Outfit Details: the Silver Anniversary

I’m not much of an event planner, but I do kick it into high gear when I need to (if I do say so myself) and for a co-hostess of a silver anniversary party, you have to look like you’re ready to put on a perfect event. Which is why I am so happy that I had the perfect outfit to wear! This past weekend, my sister and I hosted a beautiful high tea reception for the best parents two young girls could ask for! It was absolutely lovely and such a gorgeous day!

People always seem to struggle with what to wear to major events (weddings, baby showers, etc.). My go-to is to stick to the season, and pick a colour. That in mind, you don’t want to wear the same colour to everything you go to. Mix it up and keep it fun. For this party, I chose to wear one of my favourite dresses by Kate Spade New York.


This is Kate Spade’s “Tanner” dress in navy and white floral. It’s an absolutely gorgeous fit and is the ultimate focus of the ensemble. This is the kind of dress that you don’t want to overpower with too much jewelry, really obnoxious shoes, or any other piece for that matter. It is simple and classic, and doesn’t need anything else to make it look amazing! The only accessory I felt important to include, was the oh-so-essential string of pearls! I paired this dress with a low kitten heel shoe in nude. These shoes are a staple in my wardrobe. Believe it or not, they are from Payless Shoesource. Yes, they are inexpensive, and not the highest quality, but in my opinion, they are replaceable and comfortable to wear (they are Comfort Plus after all).

I wish my curls had held up as well as they did at the beginning of the day. Pictures were taken near the end of the reception, so my curls had fallen, but I guess the soft waves aren’t a huge fault in this overall look. I will definitely be styling this baby again soon, it has now taken the spot of my favourite dress of all time!!

It was an amazing day and high tea and such a tribute to my parent’s beautiful marriage. Happy silver anniversary Mom and Dad!






Planning for a Nautical Summer

Get NauticalWho doesn’t love the ocean, the sea and a good anchor print? Well, if you identify with your preppy side, like I do, then you are going crazy over all the latest pieces being sold right now! I love prints – florals, stripes, gingham, etc. Nautical themed clothing is amazing, and I am falling deeper and deeper in love with it! You can’t always find these prints everywhere. Sure, lots of online shops sell them, but with something so specific, it doesn’t hurt to go in-store to check it out for yourself. I also like to use apps like Polyvore or Shopstyle because they will help you target exactly what you are looking for, and show you where it is selling! These apps not only keep you informed, but they allow you plan ahead! If you are looking for any nautical themed clothing, there are a few places that you need to check out:

Nautica – let’s start with this obviously nautical themed retailer. I was introduced to this store when I went to an outlet mall in Pennsylvania with my family once. We were staying at a hotel that had a pool…and silly me forgot a bathing suit. Being seventeen, not being able to fathom staying in a hotel and not swimming in the pool, I rushed around with my Dad trying to find something I could swim in. Enter Nautica, my life saver! If you like anchors, knots, buckles, stripes, etc. then this is your store!

Tommy Hilfiger – this is pretty much the preppiest clothing that you can find on the market (up there with J Crew). Pastels, sweater vests, khaki pants – the whole shebang. But also, nautical summer items. One of the worst cases of shopping regret I ever had was when I saw these cute navy blue shorts with white, knit anchors all over them. They were on sale, and I figured they would have them the next weekend I went shopping. Nope. I have never seen them since (even online!)…lesson learned.

J Crew – saving the best for last, this retailer isn’t just for nautical clothing. However, they do from time to time sell some great summer gear that happens to be very nautical! The stripes, the cute motifs, the prints – it is all so cute and chic for summer wear. I can just picture it being worn, walking on a beach or sailing on a boat (did that make sense?). Anyway, I don’t have any real examples, but I wanted to throw J Crew on here because I shamelessly adore the clothing line and basically want to own my own store just so I can turn it into my closet…

I can’t wait to dive into summer with nautical things from all of my favourite preppy retailers! I have to say, this summer is going to be good, and I cannot wait to show you what I have in store (so stay tuned!). I leave you with my favourite nautical (ish) looks I have worn so far:

05/03/15 | Shirt, Express | Pants, Dalia | Flats, mark. by Avon | Purse, Aldo | Necklace, Target | OutfitoftheDay_461/26/15 | Anchor shirt, Express | Sweater, JCrew | Necklace, Express | Bracelets, Icing | Watch, mark. by Avon | Jeans, Kenneth Cole Reaction | Shoes, Sperry's |


#WishlistWednesday: Flat Sandals

Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to pull out the flip flops, shorts, tank tops and any other summer gear to be prepared for the heat!! I love this season because I don’t have to worry about piling on the layers. However, one item that I would love to own (and surprisingly don’t) is a pair of flat sandals. Not just flip flops, but sandals that I can wear out or dress up! The thing is, is whenever I go out to look for flat sandals, I seem to find a pair of wedges or pumps that I love even more and end up spending my money on. Therefore, I have never owned a pair of flat dressy sandals. That’s why I am looking at some of the cutest pairs that I have found for #WishlistWednesday.

Comly – Steven Madden, $69.98

Steve MaddenI was out shopping a few weeks ago (for flat sandals…) I saw these shoes in Steve Madden. Although I didn’t feel the need to purchase them right away, I have been thinking about them ever since. I am really big these days on animal patterns – leopard, cheetah, etc. I love them all and this particular pair of snake skin print sandals. What I love about this print is that it would be perfect to wear on a night out  or just casually with jeans!

