Faux Fur Coat + Pink Woven Sweater

Happy Monday everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? I spent the weekend studying, baking, cooking – all with my wonderful friends! My last semester of university is flying by and I cannot believe it. It’s the beginning of March, and I just realized that it is my very last semester of university! It didn’t hit me until this weekend when I was cooking with my room mates and realized that…we will only be room mates for two more months!! So crazy…









Sweater: Dalia (similar here and here) / Jeans: Old Navy / Coat: Winners (similar here) / Necklace: Icing Jewelry (similar here) / Shoes: Avon (similar here and here) / Bag: Kate Spade New York

I love pieces that show off my spunky side! I picked this faux-fur coat up at Winners a couple of months ago, and it has become my go-to coat for a night out, a day of shopping, or even just lunch with the sister! It’s so fun and cute – I think every gal needs a little faux-fur in her life such as this gilet for winter. One of my favourite colours is pink – all shades, from blush to hot – so this woven pink sweater was a no-brainer! Believe it or not, I picked this cute little number up at Costco (Dalia brand).

This is a perfect look to transition yourself into Spring. I love how the hot pink compliments the black tones in the look. Definitely a go-to choice for me this season!

I can’t wait to show you more upcoming Spring and Summer looks!

Happy Monday!

Kiss, Kiss!

February is not holding back in terms of flying right by! Here we are, already ten days in and I’m trying to remember what I have done since this months began (not a whole lot…let me tell ya!). I am starting to really believe those who told me that my final year at university goes by quickly…I can’t even believe that I will be a university graduate in less than three little months!

Kiss, Kiss! - Pearls and Polkadots

Kiss, Kiss! - Pearls and Polkadots

Kiss, Kiss! - Pearls and Polkadots

Kiss, Kiss! - Pearls and Polkadots

Kiss, Kiss! - Pearls and Polkadots

Kiss, Kiss! - Pearls and Polkadots

Kiss, Kiss! - Pearls and Polkadots

Kiss, Kiss! - Pearls and Polkadots


Sweater: Ali Express / Peacoat: Old Navy (similar here and here) / Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters (similar here) / Necklace: Icing Jewelry (similar here) / Earrings: Icing Jewelry (similar here) / Handbag: Kate Spade New York (similar here and here)

I love a good pink sweater…but this one is out of this world. I hunted all over the web for this last Valentine’s Day after seeing it on a well-known fashion blogger (whose name actually escapes me right now…). It wasn’t exactly like this one, but this one is so comfy because it is textured! It was such a beautiful day outside (as it has been every day this February) which meant the sun was shining and I could feel the Spring breeze in my hair!

True Spring will be here sooner than we all think, and I cannot wait! What a mild year we have had and I could not be so glad (although I do love a good snow fall!). Kiss, kiss Winter!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


The 12 Cutest Kate Spade Motif Bags!

One of my favourite things to do is shop for handbags. I don’t really use them during the school year too much (because you can’t fit a laptop into a tiny little clutch), but it is one of my favourite things to online window shop for. What better place to drift to while window shopping online is Kate Spade New York.

I’m sure many of you ladies can agree with me that Kate is extremely talented in her hand bag creations. She comes up with cute and unique designs that you really can’t find anywhere else! Specifically, her motif bags are to-die-for, which is why today I have rounded up my Kate Spade faves:

The 12 Cutest Kate Spade Motif Bags! - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Taxi Clutch | 2 Caution to the Wind Polar Bear Crossbody | 3 Square Gift Box Clutch | 4 Rose Coloured Glasses Rose Pail Bag | 5 Wedding Belles Penguin Suit Clutch | 6 Magnolia Bakery Slice of Cake | 7 Blaze a Trail Metal Owl Clutch | 8 Go Fly a Kite Kite Clutch | 9 Creme de la Creme Milk Container Crossbody | 10 Stripe Ornament Clutch | 11 Blaze a Trail Mushroom Clutch | 12 Secret Admirer Heart Handle Bag

I love a really cute hand bag and even though they are super unique and specific to a certain occasion or outfit, it still makes for a fun bag to tote around! Plus, looking at them and even rounding them up is fun!

So there is the fun side of Kate Spade (although, I seem to find fun in every hand bag of hers!).

Do you own any of these cute motif bags? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below…

These are a few of my Favourite Things…

BannerWhen I was little, my Mom used to sing me to sleep and one of the main songs she would sing me is My Favourite Things from the musical The Sound of Music. I love this song so much and every time I hear it, I think of my Mom. So today, because I was doing a little thinking back (and because it is #throwbackthursday), I am going to throw it back to this memory, and tell you some of my favourite things that I am loving right now!



Although red roses are romantic and beautiful, there is nothing better than the colour pink! I love pink (shocking, I know) and these hot pink roses are right up my alley. Being that it was my birthday this past weekend, I was absolutely showered by my beautiful friends and family…and that included pink roses from my best friend (she knows me all too well).



I obviously love pearls (Pearls and Polkadots)…so it probably doesn’t shock you how much I love pearls. Especially this factory multi-strand pearl necklace from J.Crew Factory! I have rocked this piece so many times before and every time, I love how it looks. The cream tone, the gold accents…and just overall how many there are!! I love them!!



It’s kind of hard for me to rock hats because I am always in lecture (and trust me, people do not appreciate the big floppy hats in front of them…), but when the time comes and I’m not in school…it’s hats, hats and more hats. My hat collection keeps growing and no wonder because they are the perfect accessory. This one is from mark.Avon from roughly a year ago.



