The Preppy Side of Pinterest: Christmas Looks


I have been a bit absent these past couple of days. As we head into finals season, I have been absolutely swamped with assignments, studying and trying to maintain my sanity. So, I took a couple of days off. BUT, I am returning today with some great Christmas looks for you…straight from Pinterest (just the inspiration you need this holiday season). A few weeks ago, I showed you my top three must-have looks for this holiday season.

Today, I want to show you some of the preppy looks that I am loving this month…

Classic Red Tartan – I have a thing for plaid and this look screams classic Christmas. Red tartan is the best tartan, and here, paired with a black sweater, a string of pearls, matching red tartan heels and a dark crimson lip is perfect. This season, midi skirts are completely in. Many people think that midi skirts are for tall people, and tall people only. Not true at all – try the length with a pair of heels to boost your height, and you are golden!


Dressy dressy at the Mall – There is nothing wrong with sporting a skirt and tights around town for the holidays. Just because the snow has come to stay (which we don’t have by the way…), doesn’t mean you can’t show off those legs in the Winter and get your cute on! This outfit below emphasizes the importance of layers. The turtleneck under the plaid flannel, which is under the wool pea coat. Not to mention, the hunter green Hunter boots…simply perfection.

Hunter boots *-*-read coat, green skirt, and that plaid blouse! i LOVE this outfit...I really would like to look like this girl.:


The Laid back Lumberjack – Okay, so maybe this isn’t what a lumberjack would sport in the forest, but this look is incredibly cute. From the plaid flannel vest to the staple Bean Boots that she is sporting…I love it all. This look is super easy to recreate and perfect for getting the house ready for the family, hunting to buy the Christmas tree, or even running errands at the mall.

Fall Looks:


Fur on Plaid – This is an adorable look as well. The tartan, as you know, is already a favourite of mine. However, the fur is a new one for me. I just recently added a faux fur vest to my closet, and I have yet to sport it…but this is one of my inspirational outfits on Pinterest, which is why I am including it today. It is an easy and simple look to recreate with black pants or leggings…throw on some cute heels, or maybe some over the knee boots – voila!

20 Style Tips On How To Wear Leggings, Outfit Ideas |


That’s it for today. There is more to come this week hopefully. I love Christmas, and I love writing about Christmas style. Especially when I get to go through my inspirational boards…look forward to more outfit details coming soon (I know Mondays are usually details days…)

What do you think about these looks? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below…

20 Holiday Outfit Essentials…

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pick out what to wear…or better yet, difficult to find the motivation to pick out what to wear, when it’s cold, miserable and snowy outside. The holiday season is a time to look bundled and stylish! It’s essential to look fabulous during this festive season, and with a few essentials…you can do just that! I have compiled 20 holiday outfit essentials so that dressing yourself up for the holidays won’t be so tough!

Holiday Essentials - Pearls and Polkadots

Wool Coat | 2 LBD | 3 Plaid Flannel | 4 Bow Gloves | 5 Leopard Beanie | 6 White Blouse | 7 Fur Vest | 8 Ugly Christmas Sweater | 9 Red Midi Skirt | 10 Black Clutch | 11 Long Gloves | 12 Red Tartan Scarf | 13 Black Pumps | 14 Statement Necklace | 15 Bean Boots | 16 Red Tote | 17 Leopard Booties | 18 Riding Boots | 19 Metallic Flats | 20 Moccasins 

With these twenty items, you will be cozy, stylish and festive this holiday season!

How do I style them? 

A lot of these pieces can be paired together. Take the red midi skirt, pair it with the black pumps, white blouse and white wool overcoat and you have yourself a perfect look for Christmas dinner, Sunday service or even those holiday photos with the family!

Stay tuned…

I will be posting some combos using these items and a few more of my favourite holiday staples! In the meantime, if you are looking to put together some looks for the holiday season…check out my post last month: 3 outfits you need this holiday season … that should tide you over until I release this stellar outfit combo post!

Happy Holidays and a happy Tuesday everybody…

Lace + Leather

Happy Monday everyone! There aren’t too many Mondays that I am smiling ear to ear, but today I get to release this post, which makes me very happy!! Last month, I released my first collaboration with Diana from DPhotography and today I am releasing my second collaboration! We had so much fun taking these photos, bounding around town, on fire escapes and in back ally ways…enjoy!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and PolkadotsLace and Leather - Pearls and PolkadotsLately I have had an obsession for leather. Leather is such an interesting material and when paired together, it really makes a bold statement. This season, there was a lot of leather seen on the runway, in the magazines, and pretty much everywhere…which is what inspired me to put this fab look together!!

Every girl should own one leather or faux leather jacket. Leather is such a great material to accessorize with and when worn in a jacket, it can look really sharp. Moto jackets are my absolute favourite, mainly because of all of the detail in the zippers and pockets. This particular jacket is from Dynamite Clothing. I have had it for a while and it is one of my very favourite go-to pieces in my closet.

