42 Party Looks to Try this Season…

42December is the month to try the greatest of party looks out. There are Christmas parties, work parties, NYE parties…which means style needs to come out! I see this time of the year as a time to be daring, beautiful and rock whatever you want to! Tulle, sequins, glitter…the works are brought for this season and it is awesome! As Pinterest is my favourite procrastination tool when studying for finals, today I am bringing you a whopping 50 party looks YOU need to try this season! 


@jilliandillon THIS is what I want to wear to the wedding...in periwinkle or navy with silver shoes. ;):




NEW YEAR EVE OUTFIT grown up tutu #style:

Sara / Collage Vintage

Holiday outfit idea: new years perhaps?:

Delmy / Fashion Bananas

Wendy / Wendy’s Lookbook 

Tulle is such a great fashion risk for a party look! Not only can you dress it up, you can also dress it down and make it look less ballerina and more chic! Who says you can’t rock a tutu in public? If I can get my hands on one of these…then I would rock it hard!


Black jacket white blosue sequin silver shorts black tights heels street fashion new years eve fashion:


Dinner Date... by A spoonful of Style => Click to see what she wears:

Jade / A Spoonful of Style





Shorts and tights are a great way to keep it casual, while dressing it up. I love this trend because it gives you the best of both worlds! Plus, sometimes, you just don’t want to put your cute pair of shorts away for the Winter! Why not rock em’ out for the end of the year?


<plaid + sequins for work christmas party> tie a ribbon bow around your collar to dress up a shirt for a holiday outfit:

Jean / Extra Petite

Sequins are a holiday staple, and this season we love them on billowing midi skirts. #sequins #party #outfits:

Ashley / Side Smile Style

11 cool girl new year's eve outfit ideas - leather biker jacket, black heels + gold sequin pants:

Ester / Mi Armario En Ruinas


Emily / The Sweetest Thing

Sequin blazer going to get one i have a ugly black dress that i need to spice up:

Alexandra / Lovely Pepa 

sequins and plaid. clothes from Lulus:

The Girls with Glasses / Babble 

Barefoot Blonde - Sequin Skirt:

Amber / Barefoot Blonde

Sequins and glitter are great to liven up the party outfit! I also love to accent my outfit with sequin pieces…they certainly make a statement and for the holidays…it is the number one choice in my eyes! You aren’t going to wear a gold sequin mini skirt to work, right?



Jessica / Hapa Time




Alana / Alana Marie Style

Peplum top + Skinny leather pants + neutral pump... I love it!:


Jessica / Hapa Time

Leather on the bottom makes for a great look and I love how casual and dressy they can look! If you want to rock the full leather pants, then leather leggings are a great option – especially for a holiday party!



Grace / A Southern Drawl 


Helena / Brooklyn Blonde





asos black dress

Jean / Extra Petite

Everybody knows that the LBD is an absolute essential in a lady’s closet. When the holiday season comes around, it’s always good to have your trusty LBD hanging there ready to be wined and dined. You really can never go wrong with a look like this – why? It’s cute, simple and effortless all in one neat little package!


NYE Ready in black, sequin track pants + blush pink sweater w/ black bowtie on www.forallthingslovely.com:

Megan / For All Things Lovely

Southern Curls & Pearls: Holiday Party Outfit...:

Caitlin / Southern Curls & Pearls 

30 + Fun and Flirty Holiday Party Outfits - This Silly Girl's Life:

Rach / Pink Peonies



Holiday parties come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they call for a cozy blanket scarf over a five inch pair of glittery heels! These cozy looks are perfect if you are staying in with friends or going to an intimate gathering. Still dripping with style, but style in comfort!


Tibi Silk Faille Skirt from Pink Peonies:

Rach / Pink Peonies

Bethany / B Soup



What to wear to a holiday party:

Caitlin / Southern Curls & Pearls 

Red is probably one of the best holiday colours out there. There is nothing shy about the colour red and how it is used in the looks above is exactly how you should rock it this holiday season! Whether you are sporting the LRD (Little Red Dress) or using it as a complimentary colour…all is well in the colour red!