Chunky jewelry is one of my favourite types of accessories. I would love it if I my own personal wall of chunky jewelry (jewelry goals). This pale pink-coral chunky bracelet is one of my go-to’s when I am chunking up the accessories in an outfit. This colour goes with a lot of different things, and even though it’s super chunky…it is still not so overpowering – one colour, one type of stone…and you’re good!



My desk is a mess. That is no joke. I try to keep it clean (I am actually writing on it now), but usually it is stacked high with books. However, that does not mean that I can’t make it look nice with cute accessories like this Kate Spade New York eraser. Imagine bringing that to a final? It’s actually a real eraser and it does the job well…but way too big to bring to an exam…pure decoration only!


Well there you have it – a few of my favourite things…I may have to continue this next Thursday for #tbt. We will have to see!

Happy Thursday everyone!

#WishlistWednesday: Christmas Wishlist Part 3

#WISHLISTWEDNESDAYIn keeping with the wishlist spirit, I am continuing the Christmas wishlist trend this week. Last week, I focused on clothing with fun ideas like a custom face shirt, and a gorgeous range of accessories. Well, this week I want to focus on every gal’s best friend (no not diamonds)…bags and shoes! Now, there are some people who believe that picking a bag or a pair of shoes out is a personal decision. However, if you know that person’s style well enough…it can be the perfect gift for her.

Go Pack Tribe 15 inch, Roots, $368.00

This is not your every day backpack. In fact, this is probably one of the nicest backpacks I have ever seen. Roots is known for its leather goods, and this is definitely one of the best of theirs. Complete with full zipper pockets, and all leather features…this backpack will hold everything you need for work and school. I believe the backpacks come in black as well – but I have a thing for brown Roots leather.


Julia Street Plaid Nisha, Kate Spade New York, $159.00

Plaid, plaid and more plaid. Can’t go wrong with a red tartan accessory – that is for sure. This cute little Kate Spade New York wallet in red plaid is perfect for the holidays. My favourite detail on this is the abstract black leather bow on the front where the embossed logo is featured. Can’t get more stylish than this little one.


Faux-Patent Leather Loafers (Light Taupe Brown), Old Navy, $24.94

There is no reason not to put some cute and inexpensive shoes on your wishlist. Since I am not a millionaire…and I don’t actually know any millionaires (I wish!), I love reasonably priced brands and Old Navy is one of my favourites (seriously…I could own a franchise). These taupe leathers are so cute!! Best thing about them? They go with everything.


Hunter Original High Gloss Boot (Red), Hunter @ Nordstrom, $150.00

I know what you are thinking…$150.00 for rain boots!? But believe me when I say that these are the cutest, and most comfortable rain boots out there. Red is a very classic colour for Hunters. You will stand out in style! I personally love the red gloss because it is what I think of when I think Hunters. But of course, there are TONS of other colours if red isn’t what you like.


Aldo Vanwert Tote Bag (Red), Aldo on Amazon, $27.56-$38.05

Red may seem to be a theme here…ever since I saw the one and only Selena Gomez sporting a few red handbags in her street style, I have been on the prowl. This is a bit more structured than the one that Sel had on her arm…but the one on her arm almost cost over $2000…so I opted for a little more structure, a little less cost. This one from Aldo on Amazon is so cute – and just the shade of red that I like.


Canada Hanging Pouch Tribe, Roots Canada, $88.00

The Canadian in me is squealing over this bag. I don’t know exactly where I would sport this but it would certainly come in handy for Canada day, or any summer outing. I saw this bag a really long time ago (there are various renditions of the pattern), and ever since, I have been in love. I am hoping that some day, one of these babies will be mine (a girl can dream).


Tall Order Boots, mark. by Avon, $90.00

I have never gone wrong with mark. by Avon boots. About a year ago, I purchased the dark brown riding boots and to this very day, they are my most worn boots in my closet. What that means is they are very worn down and therefore, are getting close to being replaced. What I love about mark. by Avon, is that they consider shorter women with bigger calves…a real problem for me when boot shopping.


Forquer-U Dress Pump, Aldo on Amazon, $65.00-$120.00

I was browsing on ShopStyle for gold pumps one day and saw these…which is exactly why I am including them today. They are perfect for New Year’s Eve (which is right around the corner) and I think the pattern on them is subtle, yet lovely. You can see there is some kind of texture, and the gold undertone (so it’s not too flashy) is just the right amount of glam you need in a shoe.


Embossed Pouches, Chapters Indigo, $14.00-$20.00

Whenever I visit Chapters, I almost have to spend time in the style section. They are really coming out with some amazing things. I am loving their handbags right now, but I am loving their embossed pouches even more. There are such cute phrases like “I Can and I Will” or “Stay Wild & Free” (and more where that came from!). I like using them for make up, hair things, or even as a cute clutch for dinner. Adorable.


Carraly Leopard Heel, Ivanka Trump, $135.00

My sister will not approve of this one but oh well! I am going through a bit of a leopard phase right now. I don’t like to wear leopard or any animal print as a huge statement piece in my looks, but I love wearing it in the accessories. Leopard clutches, bags, shoes, scarves, hats…you name it. Any accessory, and I will wear it. These pumps are so cute, and I love how these would look with earthy tones (look it up…simply fabulous).


That rounds up part three of the Christmas wishlist. Not only do I want every single item on this list, but I love to give people gift ideas (kind of like a wishlist gift guide). All of these items are linked in the titles, so if you fell in love with an item, click away and you can have it in your closet!

What are your feelings on these picks? Do you have anything that you are dying to get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!!