Hallo’where can I get that costume? 3 Quick DIY costumes for you…

It’s that time of year again. I’ve been talking about it all week. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what I am going to be…and I have finally decided! My friend and I always do a group costume each year. One year we manufactured tube dresses out of different coloured duck tape and went as ‘iPods’. Another year we were Regina, Gretchen, Karen and Cady from Mean Girls as Santa’s Little Helpers. One year we went with a Blonde bombshell theme (I had to go in a wendy peffercorn costume). Well this year, we are bringing in the cute factor and being MINIONS!! I am over the moon about this because I looove minions. Our costumes are always so fun to think of and wear out…

However…costumes for Halloween are hard to choose and if you are like me, I don’t like dropping $70+ for a costume that I probably won’t wear the next year because I have already been that for Halloween. SO, today, I am giving you some ideas that you can DIY!

Dispicable Me: The Minion

I mean, I might as well share with you how I plan to dress up as the ever-so-popular character myself. Minions are so fun and cute and probably the easiest costume to DIY, in my opinion. If you don’t have suspenders…doesn’t really matter – the yellow will totally give it away…

You will need:

Yellow crop top/tank top, high waisted denim shorts, yellow beanie, minion goggles, black boots and suspenders.

Halloween Costumes - Minion

Tips: If you want to appear more yellow (to mimic the minions’ skin colour exactly), you can wear a long sleeved yellow tee and yellow tights under your denim shorts – that will make you look extra “minion-ish” (not a word…I know). Also note that the goggles are absolutely key to this costume. I found a great tutorial online in order to DIY the goggles (click here).

“I’m a mouse…duh” 

Everyone has seen Mean Girls (I am assuming…if you haven’t…go watch it right now). However. there is a way to dress up for Halloween without being the skimpiest girl on the block. My rendition of the mouse costume is cute, comfy and totally appropriate (if that’s what you’re going for…).

You will need:

Grey crop top, high waisted black leggings, grey fur vest, black mouse ears, grey boots

Halloween Costumes - Mouse

Tips: If you want to make this more of a “party look”, swap out the black leggings for a high waisted black skirt! I also would recommend finding grey mouse ears (although I do love this satin mouse ears hat…it’s pretty cool…for a Halloween costume). I like a costume like this because it’s all things you can find in your closet!!

The Referee

I have rocked my own version of a referee costume a few times. I always loved the actual costume for the referee at the costume store, but could never bring myself to pay $80 for it…because it really is not that extravagant. So this is how I put together my own referee costume…

You will need:

Black and white vertical striped top, black skirt, white w/ black stripes knee socks, white low-tops, whistle necklace

Halloween Costumes - Referee

Tips: This is such an easy costume – if you can’t find a striped top, you can easily make one with fabric paint! That is exactly what I did one year – I got a ruler, drew out the stripes and then went at the white tee with black fabric paint – really does the job!! Upgrade this look by trading in the low-tops for black heels or boots!

Two days before Halloween and don’t have a costume yet? Consider these options…they are pretty simple and tend to use the things you already have in your closet!!

What is your go-to Halloween costume? What are you being this year? Let me know in the comments below…

#WishlistWednesday: Holiday Sweaters

As we head into this chilly season, many holidays are upon us. Halloween is right around the corner, and before you know it we will be putting out the cookies for Santa Claus. I love the holiday season. I love it as much as I love Fall style. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I have found four amazing and cheesy holiday sweaters that I would love to sport this holiday season.

Keep in mind that the popular holidays (for me, at least) are Halloween and Christmas (duh). So these picks are geared more towards those fabulous holidays.

Pumpkin Love’ Pullover, Wildfox Couture, $98.00

Okay, so yes…almost $100 is a tad too much to spend on a sweater with a jack’o lantern facial expression on it. Which is obviously why I have not purchased it. I do hope this comes down a little bit in price. In fact, I got so obsessed with this sweater one Sunday afternoon that I scoured the internet trying to find an equivalent for less money. Oh how I dream of the days I don’t have to spend money on textbooks and calculators (yes…I actually bought a calculator on Monday…worst purchase of my life). This sweater is so adorable…it speaks for itself.

Holiday Sweaters

Long-sleeve Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Sweater, JC Penney, $24.99

Okay, so some may classify this as an “ugly” sweater and to those people I say, “look the other way”. I am crazy for Christmas. Christmas movies, eggnog, cinnamon everything, peppermint white mochas (delicious!!), the whole she-bang. So I can rock a Rudolph sweater if I want to (and I will…). Being an aspiring KG teacher, I have really stocked up on my animal motif sweaters (excuse the very old post link) and let me tell you, they are a complete hit with children. In my last placement, I got many compliments on my owl animal motif sweater (even tied into their bird unit).

Holiday Sweaters

Sequin Penguin Pullover SweaterMacy’s, $36.99

Yup, another “ugly Christmas sweater” that I would proudly rock. Penguins are cool…just admit it. And this penguin is extra cool because he has sparkly earmuffs on. Automatically, I want this in my closet (and if it came in red, that would even cooler). To be honest, although the penguin is extremely cute, the polka dots are what drew me in…shocker. I actually have a grey polka dot patterned sweater like this from Old Navy sans the hip penguin. Can I order this now?

Holiday Sweaters

Slouched Snowflake Intarsia SweaterTownsen, $49.99

No joke, when my Mom sees this post, she is probably going to text me and ask me where this sweater is from. How can you blame her? It’s a gorgeous sweater. I love the material used too – intarsia is so soft and warm for winter. I could definitely cozy up in this ribbed intarsia sweater over the holidays (just give me a mug of hot chocolate, a furry puppy on my lap and a fireplace). I am really big on snowflakes…I love the pattern and I love when they are used in sweater motifs. This one is cream too (I love the colour cream…)

Holiday Sweaters

Well, there are my picks for holiday sweaters. You may think some of these are crazy, but I would legitimately wear all of them. If I wear a sweater with an owl on it (and I have), I will wear a reindeer, crazy hipster penguin and a jack’o lantern. Why wouldn’t I? They are so cute!! (Side note: This post may have been a bit sassy…)

What are your thoughts on themed sweaters? Do you have a special holiday sweater that you love to wear during the holiday season? Let me know in the comments below!