10 times Selena Gomez slayed street style…

BANNERStreet style is a fascination of mine – we see it every day on entertainment television, in magazines and on social media. What is classified as street style exactly? Any time a celebrity steps out of a building, or is travelling somewhere, whatever they are wearing is categorized as “street style”. Many stars rock the street style fashion, and Selena Gomez is one of those stars. So that is why I am showing you ten times Selena totally slayed street style:

1. Earth Toned Leather. Sel is a huge fan of leather, as we see the fabric incorporated in many of her street style looks. This pair of olive coloured leather pants are gorgeous and give that laid-back, casual vibe as she struts her stuff on the sidewalk. Her sleek black accessories compliment the overall white on olive palette she has going on here.


2. Fringe Away. Selena’s looks seem to combine chic with comfort while running errands, which are the best kinds of looks, right? The fringed cami brings the style and edge, while the over-sized cardi amps up the comfort side of her outfit. Not too shabby for darting around town!


3. Work meets play. Leave it to Selena to keep it casual while sporting a blazer and probably the cutest pair of nude pumps ever. Who says you can’t sport ripped jeans and some heels? That’s probably one of my favourite combos – combining the class with the edge. We also see this interesting combo on the top half of her look with the laid back tank underneath a crisp white blazer.


4. Cropped up. No shame in her game in cropping it up a notch – and how can you not love this interestingly patterned crop that Sel sported on another one of her walks on the sidewalk? It’s adorable. It remains to be the focal point, as the tan pants and black accessories act as neutrals overall. (Side note: I love the fact that she has stepped out with this handbag more than once…like a normal person – go Selena!)


5. Between the lines. Nothing to read between the lines here since we are seeing it all in this picture. I can only describe this look as ‘sleek’. Sleek back updo, sleek pattern, and overall sleek everything. While romping around LA, Selena dresses up here with a loud patterned top, neutral jeans and boots and of course, these adorable circle rimmed shades to keep that L.A. sun at bay.


6. Cozy and cute. Knits are our friends. Knit scarves, knit cardis, knit everything. They are comfy and cozy and perfect for a Saturday stroll. Sel goes for cozy on top, and really reels in the cute vibes with her long soft waves. Hands down the best part of this look is the cuffed ripped jeans paired with these to-die-for heeled boots. I want this look in my closet…


7. Black, black and more black. No one can rock an all black ensemble better than Selena herself. I think at this point, she pretty much owns it (much to the Kardashians’ dismay). She rocks it with style, a smile and such sweetness. This particular look is so simplistic that it is completely eye catching, and definitely one of my fave looks that Sel has worked.


8. Casual pops of colour. In this casual look, we see the dark on light denim, with a pop of red. This red bag is just the pop that this look needs, and Sel definitely knows it! I envy all of her handbags, and even more, I envy her wardrobe even more. This bag is beautiful and I am loving the ripped jean jacket…makes me want to rock that light denim myself…


9. Nothing like a good felt hat. Felt hats are my fave accessory. It’s not too common around campus, however in Selena’s world, it’s nothing but a casual fashion statement. Felt hats really work in all shades and colours, but this specific grey felt fedora with the thick maroon band. It compliments her black jacket and pumps really well!


10. Leather on leather. Who else can pull off leather on leather better than Selena Gomez herself? This is a look that I want to copy so badly. The leather crop, the leather pants – even the leopard print coat she is carting around. What a perfect look for the “Same Old Love” singer to wear to turn the big 2-3! Might have to play copy cat with this look…


Selena Gomez is one of my favourite artists and she is one that I not only look to for my music needs, but my fashion needs as well! The fashion statements that she makes are bold, attractive, and speak to me completely. So there are the ten times I feel Sel totally slayed street style. Casual to chic back to casual, Selena does it every time! I cannot wait to see her in concert.


Since I love Selena Gomez so much, I thought it would be worth it for my fellow “Selenators” to see where you can get a few pieces to recreate one of her street style looks. I chose her 23rd birthday look – leather on leather – just because I think she totally killed it.


Black Crop Top | Leather Pants | Black Pointed Toe Boots | White leopard coat

What do you think of Selena’s style? What are your thoughts about leather on leather? Let me know in the comments below…

10 times Lana Del Rey’s style was on point…

Lana Del Rey is fabulous artist, beautiful woman and is of my style inspirations. She never looks bad in my opinion. Whether she is gallivanting out for a night on the town, or running errands, she looks so chic. So that is why I am showing you ten times Lana’s style was on point:

1. Jaunting around the city

I am in love with this casual look. The comfy knit, the skinnies, and cute white canvas shoes all put together are perfect. Three simple pieces that make for an overall simple and beautiful look. I can’t help put notice the gold and black plaid jacket in her arms…adorable. This is an example of how Lana can keep it completely laid back and fun, yet still look like a rockstar.
10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


2. Casual or no? 

I am a huge fan of Lana’s street style. She doesn’t keep it dressed to the nines, but she also doesn’t appear to look homeless. It’s that level of class that every gal wants to go for when strutting the streets. My favourite part of this outfit is the accessories. The sunnies, small hoops and small bangles…while not the focal point of the look, it steps the casual white tee and shorts up that much more!

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


3. Simply amazing

This is a look I would totally recreate. Wrap coats are great for the Fall transitioning into Winter. This shade of brown is a great colour too – very easy to coordinate with other colours. As Lana has done with this look, the navy hat and black long sleeve (under the coat) compliments the coffee colour very well for walking through the Big Apple. I also love the winged loafers. Interesting spin on this casual look.

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


4. Elegance at its finest

This is the Lana girl I know and love. If only I had her head of hair…the thickness and fullness of it kills me. Never in my life will have hair this big…oh well. Can we just admire this look? I was swooning over this dress and the hair piece that goes perfectly with it. Retro is a great style and Lana wears it very well.

