Boho Style for the Coachella Man

It’s no secret that men love fashion. Yes, there are some men that are a little…inept when it comes to putting together a good look, but who doesn’t like looking great? Coachella and music festival season in general is a time where men get to be extra trendy. Put away those oxfords, dress shoes, khakis and the cashmere sweaters and say hello to tank tops, cargo shorts and the ever so popular “white tee”.

Of course with any trend, you can go a little too far…which is why I’m here, obviously. If you’re a style-inept man and you are heading to a music festival this summer, or are just looking for outfit options…you’ve come to the right place because this gal knows what she likes when it comes to men’s fashion.

In Trend, but not Trendy

Perfect for the guy who doesn’t want to stand out, but doesn’t want to blend in. You can really never go wrong with a pair of long jean shorts and a cool tank. I like taking the look up a notch by adding a fun coloured cap and this amazing leather bag. Yes, I realize men do not carry purses…but they carry leather backpacks (and this one is gorgeous).

Boho Style for the Coachella Man - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Colour Block Tank | 2 Bright Ball Cap | 3 Flip Flops| 4 Ray Bans | 5 Leather Backpack Satchel | 6 Knee Length Denim Shorts

Stepping Out in Fashion

Personally, I love to take risks with fashion. Some of you men don’t love to do the same, but still love the classics. Well, move over classics and get ready to introduce yourself to that fashion hat. The fashion hat is not just for women – lots of men rock them and look amazing. Coachella is one place where you can rock that hat and blend in. This is a low key trendy look, with the patterned tank, the fashion hat, and of course the contrasting belt in cognac colour (definitely worth the risk).

Boho Style for the Coachella Man - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Black Felt Fashion Hat | 2 Patterned Tank | 3 Black Skinnies | 4 Black Low Top Converse| 5 Cognac belt

Floral Beach Vibes

I am loving florals this season…and so is music festival fashion. Floral patterns may seem a little girly to most men, but trust me…amongst musical festivals where boho style rules, you will fit right in. I chose a floral tee below that emulates a more masculine look – no pinks, reds, or any deemed “girly” colours. We’re moving into summer months, so white is totally acceptable. This is a classic, laid back festival look.


Boho Style for the Coachella Man - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Floral Tee | 2 Straw Fedora | 3 Leather Backpack | 4 Flip Flops | 5 Knee Length White Chino Shorts

Hopefully I was able to spark some fashion ideas in your heads on this Friday afternoon. I love men’s style as much as women’s and although I am no expert…like any woman…I know what I like.

Looking for more inspiration fellas?

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Boho Style for the Coachella Man - Pearls and Polkadots

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Happy Friday!

Stylin’ the Stars: Leo Dicaprio

The Oscars count down sits at two days people! Two short days until the big night! I simply cannot wait, which is why today, I am doing something a little different from what I usually tackle! What’s that? Men’s fashion. Specifically, red carpet fashion! Although I love to see all the beautiful gowns, gorgeous shoes and stunning clutches…I also love to see what the men choose to wear and how they style it (men in suits = obsessed!!). If you are desperate for a suit that is fit for a celebrity, go to

Leo Dicaprio is having a pretty hot year with The Revenant winning at awards shows left, right and centre! I can feel it in my bones that this is his year – what do you think? Well, one thing is for sure, Leo will be dressed to the nines! Just as I did with JLaw, I am going to dress Leo in the latest and greatest to prep him for his big night!

Stylin' the Stars: Leo Dicaprio - Pearls and Polkadots


Suit: Tom Ford / Shirt: Salvatore Ferragamo (sold out, similar here) / Dress Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo / Bow Tie: Dolce & Gabbana (sold out, simialr here) / Pocket Square: Tom Ford

One thing that I looove about Leo is that he always sticks to a classic look. He never really deviates from the traditional black tux or suit. I am all about trendy fashion, but there is nothing better than a man dressed in a crisp, classic suit, right? So when I set out to dress Mr. Dicaprio, I wanted to keep with his usual.

Stay with me. Although there aren’t too many pieces to man’s look for the carpet, I am still going to break down exactly what I chose, and why I chose it…

The Suit

(Tom Ford)

Suits may seem easy to choose, but there are actually a lot of different types out there for men to wear! I looked through many, many different types and decided (based upon past red carpet looks, and what I personally love) that this slim-fit mohair and wool-blend tuxedo by Tom Ford was the most fitting. I love the silk lapels and how it is just a classic black. Leo always wears black to the carpet, so why change up his style now? Especially when he looks fabulous in it!