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Crop tops are always a great thing to have – you can get them everywhere it seems and this one is one of my favourites. It is black, lace and perfect. I personally like to layer over a crop top, and use the crop as more of a backdrop to a look. With this particular outfit, the lace acted as a background to the leather, which is why I haven’t made it stand out too drastically!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

This leather skirt was such an impulse buy…and one of many that I do not regret in the least! This skirt is so cute and the perfect trendy piece to jazz up your wardrobe. Pencil skirts are coming back, along with the midi-skirt trend, and I am stoked about it!! I love a good mini, but pencil and midi skirts really accentuate your curves! Which is never a bad thing!!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

These shoes are great. I ordered them from the Avon catalogue last year from their “Comfort Plus” line…and they are. They are extremely comfortable! The peep toe is such a cute detail as well. What I love most about these shoes is how I can wear them in most seasons. I will wear them in the winter, but not if I know that I will be trekking through snow, that is. For obvious reasons!

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

With such a bold look, I wanted jewelry that was really simple. So I opted for a simple double-v patterned statement necklace that I got from the mark.Avon catalogue last year. The “v” pattern fits perfectly with the neck line, and the gold detail is perfect for the overall black look.

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots

Lace and Leather - Pearls and Polkadots


Jacket: Dynamite (similar here and here) / Crop Top: Garage (similar here) / Skirt: Winners (similar here and here)/ Shoes: Avon (similar here) / Necklace: mark. by Avon (unavailable)

This look was one of my favourites to style and shoot. I usually don’t go for a look this edgy, but when I saw this skirt, I could not resist!! Make sure you check out DPhotography for a look at more of Diana’s beautiful shots. Whenever I pick something out to wear, I make sure it reflects who I am, what I love and what I stand for. I mean, you have to dress the way you want, right? Thanks again to Diana, DPhotography!

Happy Monday!

10 times Lana Del Rey’s style was on point…

Lana Del Rey is fabulous artist, beautiful woman and is of my style inspirations. She never looks bad in my opinion. Whether she is gallivanting out for a night on the town, or running errands, she looks so chic. So that is why I am showing you ten times Lana’s style was on point:

1. Jaunting around the city

I am in love with this casual look. The comfy knit, the skinnies, and cute white canvas shoes all put together are perfect. Three simple pieces that make for an overall simple and beautiful look. I can’t help put notice the gold and black plaid jacket in her arms…adorable. This is an example of how Lana can keep it completely laid back and fun, yet still look like a rockstar.
10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


2. Casual or no? 

I am a huge fan of Lana’s street style. She doesn’t keep it dressed to the nines, but she also doesn’t appear to look homeless. It’s that level of class that every gal wants to go for when strutting the streets. My favourite part of this outfit is the accessories. The sunnies, small hoops and small bangles…while not the focal point of the look, it steps the casual white tee and shorts up that much more!

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


3. Simply amazing

This is a look I would totally recreate. Wrap coats are great for the Fall transitioning into Winter. This shade of brown is a great colour too – very easy to coordinate with other colours. As Lana has done with this look, the navy hat and black long sleeve (under the coat) compliments the coffee colour very well for walking through the Big Apple. I also love the winged loafers. Interesting spin on this casual look.

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


4. Elegance at its finest

This is the Lana girl I know and love. If only I had her head of hair…the thickness and fullness of it kills me. Never in my life will have hair this big…oh well. Can we just admire this look? I was swooning over this dress and the hair piece that goes perfectly with it. Retro is a great style and Lana wears it very well.

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


5. Staying warm in the fur

For the record, I don’t wear real fur (in fact…I don’t wear any fur since I don’t own any) and I am not entirely sure if Lana’s coat is real or faux. Nevertheless, this look is so interesting and it is very interesting to see how Lana styles her fur. Whether she is wearing a maxi, converse sneakers or jeans…the fur can be seen! This coat in particular is one of her favourites…and if you ask me, she rocks it well.

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


7. Laidback and loose

At this point, I think we can all agree that Lana slays street style. Whether she is in cutoffs and a plaid flannel or a dolled up vintage mini with hair big as the 60’s, she knocks style out of this world. I personally love when she is casual because she emulates a normal person (just like all of us!!). This look is so comfortable looking. I could see myself rocking this look for running around NYC too!

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...

8. Leather on leather

I am really loving leather this Fall season. My leather jacket has probably been one of my favourite pieces in my closet this past month. I have never owned a pair of leather pants, but seeing this look makes me want to go to the mall and buy a pair. Lana looks so sleek in the black on black leather. I like how she broke up the texture with the casual graphic tee underneath and a camel bag…but otherwise stuck to her black leather guns like the cool cat she is.

