Inside My Mind: Personal Goals v9

BannerIt feels like it’s been an eternity since I last reviewed my goals with you guys!! It’s really only been two weeks. I had to sacrifice last Sunday to my “Looking Back” post for August…it had to be done before we got well into September! Oh well, the personal goals series is back and I am happy to report that I have great news!! I am also taking this chance to refresh my goals going forward. I am going to remove a few of the stale goals that just can’t remain on the list anymore and replace them with new ones!!

Last time, I set one goal for myself:

1. COMPLETE MY CURRENT GOALS. Well…I did actually complete most of my goals (which I will review in a moment), but since I am refreshing…I guess I can just keep this on the list. You won’t see it next week…because it is kind of a given that I want to complete my personal goals (obviously!!).

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Done and Done

This week, I have one goal to add to my list:

Write my next seven posts – Planning out my posts are incredibly important considering I have a part time job and I’m a full-time university student. September is a busy month, but it’s only going to get busier. Plus…I want to have a life and not live on my computer? Which is why planning and writing out my posts ahead of time is going to be key.

Well that’s all I have for today! Make sure you subscribe to my new newsletter before it goes out tomorrow morning!!


Make a Statement: Round Three

Jewelry is something a lot of girls have trouble with. More specifically, when choosing statement pieces, it can be difficult to grasp what you can and cannot wear them with. I am a true believer in statement necklaces…I love them a lot, but it took me a long time to feel confident enough in how I was wearing them. It is one thing that takes a long time for most people to grasp!!

I am about to make your life a little easier! In this post, I am going to look at eight types of necklaces worn with eight different necklines. That is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when you are picking out your necklace for the day. Start with looking at the neckline of the top you are wearing. This will be a useful indicator as to which necklace you should choose!


Necklace Guide

The chart above should steer you in the right direction, however, these are not set in stone…I certainly don’t always follow these rules…but if you are totally lost in the necklace department, then this will help you out! I am going to go through a few examples and show you how I have styled my jewelry. I keep taking risks and I get great results when it comes to long necklaces, statement necklaces or even short simple necklaces as well!

Well…here we go! I am going to show you how to style eight different necklines:

J.Crew bib necklace sweatshirt. Cute! @Gretchen Hawkins you'd love this...right up your alley ;):

Crew Neck: I try and jazz up my crew necks with a big statement necklace. This neckline is super simple, which allows you to have the ability to dress it up a bit. Keep in mind, statement necklaces don’t need to be obnoxious or flashy…they are just larger pieces of jewelry that can dress up a look. Personally, I try and colour contrast with statement necklaces which you can buy from places like HARUNI.

V Neck: You can pair a v neck with a statement necklace or a simple necklace as well. The simple necklace may be just a silver chain, or it could be something with a pendent on it. Like I said above, statement necklaces are great for dressing up a look. I sometimes wear a big statement necklace when I have a plunging v neck on. It takes the focus away from your cleavage and puts it on the fabulous piece of jewelry around your neck!! It also fills up the space on your chest.

Collared: If you are sporting an oxford or a layered collared look, you’ll want a multi-strand necklace. I typically wear my multi-strand pearls when I have a collared shirt on or if I am layering an oxford under a sweater. This is because singular necklaces can get lost under all of the layers, and of course, the collar.

Pearl and Crystal layered beauties over cable knit sweater and denim collared shirt:

Cowl Neck: Cowl necks can be tricky because there are several types. There are really bunched up cowl necks, or there are really scoop cowl necks that cut lower on your chest. Depending on what kind of cowl neck you are wearing, it may be difficult to pair a statement necklace or simple necklace…so that’s why you should opt for a long necklace or multiple long necklaces.

Tank Top: Who says you can’t dress up a tank top? Nobody said that…but since tank tops are typically very casual, I would pair a long necklace or long pendent necklace with the tank. Not that you can’t pair anything else…but a statement necklace would be too fancy and multi-strand necklaces don’t really do it with the tank.

Spun in Luxe tank Top:

Turtlenecks: Essential for winter, sometimes turtlenecks can be a little tricky. This is because when wearing a turtleneck, your neck isn’t being exposed at all. Which makes it all the more important to really jazz up on the jewelry. I would suggest either a multi-strand necklace or tight choker necklaces. They will define where your neck connects to your shoulders and slim your neck out.

