Outfit Details: Rural Life

There are many things to appreciate in life, and one of those things is a rural sunset. I love them and even more so, I love taking photos of the sunset. Which is why I like these photos, and the outfit that went with it! It was a beautiful night, so I decided to snap a few…

But the real reason I was on that farm road, was to capture this cute summer get up I put together! Other than dragging my sister to be my professional photographer (thanks sis), we had a grand old time. There isn’t much to this little number, but I want to share it as it is one of my favourite looks of the summer so far! I mean, any chance I get to wear this rust coloured hat from Nordstrom, is worth it, right?


Rust is one of my favourite colours to coordinate in an outfit because of its versatility. You can wear it in the summer, but it transfers well into the Fall season (which is quickly approaching). It is surprisingly very hard to find a rust coloured, felt hat. Like I mentioned above, I found this one at Nordstrom last season and it is quite the find. It is my favourite hat and with such a unique colour, it can pair with many things. This was literally the last rust hat for sale in North America…so I cherish it with all my heart…


I just found this dress during one of my thrifting extravaganzas, and to my surprise, it was new with tags (always a definite buy!!) from H&M!! The pattern throughout the dress and then the detailing on the bottom, give it a very “boho” feel. There are two ways that I like to wear this dress – off the shoulder and on the shoulder. It has the ability to cinch at the waist, so either look is possible!


Another great thing about a dress like this is that it transitions well into the Fall season because of the colour scheme. I mean it is a great summer piece, and the neckline suggests that it is made for hot weather…but if you doubled it up with some cute patterned tights (in Fall colours) and a comfy cardi, you are set!

The last piece I used in this ensemble are my favourite pair of tan wedges. I found them at Le Chateau this summer and they are my go-to’s. They are the perfect height and pretty much go with anything!! They are perfect for this look particularly because of the colour scheme. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to snap a close up of them (boo!)…so you’ll have to trust me on this one. Tan is always a good colour to work with as a neutral.


Rust, navy and tan is a great palette and perfect for a cool summer outfit – look forward to the Fall version (I am going to try and detail that in the next month for you guys!!).

Like I said, there isn’t much to this look. Which is why it is extremely simple! All you need is a hat, sundress and a great pair of wedges! You are set!


Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v10

BannerOh goals, goals, goals. It’s only the third week of September (or technically, the end of the third week) and I’m already knee deep in readings, assignments and extra curriculars. What does that mean? Well, I need to really step by pre-writing game up! I can’t be spending hours upon hours on writing material for the following day. Any bloggers who releases every day knows that if you plan ahead, life is so much easier.

Last time, I set one goal for myself:

1. Write my next seven posts. So, I didn’t actually write ahead of time…because class took over. But since I have some extra time this weekend, that’s how I am going to spend my Sunday night!! Writing out the next seven days. It may be a long night…but better to have one long night…than several late ones. It’s one of the more important goals of mine because it makes blogging way less stressful.

This week, I have one goal to add to my list:

Learn Bloglovin’ – I keep hearing Bloglovin is a great website to promote your blog, gain followers, and find others in your niche. So why am I not apart of it? I’ve been meaning to look into this for a while…so this is the week that I am going to do exactly that. Good luck to me.

With the two assignments due this week, readings upon readings, and everything else going on, I think one goal is enough. Let’s see how I manage!

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Homecoming Fashion: For Her

homecoming FASHIONHomecoming is right around the corner at my university (next Saturday, to be exact), and this is the time when plans are made, tailgates are planned and outfits are prepared for the big game/party/celebration!! Depending on where you are and what the weather is like, your homecoming fashion is going to differ. However, there are some common trends that I am going to highlight for you, so when you wake up on the morning of, you are ready to go!!

University (or college, if you’re American) sports are a huge deal…and so going out to support your team is key in university life. I, personally, love football of any kind and so when football season comes around, I make sure that I sit in those bleachers and cheer my little heart out!!

