These are a few of my Favourite Things…

BannerWhen I was little, my Mom used to sing me to sleep and one of the main songs she would sing me is My Favourite Things from the musical The Sound of Music. I love this song so much and every time I hear it, I think of my Mom. So today, because I was doing a little thinking back (and because it is #throwbackthursday), I am going to throw it back to this memory, and tell you some of my favourite things that I am loving right now!



Although red roses are romantic and beautiful, there is nothing better than the colour pink! I love pink (shocking, I know) and these hot pink roses are right up my alley. Being that it was my birthday this past weekend, I was absolutely showered by my beautiful friends and family…and that included pink roses from my best friend (she knows me all too well).



I obviously love pearls (Pearls and Polkadots)…so it probably doesn’t shock you how much I love pearls. Especially this factory multi-strand pearl necklace from J.Crew Factory! I have rocked this piece so many times before and every time, I love how it looks. The cream tone, the gold accents…and just overall how many there are!! I love them!!



It’s kind of hard for me to rock hats because I am always in lecture (and trust me, people do not appreciate the big floppy hats in front of them…), but when the time comes and I’m not in school…it’s hats, hats and more hats. My hat collection keeps growing and no wonder because they are the perfect accessory. This one is from mark.Avon from roughly a year ago.



Chunky jewelry is one of my favourite types of accessories. I would love it if I my own personal wall of chunky jewelry (jewelry goals). This pale pink-coral chunky bracelet is one of my go-to’s when I am chunking up the accessories in an outfit. This colour goes with a lot of different things, and even though it’s super chunky…it is still not so overpowering – one colour, one type of stone…and you’re good!



My desk is a mess. That is no joke. I try to keep it clean (I am actually writing on it now), but usually it is stacked high with books. However, that does not mean that I can’t make it look nice with cute accessories like this Kate Spade New York eraser. Imagine bringing that to a final? It’s actually a real eraser and it does the job well…but way too big to bring to an exam…pure decoration only!


Well there you have it – a few of my favourite things…I may have to continue this next Thursday for #tbt. We will have to see!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Black Friday Favourites in Canada…

Heads up, this post is going to be a little Canadian. Not that that should deter you from looking at these awesome favourite finds that I have my eye on this Black Friday holiday (which is today, by the way!!). A sale is a sale to me and although we don’t have access to the sales that my fellow Americans do for Black Friday, we still can benefit from some pretty great discounts this upcoming weekend.

Take a look at this guide I put together, the links are below and then I am going to detail all the codes to remember for the items I showcased today! Happy Black Friday everybody!


Dress | 2 Ring | 3 Boots | 4 Clutch | 5 Pumps | 6 Shirt | 7 Sweater 

ALDO – 50% OFF with FREE SHIPPING! – this is a beautiful sale…who says no to half off boots?

BANANA REPUBLIC – 50% OFF SWEATERS with code ‘BRFRIDAY’ – yes please!!

THE BAY – VARYING SALES – I am finding deals for things under $50, under $30 – it really just depends on the item.

J.CREW – 40% OFF with code ‘HOLIDAY’ – I would jump on this one if I were you…plus, how cute is that shirt?

J.CREW FACTORY – 50% OFF EVERYTHING – enough said…

OLD NAVY – 50% OFF – if you go to their ‘gift guide’, you will find their sale faves there!

Well, there you go! A rather short post today, but definitely codes to take advantage of this Black Friday! Or I mean, you could just head down to our neighbors to the south…because they are having even CRAZIER deals!!

Happy Shopping! Now back to writing my seminar paper…

#WishlistWednesday: The Look from J.Crew

Being the preppy fashionista that I am, I subscribe to dozens of different newsletters for magazines, stores, boutiques – you name it, I have an email subscription to it. There are few that I actually open and read. One of my favourite subscriptions is J.Crew and J.Crew Factory. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would go and buy every single item in their catalogue.


Well, today…I am showing and reviewing a look that is straight from J.Crew‘s email blast. The temperatures are dropping, and that is why this look will keep you nice and toasty warm, making sure you are bundled up for this chilly season!

Chateau Parka in Stadium-Cloth – Regal Blue

J.Crew is known for their heavy, well-made coats. This parka is beautiful. It comes in a variety of colours, but this regal blue is just the pop of bright blue you need for the cold and dreary season. With a fur-trimmed hood and an A-line shape, this coat is just what you need to keep all bundled up, ready for the snow to fall.

Tippi Sweater – HTHR Saddle

Soft, cozy and woolen sweaters are my favourite. Merino wool is a complete J.Crew fabric fave and I completely understand why. It is the type of wool that doesn’t itch or scratch, it just keeps you cozy! It’s light enough that you can pair it with a collared blouse underneath, yet it is not so light that it cannot be worn in the chilly months.

Striped Boat neck T-Shirt – Black Ivory

Boat neck tops are weird necklines – I’m just going to say it. A lot of people find it weird where they fall on your collarbone. However, I think they make your neck look longer and really display a nice (and classic) area of your upper body, while remaining a little mysterious. I don’t love super low cut tops, but sometimes you don’t feel like wearing something right up to your chin…boat necks are perfect, and this light boat neck tee fits those needs perfectly!

Leopard Gemma Flats – Dusty Cedar 

Leopard print is something that should be in every girl’s closet. I have a strict rule when it comes to leopard print and that is accessories only. I say this because you can start to look really tacky when you throw on the leopard print dress, skirt, etc… These “Gemma” flats are perfect with the pointed toe, with the bow on the end – absolutely adorable. I also love how deep the leopard print colour is. J.Crew calls it “dusty cedar”, and I’m not sure why, but the dark undertone is perfect for the Winter season.