Slip into this velvet dress for any holiday occasion and look absolutely stunning!:


sparkly + velvet:


Red Velvet Xmas <3 (by Imogen De Souza) http://lookbook.nu/look/4385239-Red-Velvet-Xmas-3:


Velvet is such a great fabric – the texture is a real statement and you can do so much to compliment your look with it. Pair it with tights, put a tunic underneath for a more business casual look, or dress it up with some jewels and sparkle and you have a dazzling New Year’s Eve look!


Office party? Meet the parents? Christmas Eve service? Here's your perfect outfit.:

Sarah Lynn / Love by Lynn

thigh high socks, knee high socks, topshop skirt, holiday outfits, holiday party outfit, holiday outfit ideas // grace wainwright from a southern drawl

Grace / A Southern Drawl

Courtney / What Courtney Wore

Lots of good choices for teens adn moms too! 55+ Fall Outfit Ideas, super cute clothing inspiration for fall!:

Rach / Pink Peonies

Wonderland Skirt:


Plaid is always a great option. Patterns are fun and fun to try and mix – especially for a fun night out with friends! I love tartan shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses…they are a great option and I love how they look in the holiday season.

Hopefully you were able to get a few ideas from this post. I’d like to thank all of the lovely ladies who make these outfits happen! I love all of these lady bloggers so much and their style – which needs to be shared! All links are available underneath each picture so head over to their platforms and check them out!

What do you have coming up this season? Any crazy party plans? Let me know in the comments below…

Lace + Leather

Happy Monday everyone! There aren’t too many Mondays that I am smiling ear to ear, but today I get to release this post, which makes me very happy!! Last month, I released my first collaboration with Diana from DPhotography and today I am releasing my second collaboration! We had so much fun taking these photos, bounding around town, on fire escapes and in back ally ways…enjoy!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and PolkadotsLace and Leather - Pearls and PolkadotsLately I have had an obsession for leather. Leather is such an interesting material and when paired together, it really makes a bold statement. This season, there was a lot of leather seen on the runway, in the magazines, and pretty much everywhere…which is what inspired me to put this fab look together!!

Every girl should own one leather or faux leather jacket. Leather is such a great material to accessorize with and when worn in a jacket, it can look really sharp. Moto jackets are my absolute favourite, mainly because of all of the detail in the zippers and pockets. This particular jacket is from Dynamite Clothing. I have had it for a while and it is one of my very favourite go-to pieces in my closet.

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Crop tops are always a great thing to have – you can get them everywhere it seems and this one is one of my favourites. It is black, lace and perfect. I personally like to layer over a crop top, and use the crop as more of a backdrop to a look. With this particular outfit, the lace acted as a background to the leather, which is why I haven’t made it stand out too drastically!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

This leather skirt was such an impulse buy…and one of many that I do not regret in the least! This skirt is so cute and the perfect trendy piece to jazz up your wardrobe. Pencil skirts are coming back, along with the midi-skirt trend, and I am stoked about it!! I love a good mini, but pencil and midi skirts really accentuate your curves! Which is never a bad thing!!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

These shoes are great. I ordered them from the Avon catalogue last year from their “Comfort Plus” line…and they are. They are extremely comfortable! The peep toe is such a cute detail as well. What I love most about these shoes is how I can wear them in most seasons. I will wear them in the winter, but not if I know that I will be trekking through snow, that is. For obvious reasons!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

With such a bold look, I wanted jewelry that was really simple. So I opted for a simple double-v patterned statement necklace that I got from the mark.Avon catalogue last year. The “v” pattern fits perfectly with the neck line, and the gold detail is perfect for the overall black look.