Boat Neck: Avoid any short necklaces when wearing boat necks. Because the neckline reveals a lot of neck and shoulder space, a long necklace or pendent necklace is best for this top. The necklace won’t get caught up in the neckline and stop at just the right place on your torso, elongating it.

Segment Dolman Tee -

Scoop Neck: This is really fair game for any type of necklace, but the best one to go with a scoop neck would be a necklace that hugs the neckline. Try and find a scoop necklace which will fall just around your collar bone, and sit nicely, filling up the space that is revealed by the neckline.

A while back, I found a necklace guide in a catalog that I used to help me get started. Unfortunately, I lost it…which is why I am bringing you this post today. So that you can bookmark, pin or save it to refer back to when you are having difficulty!! Starting off with these tips in mind is a great way to get educated about wearing jewelry. Of course, it is totally up to you about what you wear with what…but sometimes it’s hard to know where exactly to begin!! I sometimes deviate from these tips when I find something that looks great, but this is my go-to.

After writing so much about necklaces, I think I’m going to have to go and see inventory from to decide if they’ve got anything nice for me!

Anyway, what is your favourite type of necklace? What are the struggles that you have faced when trying to accessorize with jewelry?? Let me know in the comments below!!


Inside My Mind: Liebster Award Winner x2!

INSIDE MY MINDBlogging is my true passion. I love being able to put my thoughts into a post, share it with the world and see how people react. Although my niche is fashion and style, this world has opened me up to a world of bloggers who I have very high respects for. I have learned how to bake delicious treats, decorate my bedroom, and how to reflect upon my own personal goals. We support, love and help each other get further in our blogging careers, and without one another, we wouldn’t get too far! Which is why I am such a believer in the Liebster Award and I am happy to announce that I have been nominated twice – first by Tanya from Tanya’s 101 and then again by Sammy from Bargain Baglady!

What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster award is an award given by a fellow blogger, to an upcoming blogger. It acts as a ‘good job’ specifically to those who are building their follow list. If a blogger has less than 1000 followers and are doing a great job, they qualify for the award. The blogger who nominates, sends along some questions for the blogger they are nominating! That nominee will add eleven facts about themselves and then keeps the cycle going by nominating other bloggers! It’s a giant cycle, all to recognize new and upcoming bloggers! (Just a heads up…this is going to be a long post!)

Tanya asked me 11 questions… 

1. What do you want to achieve by blogging? When I began to blog, all I wanted was to publish what I was passionate about. However, as I have discovered the blogging community and how large the support network is, I have been encouraged to keep going forward. I have learned to set goals, which has pushed me to find a direction. I want to keep writing for happiness and follow the path it leads me on!

2. Which blogging achievement are you proud of most? I was really excited when my page views surpassed 50,000. Over the past nine months, I have watched my stats fluctuate up and down, growing from just 12 views per day, to 1,500 per day! That is a major accomplishment for my blog and myself.

3. What does your perfect day look like? My perfect day includes sitting on my back patio, book in hand, iced coffee in stationed beside me, the sun shining down and not worrying about anything – just reading.

4. How do you describe home? Simple answer. Home is where my family is.

5. If you could have any super power, what would it be? I never know how to answer this question. There are so many potential powers…but I think teleporting would be really cool (and it would give me more time to sleep in the morning).

6. Write down the lyrics of a song which describes you today. The lyrics don’t really describe me today, necessarily. But the song “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato was on constant repeat today.

7. What’s your favourite book of all time? Why? My favourite books are written by Emily Giffin. I absolutely adore her and my all time favourite book is “Something Borrowed” – before the movie (although the movie is amazing, too).

8. If you could make the travel of your dreams, where would you go? Walt Disney World. The answer is always Walt Disney World.

9. Name five goals you want to have achieved one year from now. 1) Catalog my entire closet 2) 5000+ followers 3) Sponsored posts 4) Graduate from university 5) Regular posting routine (blogging)

10. What is your most important life lesson so far? I don’t rank my life lessons by importance, simply because everything I learn each day is important to me and I always keep in the back of my mind!

11. Which dream are you planning on achieving? I plan on achieving my dream of being a teacher.

Sammy asked me a few more… 

1. If you could have a 1-hour chat with any celebrity (dead or alive), who would it be and what’s the main topic of conversation? This is always a head scratcher question for me…I guess I would have to go with Ellen Degeneres. I absolutely love her, never miss her show and think she is so interesting.