Like I said, your outfit for homecoming or any football game, really, will change depending on the weather, season, and time of year! You may not want to wear a mini dress if it’s going to be below 0 (for those chilly October Saturdays). Shorts and a university tee is the most viable option, but there are other comfy ways to look cute and full of spirit so you can cheer your team right into that win!

Classic Homecoming Go-to…I don’t know about anyone else, but at my school, the classic look tends to be jean cut-offs, either a university tee or tank and some cute converse (there may or may not be a bow in the hair)! I am definitely a fan of this look as it is cute and simple and super comfortable as well! This is a great option if you are cheering in the heat and spend the whole game sweating. Basically, you don’t want to be caught dying of heat in a pull over!!

Displaying 74546.jpg

Bundle up to cheer them on…I have been to homecoming in the freezing cold, and let me tell you…it is not fun! I usually underestimate how chilly it can get when it comes to football games, but it is always safe to wear layers when the seasons begin to transition. Tank top underneath a cute jean jacket or a pull over crew neck sweater. Opt for skinny jeans or yoga pants (if you want to be extra comfy) and a cute pair of sneaks!


Giving it your fancy all…Sometimes you want to look that one step fancier and wear a skirt or a dress! There is nothing wrong with that. Although you won’t fit into the beer drinking, hot dog eating, die hard football fans (or maybe you will…who knows what your school is like), but you will look adorable the whole game! Just remember: Dresses and skirts are cute…but you will be freezing. So plan in advance and pair the look with tights or socks to keep warm!!

Displaying 16048.jpg

There are my top three suggestions when planning your hoco’ look of the year! Obviously the focus of homecoming is the football players, the game and winning, of course…but who says your outfit can’t win a little too?

Are you excited for homecoming? I want to hear all about how you do it at your school, so let me know in the comments below!!


My Olive Picks!

BannerAs we inch closer to the Fall season, cool weather and regular sightings of gloves, boots and coats…we start to see a trend in the colour palettes of our closets. Well, at least my closet. A lot of maroon, neutrals, and deep khaki greens. Well, in today’s post, I am going to go through some of my favourite pieces in the beautiful colour olive. Some people may like to refer to this colour as “military green” or “khaki”. I, personally, like the label “olive” because it kind of encompasses all of those different shades.

This colour really pairs well with other dark or neutral tones. Even if you wanted to pair it with a springy colour like pink or red, it would still be okay. Obviously, for the Fall season, the colour trends tend to keep within those dark and neutral hues. I adore this colour for outerwear and pants, personally. However, there are so many pieces that look so chic when you pair them with the right pieces…which I am going to go over today. I am going to show you two things today

1) My choice olive looks. 

2) Where you can find some great olive items. 

This is one of my favourite ways to wear olive – in an outerwear or coat. It doesn’t really take the focus because it is a rather neutral colour, but it just compliments the other colours seen throughout the look. How the cognac bag plays off the olive colour, with the white tank underneath (which totally lightens the look up). It minimizes the core focal point of the jacket, and puts the focus on the leopard print booties (did you notice those beauties??). Overall, the olive utility jacket is very casual, and makes for a great Fall outerwear.

If this doesn’t scream Fall, I don’t know what does. The olive pants, the navy gingham shirt, the colour block bag!? It’s great. It is such a great use of the colour as well. Why? Olive can be seen as a neutral (as I have already pointed out) and this outfit puts that into a great example. The focal point of this look is the patterned shirt. You aren’t staring at her pants (unless you’re me…because I love this colour). You may be looking at the colour blocked bag, because it is so cute. The pants fade into the background…but that is what this colour is supposed to do. Jeans wouldn’t look right with the pattern and colour block. Black pants wouldn’t go with the navy (navy and black = no). She needed a dark tone to go with the rest of the colour scheme…here we have olive. That is why this look is so perfect.

25 Cool Spring 2015 Casual Outfits For Girls | Styleoholic:

Okay, so this may be a different shade of olive. It’s “dark olive”….nevertheless, it is still such a cute outfit she has got on here. THIS is where olive becomes the focal point. Anytime you are wearing a dress, the dress is most often the focal point of your look…because it is the look. Her necklace pulls out the green perfectly, her shoes are just the right shade of brown…and that’s it. No bag, minimal jewelry…that’s how to wear a dark olive dress, for sure.

