#WishlistWednesday: Christmas Wishlist Part 2


One of my favourite parts of running a style blog, is getting to go through email subscriptions, catalogs, websites – you name it -, prowling for great clothes that I love! Sharing my style with you is what I love, and today I get to do that again for #WishlistWednesday for part two of my Christmas wishlist. A couple of weeks ago, I created part one of this wishlist

Today’s wishlist is going to focus mainly on accessories and things that I love (as opposed to clothing…):

Gold-Tone Bow Stud EarringsKate Spade New York, $67.04

I have really been getting into earrings this past year. I have really sensitive ears, so no all earrings work well with me…but lately, I have found as long as I stay away from cheaper brands, I am home-free! These bow earrings by Kate Spade New York are adorable, and personally…I love the all-gold motif (#teamgold)


Long-Knit Inset Leather GlovesBCBG Max., $135.00

Like most, as I grow into adulthood, my style has completely changed. I like the more sophisticated look and with sophistication, comes expensive things (of course, any lady would love an expensive item or two). One of those expensive accessories that I am in love with right now are long, black, leather gloves. Personally, I am not brand-picky when it comes to hats and gloves, but these are to-die-for. (However, I did see this exact type at Winners…hint hint Mom)


Warm Up to It Muff Bagmark. by Avon, $38.00

I profiled this in my very first gift-guide (check it out here), so of course it has to be on my Christmas wishlist this year. It is SO adorable – I love faux fur, and this muff bag is the perfect bag to keep me looking fab this Winter season. mark.Avon makes the best clutches and handbags (in my opinion). I have so many, thanks to my mother being an Avon rep. Believe me when I say that mark.Avon is completely worth it.


Two of a Kind Jeweled Bottle StopperKate Spade, $35.07

Much to my mother’s dismay (hehe), I do enjoy the casual glass of wine, and although it may be tempting to many to drink the entire bottle in one sitting…I usually have a a glass or two. With this wine stopper, you can stop your bottles in style. Kate Spade does it again…does she have everything?! Pretty much…


Mark Jacobs Daisy PerfumeVarious drug stores, ~$50.00

Okay, I know I am a little behind on this one. Everyone I know has a bottle of this perfume, which makes it easy to steal swatches here and there before heading out for the night (reality of living with all girls). However, it’s time that I get myself a bottle of this sweet-smelling, amazing, jaw dropping, butterfly smelling perfume. That was a lot of adjectives…I know. It’s how much I would love to sport this scent…just sayin’.


Put a Bow on it Drop EarringsKate Spade New York @ Lord and Taylor, $71.54

I know I already put a pair of bow earrings on the list…but these are literally too hard to resist. The pearls with the bows? The drop style? Come on… can I just be rich now? These cutesy little earrings are adorable and they may have to become my favourite ones in the jewelry box!


Initial Charm Pendent NecklaceKohl’s, $43.75

When I came on the blog scene (first through Instagram), this ampersand necklace was all the rage. I saw it on every pretty lady I follow on Instagram. I would have loved to purchase one for myself, however I could not find a retailer that really fit my needs (I tried Etsy, along with other smaller retailers). Finally, it has become a bit more mainstream, which is why this year, I want to be sporting one around my neck!!


Classic Winchester WatchDaniel Wellington @ Amazon, $125.07

Okay, technically, this is what I am planning on getting for myself when I graduate in the Spring…however, it could very well be my Christmas gift as well! I really admire Daniel Wellington watches. I find a lot of watches to be extremely flashy, and even though I love the bling, I don’t like flashing too much around. This understated design is simple, chic and completely classic. Plus, it had me at the pink and navy stripe…


Cedar Street JensenKate Spade New York, $378.00

This is definitely not something I need. However, I feel like if someone were to ask me what my “big ticket item” was this Christmas…this would be my go-to answer. This bag is everything that is right with Kate Spade. So what does that mean? Well, I will tell you. It’s classic. It will never go out of style. It’s structured. It is big. It is marvelous. It is wonderful. Sold yet? Doesn’t matter…this bag sold me about a year and a half ago when I first laid eyes on it.


Occasions and Contacts JournalKate Spade New York, $35.07

Can anyone tell what my favourite brand is so far thanks to this post? I can’t help but love Kate Spade. She just makes the best accessories, clothes, shoes, bags….everything really. This little book is perfect. I am big on paper everything. I use a planner (it’s like my bible), I write out my notes to study…and although I love technology….there is just something about writing something out that I love. Truly, it helps me remember important things…like dates, occasions and contacts…


Well there is part 2 of my wishlist (your welcome Mom!). Personally, I don’t love whining about what I want (I feel like I sound bratty), however this #WishlistWednesday series is a place for me to express my style, show you guys what I love, and possibly showcase some GREAT deals that are going on right now. If any of these items interested you or caught your eye…click on the titles because I have linked for you right where to get them yourself. 

