#WishlistWednesday: Mad for Plaid Skirts

A while ago, I wrote a post about my endless love for plaid. That endless love has filtered its way into this post as I detail a few of the upcoming trendy skirts that have made it onto my wishlist. We have seen many media icons sport the good old plaid thread, which is why it has resurfaced in the trend cycle over and over again.

Let’s look at those very media icons…


Cher from Clueless, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl…they both have worn this amazing pattern, and in a few short months, I hope to do the same. But the only way I am going to get to do that, is if I get myself a little plaid skirt!

Factory Plaid Mini-skirtJ.Crew Factory, SOLD OUT

I don’t normally put things that are sold out on my wishlist, but I have a feeling this skirt will be brought back. It is normally $92.50, and for a good reason. I tried this skirt on during my outlet haul, but silly me thought that I could put this purchase off until the fall! No can do, after seeing that this little number was sold out, I called up the factory outlet and ordered it immediately. So looks like the plaid outfit details will be coming sooner than you think! Red is the colour of the upcoming fall season, and I will definitely be incorporating a lot of it in the upcoming outfit details series!!


Plaid Midi Pencil SkirtOld Navy, $27.50

This skirt showed up in the last fall season, only it was in mini form. This year, the midi skirt trend has really come into play and is really catching on. This comes in a deep maroon colour as well, which is also great,  but I really love the blue. Although red is a really popular colour this season, the blue plaid makes a statement and would pair well with any bright colour on the top. 

Plaid Bouclé Mini SkirtForever 21, $23.90

I can’t deny my love for this black and white gingham plaid pattern. Affordable, cute and practical are just three words to describe this beauty! You can wear this all-year round – winter, summer, spring and fall. Mixing this with different pieces to change up the look would be ideal for this plaid piece! Personally, my favourite look for this piece would involve black tights, some heels and a pop of colour on top!

I love summer,  but I cannot wait for fall and the looks that come with it!! Whether you are shopping on Main St., heading to class, or going to work…nothing says style like a good plaid skirt. Besides…everyone needs a little Blair Waldorf in their life!!

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#WishlistWednesday: Patterned Shorts

#WISHLISTWEDNESDAYWe are getting colourful on Pearls and Polkadots! There is nothing better than a good pattern and right now, there are some amazing patterns out there this season! From J.Crew to Lilly Pulitzer to Old Navy, you can find all of the cool, summer patterns you need! I hold a special place in my heart for polka dots (as most of you know), but there are many other patterns that are so fun for summer – and I am showing a few of those patterns here today.

Printed Stretch Chino ShortJ.Crew Factory, $62.50

This pattern is pretty different from what I usually go for. I don’t own a ton of red clothing pieces, only because I am not crazy about the colour, but as I was sifting through the sale section on J.Crew Factory, I immediately added it to my wishlist – they were just too cute to pass up for this week’s #WishlistWednesday!! These would have been PERFECT for Canada Day (or 4th of July) celebrations!! If you look really closely, you can see that these stripes are actually nautical ropes!! Makes for a perfect summer pattern.


Chrissy Beach Short in Resort White Red Right Return, Lilly Pulitzer, $58.00

Okay, how adorable are these shorts?? The sailboats are just too much…okay really though, these have been on my wishlist for about three months. I currently don’t own any Lilly Pulitzer items, but this would be one of the first things I would buy. These shorts would be perfect for lounging on the beach or romping around on the weekends! This is what pattern I think of when I think summer – so cute!!


Buttercup Scallop Hem ShortLilly Pulitzer, $68.00

A little while back, I did a #WishlistWednesday post on scalloped dresses. I love the scalloped look – it is so preppy and polished. I don’t know why I get so excited when I see scallop trim, but I just do. It is by far, my favourite hemline. There are many things I like about these shorts. The colour is vibrant, neon and beautiful. The elephant pattern is the cutest I have ever seen (I am a sucker for Tusk in the Sun patterns). All around, these shorts are to die for!!


