Back to School: Fashion Essentials

BACK TO SCHOOLA couple of weeks ago, I showed you some cute and chic styles to strut on campus this year and so to continue the trend, I will be detailing some of those back to school essentials to keep you looking fashion forward for this semester! When I am moving back to university, I bring my entire closet with me, just because I can’t bear to leave anything behind! However, despite bringing your entire closet with you to school…there are a few fashion essentials that you don’t want to leave behind and should be the first packed!

Large Shoulder Tote: This may not fit everyone’s style, but for me, I have to have my sturdy and trust tote with me. In the past, I have carried backpacks, but when you get into coats and scarves and boots for the winter season, the layers get too bulky to have to haul a backpack around campus. I opt for a cute over sized tote that fits all of my studying needs!


Coloured Jeans: Personally, I looove coloured jeans. This is only because they add a nice pop to your ensemble and keep everything looking fresh! Typically, in the school seasons the colour tones are more neutral, but there is nothing wrong with a little pop of coral here and there!


Functional FootwearWhen you are running around from class to class, you will want to have some good support on your feet. Now, I am not saying you can’t wear that cute pair of flats or heeled boots that you are in love with…but for a casual day of class after class, it’s probably best to sport the sneaks and stay comfortable!


Obviously, there are many other “essentials” that I would put up here in a heartbeat, but in my opinion these are the top three must haves for any university or college gal’s school wardrobe!

Do you have any must-haves for the school season? Let me know in the comments below!


Outfit Details: Classic Prep

I like to think of myself as “preppy”. You could classify a “prep” as someone who is well educated, wealthy, a good dresser…but that word has evolved over past years. Although it can still mean all three of those things I just mentioned, I envision “preppy” as more of a way of thinking. I associate being preppy with being a positive, upbeat, stylish human being, who loves the high class lifestyle. I like to focus on the preppy dress style

Sweaters, khakis, pastels, pearls, monograms…all of these things tend to be classified as “prep” or “classic”…that is because these never go out of style. I will never retire my monogram necklace (it is my most treasured item…), I will never give away my sweaters. I will never get tired of my string of pearls I got from my Grandmother when I turned sixteen. There are those simple “preppy” things that are considered to be truly classic.

Classic prep… that is what I call this look I am detailing today. It’s everything I love about J.Crew, prep fashion and truly reflects what I love to wear most. Whether you are heading into the office, attending a baby shower, or going to Sunday service, this look is perfect, and so easy to style.


This gold polka dot dress is from J.Crew Factory. I picked it up in my outlet haul last summer. I only own a couple of dresses from J.Crew (shocking, right?) and I usually pick them up when they have been heavily discounted. Regardless, they are such great quality and they currently stand as my favourite retailer out there right now.

This colour is a great colour for a dress. Especially if you have fair skin. Why is this? Well, the gold undertone can bring out undertones that you might not necessarily see against white fabric, or a drastic contrasted colour, like black. I am very pale…but in this dress, I don’t look as pale as usual…plus who doesn’t love gold? I do!


I wore this look to work on a Friday, and because the office can get a little cold at times, I paired it with a white cotton cardi. The white pulls out the white in the polka dots. I wouldn’t recommend pairing the colour gold (at least, this shade of gold) with anything other than white. White and gold go together. Try picturing this look with a pink cardigan…or a black cardigan…wouldn’t look as sharp, in fact, it most likely wouldn’t look good at all.


Okay…shoes. Shoes are my all time favourite part of most outfits. These are my comfort heels that I wear to work (so my feet don’t die), that I picked up from Payless Shoesource. Every girl owns a pair…cute, affordable, and most importantly replaceable. However, I absolutely love these. They are uber-comfortable, and the perfect nude shade, which happens to go very nicely with this gold dress!

Usually I would have a handbag for the look, but in the grand scheme of the look, a bag doesn’t add or take away anything. This could be accompanied with a simple white clutch, a nude tote…anything that continues the gold-white colour palette.


This look is the classic prep look. It embodies the pearls, polka dots, gold tones, white accessories, and I see this as timeless. Timeless in that it will never go out of style. I won’t ever outgrow this look and I certainly think that a polka dot dress (or some classic pattern) is a staple in every prep gal’s closet (just my opinion, of course).