What are you hoping for this Christmas? What is your big-ticket item? Let me know in the comments below…

3 outfits you need this holiday season…

This holiday season, you will want to make sure you are dressing in style. The holidays bring all types of fashion potential, but wherever you are, you will want to make sure you are dressed appropriately. Today, I want to show you three simple looks that you can rock to several of the holiday events. All of these outfits are inspired from the Pinterest world (since I spend so much time surfing the boards).


Decorating the House

The holiday season brings baking, decorating and fun family activities. In order to do these activities (and keep in style) you want to keep your outfit comfortable. Comfort is what you want when you are crawling on the roof to put up lights, or rushing around the mall to shop.

Outfit 1 - Decorating the House with Lights

Plaid Flannel Shirt | Black Skinny Jeans | Brown Flat Boots | Cream Boot Socks | Cream Infinity Scarf | Pearl Studs

Red plaid is so Christmas-y, right? I love it. Plaid screams holiday to me (and Fall, of course) and flannel is extremely cozy (there’s the comfort factor!) – especially J.Crew Factory plaid. I paired the flannel with black skinny jeans by Dorothy Perkins, but you could switch these out for black leggings as well. Black acts as that neutral that gives the base to the look. Knee boots are a given during the holiday season. Why? They keep your legs warm – especially with these cream boot socks that I included from L.L. Bean. The infinity scarf and pearl earrings top the look off and give it that girly charm that it needs!

Cheers to the Holiday Season

I’m sure you have a fun holiday party to attend this season…so why not dress up for this one? The last look was all about comfort…and although this look isn’t completely uncomfortable, it puts more of an emphasis on class and style. With this look, you will be getting out on the dance floor and raising your glass to toast soon enough…

Outfit 2 - Holiday Party

Cream Lace Top | Red Midi Skirt | Nude Design Pumps | Black Evening Clutch | Crystal Cluster Statement Necklace

Red seems to be the focus colour of the season, right? Well, it makes sense. This red skirt is the true focus of this party outfit. Midi skirts are a trend that I am loving right now, and personally, I might just have to order this for my Christmas look of 2015. Lace is one of my favourite fabrics…it goes great with everything and puts such a holiday spin on this party look. When you pick a colour scheme for an outfit, you want to keep it simple. Red, cream with a hint of black is the colour scheme of this look – so choosing a neutral heel is essential. The black should be played down, which is why we only see black included in the clutch. To top the look off, this crystal cluster statement infinity necklace from Kate Spade New York is just the bling you need to bring the glam.

Bundling Up in Style

Who says Winter coats need to be big, bulky and awkward? If you are from a place that gets completely covered in snow during the holiday season, then you will know when I say that winter wear is not always the most fashionable…well that’s not completely true! There is some outerwear out there that will make Winter your favourite fashion season.

Outfit 3 - Bundling Up

Tan Wool Coat | White Knit Turtleneck | Dark Skinny Jeans | Tan and Cream Tote | Black and Cream Gloves | Statement Necklace | Earrings | Winter Boots

Winter fashion is exciting and so fun to do. I love buying coats and jackets (I get this from my mother) and I have several that I pull out during the holiday season for different occasions. Wool is always a great material for nice Winter wear. This wool coat is from J.Crew Factory and I included it solely because it is beautiful. Hidden clasps and zippers, so that overall you have a very “city” (as they call it) and polished look. Right with it, I paired a Winter white turtleneck from J.Crew…because why not? This will keep you all nice and cozy on a blustery Winter day. Other Winter essentials for bundling up such as gloves and boots are of the most stylish trends out there right now – bean boots (enough said) and bows (I am big into bows this season). The tote, I chose because of the tan and cream colour palette – perfect! Finally, the jewelry is from mark.Avon – their pieces are super trendy right now, and I am a huge fan (plus, I like the nature feel they have).

Well there you go…

Three looks to rock this holiday season! Stay tuned for more holiday outfit posts because as we inch closer to my favourite holiday (Christmas!!), I am going to go crazy. Two things that I looove talking about when it comes to fashion is Fall Fashion and Holiday Fashion – both great topics…I could really go on forever!

