Holiday Gift Guide: mark. by Avon For Her

The gift gifting season is right around the corner (four Fridays away!!), can you believe it? We just celebrated Halloween, and now it’s the middle of November! Christmas commercials are on, all the Christmas decorations are in stock, and I watched the first Christmas movie of the season (Christmas with the Kranks) a few weeks ago!! It’s coming up fast, and I am super excited.

With Christmas, obviously comes gift giving – friends, parents, kids, bosses, employees, siblings…you name them, there is a gift out there for them. Well today, I am going to show you ten items that you can get for her – all from the current mark. by Avon collection! My Mom is an Avon rep and Christmas is probably the busiest time of year – I have already selected my favourite items for this holiday season, and some of them are in this guide!

mark. by Avon “For Her”

Gift Guide Graphic

mark. Warm up to it Muff Bag | mark. Dream Sequins Shimmering Eyeshadow Palette | mark. Second Nature Necklace | mark. Crushing on Coconut Body Scrub | mark. Crushing on Coconut Body Butter | mark. Baroque the Mold Ring | mark. Shine of the Times Ring | mark. Clutch Situation 5-piece pro brush setmark. What a Tassel Necklace | mark. Draw to a Close Bag

Christmas shopping can be hard sometimes and gift guides can certainly make it easier! All of ten of these picks are $50.00 and under, just the right amount to spend on your loved ones! I am a huge fan of mark. by Avon and I always know that some of my best Christmas gifts will be from the magalog! If you haven’t checked into it, I suggest you find a rep and quick, because these items are the perfect gifts for your best friend, Mom, sister, or Aunt! Trust me, if she likes fashion, beauty and accessories…this is your go-to catalog!!

These are ten of many fun gifts that mark. by Avon offers – head over to their website here to check out more great picks for this year’s gift-giving season. Keep in mind that many of their products can be purchased on sale and that way you can bundle them together in a gift basket (especially with the bath products…such a great gift!!).

I can’t wait to begin my Christmas shopping and wrapping them all up – the season is upon us and I could not be more excited (Christmas mode activated!!). Have fun shopping!

#WishlistWednesday: Christmas Wishlist Part 1

#WISHLISTWEDNESDAYThe fun part of running and operating a style blog is getting to look through catalog after catalog, fashion site after fashion site, paroling for new trends and things that I love. Then, I get to share all of those wonderful things that I love with you! Well, today marks the first part of my Christmas wishlist. I begin to create my wishlist in November (at my family’s request of course, so the Christmas shopping can be done early), for one very great reason…

Avoiding the Christmas markups. 

I apply this reason to my own shopping for my loved ones and I suggest you do too. Because come December, stores are going to raise their prices and everything will be marked up due to the massive amount of last-minute shoppers there are out in our world. Plus, there are often tons of sales around this time of year! Today I am going to share five items that have made the cut for my 2015 Christmas Wishlist…

Factory Intarsia Scottie Dog SweaterJ.Crew Factory, $60.50

This cute little dog sweater is one of my favourites from the look book this season – how could it not be? It’s unbelievably adorable and animal motif sweaters are my thing. When hunting down a gold ole’ fashioned sweater, J.Crew Factory is the first place I look – there are always sales, the sweaters are amazing quality and there is such a variety to choose from.

J.Crew - Intarsia Sweater - Scottie

Plaid Pom-Pom ScarfJ.Crew, $98.00

Plaid is one of my favourite patterns and this scarf is the perfect Winter staple. Red and grey plaid makes for a great accessory for wearing with pea coats, woolen coats or even a puffer vest! The pom-poms are an added, cutesy bonus on the scarf.

J.Crew - Plaid Scarf

Kate Spade Thermal MugKate Spade New York, $18.00

These stylish thermal mugs are just what you need to keep your coffee nice and hot this Winter season. Not only do these mugs keep your coffee hot all day, the designs are beautiful. Kate Spade really never does disappoint, does she? There are multiple designs to choose from and each design is unique and perfect in its own way.