August: Looking Back

August Faves

It has been quite the busy month, I must say! Not only have I been running around to get ready to go back to school, but I have also been planning, planning and more planning! It’s literally been all about Pearls and Polkadots! I have successfully released one post per day for the last two months! Well, not only have I been posting every day, my outfits have been documented every day as well. Which brings me to today’s post…

Let’s take a look… 

This Jessica Simpson dress (top left hand corner) is one of my favourite dresses! It is by Jessica Simpson and I bought it to wear to a wedding last summer. Well, I had never worn it after that…and then I needed something to wear to work! Well, there you go – totally work appropriate and such a cool dress to wear in the summer. My favourite thing about this dress is the pattern (it kind of looks like windows up and down!). The pop of yellow in the shoes (by Nine West) compliment the navy. Lastly, this Aldo handbag is in blush pink, but it strangely compliments the navy/yellow combo well. You wouldn’t think it would…but it does…and I looove it!

Stripes were definitely a thing this August, for me at least. I love this blazer from Old Navy (top right hand corner) because it is cotton and extremely light to wear in the summer. I went with a very simple colour scheme for this look – navy, white and black! It’s classic, simple and perfect – especially for work! I wore a lot of work clothing this summer (because of my job) and this is by far one of my favourite looks!

Patterns were certainly a thing this month (bottom left hand corner), and this crop top was such a great summer fave! It actually comes from a two piece set, but I love mixing and matching it with other bottoms. Here, I chose to wear it with my all-time favourite jogger pants and a black fedora! This was such a comfy outfit for running around on a weekend. August was a hustle and bustle month, and these joggers were all too comfortable to run around in!

Another classic look, brought to you by J.Crew Factory. I got my polka dot dress (bottom right hand corner) on an outlet haul last summer. It is more of a summer dress, so I really only wear it between June and August, but when I do wear it, I wear it just like this! It is one of my favourite looks – completely classic and timeless and will never go out of style!

That completes my outfit round up for the month!! Looking back is always fun to do, and it shows how trends trickle into your every day style. September will bring the beginning to midterms, essays and studying, but it will also bring pumking spice lattes, football games and knit sweaters…so I’m not complaining!!

What is your favourite look? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to see your outfit roundups, so leave a link and I will go and take a look!!


Beautiful Beauty Bloggers: Falling For these Autumn Lip Colours – Guest Post

6Today is the last day of Pearls and Polkadots’ “Beautiful Beauty Bloggers” series and although I’m sad to end this wonderful series, I am so happy to have Holly from Holly’s Housewife Life guest posting today! Her blog is so cute and fun to read and I always enjoy learning some new beauty tips (not to mention the pictures of her cutie pie!) Happy Reading!

Hi All!!  I’m Holly from  Holly’s Housewife Life and I’m here to talk LIPSTICK. Lipstick is a hot passion of mine so I thought I would share a few fall favorites with you all today.


When the warmer weather dies down and cool breezes start taking over I take that as my cue to amp up the lip game from light wearing/sheer pinks and corals to a punchy purple. Its the perfect transition lip before the deep, bold reds of the holiday season come into play. A burgundy or plum pout flatters every skin tone, is the perfect accessory to your scarf and sweater combo AND pops against the auburn/gold Canadian leaves; Eh.

So here are a few of my fall favorites for 2015 shades:

blogger-image-1577415082   blogger-image--18664063

Left to right:

Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in the shade Smitten, this is a flat out classic lippie. If you are a lipstick wearing pro or a newbie you should have some of these balm stains in your collection. The formula can be worn sheer, layered with extra gloss or built up to a fuller lip colour. Under $10 at Walmart or drugstore locations and is worth every penny!

MAC Cosmetics lustre lipstick in Plumful, a staple in most beauty lovers lipstick drawers. Its soft, smooth and so easy to wear. Described as a “blossoming rose-plum” it will flatter all ages from high school to hot grandma! $20 at MAC stores and online.

Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Bauhau5, this one is a bit trickier to apply because it really is long lasting! Do not apply in a hurry! However once its applied you wont have to look in the mirror all day, its a matte finish in a beautiful raspberry shade. $24 at Sephora Canada locations.

(These are my new favorite liquid lip colours, I mustn’t be alone because the colours are always sold out online. I am on the waiting list for half of them!)

Bite Beauty matte crème lipstick in Mulled Maple, I could not write a fall favorites post without mentioning the limited edition Bite beauty Canadian inspired lipsticks. These babies are so smooth and pigmented they are like a lip lovers dream. Do not dare to apply without lip liner because they’re so buttery your lips will be sliding all over the place! $28 at Sephora Canada they come in 5 gorgeous fall shades and you have to get your hands on them before they’re gone!

(Oops not sold on them yet?! They also smell like maple syrup, really they do!)

To get in the fall mood I did a quick little photo shoot on a chilly, rainy Newfoundland day..



