Pairing a Classic Oxford with a Sleeveless Dress

My new obsession as of this week is a business casual look. It’s classic, cute and completely in style. Taking a collared oxford and pairing it with a sleeveless dress is the perfect way to spice up the usual work look. It is one of the cutest work looks I have seen yet!

I have been rocking variations of this look lately, and I have to give credit where credit is due. Today, I am going to showcase some lovely inspirational pins that inspired me to start rocking this ensemble! Normally, I would break it down into different variations of the look, but really every variation looks just as classy as the next…

Classically Colourful


I love this variation of the look because it is classic and cute. The light, airy vibe of the ensemble makes me so happy and it’s so differently styled compared to the rest. I love how the look is topped off with a beautiful costume necklace placed under the collar – so chic!

Classically Casual


I, personally, have never tried this particular variation. However, I think it is so wonderfully classic and casual, that I just might. A big bulky sweater dress with a collar completely screams perfect! I also love the neutral tones of the overall look.

Classically Creative

It’s always good to get creative with your looks. Whether you’re adding a fun pattern, or a stand-out piece of jewelry, fashion is a way to express yourself. I love this outfit version because she has such a fun tone to it – the print, the accessories – they are all magnificent!

With me going downtown and having to have these very professional outfits…this is such a nice switch up to what I usually wear. I like to have fun with putting looks together, and I was truly “pinspired” when I saw these wonderful photos.

Head over to my CLASSIC Pinterest board to get inspired…

Vest Styles

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling great this Monday morning! Classes are under way, and I have started on a new path with teaching. What a great start to this new year! Lately, I have been adding newer pieces to my closet. Whenever I expand my wardrobe and add new pieces, I look for pieces that will fit well with the clothing that I already have. I have been really loving vests these days, and today I want to show you several ways you can style a vest.

The Dressy

Vest Styles


Taking a simple piece, like a vest, and adding some cute accessories really spice things up! You don’t have to have a duster vest to do this, you can take a puffer vest and really upgrade it to be fancy-schmancy!

The Summer

Vest Styles


Many people assume vests are a fall or winter item. Throw that idea out! You can style a puffer vest in the summer in such a fun way by pairing it over a dress. Even though it can get hot, summer evenings and breezes can be chiiiilly! Throw on a vest and you will keep warm and look fabulous!

The Utility

Vest Styles


I love the look of utility vests. They serve as a neutral and can be styled casually, or dressed up. I love to style my utility vest dressed down with a pair of jeans, a cute pair of boots and a neutral top underneath. Another plus is that it is versatile for all seasons!

The Classic

Vest Styles


Ahhh what a classic look this is, eh? I am a huge fan of this look and have sported it many, many times! A classic puffer vest, a pair of jeans and riding boots is a great combination! It’s such a natural go-to for me, I can’t even tell you how much I love it!

It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold, you can still rock the vest in style! Puffers are obviously my favourite, but I really wouldn’t turn any type of vest away from my cute little collection.

Vest Styles  Vest Styles  Vest Styles

Head over to my Pinterest to see what styles I am loving right now…

Sweater Essentials

There are many pieces of clothing that I consider to be my favourite. However, there are few things in my closet that I deem to be essential. Now, these tend to vary between seasons (obviously!), but when it comes to winter…one essential piece happens to be one of my faves: the sweater.

When it comes to sweaters, I have a problem. I love to buy sweaters, and at this point…I have come up with my own “sweater categories” (you know, like people do). What I want to share with you today…is those categories!

The Cable Knit


Classic, cute and warm. You can’t go wrong with that combo, can you? This is my go-to type of sweater and I probably have one in every colour. A good staple to have in your closet is a cream cable knit because it is a neutral. What is great about neutrals is they can be layered with other bright colours…and layers in the winter? Not a terrible idea…

The Animal Motif


Animal motif sweaters consist of any sweater that is based around an animal (simple, right?). Now this can be animal print, or actual graphics of animals on the sweater! I love the idea of both and think styled correctly, can be a killer look.

The Oversized Sweater

Sweater Essentials - Pearls and Polkadots


Oversized sweaters are great, comfy and completely in style! Not only can you cozy down into them while reading a book and sipping a hot cup of tea, you can sport them in a really trendy way. Pairing an oversized sweater with a skirt can be a dressy, trendy look that is great if you want to be in style and casual.

This winter has been, and is still a very cold one, which means my sweater game has really stepped up. What is great though is if you look in the right places, you can find a cute and inexpensive sweater! Sweaters will always be a staple, so stock up (unless if you live somewhere hot…).

As for me? I’m going to cozy up in one of my sweaters and watch reruns of Grey’s on Netflix!

Check out my Pinterest for some sweater weather inspo…

Power of Plaid

Two days into the New Year, and I am relishing in the fact that I have cable, my puppy, and time to do nothing before I have to back to school. It’s too bad the winter break is ending, but something that is keeping me up is this my new love for patterns…specifically PLAID! Over the past few months, I have strengthened my wardrobe with more and more patterned pieces.

I thought it would be fun to share some looks that I’ve been loving on Pinterest. These looks aren’t just cute, but they have inspired me to incorporate plaid into my wardrobe in multiple ways.

The Oversized Shirt


It’s always handy to have a plaid shirt…but a BIG shirt is amazing to have. Something to throw on when you need to be cozy, or run errands. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have multiple (just in case one is in the wash!)

The Pants


Many people gravitate to plaid shirts when incorporating this pattern into their wardrobe. However, there are so many ways to style this pattern! Plaid pants are bold, but they are classic and one way to really stand out!

The Overcoat


One of my favourite pieces to style (especially during fall + winter) is the plaid overcoat. This tops the look off with that perfect elegance that many outfits need! Plus, an overcoat is a “third piece” that can polish any look off with style!

Whether you are going for a hike, lounging around the house or heading out on a coffee date…this is always a classic and fun pattern to spice up your looks! I love to pattern mix and I often use plaid as my main pattern…I really can NEVER get enough of it…

Plaid Love - Pearls and Polkadots  Plaid Love - Pearls and Polkadots  Plaid Love - Pearls and Polkadots

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