What are you rocking this holiday season? What item are you particularly obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below…

#WishlistWednesday: Christmas Wishlist Part 1

#WISHLISTWEDNESDAYThe fun part of running and operating a style blog is getting to look through catalog after catalog, fashion site after fashion site, paroling for new trends and things that I love. Then, I get to share all of those wonderful things that I love with you! Well, today marks the first part of my Christmas wishlist. I begin to create my wishlist in November (at my family’s request of course, so the Christmas shopping can be done early), for one very great reason…

Avoiding the Christmas markups. 

I apply this reason to my own shopping for my loved ones and I suggest you do too. Because come December, stores are going to raise their prices and everything will be marked up due to the massive amount of last-minute shoppers there are out in our world. Plus, there are often tons of sales around this time of year! Today I am going to share five items that have made the cut for my 2015 Christmas Wishlist…

Factory Intarsia Scottie Dog SweaterJ.Crew Factory, $60.50

This cute little dog sweater is one of my favourites from the look book this season – how could it not be? It’s unbelievably adorable and animal motif sweaters are my thing. When hunting down a gold ole’ fashioned sweater, J.Crew Factory is the first place I look – there are always sales, the sweaters are amazing quality and there is such a variety to choose from.

J.Crew - Intarsia Sweater - Scottie

Plaid Pom-Pom ScarfJ.Crew, $98.00

Plaid is one of my favourite patterns and this scarf is the perfect Winter staple. Red and grey plaid makes for a great accessory for wearing with pea coats, woolen coats or even a puffer vest! The pom-poms are an added, cutesy bonus on the scarf.

J.Crew - Plaid Scarf

Kate Spade Thermal MugKate Spade New York, $18.00

These stylish thermal mugs are just what you need to keep your coffee nice and hot this Winter season. Not only do these mugs keep your coffee hot all day, the designs are beautiful. Kate Spade really never does disappoint, does she? There are multiple designs to choose from and each design is unique and perfect in its own way.

Kate Spade - Thermos 1Kate Spade - Thermosts 2Kate Spade - Thermosts 3

Cedar Street Dot DarlaKate Spade New York, $78.00

This Kate Spade classic polka dot wallet is girly and beautiful and everything that is right about Kate Spade New York. The polka dots, the colour scheme, even the inside of the wallet is gorgeous and high quality. What drew my eye to this teeny tiny wallet is the colour scheme – the black and cream together with the gold accents is so attractive!Kate Spade - Wallet

Factory Crystal Fan NecklaceJ.Crew Factory, $38.50

I may be a little bias here because I love J.Crew Factory, but they do make beautiful jewelry. This flashy statement necklace is the perfect piece of glitz and glam to dress up any look! The gold and crystal details work well in playing off one another and the flower arrangement gives the necklace an attractive pattern.

J.Crew - Statement Necklace

Well there you go…part one of my Christmas wishlist. I have to say, when the holiday season comes around, I go crazy looking through stores I love and magazines…and then there’s always Pinterest, right? So out of all of what I have seen…these are my very favourites!

What are your wishlist items? Have you started planning for the holiday season? Let me know in the comments below…

Neutrals + A Pop of Pink

As the weeks get busier and as I approach finals season, it’s getting harder and harder to shoot these details…so today, I am sharing a more neutral work look that I sported this past Summer. Working downtown is super fun – being in a professional setting requires professional clothing and there is nothing more fun than dressing up every day and looking amazing

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink

This simple outfit was just that – completely simple. When in a professional setting, there shouldn’t be too much bling (so to speak) and although colours are awesome, sometimes the best choice is to go for a low-key colour palette and add a pop of colour. Low-key neutrals are great for the professional world, but who says you can’t add a little colour?

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink

These shoes are great. Being a student, I have to try to keep costs down and heels can get really expensive. For a cute pair of coloured heels that are only for the summer (and mainly just for work), these Comfort Plus shoes are the ideal choice. Plus, how cute is the colour? Against the neutral tones, black and white, this livens the look right up. Plus, just how the brand states – they are so comfortable!!

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink

Neutral Tones + a Pop of Pink


Shirt: Kate Spade at Winners (similar here and here) / Cropped Pants: Winners (similar here and here) / Pumps: Comfort Plus (similar here and here)

It’s interesting to see how style can evolve over time depending on where you are, where you work, and what you like! My style has certainly changed over the years and a neutral look like this is one of my favourites these days! Comfortable and affordable style is my thing, and this is a chic look that is easy to put together (and appropriate) for the workplace!


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