Fireworks-Print Linen Blend ShortsOld Navy, $11.99

What better than sailboats and fireworks for a print for summer? Well, good news! They are selling exactly that at Old Navy right now (and on sale!!). I tried these on in the store when they were full price and now I am super glad I waited for them to be marked down!! These shorts are fun, light and such a great wear for a hot summer day. I would pair these with a cream-coloured tee, some cute sneakers and maybe a summer fedora (just to be fancy).


The list could go on forever…and it could. Come July and August, the weather gets way too hot to be wearing jeans or capris, but with these patterned shorts, you do not have to worry! Another thing that I would like to point out, is that all of these shorts are not super short. Personally, I believe that unless you are a size 00, the super short shorts are not a good look. It is always a good idea to keep a modest length to your shorts. Not only will you look more polished, but it will also protect you from the oh-so-common, ride up when you sit down (that awful moment when your shorts ride all the way up, revealing way too much of the leg you don’t want anyone to see)!

Some day, I will write a shorts tips post, because I could go on forever!!

Hopefully you guys like my picks and go and check these items out and add them to your own wishlist! I have also picked out some of my other favourite prints from these three retailers that I included in this post, below for you perusal! Don’t miss out on that!

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Outfit Details: the Black Maxi two ways!

Many of my readers know that maxi dresses are a favourite of mine. I love how you can throw one on, accessorize and be ready to go for the day! I wish I could wear maxi dresses to work, but unfortunately, they are a tad too casual for my workplace. The weekends is where the maxi dress shines, and this black maxi I found at Winners is no exception!! I love how many ways there are to wear a black maxi (post idea!!), and today, I am going to show you two ways that I have worn the dress so far!

Number One: On its own… 

Maxi dresses really don’t need to be dressed up, in my opinion, because they do plenty well on their own. Especially a black maxi, it’s slimming, hugs the curves and looks great with a few accessories and the right shoes. I love to wear maxi dresses with heels, only because I’m the shortest person on the planet (okay, maybe I exaggerated there…) and I like the extra 3-4 inches.


These shoes that I am wearing are cognac coloured and perfect for summer!! They are about 3.5 inches, and the perfect height for this dress. The great feature about this maxi, is the slits on each side. It goes just high enough to give plenty exposure to the leg, but not high enough that you don’t have to worry about any “oops” moments. The slits also give you a chance to show off your fab shoes – usually long dresses are too long that the shoes are hidden!!


I decided that a longer necklace with the maxi on it’s own would be more flattering. I tried on several different statement pieces, but didn’t love any of them. When I put this one on, it just felt like it kept the length going. No one wants to look short in a maxi dress, therefore, accessorizing with long accessories, will keep that lengthy look going. Plus, it gives the outfit some glam that stands out against the black background, as opposed to right on the skin.

See how good the dress looks on its own? It’s perfect for a hot summer day, or even bounding around town running errands! Cute, simple and the slightest bit trendy!

Number Two: All Dolled Up! 

For the second way to wear this maxi, I paired it with a darker washed jean vest. I remember when jean vests (and vests in general) were in style in high school…I had a black one that I wore (I felt so rebellious)…so I was hesitant when I bought this jean vest. I don’t regret it though!! Because look how it transforms the maxi, from simple and fabulous, to chic and casual!!


Everything else (accessories, shoes, etc.) remained the same, except the add of the vest. Well, and the hat. But that’s because how could you not accessorize with an adorable hat like this? (Side note: I finally grabbed one of the hats from my #WishlistWednesday post! Horray!) This is a very summery hat, and works with this overall look, if I do say so myself!


What I love about adding the jean vest, is how it provides coverage of certain areas that would be extenuated by the dress if it were worn on its own. There are times to show it off, and times to cover it up, and in my opinion, adding this cute piece on top, really transforms the outfit in a conservative way (i.e. totally appropriate to wear in front of my Grandmother).


I got this bag earlier this year, and it is honestly one of my best purse purchases! I found it at Aldo and it was truly love at first sight. I was in the market for a cognac coloured bag, and this one caught my eye the moment I walked into the store. It is the perfect size, and the black floral scarf tied to the strap is so cute! I added my little touch of glam with the gold “S” key chain (gift from my Mom). And bonus…it goes perfectly with the shoes!