Kate Spade - Thermos 1Kate Spade - Thermosts 2Kate Spade - Thermosts 3

Cedar Street Dot DarlaKate Spade New York, $78.00

This Kate Spade classic polka dot wallet is girly and beautiful and everything that is right about Kate Spade New York. The polka dots, the colour scheme, even the inside of the wallet is gorgeous and high quality. What drew my eye to this teeny tiny wallet is the colour scheme – the black and cream together with the gold accents is so attractive!Kate Spade - Wallet

Factory Crystal Fan NecklaceJ.Crew Factory, $38.50

I may be a little bias here because I love J.Crew Factory, but they do make beautiful jewelry. This flashy statement necklace is the perfect piece of glitz and glam to dress up any look! The gold and crystal details work well in playing off one another and the flower arrangement gives the necklace an attractive pattern.

J.Crew - Statement Necklace

Well there you go…part one of my Christmas wishlist. I have to say, when the holiday season comes around, I go crazy looking through stores I love and magazines…and then there’s always Pinterest, right? So out of all of what I have seen…these are my very favourites!

What are your wishlist items? Have you started planning for the holiday season? Let me know in the comments below…

#WishlistWednesday: Holiday Sweaters

As we head into this chilly season, many holidays are upon us. Halloween is right around the corner, and before you know it we will be putting out the cookies for Santa Claus. I love the holiday season. I love it as much as I love Fall style. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I have found four amazing and cheesy holiday sweaters that I would love to sport this holiday season.

Keep in mind that the popular holidays (for me, at least) are Halloween and Christmas (duh). So these picks are geared more towards those fabulous holidays.

Pumpkin Love’ Pullover, Wildfox Couture, $98.00

Okay, so yes…almost $100 is a tad too much to spend on a sweater with a jack’o lantern facial expression on it. Which is obviously why I have not purchased it. I do hope this comes down a little bit in price. In fact, I got so obsessed with this sweater one Sunday afternoon that I scoured the internet trying to find an equivalent for less money. Oh how I dream of the days I don’t have to spend money on textbooks and calculators (yes…I actually bought a calculator on Monday…worst purchase of my life). This sweater is so adorable…it speaks for itself.

Holiday Sweaters

Long-sleeve Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Sweater, JC Penney, $24.99

Okay, so some may classify this as an “ugly” sweater and to those people I say, “look the other way”. I am crazy for Christmas. Christmas movies, eggnog, cinnamon everything, peppermint white mochas (delicious!!), the whole she-bang. So I can rock a Rudolph sweater if I want to (and I will…). Being an aspiring KG teacher, I have really stocked up on my animal motif sweaters (excuse the very old post link) and let me tell you, they are a complete hit with children. In my last placement, I got many compliments on my owl animal motif sweater (even tied into their bird unit).

Holiday Sweaters

Sequin Penguin Pullover SweaterMacy’s, $36.99

Yup, another “ugly Christmas sweater” that I would proudly rock. Penguins are cool…just admit it. And this penguin is extra cool because he has sparkly earmuffs on. Automatically, I want this in my closet (and if it came in red, that would even cooler). To be honest, although the penguin is extremely cute, the polka dots are what drew me in…shocker. I actually have a grey polka dot patterned sweater like this from Old Navy sans the hip penguin. Can I order this now?

Holiday Sweaters

Slouched Snowflake Intarsia SweaterTownsen, $49.99

No joke, when my Mom sees this post, she is probably going to text me and ask me where this sweater is from. How can you blame her? It’s a gorgeous sweater. I love the material used too – intarsia is so soft and warm for winter. I could definitely cozy up in this ribbed intarsia sweater over the holidays (just give me a mug of hot chocolate, a furry puppy on my lap and a fireplace). I am really big on snowflakes…I love the pattern and I love when they are used in sweater motifs. This one is cream too (I love the colour cream…)

Holiday Sweaters

Well, there are my picks for holiday sweaters. You may think some of these are crazy, but I would legitimately wear all of them. If I wear a sweater with an owl on it (and I have), I will wear a reindeer, crazy hipster penguin and a jack’o lantern. Why wouldn’t I? They are so cute!! (Side note: This post may have been a bit sassy…)

What are your thoughts on themed sweaters? Do you have a special holiday sweater that you love to wear during the holiday season? Let me know in the comments below!