Beautiful Beauty Bloggers: Home Remedy for Moisturizing Face Mask – Guest Post


Today is the fourth day of Pearls and Polkadots’ “Beautiful Beauty Bloggers” series and I could not be happier to have Stephanie from The Remedy Genie guest posting today! She comes up with the most amazing remedies that you can simply do from your home. From hair care to home cleaning, she never disappoints! Make sure you give her blog a read and check out her a-mazing remedies! Happy Reading!


I am so pleased to have been invited as a guest blogger here and I am excited to share with you my latest home remedy. My name is Stephanie and my blog consists of all the best home remedies and I cover everything from Skin and Hair care, to house hold cleaning. I began researching home remedies about five years ago, mostly for skin care and after a while I decided to look into all natural ingredients and their benefits. My aim, is to create as many remedies as I possibly can.


Just as our hair needs conditioning treatment, so does the delicate skin of our face. Our face is the one thing that we leave uncovered for most of the day which means that as we walk around doing our day to day activities, our pores are open to all the pollutants around us. Washing your face daily cleanses and your follow up cream moisturizes, but from time to time we need to apply a nice healthy mask to our face for rejuvenation and healthy skin purposes.

We all have different skin types and we all will have different results with different ingredients of course, so I aim to make remedies and have my friends and family test them with me so that I can share diverse recipes that work for all! Here is a really good home remedy for moisturizing face mask.

Moisturizing Face Mask:


  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 tea spoon organic plain yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons flour – any type

Mix all the ingredients into a nice thick paste.

Rub the mixture into your face in small amounts like you would with lotion

Then apply a good amount all over and let it sit for about 30 minutes

Rinse and enjoy my home remedy for moisturizing face mask. Id strongly suggest following up with a natural toner and face cream, you can find my recipes under the facial cleansers and creams in the skin and body section.

Give this a try and enjoy the results! I’d love to know if you enjoyed this remedy so please leave and a comment after you have tried. I would also love to hear your favorite remedy so feel free to share them in the comments below.

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What’s in my Makeup Bag? + New Series

BannereLet’s start by saying this…I am not a beauty blogger. I blog about fashion, style and even in some cases…DIY projects. However, when it comes to beauty, I let the professionals educate me on that! I have learned a ton from watching YouTube videos, reading beauty blogs and talking to various beauty bloggers. I’ve even started thinking about using some sort of eyelash serum thanks to these videos, one of them mentioned something called Xlash? Point is, as a whole I let the expert beauty bloggers take the reigns with this subject as a whole.

However, I do have a super cute new makeup bag that I won in a #TeamPineapple giveaway…and I want to share it. I am going to give you a little looksey into my makeup bag and detail some of my favourite products that I am currently using and have found very useful over the summer.


I have tried a lot of different products since I began wearing makeup, but the products I am going to show you today are my favourite so far!! I change up the products I use pretty frequently, but this summer, I have really stuck by these brands and I will tell you why!

Brushes: e.l.f., Bella Piere, & mark.

You can never have too many makeup brushes! I have found the best brushes for such a great price! There are some that I have owned for a while, and some that I have collected this summer. mark. is an Avon brand, and I have been using their brushes for years! They maintain their soft quality and don’t shed.


I recently began to use e.l.f. brushes – mainly because they are great brushes for such a great price online! Bella Piere is a new brand that I have discovered, and only because I purchased a “Starter contouring kit” which came with a little kabuki brush. It has proved to be really good at blending my bronzer and blush together! The purple blending sponge is probably the best thing I have ever purchased – beauty wise. I will never apply foundation with a brush again after using this sponge. I picked this little beauty up at Shoppers Drug Mart about two months ago, and I haven’t stopped using it since! Such a staple.

Foundation, Mascara, Blush, and Bronzer: Avon & e.l.f.

This summer, I kept it really light on the foundation. Besides, you don’t want to clog up your make up when you’re sweating in the sun! However, it’s nice to smooth everything out…which is why I opt for the e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Foundation. I actually began using the e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation, and when I ran out, I resorted to using the stick! Well, I loooved it! It’s a lot faster to throw on and blend!


