Monogram 101: DIY Monogram stickers!!

With the summer season in full swing, my DIY projects are becoming more and more frequent! Since I have time on the weekends and after work on weeknights, I like to have something to fill that time up…and what better than to fill your time with, than a project!? I started DIY’ing last summer, grabbing tutorials from Pinterest (the ultimate DIY project finder). I created myself a board for inspiration and got right down to it. As soon as I began, I could not stop!

DIY_Monogram_StickersWell, this year, there is a second thing that I am obsessed with, and if you are an avid reader of Pearls and Polkadots, than you will know what that second thing is – monograms! In the past couple of weeks, I have covered my monogram wishlist, monogram etiquette and now I am giving you an easy and simple tutorial to create your own monogram stickers!!


  • Colour printer
  • Avery Print-to-the-Edge round labels {22817}
  • Silhouette Studio design software {free}

Creating your monogram.

The first thing you will need to do, is design your monogram. For this, I use a free program called Silhouette Studio. This program is used for designing various pieces of artwork. Download the basic edition for this tutorial. Once you have downloaded it, open the program and select “design”, which will open a new, blank canvas.




For monograms, there are many fonts that you can use. What is great about Silhouette Studio is that it pulls the fonts that you have on your computer. So if you want to go and download your own font, or use one you created, you can! For my monograms, I use a font I got a while ago called “Free Monogram Beta”. While on the blank canvas, select the text tool and type in your initials…


If you like all of your initials to be the same size, then you can save your monogram graphic here (see steps below). However, I like my monogram to be fashioned in the traditional way (larger middle initial). In order to do that, select the two outer initials and downsize them accordingly (you can adjust the text size on the left hand menu).


Once you have the sizing adjusted, you will want to rearrange your initials so that the letters interlock (like a traditional monogram). Right click on the text box you typed your initials in, and select “ungroup”. This will separate all of the initials, so that you can arrange them to your liking.


Once your letters are interlocked and arranged the way you want them, select all of the letters by clicking and dragging your cursor over all of your initials, that way you are capturing the entire monogram at once. Once you have the initials selected, you need to weld the initials together.To do this, choose weld from the “Modify” menu on the right. By welding the initials, you transform the text to one shape that you can re-size and move around.


This is what your welded monogram will look like:


TIP: In order to change the colour and fill the shape, use the appropriate tools located across the top navigation panel (to the right of the screen). There, you will find icons for “fill colour” and “line colour”. For this tutorial, I changed my monogram to be outlined in hot pink, and filled with a softer pink colour:



Saving your monogram.

Silhouette Studio is typically used for larger projects than this. Silhouette America manufactures a whole printing studio if you are doing projects with vinyl or harder material. I haven’t been able to save a .png or .jpeg of my monograms so far, so what I do as an alternative, is printscreen and save as an image using Paint. Alternatively, if you’re working on a smaller scale you can get a desktop thermal printer as they are not only really convenient thanks to their size, but they are also fast and affordable! It’s great fun to see your designs being printed out immediately before your own eyes.


Printing your monogram.

With those simple steps, you have your monogram created!! Now, here is the fun part…printing your stickers!! You are going to need labels, first of all. The labels that I like to use are made by Avery. I use the round, print-to-the-edge glossy labels (22817). You can use any labels that you like, but what I love about Avery, is they provide an online label maker, where you can place your monogram, add a design, and know that they will be printed properly.



In order to format your labels, go to – there, you can type your template number into their database, and they will bring up the template for you to print your monogram on. All you have to do is import the image and you are good to go!!

Once you have your template designed and ready to print, hit the print button and watch your beautiful monogram stickers print out…



…and enjoy your DIY monogram stickers!!




This is my first DIY tutorial on Pearls and Polkadots and I am so excited that I got to bring you guys in on such a fun project that takes a few simple steps! Look forward to more of my summer DIY projects, and check out my DIY board on Pinterest to take a look at projects I have done in the past!!

Not bad for a style blogger… Enjoy!


June: Looking Back


I say this every month when I round up my picks of the month, but this month has gone by so quickly!! I can’t believe that in two months, I will be moved back to school, starting my fourth and final year of university! It’s crazy how time flies… But to go on with my monthly tradition (and the second day of the #30DayWriter challenge!!), I am detailing four of my most favourite looks I put together for the month of June. Looking back, it seems as if there were a lot of different patterns worn (not just pictured in the four looks above, but pretty much throughout the month!).