I love maxi dresses and have been on the bandwagon for a few years now. It really is the perfect summer look and so easy to style! I look forward to styling this dress more in the future, giving you even more ways to wear a black maxi!


If you want to get similar items to what I have shown in this post, visit the links below. I tried to find the similar styles as the dress is from Winners. I wasn’t able to link this jean vest that I got from Old Navy, but I did link up some other cute ones I found!!

Happy styling!

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May: Looking Back


It’s been a fast month (aren’t they all?). Today, I am looking back at my favourite looks from this past month. Spring is officially here, complete with rain, sunshine and nice weather! Which has certainly made my wardrobe more bright and fun! I love all of the springy colours and styles that I get to wear now that I don’t have to always think about layers! It was certainly hard choosing four picks for this month of May, but I managed!

My first look (top left) was a throw together on a Monday morning for some much needed errands. I got this cute, elephant tank top and white wrap-around cardigan from Winners (one of my favourite stores!!). My tan pants are Old Navy‘s “pixie pants” which are made for short people! Thank you to whoever created the Old Navy Gift Card it helped a lot! They are comfortable, colourful and perfect for work or play. Many people have asked me about these polka dot loafers. I got them from G. H. Bass & Co. in Pennsylvania. If you don’t own a pair of patterned loafers…you are missing out! They are so perfect and they go great with (almost) everything!

My second look (top right) was my Mother’s Day look this year . A simple, casual dress from Old Navy and a beautiful statement necklace from mark. by Avon made for the perfect look to spend with Mom that day. Of course, to top the look off, I wore my gorgeous nude, suede heels from Avon. I highly recommend them (super comfortable!!).

My third look (bottom left) was my most recent casual Friday look for work! I channeled my inner Audrey or Jackie for this look, keeping it simple with multi strands of pearls from J Crew Factory and a white shell top made by Bianca Nygard. Shockingly, my wedges are from Le Chateau! I didn’t actually know that Le Chateau had such amazing shoes, but (newsflash!) they do and they are truly amazing!!

My fourth look (bottom right) was the perfect outfit for a hot day! The top is ordered from SheInside.com that I found through Pinterest! This watermelon top is light, airy and fun for summer – it was absolutely key on this hot day. The olive pants are from Le Chateau, that I got on sale (music to a shopper’s ears!). The necklace is from Smart Set, which has really pretty costume jewelry. Of course, like most of my looks, my Kate Spade New York bag is featured. I highly recommend this brand as well!

Well, those are probably my favourite looks of 2015 so far because they are so fun! I love throwing my own twist on things, and I think that is well represented this month. All the way from elephants to watermelons! Looking back is always fun to do, especially because it makes the time fly! With that, I leave you with a shot of the countryside that I snapped this month:


Let June be as great as May!

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March: Looking Back


Today we are looking back at the month of March! As we approach spring, I am starting to bring out the bright colours, light sweaters and jean shirts. Although fall is my favourite season, I love the spring colours and seeing the flowers bloom in light of the April showers. The best thing about spring is that colours show in all different ways – through flowers, leaves, rainbows, and clothing. I have taken it upon myself to try a world of new colour combinations this season! Cobalt and chocolate being one of my recent combinations. For those of you who do not know what cobalt is, think of a very deep royal blue. It is a hot colour this season (although not pictured in my picks of the month), and I have tried it out (outfit shown below). This is an outfit I threw together very last minute yesterday for teaching.

3/30/15 | Shirt, Old Navy | Pants, JAG | Boots, mark. by Avon | Necklace, Icing |

Other looks that I have tried this past month include camo, stripes, fun blazers and other pieces that I have gathered over the winter in anticipation of nice weather! Now, all we need is to get to the summer season so I can pull out the dresses (can’t wait!!). I have snagged a couple of great pieces for this coming season…now all I need is for the weather to shape up! As my kiddos are singing these days…”Oh Mr. Golden sun…please shine down on me!”

Happy Spring!