With the summer season in full swing, my DIY projects are becoming more and more frequent! Since I have time on the weekends and after work on weeknights, I like to have something to fill that time up…and what better than to fill your time with, than a project!? I… View Post

Monograms are one of the preppy staples of a prepster’s being. You can monogram anything and everything, and why wouldn’t you? In keeping with Wednesday’s theme, I am going to give you the lowdown on etiquette of monogramming.¬†Wait, what? What etiquette? The initial/monogram etiquette. There is a certain ordering of… View Post

Monograms are pretty much the key to all preppy looks. I love them because it is personal and a way to express your personality. My monogram wishlist is so long, but I am going to choose my top three monogram wishlist items to profile this week. At this point, I… View Post