Model is wearing Kat Von D everlasting liquid lip in Bauhau5! 😉

Thank you so much for having me Samantha and I look forward to chatting with you and your readers again soon! xo

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Beautiful Beauty Bloggers: Fall is Here! 7 Easy Ways to Move Your Makeup Routine into Autumn – Guest Post

5This is the fifth day of Pearls and Polkadots’ “Beautiful Beauty Bloggers” series. I have Natalia from I’m Almost Ready guest posting today! It’s too bad we are nearing the last couple of days of the BBB Series, but I am psyched about these seven ways that Natalia has put together for us today!! Happy Reading!!

unnamed (6)im almost ready

Natalia is a beauty and curly-hair blogger in New York City. When she’s not busy exploring NYC one makeup store at a time, she likes to take photos, read horribly-written mystery novels, and hopes one day to create a cat eye that’s even on both eyes. You can find Natalia at her blog, I’m Almost Ready.

I absolutely love fall and everything that comes with it: sweaters, boots, changing leaves, apple-picking, pumpkin-flavored everything, and, best of all, fall-inspired makeup!

Even if you’re not a fan of the cooler weather, it’s tough not to find something fun in the fall makeup trends that feature darker, richer colors and lots of experimentation in the looks you can create.

While summer makeup is usually characterized by a lightweight base, bronze eye shadows, coral lips, brightly-colored nails, and glowy skin, fall makeup tends to be dominated by heavier bases, as well as darker and richer shades on our eyes, lips, and nails.

Just as we have to clear out our closets to make room for our cooler-weather clothes, it’s also a great idea to go through your makeup bag and get yourself ready for the fall’s makeup trends. If you want some tips and techniques on how to bring out your facial features click here, you can learn effective ways to bring out your facial features and enhance your natural beauty, creatively expressing yourself through makeup.

Below, I’ve shared my 7 tips for turning your summer makeup collection into a fall one!

First, we’ll prepare our skin and our base:

1. Add some more moisture to your skincare routine

With the cooler weather coming our way, it’s incredibly important to make sure that your skin is getting all of the moisture it needs! Even those of us with oily skin should make sure that our faces are properly moisturized. While it might seem counterintuitive, if you’re not adequately moisturizing your skin, it’ll overcompensate by producing more oil!

2. Choose a heavier base…

With the heat and humidity during the summertime, you can easily feel like your skin is suffocating under a heavier foundation. It’s no surprise that we all flock to the much more lightweight tinted moisturizers and BB creams in the warmer months.

As fall rolls around, though, you can comfortably pull out those foundations with more coverage than your tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Some people have recommended foundation such as Estee Lauder foundation, which they feel is a more lighter and comfortable foundation than some.

3. …but be sure to match your lighter skin tone

I know you all wear sunscreen like you’re supposed to (you all wear sunscreen right?), but even with the best of intentions, you probably tanned a bit this summer. Or, maybe you tanned the healthy way with some self-tanner.

Either way, as summer winds down, your tan will start to fade–and you’ll want to make sure that the foundation you’re using matches your lighter skin-tone, in order to avoid the dreaded “mask” of foundation, where your face is a different color from your neck.

Now, we’ll switch up our makeup:

4. Use your bronzer to contour instead of glow

Summertime makeup is all about glowing, and when we’re not strobing, we’re using bronzer to create a warm, summer glow by placing bronzer on the places where the sun would normally hit our face.

As fall rolls around, however, you’ll want to switch out your shimmery bronzer for a matte one. Applying your bronzer below the cheekbones, rather than on top of them, and lightly contouring your face will give you a look better-suited for fall.

5. Opt for darker lips and nails

The corals and fuschia lip colors that tend to dominate our makeup bags during the summer can be replaced with deeper burgundy, wine, and marsala tones (finally, the perfect season to work Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year into our makeup routines!).

The same rule goes for your nail polish. When fall rolls around, trade in your bright shades for your richer, deeper tones, as well as your more metallic shades.

6. Put those shimmery eye shadows away and pull out your metallic shades

During the summer, shimmery eye shadows create the perfect summer glow, but as the leaves start to turn, metallic golds, silvers, and coppers work wonderfully to create a fall-inspired look.

7. Embrace lots of liner and smokey eyes

In the warmer months, we tend to use a lighter hand with our liner, if we wear it at all. With the cooler weather on the horizon, though, this is a perfect time to pull out our sadly-neglected black liners, and create some bolder looks.

Graphic liner looks, bold cat-eyes, and smokey eyes in shades of black and brown–topped off with some black liner, of course!–paired with your favorite boots and a pumpkin-spiced latte: could it be any more fall?

What do you look forward to the most when it comes to fall makeup?

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