I have always used Avon mascara. This particular line that Avon sells – Big and Daring Waterproof Mascara – is perfect for my lashes. It makes them full and long and I don’t even have to curl them!! Plus, what other option is there than waterproof mascara?? This e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder has been a staple in my makeup bag this summer. Even though it is for contouring, I like to use it just to give my skin a little glow. Dusted on lightly (because it is rather heavy), it gives the perfect finish!

Eyeliner, Highlighter and Setting Powder: mark., e.l.f., & Rimmel

Eyeliner isn’t part of my every day routine because I have not nailed a quick way to do it just yet, but when I do put it on, I always use mark. on the edge Hookup liquid eyeliner. I definitely love liquid as opposed to pencil eyeliner, and this brand makes a great product! I have used many different brands and I find that this product lasts the longest on my eyes, without rubbing away!


This highlighter is more than just a highlighter. I would actually use the term “highlighter” loosely, as it really doesn’t serve just one purpose. The e.l.f. Essential Shimmering Facial Whip can be used on your lips, eyelids and cheeks – anywhere that needs a little shimmer, to be honest. I have used the facial whip in all three of those places, and I have never been disappointed! This Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is absolutely essential and definitely an everyday product for me. It is the last product I brush across my face before I rush out the door. It keeps the shine away from my nose, forehead and cheeks and keeps everything looking perfect!

Concealer and Primer: e.l.f. & Rimmel

Lately, (as you can see) I have been really into e.l.f. product, and the first product that turned me onto this amazing brand, was the e.l.f. Studio Complete Coverage Concealer palette that comes with four different shades. You can use the four different shades to transition between seasons, but I like to use each shade depending on the look I am going for that day. Typically, I use the lightest shade to brighten up under my eyes and cover my slight dark circles…but I have also used the darker shades as a slight contour!


Probably the most important thing in my makeup bag is my Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer. I make sure to apply a good layer of primer before I put anything on my face. My skin has definitely thanked me for it, and that’s why it holds a place in my makeup bag always. There are many great primers out there, but this one is well priced and always available at any drug store!

I love makeup, but have never really been amazing at it. These products that I have featured in my bag today really have helped me step my game up! You can get all of these products by clicking on the embedded links throughout my post – I have made sure to link pretty much everything to make it easy for you to find!


So if I’m not a beauty blogger…than why am I doing this? Good question! I am writing on the beauty topic because, my darlings, I am kicking off a Pearls and Polkadots original series called “Beautiful Beauty Bloggers”!! Yes, that’s right – for the next five days, I will be hosting five lovely beauty bloggers who are going to tell us about select topics! I am so excited and cannot wait to make this a regular series for Pearls and Polkadots!

We’ll have to see where it goes! Stay tuned throughout this week for more – I want this series to become a showcase for beauty bloggers out there to show off their talent and knowledge (because what is style without beauty?).


Cheers beautiful people! I am out for the week, but these ladies will make sure you get your daily Pearls and Polkadots fix! Who is posting tomorrow?

Who is posting tomorrow? You will meet Ashley! Have fun!


Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v8

BLOGGER (2)Wow, has this week ever flown by! I blinked and the seven days were up!! Even though it went by super fast, I got a lot accomplished that I am happy to share with you today. This week, I wrapped up a summer internship, packed my sis for her freshmen year of university and worked away on upcoming posts! I am exhausted and glad to have a couple of days to relax before I have to trek back to school.

Last week, I set one goal for myself (in addition to 2 existing goals):

1. Get my September posts partially written – I actually knocked this one out of the park because I did get most of my outfit detail posts written for September (which will be released on Mondays!)…but there is still a lot of work to do for all of the other days. That is why I am keeping this one up here!

2. Be more active on neglected social media platforms – Should I just take this one off? Maybe I should…I have been so bad at progressing with this goal. I need to get into a routine of posting on Twitter. This one, I could use a little help with this one – if anyone has any tips…please leave them in the comments below!

2. Learn Mail Chimp – Nope…just nope. We’re going to move this one to the top of the list this week I think…you know…before school begins.

This week, I have one goal to add to my list of outstanding goals:

COMPLETE MY CURRENT GOALS. Yes…it has gotten to this point. I need to clear some of these outstanding goals of mine off this list! I have two weeks to do it. Wait, two weeks? Did I just say that? Yes I did. I am postponing next Sunday’s post and deferring it to the next week so that I can do a feature post of mine!! Maybe the extra week will push me to complete 1, 2 and 3! I sure hope so!!