Stylin' the Stars: Leo Dicaprio - Pearls and Polkadots

The Shirt

(Salvatore Ferragamo)

This is a shirt designed to go under a tuxedo, so that was a given. One thing I hate when it comes to men’s fashion is all of the different patterned, coloured shirts (when it comes to evening wear). For an event as prestigious as the Oscars, you want to dress in the finest thing you can find, and what goes best with a black tux? A white tux shirt by Salvatore Ferragamo. It is cotton so it won’t be stifling hot, and the barrelled cuffs will give an elegant finish

Stylin' the Stars: Leo Dicaprio - Pearls and Polkadots

The Shoes

(Salvatore Ferragamo)

Leo loves the shiny leather dress shoe, however, I don’t love it so much. I like a matte finish on the shoe so the focus remains on his overall look, not the shiny shoes glimmering in all the photography flashes! Straight from Italy, these Carmelo leather lace-ups by Salvatore Ferragamo will give a nice shoe touch to Leo’s Oscar-ready look!

Stylin' the Stars: Leo Dicaprio - Pearls and Polkadots

The Bow Tie

(Dolce & Gabbana)

Ahh, the finishing touch (almost) is the boe tie. Now, bow ties actually aren’t that expensive, but because I only want to dress Leo in the best, I chose a silk classic tie by Dolce & Gabbana to finish the look off. Comfortable around his neck, it will also be the cherry on top of the look when he’s struttin’ his stuff down the carpet.

Stylin' the Stars: Leo Dicaprio - Pearls and Polkadots

The Pocket Square

(Tom Ford)

Last but not least, I went for a really fun mulberry silk pocket square by Tom Ford. Leo tends to default to a white silk pocket square with all of his red carpet looks (or he doesn’t wear one at all), but since he’s a fun guy and I looove polka dots (shocker?), I threw this in the look to make it more fun! Not as classic, but who says you can’t have some pattern in a classic look?

Stylin' the Stars: Leo Dicaprio - Pearls and Polkadots

I cannot wait to tune in on Sunday night and potentially watch Leo finally get his well-deserved Oscar! I love awards show season and although I love watching all of the pretty gowns float down the carpet, there is nothing I love more than men in tuxedos! Leo is going to slay in this look that I assembled for him, but I am really eager to see what he actually will wear this Sunday night!


Homecoming Fashion: For Him

HOMECOMING FASHIONIt’s that time of year again…time for homecoming!! Woohoo! I can’t put into words how excited I am for this year’s homecoming game/weekend. Why am I so excited, you ask? Well, because it is my last homecoming! Everything is ready to go for this weekend – plans have been made, outfits have been planned…it’s all ready to go and this will be the best year ever.

I may be getting a little off track…now to what I actually want to tell you about today. Last week, I detailed women’s homecoming fashion and what to wear for the various events that go along with homecoming (parties, tailgates, the game itself…) and different types of weather! This week, I will be discussing…

Men’s Homecoming Fashion.  

I’m sure many men don’t give their outfit a second thought when it comes to football – who cares about style when the game is on, right? Wrong. Although you are at a football game, or at the tailgate party…you should have some kind of school spirit somewhere on you, and it doesn’t hurt to dress for the occasion as well! Besides, there are right and wrong things to wear to a football game…even if it is super casual style! Just wait…you will see what I mean…

Tailgating in Style. Okay, so I know that what you wear is not your top priority when partying it up at the tailgate…but you may want to keep these tips in mind when dressing yourself for the event. Why? Well, because you want to look great, don’t you!!


I am obsessed with men’s khaki shorts. I know, it’s is strange, but true. I just think that they are such a good option for men if they don’t feel like wearing pants!! The long-sleeved shirt and shorts look is a favourite of mine as well – especially for Fall. This outfit will keep you semi-warm for the cool Fall weather, and still have you looking sharp for the tailgate!! I threw the drawstring bag in there as a way to carry any game necessities you might need!

