My Tan Picks!


There are so many shades of tan and they have different names that it can sometimes get confusing. A while back, I picked eight of my most favourite camel coloured pieces. Some may say that tan and camel are the same – camel is a shade of tan…so yes, those people would be right. What about cognac? The colour that I am always bringing up? Well, I guess you could say that cognac and tan are pretty much the same colour.

Either way…tan is a great colour and is part of a great colour family!!

Tan is a really great neutral and worn the right way, with the right complimentary colours, is such a prime look (especially in the Fall). One of the reasons I love it so much is because it is warm. You don’t feel cold when you look at the colour tan (does that make sense??). This is the main reason it is such a Fall colour! I am going to show you two things today:

1) My choice tan looks. 

2) Where you can find some great tan items. 

Tan pants are pretty much a staple in your closet, whether you or male or female actually. I love tan pants in general. They are so preppy and such a great alternative to jeans or dress pants! I find the colour, while acting as a neutral, also completely spruces up the look!! If you are looking for a great pair of tan pants (as an added bonus, because it is not in my picks…hehe), try Old Navy. They usually have a great selection of coloured pants – I picked a tan pair last year and I looove them!! Anyway (getting back to business), I love how she has paired it with the pattern on top, with the solid scarf. This makes for a very nice, casual look!

The perfect neutral outfit- camel skinnies, stripes and a black scarf!:

Another great way to wear tan is on top. Whether you are going for a solid tan top, or just a cardi…you really can’t go wrong either way. How she has styled the colour in this look is an excellent example of making the colour a neutral. By pairing it with a muted green, and having a plain white tee under the cardigan, nothing is really popping out…except the scarf. The scarf is definitely the focal point here, being it is full leopard (so cute…)! Neutral tones, earth tones, whatever you wish to call it…she is wearing them well.

Keep it casual in cargo skinnies, an oversized cardigan and leopard scarf.:

So this is borderline tan, but I would still say it is in the tan family. Wearing tan in a skirt is really unique and steps up your fashion game in my opinion. I love getting the chance to wear skirts, and it’s skirts in the neutral Fall colours that are in season. This would be a perfect Fall look. Not to mention, you could also throw a jacket on there and step the look up even more, or even just upgrade the look for a colder day! This is totally my style!

18 Trendy and Stylish Winter Looks:

The items that I showed in the three outfit reviews, are unfortunately not linked below. However, I have linked the items I picked out for my banner (which are all available in-store right now – just use the links below!!). My top three items of my tan picks are:

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These three were not hard to pick as the top three, let me just say that! I currently don’t own a watch that I absolutely love since my last one’s band wore out (it was leopard print too…), which is why I have my eye on a Kate Spade watch. This is my favourite of hers…but if we are talking tan watches…this is the one. L.L.Bean boots are amazing. I have mine on order right now so hopefully they make it here before the first snow fall (crossing my fingers!). These tan ones are my favourite though because of how they go with everything…literally everything. Joe Fresh has really stepped up their fashion game lately, and that is where these pants are from. I may just have to grab them when they go on sale!

That’s a wrap – my tan picks! Go and take a look at these cute, cute pieces that I love or go find your own because this colour is everywhere! Tan is mainly a neutral, but the best neutral there is, in my opinion. It is one colour that I keep around all year! Let me know what you like to wear with tan in the comments below…or how you wear tan itself!!

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Fall Colour Palette: Olive, Camel and Wine

bannerSo I have been talking a lot about the upcoming and fast approaching Fall season!! Not that I would ever rush the heat away, but there is something that is just making me too excited for wearing cable knits and watching a my university team play football every Saturday afternoon. I can almost smell the crisp Thanksgiving air…okay, I may be getting a tad off track!

Fall is my favourite season, and when August rolls around, I go into wardrobe planning mode. I map out what the trends are, I take a good, hard look at my closet and I go pin-crazy! Well, today I want to talk about this season’s colour palette. Mainly because I want to talk about all these cute and fun trends, but also because I am absolutely giddy over these colours!! They are so unique and look so amazing together, that I just can’t stand it.


Olive Green – this colour is high and trend this season, but I have always been a huge fan of this colour. This is apart of the same colour family as military green…and (stretching it a bit) even a dark green khaki colour. But olive truly is the perfect shade. I love how it reps the earthy tones, it totally brings out the Fall vibes and it really goes with a lot of the colours of the Fall season! It is right in style and I am totally on board!!


Wine – I actually just learned the actual colour word for this amazing colour! I used to call it maroon or burgandy, but if you think about it, calling this colour “wine” is completely suitable. Burgandy can have a brown undertone to it and Maroon has more of a red undertone – wine encompasses brown, red and purple all in one…making for this dark moody Fall shade! I just looove it!!


Camel – this may just be the colour of the season!! Camel is so easy to combine with other colours. It is absolutely a neutral and can add the perfect touch to an outfit. Not only does this colour work in an accessory, it even works as the base of the outfit. A large, oversized camel coloured sweater paired with wine accessories is the perfect combo! There is really so much you can do with this colour, which is why it is a staple this season.


Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be showcasing my picks for each of these colours…so stay tuned for that!! It’s sad but summer is slipping away and Fall will takeover in full swing…can’t say I don’t want the summer to stay…but I am almost ready for Fall (a few more items to pick up) and I have to say, it is going to be a stylish season!!

How do you feel about these three colour staples? What are you envisioning for this upcoming Fall season? Let me know in the comments below!!