2. How did you discover the theme of your blog? What inspired you? Blogging kind of fell into my lap. I didn’t really intend on starting a blog…I just posted pictures of what I wore to my personal Instagram account and then figured I would create a separate account for my clothing…just because. One thing lead to another and I found myself blogging every day!

3. What is your favourite food? Anyone who knows me, knows that I am in love with BLT sandwiches…and always will be.

4. How do you feel about winning the Liebster award? Incredibly excited! Being nominated twice is such an honour and makes me feel that I truly am reaching people. In less than a year, I have gained over 1000 people who follow me and that pushes me to write more. I am so incredibly appreciative of this community I have been welcomed into and have truly found my passion for writing.

5. What’s the next big plan for your life? Well, I really want to finish up school this year, and then work towards purchasing my first home. I am set on owning a house by the time I am thirty. I’ve got just under ten years…so I feel like I could certainly accomplish that!

Random Facts About Me… 

  1. My favourite lunch hour pastime is to read and eat fries from Wendy’s in my favourite place in the city.
  2. I design house plans for fun in my spare time (that I plan to use when I own my own house).
  3. I’d rather be cold than hot.

And now, I nominate… 

Adriana from Daily Dose of Design 

David from The Daily Dayne 

Jasmine from Colour U Bold

Alex from Auburn Pride 

All of you have amazing content that I always enjoy reading, which is why I am challenging you to answer the following eight questions and then nominate three other new bloggers with under 1000 followers. Write a post about your Liebster Award, answer these questions below and then thank the blogger who nominated you! Bloggers support bloggers, so let’s pass this award around to recognize all of who put their heart and soul every day, week and month of the year!

  1. What inspired you to blog? Why did you begin to blog? 
  2. Where is your favourite place to blog? 
  3. What is the biggest achievement to date in your blogging career? 
  4. What is a key part of your morning routine? 
  5. Favourite movie of all time? 
  6. Are you a spur of the moment, think on the spot blogger or do you plan everything out ahead of time? 
  7. Dog or cat person? 
  8. What will your life look like one year from now?

Have fun everyone! I hope that these questions aren’t too hard and you can answer them – I look forward to reading your posts!


My Camel Picks!




The Fall colour palette is always something to look forward to! A couple of weeks ago, I showed you exactly how much I love the colour wine! Well, in today’s post, I am going to go through some of my favourite pieces I have come across lately in the colour camel. This neutral colour is all the rage this season (as I have pointed out several times in the last month) and it makes me giddy to think that all of these picks are being sold right now! Can I go shopping please?

What exactly qualifies as “camel”…because that’s an animal right? Well, yes…that’s true, camel is an animal…but it is also a fabulous neutral colour that falls right in line with this season. There is nothing I love more than a good wardrobe neutral, but this colour doesn’t even have to be a neutral! That’s what is so amazing about it! You can literally make it the focus colour in your outfit, and not look washed out or drab (provided it is worn properly of course). Not to worry…I have lined up some great examples that I am going to review right now. I am going to show you two things today:

1) My choice camel looks. 

2) Where you can find some great camel items. 

This is one of my favourite ways to wear camel – in a outerwear or coat. See how it becomes the focus rather than the neutral or compliment in this outfit? She is wearing all black underneath with all black accessories, acting as a blank canvas for the camel coat to be displayed on. Even better, instead of wearing black or another colour in the shoe, she wore camel strappies…which really just completes the look.

25 Great New Outfits For Your Winter Lookbook - Style Estate -:

This is another great way to wear the colour. In the accessories. A soft, camel-coloured scarf is perfect…pair it with a hand bag and other marvelous accessories and you have a great overall look. I especially love the winter white sweater and how it goes so well with the camel. It’s important to note that because camel is a neutral, it goes really well with other neutrals (black, white, etc…)

Looking chic while staying cozy. Photo: Courtney D’Alesio:

Like I mentioned above, having an all black ensemble and then adding pops of camel through accessories is a great way to wear the colour. I own a few camel hats and they are great to accessorize with. The one that I debuted in the banner above is also a great one (it will be linked below for your perusal)! Even in the Fall, headgear is amazing to wear and great to style with. It takes your outfit up a notch, and with a neutral hat like this one, you can really wear it with anything…