Cheering them to the Win. Homecoming can take place anywhere from mid-September to late October…and depending on what time the game is set, it may be a little nippy outside, or it could be sweltering hot! It’s important to dress for the weather, and with this look, you will be all set to go – no matter rain or shine!!


This is one of my about its casual looks for men. Casual is just as good as dressed up, in my opinion. At a football game, you want to be comfortable and what’s more comfortable then chucks, jeans and a cozy half-zip? With or without the scarf, this look is stylish and laid back, so cheering your team on can be you number one priority!

Victory Party Time. If you didn’t dress your best for the tailgate or the game, this is your time to shine. This is the look that matters, because this is most likely where you will be trying (more or less) to be interactive, meet people and look your best, of course!! Whether you are heading to a party, going downtown to the bars, or just hanging out with a few people after the game, you want to be looking sharp!


This is a great going out look. Yes, the sweater may be a little casual, however, you can always switch that out for a blazer, or if the setting is right, simply leave the additional piece at home and just work the black v-neck for the night! I want to highlight these shoes before I move on…penny loafers may seem like an older style, but I looove them! They are so classic and debonair – I definitely approve and recommend all men give them a try. If I see one more male wear a pair of New Balance shoes to the bar…not cool.

Well, there you go! You have your three common and classy looks for homecoming. The ladies will love you, you’ll be dressed to impress and be totally on your game (while watching the game…)! Although you may not consider homecoming to be the high fashion event of the year, it definitely is the time to bring out the nice clothing and look your best…why not start the year off with a good look?


Falling for Fall Fashion: for the In Style Man!

BannerI promised you I would, and now here it is. I am showing you the upcoming season trends…for men!! Fall is right around the corner and with the cold weather soon approaching us, we want to make sure everyone is nice and cozy. There is nothing better than a well dressed man, and even though it is lovely to see the trim and fit bods on the beach…it is time to cover up. Why not cover up in style?

As much as I love to scroll through board after board for style pertaining to women (finding my favourite Fall looks), I also love to pin men’s clothing as well! If a guy has style, it makes him that much more attractive! It’s not overly hard to dress well when you are a guy – if you stick to the classics, that is. Today, I want to show you some of my favourite Fall trends for the men!

I looked through some dapper fella’s Instagram accounts, catalogs, blogs, and – of course – Pinterest, in order to bring you these fab, masculine trends in this post:

Sweater Under Blazer . I have a thing for layers. Begin with an oxford, put on a sweater, then add a blazer on top? Perfecto! Looks chic, classic and so put together. Although the look works without the blazer (more casual), adding that extra layer on top steps it up a notch. In order to prevent the bunchy look,  it is best to wear a thinner, cotton blend sweater as opposed to a bulky wool sweater (that would be a tight fit!).


Khaki pants. The colour khaki is probably my favourite on guys (in addition to jeans). I think it such a great alternative, especially for Fall. Although there are jeans, and many different shades of denim to choose from…khaki proves to be such a different look! It used to be that khakis were thrown on for church or Sunday dinner with the grandparents, but now, they are making a style statement and there are more than a few men wearing this look, and completely rocking it.


Plaid scarves. When the chilly weather rolls in, it’s best to bundle up! So why not bundle up with a plaid scarf? Plaid screams Fall (I am a tad obsessed with plaid…) and these scarves below are perfect for the upcoming Autumn season. The ideal way to wear a scarf like this is draped over the neck. You don’t have to toss it over the shoulder (although some men can really work that style). This accessory really doesn’t need to be styled, just wearing it makes the look that much more put together.


Leather Jackets. When have leather jackets not been in trend? This is such a timeless piece (for men and women). It gives a tough vibe, yet still looks completely chic. Specifically for this Fall, we are seeing a lot of earth tones in the leather. My personal favourite is a brown leather jacket (any shade of brown will do). Black is nice as well, but brown is soft and brings out the undertones in the existing summer sun tans. Additionally, brown goes with a lot of different Fall colours and makes for a great addition to Fall colour palettes.


I am loving these Fall trends for men…they just look so good!! I fall for Fall trends every year, but I am falling hard for these beautifully dressed men…well the trends…I’m falling for the trends (duh!). Make sure you check out my men’s fashion Pinterest board, called “Men.” for more drool-worthy looks.

Do you share my love for men’s fashion? What are you excited to see this Fall? Let me know in the comments below!