When it comes to organization, I like to think of myself as being skilled. However, there is a difference between being efficient and stylish in your home organization. I lack the skills in making my home “stylish”. Whenever I look at a new space to redesign, I have a lot of… View Post

I am finding that as I approach the middle of my twenties, I am in a constant state of transition. Recently, I moved back into my parents’ house. So often I think twenty-somethings, like me, dream about this independent lifestyle (especially after university) and then realize, how expensive it actually… View Post

I am so excited to have Adriana from Daily Dose of Design guest posting on Pearls and Polkadots today! She blogs about all things design, including everything from personal style to great home design. I always look forward to her new posts, and today, she will be channeling her inner… View Post