Lace + Leather

Happy Monday everyone! There aren’t too many Mondays that I am smiling ear to ear, but today I get to release this post, which makes me very happy!! Last month, I released my first collaboration with Diana from DPhotography and today I am releasing my second collaboration! We had so much fun taking these photos, bounding around town, on fire escapes and in back ally ways…enjoy!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and PolkadotsLace and Leather - Pearls and PolkadotsLately I have had an obsession for leather. Leather is such an interesting material and when paired together, it really makes a bold statement. This season, there was a lot of leather seen on the runway, in the magazines, and pretty much everywhere…which is what inspired me to put this fab look together!!

Every girl should own one leather or faux leather jacket. Leather is such a great material to accessorize with and when worn in a jacket, it can look really sharp. Moto jackets are my absolute favourite, mainly because of all of the detail in the zippers and pockets. This particular jacket is from Dynamite Clothing. I have had it for a while and it is one of my very favourite go-to pieces in my closet.

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Crop tops are always a great thing to have – you can get them everywhere it seems and this one is one of my favourites. It is black, lace and perfect. I personally like to layer over a crop top, and use the crop as more of a backdrop to a look. With this particular outfit, the lace acted as a background to the leather, which is why I haven’t made it stand out too drastically!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

This leather skirt was such an impulse buy…and one of many that I do not regret in the least! This skirt is so cute and the perfect trendy piece to jazz up your wardrobe. Pencil skirts are coming back, along with the midi-skirt trend, and I am stoked about it!! I love a good mini, but pencil and midi skirts really accentuate your curves! Which is never a bad thing!!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

These shoes are great. I ordered them from the Avon catalogue last year from their “Comfort Plus” line…and they are. They are extremely comfortable! The peep toe is such a cute detail as well. What I love most about these shoes is how I can wear them in most seasons. I will wear them in the winter, but not if I know that I will be trekking through snow, that is. For obvious reasons!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

With such a bold look, I wanted jewelry that was really simple. So I opted for a simple double-v patterned statement necklace that I got from the mark.Avon catalogue last year. The “v” pattern fits perfectly with the neck line, and the gold detail is perfect for the overall black look.

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots


Jacket: Dynamite (similar here and here) / Crop Top: Garage (similar here) / Skirt: Winners (similar here and here)/ Shoes: Avon (similar here) / Necklace: mark. by Avon (unavailable)

This look was one of my favourites to style and shoot. I usually don’t go for a look this edgy, but when I saw this skirt, I could not resist!! Make sure you check out DPhotography for a look at more of Diana’s beautiful shots. Whenever I pick something out to wear, I make sure it reflects who I am, what I love and what I stand for. I mean, you have to dress the way you want, right? Thanks again to Diana, DPhotography!

Happy Monday!

Fashion Tights: How to wear them and why you should…

FASHION TIGHTS-There is one clothing piece that often gets overlooked and that is: fashion tights. I have always been a big fan of tights, pantyhose, nylons, etc. Why? The way they look of course. Nylons give an overall finish to your legs (and often give you the tan you don’t have – especially in the winter). Pantyhose substitute for socks, but I understand how they can get uncomfortable. However, there is NO reason not to love fashion tights.

Fashion tights come in all colours. They come in different patterns. They are beautiful!!  Today, I want to go through several looks that include fashion tights, so you can get an idea of how to wear them. Also, I want to give you three reasons why you should be wearing them.

With a sweater dress

This is probably the most common use for fashion tights. Whenever you have a long sweater dress, it’s best to sport it with a pair of tights. Fashion tights give your look that extra detail through the use of a pattern. In the case of the below look (snagged from Pinterest – see link), she is wearing a patterned knit sweater, and paired it with patterned fashion tights that draw out the main colour of the sweater (grey). She looks warm, cozy and she is completely in style!

I like wearing sweater dresses with tights and I really like this pattern:


Patterns on Patterns

I am such a fan of pairing two patterns together. Because patterned tights are usually not a very large or dominant pattern, it is totally okay to go for a large print in your dress, top or skirt. One great thing in the outfit shown below, is how the patterns are broken up. We have the large pattern in the blouse, then a texture (glitter) in the skirt, and then we see the smaller pattern in the fashion tights. That way there is some kind of flow throughout the ensemble.

