There are many things about me that put me into that “basic” category. Whether that is a good thing, or a bad thing, I embrace all of these wonderful cliches. One of these happen to be this little fact: I. LOVE. FALL. Yup, that’s right! It is the season of… View Post

It’s kind of bizarre that only three weeks ago, I sat here in front of my computer, shivering while wrapped in a blanket with a hot cup of tea sitting beside me. It was incredibly cold, and I was complaining and wishing for summer to return. Well…be careful what you… View Post

This past week was probably the coldest I have felt in a¬†looong time. It’s almost like the calendar turned September 1 and summer took off forever. However, I woke up this morning to a warm, sunny day and I am delighted. I am confident that we don’t have to kiss… View Post