Tartan + Navy Blue

I am starting to believe Punxsutawney Phil…no shadow…early Spring (and is it ever!) Yesterday, I didn’t even need my Winter coat and although today is brisk, the Winter coat is still too heavy for the weather that we are having! I can’t say I am overly thrilled about it because I do enjoy a beautiful snowfall, however, I am excited to not have to bundle up and be permanently cold for the next couple of months! Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine – so I can’t complain!

Tartan + Navy Blue - Pearls and Polkadots

Tartan + Navy Blue - Pearls and Polkadots

Tartan + Navy Blue - Pearls and Polkadots

Tartan + Navy Blue - Pearls and Polkadots

Tartan + Navy Blue - Pearls and Polkadots

Tartan + Navy Blue - Pearls and Polkadots

Tartan + Navy Blue - Pearls and Polkadots


Sweater: Winners (similar here and here) / Oxford Shirt: JOE Fresh (similar herehere and here) / Leggings: Lila Rose (similar here)/ Boots: L.L. Bean / Bracelet: Gifted (similar here and here) / Earrings: Marley Lilly (similar here)

I love having unique pieces (like these tartan leggings) in my wardrobe that I can make the focal point of my look. I saw these tartan leggings on Amanda of Little Southern Life and I instantly needed them in my wardrobe. I have to say, they are one of my comfiest pairs of leggings I own to date. One of my favourite things to do is pair wildly unique pieces with more classic pieces (I just love the contrast), which is why the more conservative sweater + oxford combo was a no-brainer! Sophisticated and chic was my aim for this look!

So much is coming up in the next week and a half, but after that, I finally get a well-deserved Reading break! I can’t wait to move home and spend some QT with the family watching movies, going shopping and doing other fun stuff when I’m home! Not to mention relax and not worry about school (ick!).


Winter Whites

Is anyone else shocked that we just passed the last weekend of January? Only 11 months left in 2016…okay, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. For January, we haven’t had a TON of snow – only extremely cold weather. Cold weather makes a lot harder, but the upside is that there are cute gloves, stylish coats and amazing Winter boots to combat the dreary season that it is.

Winter Whites - Pearls and Polkadots

Winter Whites - Pearls and Polkadots

Winter Whites - Pearls and Polkadots

Winter Whites - Pearls and Polkadots

Winter Whites - Pearls and Polkadots

Winter Whites - Pearls and Polkadots

Winter Whites - Pearls and Polkadots


Coat: J.Crew (similar here)/ Sweater: J.Crew Factory (similar here and here) / Pants: Old Navy / Necklace: J.Crew (similar here and here) / Gloves: Old Navy (similar here) / Socks: Roots / Boots: L.L. Bean

I always get confused with the rule against wearing white after Labour day. Technically, white is a Winter colour…so technically, can’t you wear it? But then again, that would be wearing white after Labour day, no? What I do know is that this winter white coat is gorgeous and I feel super sophisticated in it! I love pairing white and tan together, which is why tan pants was the obvious choice. I have sported this ivory cable knit before and there is a reason…it is the warmest sweater I own (and it looks fabulous, obviously!).

Ending January in winter whites is my kind of end, and with so much more to come (including a little Valentine’s Day and Superbowl action), it was the perfect time to dawn this look to the blog.

Happy Monday lovelies!

Cozy in the Cold Weather

With the assignments piling up, midterms beginning soon and this cold, cold weather…it’s very important to stay cozy. Which is why I am sharing with you, my go-to comfy choice for those days you don’t feel like dressing up, going outside, or doing your hair.

Cozy Combo - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Baseball Cap| 2 Grey Knit Sweater| 3 Black Knit Infinity | 4 Grey Leggings | 5 Bean Boots | 6 Camp Socks

Cozy is pretty much my middle name, being that I love to be comfortable all day, every day and what is more comfortable than a pair of thick leggings, a great knit and warm scarf!? Nothing…Nothing is more cozy than that.One of my favourite pieces right now is the camp socks by Roots Canada – either men’s or women’s, both are PERFECT for wearing bean boots with!!

Cozy Combo - Pearls and Polkadots

Most of these items that I have linked are on sale! So head on over and check them out using the links that I have provided above.

What is your go-to cozy item?


Herringbone + Red Tartan

It’s Christmas Eve…can you believe it? Finishing finals, coming home for Christmas and getting to do all of the Christmas seasonal things feels amazing. I can’t wait to start my Christmas baking, exchange gifts with family, and eat turkey. The first thing to conquer on my to-do list before Christmas is the shopping (gasp!). Yes. I left it to the last minute…the very last minute actually! That’s what finals will do to you…



I began the majority of my Christmas shopping yesterday (whoops!). Tackling last minute Christmas shopping calls for a comfy, cozy outfit…and what better is there to wear than a classic herringbone vest, comfy jeans, and some good ole’ bean boots?


Herringbone and red tartan is the perfect pattern mixing combination! I love how the two patterns play off one another! Since the weather has been super warm (for December…), this classic herringbone vest was perfect! Especially because no one wants to be shuffling around the mall in a big parka!