Martie Pant in Bi-stretch Cotton – Navy

I personally have never owned a pair of pants by J.Crew, however, I have tried them on at the store though. These pants are unbelievably comfortable – the stretch in the pant really allow you to get a good fit. The only thing I will say, is that I like to size up in J.Crew to allow them to not be too tight. I really love navy pants, and with this look, these pants would be a no brainer – for work, school or dinner with the family!

So there you go…those are J.Crew‘s “flying off the shelves” best-sellers of the season, and I can’t blame them. Not only are they all best-sellers, they all go together perfectly, which is why I want this whole look. I’m not going to get it…but a girl can dream right? I have linked all of these items in their titles and below in case you want to go check them out for yourself!

Do you own any of these items? Are there other favourites you have from J.Crew? Or are you a super fan of another brand? Let me know in the comments below…

Blush + Navy Combo

There are certain colour combos that just work. Blush pink and navy blue is one of them. I love these two colours together, for any season really. I don’t have too, too many “blush pink” items that work well with multiple items in my wardrobe, but today, I am really excited to showcase my blush pink, leather skater skirt by mark. by Avon. 

Blush + Navy Combo

Blush + Navy Combo

This sweater is beautiful. The white polka dots against the grey is beautiful, but even more, I love the blend. I can transition this sweater from Summer to Fall to Spring, and it doesn’t matter, because the heaviness is that that I can layer or wear it without anything over top!

Blush + Navy Combo

Puffer vests are a fall staple of mine. A vest is a vest, but personally, I love how puffer vests look over many layers. This puffer vest from J.Crew Factory in particular, has a quilt-like pattern which is beautiful. The detail on it is so great, I fell in love with it in the store. It is hands down one of the best pieces of outerwear that I own.

Blush + Navy Combo

This faux leather skater skirt is from the mark. by Avon collection, and it transitions into Fall nicely. I wore this throughout the Summer season to work and what not, but I had never thought of transitioning it (and this colour) into the pumpkin season. Well, I’m convinced this is the perfect colour for Fall…

Blush + Navy Combo

Blush + Navy Combo

Blush + Navy Combo


Sweater: Old Navy (similar here and here) / Skirt: mark. by Avon (similar here) / Vest: J.Crew Factory / Boots: mark. by Avon (similar here and here)

A fashion misconception that many have is that blush pink is only hot in the Spring season. Well, I am challenging that notion by showcasing how lovely this colour can look against the Fall colours! Blush pink is beautiful and how subtle it is next to navy blue is even more beautiful!

Daring to pair this pastel with colours that aren’t usually paired together is always a good idea.

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!

I am beyond excited to share this post with you today. Why? Well, because the photos taken for today’s outfit details post were taken at a recent Fall photo shoot with a new photographer. Her name is Diana of DPhotography and she is very good at what she does! It was my first time working with Diana, and we had loads of fun taking these photos to share with you today! So here we go..

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!

This cream sweater from Jones New York is my favourite winter staple. The knit pattern on the front is beautiful and the warmth it provides is amazing! I always go for cream over white in the winter because I think the warm undertones look better. Winter white is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I will take cream over white any day. I also like how the colour of the sweater draws out the white pin stripe in the plaid pattern.

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!

This mini skirt from J.Crew Factory is to die for. I picked this baby up on my shopping spree in Ottawa and have been waiting a while to style it. Although plaid is a pattern I love for all seasons, I most love it worn in the Fall for a cute Fall look. Red and navy plaid especially is such a great pattern for the Fall (and a Fall background, like this one). This skirt is the perfect length and the hidden zipper at the back doesn’t disrupt the pattern in the least! If I were ever to fall in love with a skirt, it would be this one…one hundred percent.

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!

By now, you should know that these boots are my favourite boots ever. They are from Guess and the cognac colour makes me so happy. I struggled a lot over which boots to wear for this look, believe it or not. Brown or black? Knee high or ankle? I couldn’t decide. I had to try on a lot of different pairs. When I slid these beauties on, I knew they were perfect. I loved the detail in the gathering of the leather, and where they hit on my calves. They were also very comfortable to wear for the hour and a half that we were shooting.

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!

Gold is my favourite colour detail for jewelry, and with such a warm toned outfit, gold was the obvious choice. Link jewelry is one of my favourite styles. I like the chunky look and how the chunky link necklaces sit. This necklace is from Icing Jewelry. I don’t like spending copious amounts of money on accessories, but this is definitely worth it!!

Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!


Cream + Cognac with a Splash of Plaid!


Sweater: Jones New York (similar here and here) / Skirt: J.Crew Factory (similar here) / Necklace: Icing Jewelry (similar here) / Boots: Guess (similar here and here) / Bracelet: J.Crew Factory

Cream and cognac are my staple colours of the Fall. I love how well they work together and how neutral they act in a typical Fall look. The weather was great on this marvelous day and I couldn’t have asked for a better gal to work with! Check out DPhotography for a look at Diana’s captures. This is such a great look for Fall, and because of the sweater, it gives the outfit a casual edge. Alternatively, if it gets too cold (as we head into the Winter season) you can add in some cute tights! Always a great add in for the cooler seasons! A big thank you goes out to Diana, DPhotography!