In Season 4 Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) looked city chic wearing a Dries van Noten top and an Ulla Johnson skirt.:


Under Ripped Denim 

I have yet to use tights under ripped denim, but I really love these looks and some of the other looks that I have seen in fashion mags. Ripped jeans are hard to wear in the cold weather, because if you are like me, any exposed piece of skin pretty much makes your entire body freezing cold (main reason I don’t own many pairs of ripped jeans). Throw a pair of fashion tights underneath, you not only stay warm, but you have a cool look as well – the pattern showing through the rips and tears is perfect!

hmm, I actually am loving the idea of wearing a bright/patterned tight under ripped jeans!:

Christine / Hello Fashion Blog

Fashion tights are underrated in every girl’s wardrobe – even mine – but I am making it a point to try them out. Why not give it a go this Winter season, right? Here are three primary reasons why you should jump on this bandwagon with me:

Choices galore. This is true – there are so many patterns and colours out there (Blair Waldorf is proof of that). So many options and outfit combos that you could create and debut each day! That’s all I need to say about that…

You can wear your skirts!! This one excites me. I currently rarely ever wear my beautiful and pretty skirts (or dresses) in the Winter season, unless I know I am going to be inside! Why? Well that’s obvious…my legs would get cold!! Throw a pair of thick cable knit tights on…you are set – your legs will be kept super warm and cozy.

Upgraded detail you need. Whether you are wearing them with a long sweater, a dress or under a pair of ripped jeans, they take your outfit to the next level. The detail in the patterns on the tights take your outfit up a notch and give more to look at! Used correctly, the tights may just become the focal point of the look!!

Are you convinced? Or are you a seasoned patterned tights wear-er (that’s not a word…) Let me know in the comments below…

Outfit Details: Wrapped in a Scarf

of detailsThe day after Thanksgiving is always really relaxed and packed full of movie ‘marathon-ing’ and turkey leftovers. However today, everything re-opens and it’s time to have some fun! My week off from school is going to be full of doing fun, Fall things! Apple picking, going to the farmer’s market, and baking galore are only a few things on my list!

Today, I continue my latest series “A Thanksgiving Series of details!” by Pearls and Polkadots. Yesterday, I showed you my 2015 Thanksgiving look, which was a mix between dressy and casual, and today I want to show you my second look! There will be five outfits this week in total, so make sure you return to get the details on each look that I will be releasing!

Today’s Look: Striped long sleeve top, dark blue jeans, cognac ankle boots, blanket scarf, leopard print skinny belt, and red cross body clutch!

The weather has been so beautiful lately, which is like a mix between Summer and Fall! I am loving it! However, the long sleeve was a necessity because of the cool Fall breeze that was blowing around! I found this black and white Kate Spade Saturday striped long sleeve at Winners, if you can believe it! They are beginning to stock Kate Spade product more and more (and I am so grateful)! I love to mix patterns, and two patterns that I love wearing together are plaid and stripes.


I chose to go dark in the colour of my jeans because it doesn’t take away from the focus of the outfit, which is more in the top half of the look. The dark blue jeans are more of a neutral in this outfit than anything, however, they also seem to pick up some of the darker shades in the plaid blanket scarf. These jeans are from American Eagle Outfitters, and I have had them for a while but their jeans are really great!


These are probably my favourite pair of ankle boots! I got them on sale last year on Boxing Day from The Bay. They are Ralph Lauren and pretty much go with anything. Cognac coloured boots are my favourite because they are so warm looking. The colour is so rich and pretty that it can pick up the warm tones in any look. I chose this pair for this look because they pick up the tan in the scarf!


Blanket scarves are one of my favourite things about Fall! The plaid, the texture, the look…it’s all there and I love how throwing one on can transform your look. Adding that last piece is perfect! In fact, this look puts the focus completely on the scarf because it is the focal point of the look. There are so many ways you can wear a blanket scarf and in this look, I decided to belt it. I picked up the scarf last year from Garage Clothing, but you can pretty much find this scarf anywhere.


Stripes, plaid and leopard print is the perfect recipe for a Fall outfit. Leopard print accessories are always a good idea and in this case, it’s an excellent idea. The tan in the leopard draws out the tan in the blanket scarf and the gold buckle acts as a gold detail overall. Belting your blanket scarf is only one of many wears you can wear it and for Fall, it is such a great one!


There is nothing better than a little red cross body clutch, and this one is a dream. The detail on the bag is perfect and the colour goes with the red colour in the scarf! Little cross bodies like this one are perfect for an outing in the Fall because there is just enough space to store the things you need!


Well, those are the details of my second Thanksgiving look of the series! This outfit was so much fun to assemble and after looking at belted blanket scarf looks on Pinterest the past few weeks, it was great to get out and try and make it my own. This look is rather casual for a Thanksgiving dinner, but I would totally rock this for Thanksgiving festivities…maybe preparation of the dinner? Who knows! It screams Fall and is one of my favourites…





Outfit Details: Thanksgiving in the Fall


This past weekend was so much fun! I ate a wonderful turkey meal, got to spend quality time with the family and relax completely! It was a weekend full of happiness and love, which is my favourite kind of weekend! So what brings this weekend full of joy? Thanksgiving, that is! In Canada, we give thanks in October. Everything is perfect from the Fall colours to the smell of turkey that consumes the household!

