What’s in my Bag?


One of the benefits of being a woman is accessories! I take full advantage of the fact that I can bring pretty much anything I want with me, anywhere I go, using the aid of a cute and stylish tote. Being that the school year has come to a close and my summer work term has begun, I decided to switch bags and gather my “purse essentials”. My bag can get super messy, but in keeping with the theme of organization this week, I am setting the goal for the summer to be to keep my bag clean. However, this post is going to go through each item that I carry in my bag on a daily basis!

This is my newest edition to my family of bags. Currently, it is unavailable online in black, but there are other versions in different colours! The bag is called the Wellesley Rachelle by Kate Spade New York.

Daily Essentials: iPhone, gum, lipstick, concealer, wallet.

I think this first essential is self-explanatory. Every bag should hold a special place for your cell phone, and all my bags do. But I would like to point out how cute this polka dot Kate Spade New York phone case that I found at Winners is! You can tell how much I love Kate Spade! But if you are not all about the designer products or don’t want to spend as much on a phone case like I did, it may be best to check out sites that allow you to create custom phone cases, if this is something you prefer. At least this way you get to choose your design. I used to have a personalized family one until now. Currently, my partner has the Personalisierte Handyhülle on his phone so at least it’s still being used.
Anyway, this past year, I have hopped on the lipstick train. My main providers for my love of lipstick are Avon and Revelon. Both are great and colourful (just the way I like them!). I always make sure I have gum in my bag at all times. Being a coffee addict, I need to make sure that the coffee breath doesn’t linger for long…and Dentyne Rush is the solution. In addition to lipstick, I also carry my “Extra lasting” Avon concealer just in case I start to look a tad tired. In the past, I have had troubles with wallets (not enough pockets, too big, too small, etc.) but this wallet from mark. by Avon is the best wallet ever created! Unlimited pockets, two zippers on the outer sides and it all snaps together making it fit in almost any normal bag!!

Summer Essentials: Sunglasses, Kobo, EOS lip balm.

As we approach the summer, a few more essentials must be added to my bag. First of all, when the sun is shining, you need to protect your eyes. I always carry a pair of good sunglasses in my bag (plus they are a great accessory!). The summer opens up a lot more free time – no studying, no essays to write…therefore, I have a lot more time to read! My mini-Kobo makes that really easy. It’s small, compact and fits into any bag I own so I can read on that long, boring commute to work! My last “summer essential” is an EOS lip balm. Technically, this could be a daily essential, but I tend to use EOS more in the summer to keep from getting burnt lips (not fun..)

“Non-essentials” found in my Bag: Nail Kit, Samsung tablet, JCrew pouch & billfold, book.

I try not to pack my bag full of things I don’t need, but sometimes, things end up at the bottom of my purse for reasons I cannot remember. The nail kit that I carry is zebra print and contains everything from a nail file to nail scissors. It comes in handy from time to time, but not totally essential. My Samsung tablet can often be found in my purse for long trips. I have movies, games, books, and magazines that keep me busy for long car rides or even on the commuter train. My JCrew pouch & matching billfold is probably my favourite little clutch set that I have ever owned. I keep my change in the pouch along with any other loose receipts or papers (better than crumpled up at the bottom of the bag) and the billfold makes a quick coffee run at work easy.

The last “non-essential” found in my bag currently, would be my hardcover book. I am currently reading “How to be a Hepburn, in a Hilton World” by Jordan Christie. I am only one chapter in, but so far so good! Maybe I will do a post on my favourite books in the future (noted!).

Well, that is what is in my bag! Hard to believe it all fits in there so nicely! Enjoy!


3 Key Tips to Purchasing the Perfect Tote!

I have a healthy obsession with bags. I’ll admit it…I am a bag lady. Total bag lady. fashionable bag lady, that is. I take into account several factors when I purchase a new tote. I used to be careless with these types of purchases – I bought what I thought I liked and didn’t really give it any thought. Until one day, I realized that the bags that I was spending my money on were not lasting as long as I wanted them to – they were just the flavour of the week.

Today I am going to give you three tips I use when deciding whether or not to purchase a new bag…


This is probably the most important factor when you are choosing a purse. Wacky, neon, bright colours are GREAT (don’t get me wrong), but they don’t tend to go with everything. Lately, I have been focusing on neutral, soft colours that can easily blend with each look you create. These neutrals don’t just mean black or white – there is a myriad of neutrals that I tend to stick to…white, blush, nude, tan, and black. Of course, if there is a bright coloured tote that you need, I still would say go for it!

3 Key Tips to Purchasing the Perfect Tote! - Pearls and Polkadots


Above all, you want to make sure that your bag will last a long time. Purses are not cheap, and since it potentially is something you are using every day, you need to make sure that you buy from a brand that will uphold the every day traffic that a purse gets! There is nothing worse than buying a brand new bag, only to find in a month that the handles are wearing down because you have carried it every day. When I am strictly looking for quality, I go to Kate Spade New York, Ralph Laurenor if you are looking for a less expensive brand, Aldo (I love them!!).

3 Key Tips to Purchasing the Perfect Tote! - Pearls and Polkadots

Marley Lilly.com / The Monogrammed Life


I try to be practical with any purchase that I make, but when it comes to bags…I really don’t follow this as much as I should. Practicality is good to keep in mind though when looking for that perfect tote, because you want to make sure that the bag will serve its purpose for you! Does it have enough room to carry your daily items that you need? Is it too big that you are going to get tired lugging it around? Practicality of a purse is different for every woman because we all have different daily needs! Personally, I go for the medium sized bags because I can carry my laptop around with me (for school). However, when I am working, I like a smaller tote that just has room for a few necessities.

3 Key Tips to Purchasing the Perfect Tote! - Pearls and Polkadots

Alyson / Sequins and Things

Bags are a weakness for me and as long as they keep coming out with cute designs, I will keep handing over my money! Hopefully these tips will stick out in your mind next time you head to the mall to look for that special tote.

What do you consider when looking for a new tote? Let me know in the comments below…