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


5. Staying warm in the fur

For the record, I don’t wear real fur (in fact…I don’t wear any fur since I don’t own any) and I am not entirely sure if Lana’s coat is real or faux. Nevertheless, this look is so interesting and it is very interesting to see how Lana styles her fur. Whether she is wearing a maxi, converse sneakers or jeans…the fur can be seen! This coat in particular is one of her favourites…and if you ask me, she rocks it well.

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


7. Laidback and loose

At this point, I think we can all agree that Lana slays street style. Whether she is in cutoffs and a plaid flannel or a dolled up vintage mini with hair big as the 60’s, she knocks style out of this world. I personally love when she is casual because she emulates a normal person (just like all of us!!). This look is so comfortable looking. I could see myself rocking this look for running around NYC too!

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...

8. Leather on leather

I am really loving leather this Fall season. My leather jacket has probably been one of my favourite pieces in my closet this past month. I have never owned a pair of leather pants, but seeing this look makes me want to go to the mall and buy a pair. Lana looks so sleek in the black on black leather. I like how she broke up the texture with the casual graphic tee underneath and a camel bag…but otherwise stuck to her black leather guns like the cool cat she is.

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


9. Fresh summer nights

This look reminds me of the airy beautiful girl that she is. I love floral patterns, and this pattern is so fun! All of the colours really add to the look. It becomes the focal point of the look…even if the look is just for walking around the neighborhood. Her light skinnies with the white cardi tied around her waist really tops it all off. Cute, casual and elegant (as always).

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...


10. The Patriot that she is

I am not sure where this photo was taken (if I had to guess, it was either a photo shoot or video shoot). However, either way I love it. The earrings, the american flag crew neck and the cutoffs. I see this as true American style. It’s relaxed, fun and beautiful. If only I had a Canadian flag crew neck like this (although…I feel like the American flag looks better in this scenario). Even dressed as casual as possible, she still looks like she could go to a red carpet event…

10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...

Lana Del Rey is truly a style queen and one gal that never looks bad in her street captures. From simple jewelry, to gorgeous dresses, to simple tees…she rocks it no matter what. This girl is seriously one of my idols…plus she is an AMAZING vocalist and artist.


Since Halloween is right around the corner (4 days to be exact), here is a costume idea if you are dying to replicate good ole’ Lana: Black cropped graphic tee, light Jean cutoffs, gold link necklace, heart tinted sunnies, “bad” gold ring, and black booties. (I have linked some similar styles underneath the costume collage, just to meet your shopping needs…) 10 times Lana Del Rey's style was on point...

Cropped graphic tee / high-waisted cutoffs / black ankle booties / gold link necklace / heart tinted sunglasses / “bad” gold ring

What do you think of Lana’s style? Would you ever rock a fur coat? Let me know in the comments below…

Style Icon: Kate Middleton

Out of the many, many style icons of today, there are only a handful of them that I truly respect and honour when looking for inspiration. Although not every celebrity out there dresses to impress, the Duchess of Cambridge surely does and she has proven that come wind, rain or sunshine! Never do you see Kate Middleton without a smile.

I have a slight obsession with the royal family, mostly because they all seem so graceful and classic, which is what I admire the most. Looking your best when times may not be great is not easy, but Ms. Middleton makes it look easy! Today, I am going to be showing you some of my favourite looks and how YOU can style them yourself…

Style Icon: Kate Middleton - Pearls and Polkadots


Coloured Jeans 

While Kate Middleton visited the Paralympics in Great Britain to watch the hockety team practice – she even joined in on all the fun! She caught everyone’s eye when she arrived in tangerine coloured jeans, a double breasted navy blazer, and a printed scarf. The navy compliments the tangerine colour extremely well. I went on a little hunt and found some very similar items (some of which are on sale!!) so you can recreate her casual, nautical look!

Style Icon: Kate Middleton - Pearls and Polkadots

Style Icon: Kate Middleton - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Balmain Double Breasted Blazer (for a smiliar, less expensive blazer, click here) | 2 Paisley Scarf3 White Tee4 Tangerine Skinny Jeans5 Black Flats

Earth Toned Street Style

Caught running errands, Kate Middleton looked absolutely gorgeous in this street style look. Earth tones look really nice on her because of the colour of her hair and her natural shape. I really love in this look how she picked a bag that popped next to all of the other colours used. After looking around, I pulled a few items that will help you cop this style very well.

Style Icon: Kate Middleton - Pearls and Polkadots


Style Icon: Kate Middleton - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Khaki Blazer2 Ivory Woven Scarf3 Michael Kors Tan Bag4 Skinny Jeans5 Black Riding Boots

Fun and Flirty

I love this look of Kate’s. She wore this cute little number to the opening of the London Warner Bros. studio! Polished, professional and covered in polka dots, this is such a classic look. I’m so glad that she chose natural waves with this look as well – she has gorgeous hair and it definitely pays to flaunt it!

Style Icon: Kate Middleton - Pearls and Polkadots


Style Icon: Kate Middleton - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Blazer 2 Black Bow Clutch3 White and Black Polka dot Dress4 Classic Black Pumps5 Neutral Lip stick

Kate Middleton is a timeless style icon of mine, and I get so much inspiration from her looks! They are so simple to recreate, and a lot of the pieces that she wears, you can find similar styles at the mall or online for much, much cheaper (which is always a benefit!).

To find the items I am looking for, my go-to fashion search engine is Shopstyle! Key in the style you want, and Shopstyle searches through all their connected retailers to see what matches! You can sort by lowest price, highest price…whichever fits your searching needs.

Happy shopping and enjoy the Duchess’ posh style!