesn’t want to stand out, but doesn’t want to blend in. You can really never go wrong with a pair of long jean shorts and a cool tank. I like taking the look up a notch by adding a fun coloured cap and this amazing leather bag. Yes, I realize men do not carry purses…but they carry backpacks (and this one is gorgeous).

Boho Style for the Coachella Man - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Colour Block Tank2 Bright Ball Cap3 Flip Flops4 Ray Bans5 Leather Backpack Satchel6 Knee Length Denim Shorts

Stepping Out in Fashion 

Personally, I love to take risks with fashion. Some of you men don’t love to do the same, but still love the classics. Well, move over classics and get ready to introduce yourself to that fashion hat. The fashion hat is not just for women – lots of men rock them and look amazing. Coachella is one place where you can rock that hat and blend in. This is a low key trendy look, with the patterned tank, the fashion hat, and of course the contrasting belt in cognac colour (definitely worth the risk).

Boho Style for the Coachella Man - Pearls and Polkadots

Black Felt Fashion Hat2 Patterned Tank3 Black Skinnies | 4 Black Low Top Converse5 Cognac belt

Floral Beach Vibes

I am loving florals this season…and so is music festival fashion. Floral patterns may seem a little girly to most men, but trust me…amongst musical festivals where boho style rules, you will fit right in. I chose a floral tee below that emulates a more masculine look – no pinks, reds, or any deemed “girly” colours. We’re moving into summer months, so white is totally acceptable. This is a classic, laid back festival look.


Boho Style for the Coachella Man - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Floral Tee2 Straw Fedora3 Leather Backpack4 Flip Flops5 Knee Length White Chino Shorts

Hopefully I was able to spark some fashion ideas in your heads on this Friday afternoon. I love men’s style as much as women’s and although I am no expert…like any woman…I know what I like.

Looking for more inspiration fellas? 

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Boho Style for the Coachella Man - Pearls and Polkadots

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Happy Friday!

Taking Boho Chic to the Next Level!

There is a major fashion event that you don’t want to miss in the next couple of weeks. What is that? It’s Coachella. Okay…so maybe the emphasis is supposed to be on the music…technically. However, every year we see Boho Chic at its finest for this crazy music festival. I, personally, have never been since I am always in finals (boo school, right? ), BUT I stay in tune with all of the best looks…because, why wouldn’t I, right?

In order to really stop the show at this trendy festival, you need to take your look to the next level. Pull out all of the stops: fashion hats, crochet works of beauty, fringe everything…and of course floral prints (and lots of them). All of these are key essentials in a girl’s look for Coachella (or really boho anything, really).

Fashion Hats

Fashion hats are life in the summer. They are the perfect accessory to your casual summer look, and that definitely applies for any music festival you are heading to this summer.

Taking Boho Chic to the Next Level!  - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Brixton Black Felt Hat | 2 Nordstrom Grey Felt Hat | 3 H&M Black Felt Hat | 4 Nordstrom Straw Floppy Hat | 5 H&M Straw Fedora | 6 Nordstrom Felt Hat | 7 Vince Camuto Black Straw Hat | 8 Hinge Brown Felt Hat | 9 Nordstrom White Straw Floppy Hat | 10 Ale by Alessandra Brown Felt Fringe Hat

Crochet, crochet, crochet!!

Crochet is something that took me some getting used to. With some pieces, you need to be careful with sizing because there is no give in the material, but it looks super cute for summer.

Taking Boho Chic to the Next Level!  - Pearls and Polkadots

1 River Island Crochet Crop Top | 2 Forever 21 Crochet Trim Belt | 3 Shoptiques Crochet Fringe Cardi | 4 Topshop White Crochet Lace Shorts | 5 Lucky Brand Lace Crochet Wedges | 6 Keds Crochet Kicks | 7 Converse Crochet High tops | 8 Shoptiques Crochet Nude Shorts | 9 Romwe Crochet Lace Crop Top

Fringe Away!

The fringe trend is one that I am loving this year. It is super boho chic, but for summer, the fringe detail is the perfect detail to spice up your summer wardrobe.

Taking Boho Chic to the Next Level!  - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Maroon Fringe Moto Jacket | 2 Steve Madden Fringe Heels | 3 Fringe Hoop Earrings | 4 Fringe Jean Jacket | 5 Fringe Cross Body Bag | 6 Fringe Boots | 7 Fringe necklace | 8 Fringe skirt | 9 Fringe Cropped Top

Are you prepared yet? Over the years I have come to love some of these items and although I wouldn’t classify myself as a boho-queen, I do deem some of these pieces to just be necessary in every lovely lady’s wardrobe.

I didn’t cover every single trend you are going to see at boho festivals like boho maxi dresses, but these are probably my favourite out them all. Check out cool boho accessories, floral prints (lots of floral prints) and suede…all great trends.

Are you heading to Coachella? Have you planned out your look? Stay tuned for more boho goodness…

Make the Pants Pop

Wow is this ever a relaxing reading break! Even though it is the coldest week of the year, I am having so much fun spending it catching up with my blogging, my family and marathon-ing Full House! There is so much going on in this fun-filled month, and it is absolutely flying by! Before you know it, I am going to be going over my favourite Summer trends!

Make the Pants Pop - Pearls and Polkadots1 Ribbed Wool Sweater | Two strand Pearl Necklace3 Kate Spade Bangle 4 Kate Spade Cross body5 Cream Blazer6 Red Dress PantsPolka dot heels

I gave you some outfit inspo on Tuesday, but I wanted to give you a double dose of inspiration this week because I couldn’t help sharing this lovely and dainty look with you! It is very J.Crew, don’t you think? I am loving this Kate Spade cross body in nude! I am also loving these adorable polka dot heels in grey – with the Spring season coming up, they are the perfect heel to boost any springy look up!

These pants totally pop in this look, which is what makes the look so fun! You could say this was another “pinspired” look, but any look that focuses on making a certain item stand out is easy to put together. Pick one item you want to make pop and dress it up with neutrals (whites, creams, beiges) and voila!

What’s your favourite colour to pop? Let me know in the comments below…

Neutrals + A Pop of Pink

As the weeks get busier and as I approach finals season, it’s getting harder and harder to shoot these details…so today, I am sharing a more neutral work look that I sported this past Summer. Working downtown is super fun – being in a professional setting requires professional clothing and there is nothing more fun than dressing up every day and looking amazing

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink

This simple outfit was just that – completely simple. When in a professional setting, there shouldn’t be too much bling (so to speak) and although colours are awesome, sometimes the best choice is to go for a low-key colour palette and add a pop of colour. Low-key neutrals are great for the professional world, but who says you can’t add a little colour?

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink

These shoes are great. Being a student, I have to try to keep costs down and heels can get really expensive. For a cute pair of coloured heels that are only for the summer (and mainly just for work), these Comfort Plus shoes are the ideal choice. Plus, how cute is the colour? Against the neutral tones, black and white, this livens the look right up. Plus, just how the brand states – they are so comfortable!!

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink


Shirt: Kate Spade at Winners (similar here and here) / Cropped Pants: Winners (similar here and here) / Pumps: Comfort Plus (similar here and here)

It’s interesting to see how style can evolve over time depending on where you are, where you work, and what you like! My style has certainly changed over the years and a neutral look like this is one of my favourites these days! Comfortable and affordable style is my thing, and this is a chic look that is easy to put together (and appropriate) for the workplace!