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


9. Fresh summer nights

This look reminds me of the airy beautiful girl that she is. I love floral patterns, and this pattern is so fun! All of the colours really add to the look. It becomes the focal point of the look…even if the look is just for walking around the neighborhood. Her light skinnies with the white cardi tied around her waist really tops it all off. Cute, casual and elegant (as always).

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


10. The Patriot that she is

I am not sure where this photo was taken (if I had to guess, it was either a photo shoot or video shoot). However, either way I love it. The earrings, the american flag crew neck and the cutoffs. I see this as true American style. It’s relaxed, fun and beautiful. If only I had a Canadian flag crew neck like this (although…I feel like the American flag looks better in this scenario). Even dressed as casual as possible, she still looks like she could go to a red carpet event…

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...

Lana Del Rey is truly a style queen and one gal that never looks bad in her street captures. From simple jewelry, to gorgeous dresses, to simple tees…she rocks it no matter what. This girl is seriously one of my idols…plus she is an AMAZING vocalist and artist.


Since Halloween is right around the corner (4 days to be exact), here is a costume idea if you are dying to replicate good ole’ Lana: Black cropped graphic tee, light Jean cutoffs, gold link necklace, heart tinted sunnies, “bad” gold ring, and black booties. (I have linked some similar styles underneath the costume collage, just to meet your shopping needs…) 10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...

Cropped graphic tee / high-waisted cutoffs / black ankle booties / gold link necklace / heart tinted sunglasses / “bad” gold ring

What do you think of Lana’s style? Would you ever rock a fur coat? Let me know in the comments below…

Outfit Details: Wrapped in a Scarf

of detailsThe day after Thanksgiving is always really relaxed and packed full of movie ‘marathon-ing’ and turkey leftovers. However today, everything re-opens and it’s time to have some fun! My week off from school is going to be full of doing fun, Fall things! Apple picking, going to the farmer’s market, and baking galore are only a few things on my list!

Today, I continue my latest series “A Thanksgiving Series of details!” by Pearls and Polkadots. Yesterday, I showed you my 2015 Thanksgiving look, which was a mix between dressy and casual, and today I want to show you my second look! There will be five outfits this week in total, so make sure you return to get the details on each look that I will be releasing!

Today’s Look: Striped long sleeve top, dark blue jeans, cognac ankle boots, blanket scarf, leopard print skinny belt, and red cross body clutch!

The weather has been so beautiful lately, which is like a mix between Summer and Fall! I am loving it! However, the long sleeve was a necessity because of the cool Fall breeze that was blowing around! I found this black and white Kate Spade Saturday striped long sleeve at Winners, if you can believe it! They are beginning to stock Kate Spade product more and more (and I am so grateful)! I love to mix patterns, and two patterns that I love wearing together are plaid and stripes.


I chose to go dark in the colour of my jeans because it doesn’t take away from the focus of the outfit, which is more in the top half of the look. The dark blue jeans are more of a neutral in this outfit than anything, however, they also seem to pick up some of the darker shades in the plaid blanket scarf. These jeans are from American Eagle Outfitters, and I have had them for a while but their jeans are really great!


These are probably my favourite pair of ankle boots! I got them on sale last year on Boxing Day from The Bay. They are Ralph Lauren and pretty much go with anything. Cognac coloured boots are my favourite because they are so warm looking. The colour is so rich and pretty that it can pick up the warm tones in any look. I chose this pair for this look because they pick up the tan in the scarf!


Blanket scarves are one of my favourite things about Fall! The plaid, the texture, the look…it’s all there and I love how throwing one on can transform your look. Adding that last piece is perfect! In fact, this look puts the focus completely on the scarf because it is the focal point of the look. There are so many ways you can wear a blanket scarf and in this look, I decided to belt it. I picked up the scarf last year from Garage Clothing, but you can pretty much find this scarf anywhere.


Stripes, plaid and leopard print is the perfect recipe for a Fall outfit. Leopard print accessories are always a good idea and in this case, it’s an excellent idea. The tan in the leopard draws out the tan in the blanket scarf and the gold buckle acts as a gold detail overall. Belting your blanket scarf is only one of many wears you can wear it and for Fall, it is such a great one!


There is nothing better than a little red cross body clutch, and this one is a dream. The detail on the bag is perfect and the colour goes with the red colour in the scarf! Little cross bodies like this one are perfect for an outing in the Fall because there is just enough space to store the things you need!


Well, those are the details of my second Thanksgiving look of the series! This outfit was so much fun to assemble and after looking at belted blanket scarf looks on Pinterest the past few weeks, it was great to get out and try and make it my own. This look is rather casual for a Thanksgiving dinner, but I would totally rock this for Thanksgiving festivities…maybe preparation of the dinner? Who knows! It screams Fall and is one of my favourites…