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots


Jacket: Dynamite (similar here and here) / Crop Top: Garage (similar here) / Skirt: Winners (similar here and here)/ Shoes: Avon (similar here) / Necklace: mark. by Avon (unavailable)

This look was one of my favourites to style and shoot. I usually don’t go for a look this edgy, but when I saw this skirt, I could not resist!! Make sure you check out DPhotography for a look at more of Diana’s beautiful shots. Whenever I pick something out to wear, I make sure it reflects who I am, what I love and what I stand for. I mean, you have to dress the way you want, right? Thanks again to Diana, DPhotography!

Happy Monday!

Leather on Leather is taking over

In 2012 and 2013, we saw a ton of designers send leather on leather down the runway. Generally in the fashion universe, we frown upon wearing the same material on top of one another. Suede on suede? Gross. Plaid on plaid? Wrong. Leather on leather? Not okay…except fashion is evolving, and we are starting to see these rules break and fade away (as if we didn’t even remember there were rules…). Designers and Clothing Manufacturers understand the demand for something like leather, especially on the runways. Even on the high street, you’ll notice that affordable pieces of high end items are stocked for people who can’t afford to spend thousands on a jacket or shoes. With the emergence of leather, we can guarantee that we will be seeing it even more over the months.

Fall/Winter 2013 – Runway London

Today, I am going to cover how you should be jumping on the leather on leather bandwagon…and why. Maybe you don’t follow runway fashion, or simply don’t think that what walks down the runway even applies to you. However, as Meryl Streep tells us in “The Devil Wears Prada”, fashion starts at the top and trickles down into all of our closets.

Who says you can’t wear two leathers together? Whether you mix up the colours or pair the same leather pattern on the same leather pattern…it looks hot and fresh. Personally, I love a good leather pencil skirt paired with a leather moto jacket and there are different ways to rock the leather-leather trend. Obviously, when you own any leather item, taking care of your leather should be a big concern for you. So when you wear leather on leather, your leather care efforts should, in theory, be doubled.

Let’s look at some of the leather-leather trends that are making their way around the world of Pinterest, shall we?

Leather Crop + Leather Pencil

This is a particular look that I am a huge fan of right now. I wouldn’t necessarily rock this for a school lecture or at work…but I would consider this a viable option for drinks with friends or even a party that I was hitting up on the weekend. What I particularly love about this look is the detail in the leather crop. I think the “rose-like” pattern is really cool and intricate.

Leather on leather - Pearls and Polkadots


Leather Moto + Leather Mini

The leather moto jacket is a staple in any gal’s closet. Particularly in black. Black goes with everything – we already know that – and black leather adds texture to any look. People tend to classify the “black leather jacket” as edgy or hard-looking, which is not untrue. It gives your look that hardness that it may need.

Leather on leather - Pearls and Polkadots


Leather Moto + Leather Pants

I have not made the leap in getting myself a pair of leather pants. Personally, I don’t know if I would love wearing them…but I know that I love how they look. I think leather pants make you look sharp, and they are the trend that keeps resurfacing in fashion. Paired with the leather jacket, it steps up the look – although leather pants themselves would be a statement, complimenting the bottom use of leather with a moto jacket (or even a crop…) is a leather overload in a positive way!

Leather on leather - Pearls and Polkadots


So why should you jump on the leather on leather train?

Leather is everywhere. It’s on the runway, it’s in the department stores, it’s in the magazines. It’s hugely in trend right now. We have seen it on the Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein runways in New York this year.

Leather on Leather - Runway New York

Fall 2015 – Runway New York

Leather is no longer a “hot” seasoned piece. Wear it in the Fall and transition it to Winter. This sexy fabric will tide you over through the months and keep you looking hot all year round. Ultimately, leather gives your look texture and edge…it makes a statement, and is currently all the rage right now.

As long as there is no snow or below zero weather, why not keep rocking it right?

What are your thoughts on leather on leather? Let me know in the comments below…