When I go Christmas shopping, I like to have a hands-free bag that I can sling across my body. Makes for easy carrying of shopping bags full of gifts and goodies! This one is from Roots Canada and it is so useful. If I have anything in my wardrobe that I cherish (and I do), this is one of my most favourites! It pretty much goes with everything, and fits a ton of necessities!



Bean boots are my complete obsession right now. Not only are they light, but they work in snow, rain and sunshine! The colour is classic (cognac…my favourite) and keep your feet nice and toasty! I always wear my bean boots with camp socks or socks like the ones below, which I got from Roots Canada.




Vest: J.Crew Factory (similar here) / Shirt: Old Navy (similar here and here) / Jeans: Old Navy /

Socks: Roots Canada / Boots: L.L. Bean / Cross-body: Roots Canada 

The Christmas season is my favourite time of year and this Christmas is particularly special because it is so, so warm! It also marks the time when I began to think about starting up Pearls and Polkadots, if you can believe it. It has been one whole year since I began brainstorming!

Exciting things are ahead with the New Year beginning and I am so excited for you to follow me along!

Happy Christmas Eve!

3 outfits you need this holiday season…

This holiday season, you will want to make sure you are dressing in style. The holidays bring all types of fashion potential, but wherever you are, you will want to make sure you are dressed appropriately. Today, I want to show you three simple looks that you can rock to several of the holiday events. All of these outfits are inspired from the Pinterest world (since I spend so much time surfing the boards).


Decorating the House

The holiday season brings baking, decorating and fun family activities. In order to do these activities (and keep in style) you want to keep your outfit comfortable. Comfort is what you want when you are crawling on the roof to put up lights, or rushing around the mall to shop.

Outfit 1 - Decorating the House with Lights

Plaid Flannel Shirt | Black Skinny Jeans | Brown Flat Boots | Cream Boot Socks | Cream Infinity Scarf | Pearl Studs

Red plaid is so Christmas-y, right? I love it. Plaid screams holiday to me (and Fall, of course) and flannel is extremely cozy (there’s the comfort factor!) – especially J.Crew Factory plaid. I paired the flannel with black skinny jeans by Dorothy Perkins, but you could switch these out for black leggings as well. Black acts as that neutral that gives the base to the look. Knee boots are a given during the holiday season. Why? They keep your legs warm – especially with these cream boot socks that I included from L.L. Bean. The infinity scarf and pearl earrings top the look off and give it that girly charm that it needs!

Cheers to the Holiday Season

I’m sure you have a fun holiday party to attend this season…so why not dress up for this one? The last look was all about comfort…and although this look isn’t completely uncomfortable, it puts more of an emphasis on class and style. With this look, you will be getting out on the dance floor and raising your glass to toast soon enough…

Outfit 2 - Holiday Party

Cream Lace Top | Red Midi Skirt | Nude Design Pumps | Black Evening Clutch | Crystal Cluster Statement Necklace

Red seems to be the focus colour of the season, right? Well, it makes sense. This red skirt is the true focus of this party outfit. Midi skirts are a trend that I am loving right now, and personally, I might just have to order this for my Christmas look of 2015. Lace is one of my favourite fabrics…it goes great with everything and puts such a holiday spin on this party look. When you pick a colour scheme for an outfit, you want to keep it simple. Red, cream with a hint of black is the colour scheme of this look – so choosing a neutral heel is essential. The black should be played down, which is why we only see black included in the clutch. To top the look off, this crystal cluster statement infinity necklace from Kate Spade New York is just the bling you need to bring the glam.

Bundling Up in Style

Who says Winter coats need to be big, bulky and awkward? If you are from a place that gets completely covered in snow during the holiday season, then you will know when I say that winter wear is not always the most fashionable…well that’s not completely true! There is some outerwear out there that will make Winter your favourite fashion season.

Outfit 3 - Bundling Up

Tan Wool Coat | White Knit Turtleneck | Dark Skinny Jeans | Tan and Cream Tote | Black and Cream Gloves | Statement Necklace | Earrings | Winter Boots

Winter fashion is exciting and so fun to do. I love buying coats and jackets (I get this from my mother) and I have several that I pull out during the holiday season for different occasions. Wool is always a great material for nice Winter wear. This wool coat is from J.Crew Factory and I included it solely because it is beautiful. Hidden clasps and zippers, so that overall you have a very “city” (as they call it) and polished look. Right with it, I paired a Winter white turtleneck from J.Crew…because why not? This will keep you all nice and cozy on a blustery Winter day. Other Winter essentials for bundling up such as gloves and boots are of the most stylish trends out there right now – bean boots (enough said) and bows (I am big into bows this season). The tote, I chose because of the tan and cream colour palette – perfect! Finally, the jewelry is from mark.Avon – their pieces are super trendy right now, and I am a huge fan (plus, I like the nature feel they have).

Well there you go…

Three looks to rock this holiday season! Stay tuned for more holiday outfit posts because as we inch closer to my favourite holiday (Christmas!!), I am going to go crazy. Two things that I looove talking about when it comes to fashion is Fall Fashion and Holiday Fashion – both great topics…I could really go on forever!

What are you rocking this holiday season? What item are you particularly obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below…