Leather Gladiator Sandals – Le Chateau, $89.95

LeChateauSandalsI never have known Le Chateau to be a shoe store…but one day, while walking in the mall, I saw the shoe racks after shoe racks on display and came out with an adorable pair that I love to death. So why not look there for the perfect sandals? These gladiators, in tan, are exactly what you need to dress up or dress down an outfit! My favourite thing about these sandals is the tan colour of them! I find that this colour goes with everything, and acts as a neutral in any ensemble!

Lovenawen – Spring, $35.00

SpringSandalsHow beautiful are these sandals? I love the pale, baby blue colour. I can’t express how much I want this pair of sandals. The T-Line design of the sandal makes the overall look very simple – these were basically made for the preppy girl (which I am!). Another feature I like about these flat sandals, is that they are not completely flat. They have a very mini heel, which means your sole isn’t completely flat to the ground – makes for a comfortable wear the whole day.

Well, I can only look at so many pairs of shoes…who am I kidding, I could peruse the internet and malls all day long – all week long, rather. What girl couldn’t though? It’s about time I wrote a post on my love for shoes! This doesn’t even cover half of the pairs I truly want…

Well that’s my short wishlist of flat sandals. Every girl has a style in mind, and the flat sandal this season has been rolling through mine since the moment spring began! Happy #WishlistWednesday!


My Coral Picks!

SHOP (1)

Coral is one of my favourite colours. I love how it can be more orangey, but still have that pink undertone. This season, a lot more coral is popping up in people’s wardrobes. My favourite stores are producing great coral items that I truly love. Although it isn’t #WishlistWednesday, I am still rhyming off some of my favourite coral pieces that are being sold this season! From J Crew Factory to H&M … there are really some great pieces out there (that I want in my closet!)

What I love about what I’ve chosen for this post, is that most of it can work for dressy or casual occasions. For example, the romper shown on the very right looks very casual – and it is. However, if you wanted to dress this up with a blazer, a statement necklace (possibly the matching one shown in above) and some neutral heels, that would transform the look from casual to chic in seconds! I’ve shown what it might look like below:

Another obsession I have, is pairing coral with other colours – but not just any colours. Colours that you may not expect to be paired with the colour coral. It kind of goes with the same niche of pattern mixing. I love pairing wild and wacky colours together, because you never know what you’re going to get! Besides, if you love it, who cares about who doesn’t?? This is probably the look I am obsessed with right now. I want to replicate it (and will) and I love the two colours shown together: 

Another favourite item of mine on this list is the J Crew Factory coral jacket, shown on the very left. I actually just came across this piece this week. I can see myself wearing it, it is super casual and could be a very useful summer coat! I see this being paired with white converse, ripped jeans and a ribbed tank top. Of course, some jewelry could top it right off and make the look, but because of the statement colour of the jacket, you may not even need the bling!


The last thing I want to highlight in this post, is this mark. by Avon clutch. It fades from white to coral, and really tops off any outfit. I have this on order, and can’t wait for it to arrive! This look really works with many different colours – blues, greens, black, etc. Additionally, because this clutch is not a solid colour, it isn’t so harsh and doesn’t take focus away from your overall ensemble! 

There are, in total, eight items in this collage I have put together tonight. I only showcased a few of them, but trust me when I say that all of the items I picked…are amazing!! The crop tops, the shorts, the statement necklace – all of it, I selected based on my taste (and I’m guessing if you made it this far in the post, you may have the same taste that I do!) So that’s that! Tell me what your favourite colour is and where you love to shop – I am always looking for new brands to try!

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Pinspiration: Stripes and Chambray

What comes with my love for fashion, is my obsession with fashion platforms. Instagram, fashion blogs, tumblr – they all are perfect outlets to find those fashion friendly looks. There is one platform, however, that I love beyond all of them, and that is Pinterest. If you are a social media lover, like me, you probably know about it, or have one yourself. The best part about Pinterest, is how many different categories are featured. I love to sift through fashion boards, clothing boards, accessory boards – you name it, I love it.

When I find a cute look on Pinterest, I try to replicate it as best as I can, by myself. I use my own clothing, or I go out and get something similar. What I have actually started to do, is if I am contemplating buying a new piece of clothing, I search it on Pinterest first, so I can see what I could wear it with. That way, I know if I will actually wear it…because I will have motivation to recreate an outfit. So that’s what I’m going to highlight today – one of the looks, that I have recreated (not exact) using an inspiration from Pinterest. A “Pinspiration”, you may say…

This is the first shot I saw of this look, and the photo that inspired the recreation. I love how simply put together it is. My favourite part is the pop of colour that the pink shoes give. They really tie the whole look together and keep it looking fresh!


I put a little bit of a different spin on my recreation of this look. The skirt is the same, purchased from Modcloth. The chambray, I picked up from Target (always a great place for staple items). I think the stripes and chambray compliment each other overall, very well. I decided against pairing this look with a statement necklace. Instead, I chose a thick, gold costume chain from Icing. I think it’s subtle enough, but still gives the sparkle that the look needed. Although I loved the pop of colour in the heels, I thought that the look I put together worked better with neutral flats in black. These flats are from mark. by Avon and they are truly amazing – pretty much my go-to black flats. Great for work, social outings, or a casual day.

It’s always good to have inspiration when putting looks together. Sometimes, I get stumped on what I should wear (especially when you have so many options). When in doubt, go online – there is a never ending supply of looks to replicate and make your own! I will never get tired of the many fashion boards, blogs and website that are dedicated to style.


As long as you look and feel good, why not shake things up and put things together as you please? Nothing wrong with experimenting!