Probably my favourite look of the month is pictured in the top left hand corner. I picked this polka dot skirt up from Winners (where most of my clothing comes from) last year, and I am so glad. It was one of the best purchases, because this print goes with a lot and I love to wear it (winter and summer!). I paired the polka dot skirt with a classic white blouse and my J Crew multistrand pearl necklace. The pop of colour comes in through the pink pumps. Just the touch this ensemble needed (I even got referred to as Carrie, from Sex and the City, which I take as a compliment!!). By far, a look to go down in the books.

The second look, pictured in the top right hand corner, was very simple to put together. This dress, made by Tommy Hilfiger, pretty much was the outfit. All I had to do was put on some shoes and some jewelry and I was good to go! I have worn this dress with white heels before, because I feel that white and navy blue is a perfect combo, however, this time, I opted for the nude heel and I don’t regret it! White stands out, but nude blends in, as to not take away from the dress!

The third look, pictured in the bottom left hand corner, is more of a casual look and was super casual to put on after a long day at work. I actually had forgotten about this top that I had gotten years ago at Banana Republic. It’s super cute, but a tad short for my torso (which is probably why it was at the bottom of my drawer). Nevertheless, the top looks good on, and I love how it ties up on one side, creating a little detail that takes the focus! The sandals that I am wearing, if you can believe it, are from Avon! I have since learned (in the past two years) that Avon really has some great product (don’t knock it, till’ you try it!). These sandals are really comfy too!

My fourth and final pick of the month is pictured in the bottom right hand corner. It, as well, is a more casual look. I wore this while running errands on the day of my sister’s prom. It was a blistering hot day, and a tank top was certainly needed. What I love about this top (from American Eagle Outfitters) is how  high up it goes on my chest. I really don’t love exposing too much cleavage and many tank tops tend to accentuate that. When you are running around doing errands, the last thing you want to worry about it spilling out of your top (not attractive!). The pop of colour in the pants that I am wearing (also from American Eagle Outfitters) gives the overall look a very summery feel!

Well, there you go! My monthly round up of my favourite looks of the day! These picks of June are probably my favourite so far (I may have to do a 6 month round up…which looks would I choose!?) Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below! Here is a shot of the skyline I snapped on one of the family drives:


Signiture View Post

#WishlistWednesday: I’m a Sucker for Seersucker!!


Happy Canada Day everybody!! Not only is it my favourite post of the week, but it is the first day of the month! I have to say, my two regular posts have kind of collided this month, as I usually do my monthly roundup of my outfit picks of the month…but I will have to push that until tomorrow! Today, I will be detailing my most-wanted seersucker items that have hit my wishlist this week, and then will be announcing a new challenge that I have taken on for the month of July!

Seersucker is definitely an acquired style. Not everyone can say its their favourite fabric – not even me – but I do enjoy the texture that it holds. For those who aren’t familiar with seersucker, it is a type of fabric that is a mix between cotton and rayon (another type of material), which makes for a very puckered look. If you are familiar with Lauren James clothing, you will know what I am talking about, because she is heavily into designing in seersucker. Which is why her seersucker items pretty much monopolize my wishlist this Wednesday!

The Emerson SeersuckerLauren James, $125.00


Coming in a multitude of colours, this seersucker dress would be perfect for a vacation away or a fun summer evening. This dress truly screams preppy and girly (which is exactly what I listen for!!). The bow really makes the dress, in my opinion. Lauren James is truly famous for her girly style and for as long as I have known about the company, I have never denied loving what they sell. Unfortunately, I have yet to own an LJ dress, but that’s what wishlists are for, right? Maybe this one will be in my closet in the near future…a girl can dream.

The Madeline DressLauren James, $110.00


In keeping with the signature bow, this beauty of a dress is also an LJ seersucker piece, which is simple but fabulous!! I love how she went for that over-sized shirt look, making this dress a perfect alternative to a beach cover up while taking a stroll by the shore. You can’t see it pictured above, but if you look very closely, the detail of the seersucker is a faint stripe, which makes it all the more preppy (don’t you just love stripes?) I love how girly the bow makes this dress look…it’s hard not to be girly when you’re dressed head to toe in seersucker!

The Sterling Maxi DressLauren James, $98.00


This is a different look for seersucker. Now, when I initially saw this breath taking maxi, I thought…that can’t be all seersucker!! There is no way that puckered material can look that smooth! Well, then I paid closer attention and actually read the product description (what a thought!!). Guess what I found out? The bow and midsection is seersucker. Well, that was enough for me because not only is the maxi stunningly pink, it also has the prettiest bow on the back of the dress. I love this for a casual overall feel, and wouldn’t mind going and picking up myself one of these babies!

Well, there it is – my #WishlistWednesday for the week – all about seersucker.

