Christmas Fun in the Snow

There is snow on the ground, the Christmas tree is lit, and my kitchen smells of baked chocolate chip cookies! It feels as if this season, Christmas has gone on forever. I say that with happiness because this is one of my favourite holidays of the year!! With the holidays being so cheery, I like to make sure my outfits are right in line with the holiday theme!


Sweater Coat: Dex / Sweater: J.Crew Factory / Leggings: c/o Du North Designs Ltd. / Boots: L.L. Bean / Camp Socks: Roots

Today, I am sporting these super fun reindeer leggings! All of my fun printed leggings come from Du North Designs Ltd.a Canadian company based out of Alberta. I can always count on Du North to provide me cozy leggings to lounge around in (and for the holiday season…that’s exactly what I need!)

Cozy style is my go-to, especially when running errands, baking cookies and preparing for such a busy holiday such as Christmas. If I could have one pair of Christmas leggings for every single day of the month…I would. However, these are my favourite pair by far!!

I decided to keep a comfortable vibe with this look and pair the black fair isle pattern with my red buffalo check sweater. I got this sweater for my birthday after many, many hints to my Mom and Dad (hints that weren’t exactly needed, I found out later…) and it is the best sweater I own. Now, many people don’t seem to think you can wear a pattern on top of another pattern…I am not one of those people.

Pattern mixing is a trend that hasn’t gone out of style. At least, not in my closet. I love to mix and match, trying new combinations to see what I like best! These patterns go great together because they aren’t overwhelmingly big patterns. Buffalo check plaid is a chunky pattern. Fair aisle is more of a graphic pattern and really tight knit. There really is no rhyme or reason to pattern mixing…you just have to go with what you feel.

There are so many fun patterns to look through at Du North Designs! I suggest you take a look through their online catalog and find some for yourself – you definitely will not regret it (seriously, they are the most comfortable pairs of leggings I own).

Merry Christmas!

**Although this post was sponsored by Du North Designs Ltd., my review, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Wrapping Up in Olive Green

The Christmas season is upon us! You wouldn’t be able to tell from my Instagram, but I am so into Christmas right now!! Christmas is always a bit different when living away at school. You can’t really get into decorating, and baking and all of the other fun Christmas festivities. Why? There are so many other things that take priority! For me, it has been my third practicum in Grade 1!!

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots

Wrapping Up in Olive Green - Pearls and Polkadots


Dress: c/o Zaful / Boots: Guess / Necklace: Icing

My days have been filled with teaching my students how to write, marking upon marking, and pure exhaustion. I have loved every minute of it. I have one more practicum in the new year and then I am a certified teacher! Wow! I can’t believe two years is going by so quickly. The past month has been packed full of craziness, but now that it is all coming to a close, I am ready to jump into the Christmas season with two feet!

Baking, going to the Toronto Christmas market, getting my Christmas shopping done – all activities that I will be quickly getting into. It’s one of my favourite times of year (being that I looove the holidays), but the only thing I am currently missing? Snow. I WISH there was a thick white blanket on the earth right now…the weather has just been too warm (and when I say warm…I mean 0 degrees).

One bonus to not having foot after foot of snow? I get to sport this cute little number still. Taking pieces and transitioning them to different seasons is one of my favourite things to do. I decided to style this wrap dress from Zaful on its own. If it were super duper cold, I would layer with tights, and maybe a faux fur vest. However, it’s so cute, I didn’t want to cover it up in layers.

This dress is so comfortable and it’s definitely an easy piece to style. The only thing I wish I had done, was ordered one size up. The fit is good, but I like things to be a little bigger – more room to move. This dress is a little short with the cut at the front. I will probably wear it with tights from now on (partly because of the weather, also because it is short).

There are so many cute pieces on Zaful right now, it’s hard containing myself!!

Cheers to the Christmas season approaching!

Merry Christmas, Love Pearls and Polkadots

Merry Christmas

Let me first start off by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! Christmas is my favourite day of the year (even more than my birthday, if you can believe it). It’s such a magical day full of love and happiness. It’s the one day out of the entire year that my whole family is guaranteed to be together so we can break bread, be merry and eat…a lot.


Since I am either opening gifts, eating turkey or passing out in a food coma…I decided to instead share my family’s Christmas Eve tradition with you! I let you in on this a little earlier this week, but I want to share photos of the unique and family oriented evening, as well as get a little more family personal with all of you wonderful readers!



Every year we seem to do something different for dinner, but it is always in the region of “easy”. Since Christmas day calls for our stomachs to be prepared for a ton of food…it’s easy to lighten up dinner on the eve before. This year, it was pepperoni pizza. Normally, it is just my Mom, Dad, sister and I on Christmas Eve, but this year we were fortunate enough to spend and host some extended family – which was so much fun! Can you say party size pizza?




Each family has their own way of giving each year. Some give large, some give small. Some give on Christmas Eve, some give over the course of a week. In our family, the majority of our gifts are given to one another on Christmas morning and after Christmas dinner. However, every Christmas Eve, my parents give my sister and I two gifts. By now, we can usually expect the same type of gift – Christmas PJs and a Christmas book. It’s become our favourite tradition and it has been going on for the last twenty years at least.





Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a tradition…and really it was only when my sister and I decided that taking selfies on Christmas Eve was okay (or rather she decided it was okay). Since we always receive the same pajamas or very similar pajamas, it makes for an excellent Christmas shot…and quite frankly, it is the best opportunity for a sister picture.