I thought that it would be fun if this week I made Pearls and Polkadots into a landing ground for looks. Outfit details for five days in a row! There will be dressy looks, classic looks and casual looks and I am calling it “A Thanksgiving Series of details!”…so make sure you return to get the details on each look I will be putting out!!

Today’s Look: Olive green sleeveless turtleneck, tan pants, cognac boots, gold necklace, and leopard clutch!

This weekend’s weather was beautiful, and surprisingly pretty warm. So it was necessary to dress appropriately and what better to dress in than a sleeveless turtleneck? Keep in mind, it is still Fall, so it wasn’t boiling like a hot summer day. I could definitely get away with this cozy sleeveless turtleneck from Winners! The olive green is one of my favourite colours and perfect for the Fall colours that have taken over my neighborhood!


I paired the turtleneck with tan coloured pants that I picked up at Old Navy last year. These are “pixie pants”. I love them and they are my favourite pants to dress in. They stretch so they fit my shape really well, and they are comfortable because they mimic leggings! If you were reading last week, I did a whole post on how much I love the colour tan, and more specifically, tan pants! Tan pants are a staple in my wardrobe…I wear them with pretty much everything!


I am pretty much obsessed with these boots. I got them on sale last Boxing Day and they are from Guess. They aren’t too high, and the colour is so rich. I can wear the colour with everything and more importantly, they do not hurt my feet at all! The gathered leather around the calf also gives the look a neat look. They aren’t so straight legged, which is perfect when you are going for a more dressy look (like a look for Thanksgiving…).


Gold jewelry steps a look up in any case. I much prefer gold jewelry to silver jewelry, only because it goes with more. The warm undertone of the metallic gold is an added bonus in any look, especially this one. I also think that gold picks up the tones in the tan pants, which is nice. This necklace is from Ardene – I love stopping by to get inexpensive costume jewelry here (when you’re a student…you have to keep to a budget) – it does the trick and looks nice!


I have had a thing for leopard print for a while now. My sister bugs me because she thinks it’s tacky, but when used correctly, I think it can look really fun and full of style! Now, there are limits when it comes to the print. I don’t own any clothing items (shirts, sweaters, etc…) that I would wear out (except a onesie…but that’s different), but purses, belts, shoes…I love to wear because it’s a print that can really step up your look. This clutch is from J.Crew Factory and it is the perfect clutch for family gatherings because it holds pretty much everything you need!


So there are the details of my first Thanksgiving look of the series! I love assembling outfits and even more, I love giving the details! There’s something to be said about looking polished – not just for a dinner, but in general. I love to dress up and I will never stop. It is the whole reason I began this blog in the first place! Sharing what I love to do…which is dress up in outfits and take pictures! Fashion is my passion…

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Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v13

BLOGGER (2)I want to first start by saying Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian readers! Today will bring family, pumpkins, turkey (yum!) and lots of pie! I am pretty excited to be home for an entire week so I can catch up on readings, studying and most importantly…blog planning! Thirteen weeks straight, I have been setting goals. That blows my mind! I have gotten so much accomplished because of this weekly series, and I cannot believe how far I have come.

IMG_6156     IMG_6149

Last time, I set one goal for myself (in addition to one other goal I had on the list):

1. Learn Bloglovin’. So time has been dedicated…and I still don’t see anything. My posts are not posting, so I am going to take another week (my week off) to get this up and running just the way I wanted to.

Look into a linkup party and begin to plan mine. Point for me! Let’s just say…”coming soon”.

This week, I have three goals to add to my list:

Incentive Planning. I really want to build my mailing list over the next couple of months. This is something that I have kind of neglected since I built it, and I want to find some way to provide an incentive. I just have to figure out what that is…let the planning begin!

Release a DIY Tutorial. I released my very first DIY tutorial this past summer and loved it. Monogram stickers were great, and I have used them for everything…but there are some other things that I would love to share with you guys! I just have to put my thinking cap on and see what exactly I can write about!

Learn how to use my DLSR camera. My sister and I decided to purchase a really nice camera a couple of weeks ago, and since she is the one who usually takes my photos and did this whole summer, we had a great use for it! So we got it…and I realized that I have no idea how to use a DLSR camera…so that is one goal I definitely want to add.

With a week off, I am stepping the goals up this week. Obviously, some of these will not be accomplished by this week, but these are things that I need to work on, so I am adding them all to the list! I love having things to look forward to, work for and eventually accomplish, which is exactly what this series does for me!

I leave you with a few photos of my beautiful trip to the Farmer’s Market yesterday in preparation for Thanksgiving day!