Life Update

I don’t really blog anymore. There. I said it! It has been forever since I sat down and wrote a lifestyle, fashion or general style post and I’m here today to tell you why. Why I have let this passion of mine fall by the wayside, and WHY it is OKAY.

Since graduating last year, life has picked up. Anyone who knows me inside and out, knows how much I love to teach. It has been my heart and soul for the last two years, studying teaching methods and creating my “teaching practice”, and that is what consumes me. Fortunately for me, I walked out of school with a position in two school boards, ready to do what I love, and change lives. There has been laughter, tears, an abundance of stress and lots of smiles during this first year. I moved into teaching the first grade, coming to love and know twenty beautiful souls that I will forever cherish as my “first real class”. I am back in an occasional teaching role, and am now kept busy day in and day out with different students of all different ages.

It sounds busy, doesn’t it? It is busy. Like, it is CRAZY busy. The amount of running around, and switching mindsets that I have done in the last six months is nothing I could have ever imagined for my first year of teaching. The good news is, is while this seems like I am saying “poor me, look at my busy, busy life”…I am throwing all these words down to say I. LOVE. IT.

Every single moment of it. The good and the bad. These last six months have made me realize that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Teaching others is a passion that cannot be replaced in my world.

Are you still with me?

So by now…(if you haven’t stopped reading)…you are probably wondering WHY I am telling you all of this. There are a number of reasons, really, for which I won’t bore you all with. The main reason is to share. Share this happiness that I am feeling, and hopefully inspire someone to go after their dreams.

As for my blogging? Through the many years I have spent studying, blogging has been an outlet for me. A passion to turn my thoughts into meaningful words, published for whoever wants to spend the time reading them. I still consider it to be an outlet, but not a necessary outlet.

It’s a place I come to express my thoughts and share my ideas…and that’s the attitude I will take going forward. I want to get back to creating posts that I love. I want to explore new attitudes and ideas, and write more lifestyle pieces that tells you guys who I am. So there we have it…a new outlook on writing, my purpose and a major update on my part! I am so excited for more dreams to come true, and to be able to share more of my life on Pearls and Polkadots. Until next time…cheers everyone!

What does Style really mean?

OutfitoftheDay_1It all starts by seeing that one person. The person who catches your eye, and overwhelms you with how sharp they look. Put together, professional, sexy…whatever you want to use to describe how they look. You want to be them, and mimic exactly what they did to catch your eye. What am I talking about here – attraction? No! I am talking about a person’s sense of style.

Everyone has one.

Whether you like rocking a concert tee and converse, or stick to collared shirts and sweater vests…that is your style. You embody it, you portray it and adopt it throughout your life. That’s not to say that people cannot have multiple styles in a lifetime – everyone goes through stages or waves. It’s apart of finding yourself and learning who you are as a person. Growing up into the person I am today, I have learned several things that I am going to address in this post (beware, they may sound a tad cliche…but it’s all true).

Wear and embrace the style that you want to. There is absolutely no point in dressing a certain way if you don’t like it. Why would you do that? Mimicking a way of dressing can be super hard, but it will be even harder to mimic if you don’t actually want to wear the clothing.

Style is a spectrum and an individual trait. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different idea of what they think they should be wearing. Additionally, not all styles look the same on everybody. What looks one way on one person, could look totally different on another person. So adapt the look to what you think will look good on you!

Wear what you want! There is no rule book to style! Of course there is Vogue magazine, the runway, and other fashion trendsetters…but at the end of the day, they style that YOU portray is your own. Work what you have and try new things! Every morning when I open my closet to get dressed, I put together my outfit of the day based on what I think looks good! Who cares what you wear as long as you feel like yourself and amazing in it? (Answer: WHO CARES!? It’s your life!)

I hope that this post was the slightest bit uplifting! I have been in a super positive mood all day and wanted to exert my positivity to all of my readers! With that, I will leave you with a few shots of my own outfit creations that I adore:


Have a happy and positive weekend!


3 ways to save time in the morning

Some of you may know that I recently started my teaching journey with a group of kindies that keep my pretty busy three times a week. This requires me to be promptly out the door at 7:30 AM…leaving little time to fuss. Maybe that doesn’t so terrible to some of you…but for a student who purposely schedules her classes to begin late morning…that is a major change.

I started thinking about how I could savor that time in the morning to sleep. One easy solution? Planning ahead of time. As much as I love my outfits, it can take me a long time to choose an outfit…so planning the night before has saved me a ton of time!

Today, I am going to give you some easy tips to plan ahead so that you are never late…

Check the weather

I always make sure I check the weather the night before so I know what kind of day to dress for. Even in the winter, there are more mild days than others, and on those kinds of days, you do not want to be caught wearing a turtle-neck with a sweater (because you will boil).

Planning your looks ahead of time - Pearls and Polkadots

Plan with layers

This may shock you…but this actually applies to all seasons. No matter the season, when you are working inside, the temp can be wild. I always make sure that I layer, or at least keep something available to keep me warm. Those air conditioning units can leave me shivering on the hottest days.

Planning your looks ahead of time - Pearls and Polkadots


Lay it out

Once you know what you are wearing…lay it out. You can save LOADS of time by just laying out your outfit or pulling the pieces you are going to wear to the front of your closet. That way, when you wake up with only half an hour to spare, you don’t spend half the time looking for those pieces.

Planning your looks ahead of time - Pearls and Polkadots

Spending time the night before planning out your outfit will save you a TON of time. It also is just plain organized. This goes right along with packing your lunch and bag the night before…really just allocate your time the night before so all of those previous minutes in the morning can be used for the important stuff…sleep.

First Day Jitters

How’s it going? I thought I would give you a little life update for today’s post since something BIG is happening! Today, I began my first teaching placement in a kindergarten classroom. What did it feel like? Practically terrifying…walking into a classroom packed full of 32 children. Full of energy, each with their own little personalities.

32 does not seem like a big number…considering my classes in high school had at least 30 kids and my tutorials have that as a minimum! However, you really get a sense of how HUGE that number is when you have to get them all changed into their snow pants for a 15 minute recess…

As terrifying as it seems, I am truly excited. All of these little souls are innocent, sweet, and considerate little humans that I could spend the whole day with. I can’t wait to get to know them each and see their personalities blossom. I truly feel like this is what I am meant to do…help them read, write and count.

So what did I wear?

My First Day in the ABC - Pearls and Polkadots


Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger / Collared Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Statement Necklace: Target

For my first day, I kept it classic and comfortable. Everyone has their own style, and for me that is a blend of the two. Considering my placement is in kindergarten, I wanted to keep it comfortable (you know, something I can crawl around in on the floor!).

I wish I had a full body shot of what I wore, but I’ll describe it anyway. Bright green cable knit sweater accompanied by a collared shirt (classy, right?). I paired it with some tan pants and what one little girl called “princess shoes”…which were actually a shiny pair of flats.

This is honestly my favourite place to be…I hope I can make it to my very own classroom someday!