I love Christmas and our family traditions…and even more, I love capturing these precious moments.

Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas everybody! Now go eat lots and lots of turkey!!

PJs + A Christmas Read

PJs + a Christmas ReadFor as long as I can remember, I have always received the same two-part gift on Christmas Eve. A pair of crisp new Christmas pajamas and a Christmas book. I don’t know where this tradition came from, but I know that I my parents have been doing this for my sister and I since we were born.

When I was little we would open our PJs and story, put out the milk and cookies to wait for Santa (along with carrots for the reindeer), write Santa Claus a letter and then settle in bed while our mother read us our new books. This is a tradition that I have lived with for twenty one years, and it will live on with my future children. I’m sure they will enjoy these in silk pajamas as well!

So why am I telling you all of this super-personal tradition stuff? Well, because TODAY marks two days before Christmas Eve…the eve that I receive brand new pajamas and a Christmas read. I have been doing a little PJ hunting, and I have found ten pairs that are super cute for this holiday (and some are even on sale…you’re welcome).


1 102345

Snowman Fleece / Snowy Mittens Jersey PJs / Jasmine & Ginger Stripe / Dotted Christmas PJs / Chevron Waffle Knit / Poinsettia Microfleece PJs

These cute pairs are all under $50 and super comfortable. Dillard’s seems to be the main place to get Christmas-themed pajamas and quite frankly, I am loving all of them. I really love flannel, but sometimes it can get a little hot under the covers and cotton is what you need to stay the perfect temperature…

UNDER $100

9d 6c 8b 7

Thermal PJs / Arctic Chill Knit / French Bulldog Cotton / Classic Tartan Flannel

If you are willing to spend a tad more on pajamas (I mean, Christmas Eve is a special night…), then spring for these because not only are they well made, great quality and super comfortable…they look amazing too! Personally, my favourite pair is the red tartan to the very right – very Christmasy, aren’t they?

However, pajamas are pajamas…

My parents always seem to find the perfect pair that fit the year…one year it’s classic red tartan, the other it’s a big fuzzy penguin onesie. What is important is the tradition and meaning of it all!


I didn’t forget about the book…never. So that is why I am featuring a few of my favourite Christmas reads (the classics) as well as a few that are on my Christmas book wishlist:

The-Little-Match-Girl The-Christmas-Shoes The-Night-Before-Christmas

The Little Match Girl / The Christmas Shoes / The Night Before Christmas

I love a good Christmas tradition and in a couple of days, I am going to have more memories made with my family, and another traditional Christmas Eve to talk about!

What are your Christmas traditions? What does Christmas look like for you each year? Let me know in the comments below…

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: His & Hers

With Christmas in less than a week, now is the time to get all of your last minute holiday gift shopping complete! Sometimes it can be hard to think of what he or she might like…but with these gift guides, you should be set to go this Christmas! Besides, it’s the thought that counts…right? You can’t go wrong with a scented candle…or what about a really nice pair of gloves? If your man works in construction, look no further than these heat resistant gloves.



HIS: Canvas Travel Bag / Plaid Scarf / Watch / Knit Hat / Patterned Tie / Leather Gloves / Cologne / Slippers / Leather Wallet / Pajama Pants

HERS: Candle / Drop Earrings / Knit Infinity Scarf / Knot Bangle / Nail polish Kit / Wallet / Make Up Bag / Gold Bangle / Knit Mittens / Eyeshadow Palette


I can tell you that some of these gifts are some of my favourite things…and what I’m wishing Santa will bring me this year. However, like every gift guide I do…I like some things more than others…

Kate Spade Darla Wallet in “Ballet Slipper” Pink


This wallet is so cute and right up my alley (considering it is the perfiect colour!) It is the perfect little gift for that special lady in your life or even your best friend. The design is simple – my favourite part of the design is the scalloped edge! So chic!

Mukluk’s Criss-Cross Knit Mittens in Blue


Mittens are pretty much a necessity in Canada (even though this Winter has been very mild). These warm knit mukluk’s will keep the fingers cozy and they don’t look too shabby in this beautiful blue colour. My favourite part of these mittens is the turned up cuff – very nice detail.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold Men’s Cologne


One word to describe this cologne? Amazing. It is my favourite cologne on men…it is the best smelling cologne I have ever smelled. Seriously. The design of the bottle is nice (that that too many men care about the packaging…) and the best part about it? It’s not too expensive…

Nordstrom Perforated Leather Gloves


Leather gloves are probably the best looking gloves on a guy. A nice pair of gloves is one of the symbols that a guy is a great dresser! These gloves aren’t too expensive and they aren’t too big either. I like slim-fitting gloves (both for men and women)…they are more useful that way. The perforation on the top is nice too so your hands can breathe.

Well that’s a wrap…(literally).

Putting off your Christmas shopping isn’t a good idea…but most of these ideas can be found at your local mall if you look hard enough…and if you want to express post the items, order them online – everything is linked underneath the guides for your shopping needs! Some other services may still deliver in time too, like photo socks australia if a last minute idea’s come to mind for the perfect image, and it could pair nicely with the slippers for some extra snugness this holiday season. Hopefully he or she has a great Christmas…and your Christmas shopping is already complete.

Merry Christmas!!