Enjoy your week and make sure you check out tomorrow’s post as I have a special announcement to make for Pearls and Polkadots!


Campus Clothing: Keeping Chic this Semester!

Campus ClothingThis marks the last weekend in August (silent tear) and the upcoming school season is upon us! Some have already begun and some start in a few weeks (depending on where you are, of course!). Well, that includes me as well as I head into my fourth and final year of university!! When you are at school, there are several looks that you want to nail. You don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror, or in your closet trying to decide what to wear. There are too many exams to study for, football games to cheer at and parties to plan for to be humming and hawing on clothing!!

Today, I am going to show you a few outfit combos that you can strut around in on campus, without putting too much effort. Sweatpants are cute…but not the best look! It’s important to dress well – even when you’re up to your ears in readings!

Running to Class: 16211

Sleep is precious during the school year, which usually means you sleep in until the last possible minute before jumping out of bed and running to class! This is definitely more of a transition outfit in the first couple of months on campus…only because in about three months, campus may be covered in a white blanket! This look is really casual and cute! You really don’t have to fret about being too coordinated whenever you are working with neutrals like black, camel and white.

Studying the Time Away: 64854

Studying is dreadful and you want to stay comfortable when spending hours in the library and going over lecture notes. You are probably not thinking about your appearance when you have a 50% midterm the next morning, BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t look half-human. Why not look half-human in a cute pullover, a pair of black pants and the comfiest pair of moccasins? This is a very comfy option and still maintains some kind of fashion sense!

Heading to the Campus Club/Bar: 60886

When the weekend rolls around, it’s time to doll yourself up, try a little harder than usual and have fun with your friends! Well, this is the perfect look for that and it takes absolutely no thought at all. The LBD is the ultimate go-to for most, but I am loving crop tops + skater skirts these days – you can never go wrong with this combo…which is why it’s so easy! You don’t have to accessorize because the two pieces are statements enough, and whether you want to throw on heels or flats…doesn’t matter!

Well, there you have it! Three ultra-fab looks for college/university, and looks that you can get away with with no preparation. I mean, if we are being real, it’s the make up that really takes the longest, right? As for dressing…keep these combos in mind and you won’t be left trying on three different outfits when you should be sitting in on that exam review!

Summer is coming to a close, but school isn’t so bad – before we know it, we’ll be singing Christmas carols, partying on Spring Break and then kissing school good bye for another summer!


Pinterest Finds of the Week: Fall Accessories!

Each week, I pull some of my wants from my “Dream Board” on Pinterest to show you some of the amazing favourites that I pinned! I will never get tired of seeing trendy outfits, preppy looks and seasonal fashion each day and now that I have totally immersed myself in the fashion area of Pinterest…I see new pins almost every minute! Well, this week I was on the hunt for Fall accessories!

Accessories are key in an outfit, and Fall accessories are so fun to play around with! Scarves, leopard belts, and big jewelry are all great items to spice up a chilly seasoned look! As I prepare to transition my closet into the Fall season, I am thinking about all aspects of my looks these season and accessories are way too important to not focus on!

This look is one of my ultimate fave looks! I pinned this look this week. This is a great coloured plaid blanket scarf and so appropriate for the Fall season! Blanket scarves are great to accessorize with because they are so big and really take over the look – they become the focus of the look. Not only can you use it spruce up your outfit, you can really pull the focus away from other parts of the outfit with such a gorgeous comfy piece!

The colour scheme in this is a great one for sure! Not to mention the leopard print accessories. Leopard print in an accessory is pretty and the perfect print to accessorize with. I am not a huge fan of leopard print in main pieces but in accessories, I go to town! Leopard print looks really good with Fall colours and in the look below is very attractive and uses the pattern well. Not to mention, this wine skirt is beautiful!

Although the blanket scarf is one of my favourite Fall accessories, a cream knit infinity is another key piece! Knit scarves keep you warm in the Fall straight through to Winter. Cream is also the exception to the “no white after labour day” rule… This look is really laid back and cute and although you can’t see the look head to toe, that khaki jacket with the cream knit infinity is all I need to see to determine how much I love it.

There you have it! My Pinterest finds of the week! Fall is quickly approaching and these accessories will make the transition more exciting and take my mind away from the fact that we will be in a deep freeze until April! All I can say, is that these outfits are making me excited to pull out my sweaters for good!