Stick to all black and add pops of print or colour in your accessories. The look for wandering stylishly around Paris / the love assembly:

The items that I showed in the three outfit reviews, are unfortunately not linked below. However, I have linked the items I picked out for my banner (which are all available in-store right now – just use the links below!!). My top three items of my camel picks are:

Camel Hat camel ponchocamel bag

Like I said, I am obsessed with camel hats and this one is perfect for transitioning into the Fall season. I love how it features a cute band around the rim, to add that extra bit of glam! This poncho sweater is from Michael Kors and although, I don’t own a lot of his product, I have my sights set on this gorgeous knit!! I could style this to no end!! Of course, how could I not choose a Kate Spade bag to be in my top three for the post? This bag is timeless and really can be worn all through the year!!

Well, there you have it – my camel picks. Hopefully you will take a look at these cute pieces that I love or find your own fabulous pieces to style! Camel is one of the neutrals that is really making a come out this season and so it should be!! Let me know how you wear this neutral in the comments below!


#WishlistWednesday: Booties, booties, booties

BannerI’m switching up this Wednesday’s series. Well…not entirely, because how tragic would it be if I didn’t share my wants and needs with you (for clothing that is…)? Nope, what I mean is that I am going to change up the format for today. I usually debut three of my top choices for whatever it is that I’m wishing about that week, but instead, I am going to focus on colours and showing you the ropes of how booties can register as an absolute necessity for your closet this Fall.

When it comes to booties, it is all about three things: colour, height, and cut. But more on that later (post idea alert!). This Fall, booties are all the rage and I am totally on board with that. For those of you who don’t know what “booties” are, I will tell you. Instead of the traditional knee-high or calf cut, a great trend that is coming about is the boot that cuts off at your ankles. Ankle booties. I hopped on this band wagon last winter when The Bay was having a massive sale and I scored Ralph Lauren cognac booties…they were a steal, to say the least.

I’m getting off track…there are some really great colours in trend for this Fall, and that certainly applies to booties. So here we go…

The Tan Boot. I have said this before, camel is in. Well, tan falls into the same part of the colour wheel that camel does and for some reason, I am obsessed with this colour this season. These three pairs of tan ankle booties I picked are from (left to right) Ivanka Trump, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Steve Madden and they are all linked for your shopping enjoyment!


Why do I love this colour so much? It is always great to have neutrals in your wardrobe – even your shoes. Although shoes can be the statement of your look, in the chillier seasons, you want to put more of the focus on your warm knits and beautiful scarves. Rather than stealing the show, a neutral pair of booties will keep your look sophisticated, classic and chic!

The Black Boot. Just like the LBD (Little Black Dress), the little black boot is a necessity as well. It serves the purpose of a casual or dressy shoe and really goes with anything (as black does). These three pairs of tan ankle booties I picked are from (left to right) Calvin Klein, Ivanka Trump, and Jessica Simpson and they are all linked as well!


I love black boots. Plain and simple. Whether you pair them with a mini dress, a cute pair of skinnies or even some high waisted shorts, the look is flawless. I have a go to pair of black ankle boots that I wear with pretty much everything. They feature a peep toe, similar to the Calvin Klein pair (above, left). The peep toe is useful because you can wear them throughout the summer in addition to the other seasons! Whether the toes are peeping or not, black booties are a staple in any girl’s closet.

The Cognac Boot. I haven’t expressed my love for cognac yet, have I? To clarify…the colour, not the drink. Cognac bags, boots, shoes, are all a staple in my closet. I found the perfect cognac bag from Aldo last year, and of course, my Ralph Lauren booties were cognac as well. The colour is amazing and I never get tired of it. Which is why I picked some perfect cognac booties from (left to right) Anne Klein, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Madden Girl (of course all linked up).


Whether they are suede or leather, the colour comes through and really take the cake. There are varying shades of cognac ranging from dark to light, but whichever colour you choose, it’s a warm colour that compliments a lot. You can wear any one of these pairs of boots with a range of different colours – from black to red. It plays off the different hues in your clothing and gives off a polished look.

Well there you have it…my take on coloured ankle booties. When it comes to shoes, I know what I like and what I don’t like and these nine pairs I have shown you here are definitely in my sights for Fall. Well…my wishlist at least.

Which is your favourite pair and do you have a colour preference for your boots? Let me know in the comments below!