Down To A T-Shirt Dress-Olive - All Dresses | The Red Dress Boutique:

The items that I showed in the three outfit reviews, are unfortunately not linked below. However, I have linked the items I picked out for my banner (which are all available in-store right now – just use the links below!!). My top three items of my olive picks are:

 64986e6b57605459548c7912419a595a_best 9adf9723bde18910dbb871f1d92d5eb6_bestMichael_Kors_Sweater

Blanket scarves are back and just like last year, they are the comfiest trend there is. This olive and grey colour blocked one from Nordstrom in particular is super cute and will keep you toasty warm in the nippy Fall air. Now, this travel bag from Soul Society can keep travelling in style, but as a bag, it is the perfect tote to carry around with you. This knit sweater from Michael Kors is definitely one to keep cozy in this season. The colour is beautiful and the turtle neck is just an added bonus!!

Well, there you have it – my olive picks. Hopefully you will take a look at these cute pieces that I love or find your own fabulous pieces to style! Olive can be a neutral, or it can be the main focus of your look. It is a Fall colour that I can’t pass up! Let me know how you wear this colour in the comments below!


#WishlistWednesday: Keeping Warm in Cable Knit

I think we are all stoked for cooler weather…I mean it is pretty sad to see Summer say good bye, but fashion-wise? It is a marvelous season. Ponchos, leather gloves, boot socks (oh, the boot socks) and of course cable knit sweaters. I love sweaters. They are probably my favourite wardrobe piece and that is only because there are so many of them!!! Moving back to school, my sweater collection couldn’t fit in my chest of drawers so they were exiled to the closet (in stacks, trust me).

Now if I have that many sweaters…why am I posting about more that I want to add to my collection? The answer is simple…I have a sweater addiction. Plus these beauties that I have found are to die for and I couldn’t stop fawning over them online.

Let’s get to the sweaters…

Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater, Lauren Ralph Lauren, $120.00

This is the perfect weight, colour and design for a Fall-Winter cable knit. The thing about cable knit sweaters, is that they come in so many different cable knit patterns, which gives the sweater a different look. Sometimes there is beading work, sometimes it is just a plain design down the front…but this one switches up the design, while staying symmetrical (which is always important). Aside from the design, the turtle neck will keep you nice and warm, plus it’s a cute look.

Cable Knit V-Neck Sweater, Tommy Hilfiger, $49.99

Who says you can’t be nautical in the Fall-Winter season? You totally can. This pattern makes for an adorable sweater look. V-necks are always appreciated because it makes the sweater easy to transition between seasons. Even if it was a cool Summer evening, this sweater would totally pass solely because it is a neutral white tone. In the Fall, the cable knit takes care of it being a Fall staple and then if you wanted to rock this in the Winter, you could either layer it up or throw a knit infinity scarf on top (or do both, for that matter!!). However you want to wear it, a v-neck cable knit is the ideal neckline cut for transitioning between seasons.

Cropped Roll Neck Sweater, Asos, $29-30.00

Where’s the bottom half of the sweater? Don’t worry…they didn’t shrink it in the wash and then put it out for purchase…no, that is a cropped cable knit. Now this is not really an item that you would wear alone in the winter, because the midriff would get a little chilly or freeze over (depending on how cold it actually is). This is a layering piece when it comes to the Fall-Winter seasons. Although, if you want to wear it this way while indoors, that would be totally acceptable. What I love about this piece is that it just look fuzzy and cozy!! It comes in winter white, but also comes in a lovely teal. For the cooler seasons, winter white is not a bad choice of colour! Plus, the rolled neck or floppy turtle neck style is really growing on me…

Although all of these cable knits are gorgeous…I do have a lot of sweaters and may have to purge before I let another one into my closet. Stay tuned for my post coming in the next couple of weeks about how to wear a cable knit and the different ways you can style it the way you like it.