Now, I did say I had an announcement to make! This is something I am extremely excited about. What I have decided to do for the month of July is participate in the #30DayWriter challenge. This morning, as I browsed through my blogging Facebook groups (my usual commuter pastime), I came across this challenge by a fellow blogger. She challenged the group to write a blog post every day for the entire month of a July! This is going to be exciting, and will generate a lot of new ideas, which I am looking forward to.

It will take a lot of planning and work, but I truly feel it will be worth it. So if you just began reading Pearls and Polkadots, now is a great time to keep checking back because there will be one new blog post a day (even on the weekends!!) Stay tuned for some exciting things coming up!!

With that, I leave you with one of my favourite (and very Canadian) shots I snapped this past month! Happy Canada Day!



Outfit Details: Bubblegum Pink Midi Skirt

One of my favourite pastimes is browsing through the pages of Pinterest. Fabulous looks, inspiring fashion – all contained in one place (or board..)! It is where I have found many looks to replicate and better my wardrobe with. Not to mention that I have found actual pieces online to order through different pins that come up on my home page. It’s certainly a blessing when you have an idea in your head, and can search it on Pinterest, to see if anyone else has that same idea. My most recent online purchase that I found through a pin, lead me to ChoiesI had no idea this website existed, but it has got some great stuff at a great price!

Two weeks later, I had this beautiful, poly blend, pink, midi skirt that is to die for! I am in love with this skirt, and hope I get to wear it somewhere soon (other than a photo shoot in my backyard). I suppose you could wear this look to a wedding, or a shower of some sort. I was under the impression that it would be work-worthy, but when it arrived and I tried it on, I realized it may be a little too casual to wear to the office. That being said, it is still a super fun piece to dress up in!

SO…without further ado…the outfit of the weekend…


For this look, I tried to make the skirt the focal point. Because the colour is neon and bright, I figured it would automatically draw the eye (no matter what). Especially because of the brightness, anything you pair with it would have to be opposite to that.



As opposed to wearing another solid colour on the top, I opted for a beautiful print. Seeing as polka dots are my favourite print, I thought that it would be a good match. I have to say, I love the turn out. I have seen many tops worn with this skirt (I did a tad of research before I made the purchase), and it truly looks good with solid black, white, chambray, etc.. I, however, think the print gives it that extra flare that the outfit needed!


Most people know how in love I am with my Kate Spade New York handbag. Which is why I could not leave it out of this amazing look. There is also some truth to the fact that this bag went PERFECTLY with the ensemble (falling into the classic style). I have said it before, and I will say it again – this bag is timeless. No matter what year, what season or what occasion…this bag is appropriate. I have gotten so much use out of it in the past two months that it has belonged to me.


The shoes I’m wearing for this look are designed by Paula Abdul – the “Forever” collection, to be specific. Paula sells this collection of hers through Avon, and I have to say, I am pretty obsessed with it. These shoes specifically add just enough to an ensemble to make it fabulous. My favourite part about these heels is the two tone black and white scheme. I can pretty much wear them with anything (and I do..).

I had never worn a midi skirt before, and when I ordered this particular one online, I was a little curious as to how I would actually like it. Mostly because I am short (and the models I see wearing this fashion on Pinterest are tall…or taller than me, at least). However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this skirt fit me well, despite my height. The heels helped with that a little…




There you have it, those are the details of the pink midi skirt look. Enjoy!


Monogram 101: Etiquette Breakdown

Monograms are one of the preppy staples of a prepster’s being. You can monogram anything and everything, and why wouldn’t you? In keeping with Wednesday’s theme, I am going to give you the lowdown on etiquette of monogramming. Wait, what? What etiquette? The initial/monogram etiquette. There is a certain ordering of initials that one should follow when monogramming anything. Traditionally, the initials should be placed in this order: first initial, last initial, middle initial. So, Anna Beth Collins would be monogrammed as: monogram_example

This is the most common form of monogramming, but what about those who have four initials? Well, there aren’t any rules for four initial monograms (at least, none that I have heard of). The way I like to do it is place my two initials in the center, making them bigger than the two initials on the end. So, in my case, it would be: first initial, middle initial, second middle initial, last initial. Therefore, it would look like this:


I am on the hunt for monogram retailers who monogram clothing with four initials. Marley Lilly does offer this service, but shipping to Canada is significantly pricier than if you were to order within the U.S. What I have gotten into the habit of doing recently, is making monogram stickers with my own personal monogram. I haven’t tried making them yet, but I will certainly post a tutorial once I do (hopefully it works!!). I want to try and monogram as much as I can (just to show off this cute little accessory).

It’s a trend that I have definitely started to follow and I am all in! Let me know in the comments below if and what you have monogrammed so far! Happy Friday!