#WishlistWednesday: Drool-worthy Planners


Okay…so maybe this is a little outside the box for this style blog, but I don’t care, because lately (if you have been paying attention to my Pinterest account), I am OBSESSED with planners. I have never been one to keep everything in my phone…I just don’t find it second nature to schedule appointments or my electronically. I use my phone for, literally, everything…except that. That’s why I am switching it up this Wednesday and giving you my planner wishlist. I am also going to go over what I look for in a planner!!

Quick and Curious Large AgendaKate Spade, $36.00

Doesn’t Kate Spade provide us with so many great things? Bags, shoes, dresses, planners…yeah…planners. I LOVE her planners! This particular line of stationary is so inspiring and beautiful. I love the quotes that come with her products. It puts just the right touch of “girly” on it to make me want to melt into a puddle of preppy goodness!! The stripes, the polka dots…it’s all adorable!! My favourite planner right now is this “Quick and Curious”,  Tiffany blue agenda because it is to-die-for!! I have flipped through it about a million times at my local Chapters, and have to say that I would L-O-V-E to own this baby!!Kate_Spade_Planner_1


Tusk in the Sun Monthly AgendaLilly Pulitzer, $29.34

How cute is this printed planner? I am actually obsessed with the “Tusk in the Sun” products by Lilly Pulitzer!! I don’t actually own any of the dresses, shorts, etc…, but they have been on my wishlist for months now. What I love about this planner is the slender build of it. The majority of planners are big, bulky and thick (which isn’t always a bad thing), but for something that you want to keep in your purse, or carry around easily, this is your pick!! Now, I have to say that I cannot vouch for the inside of the planner, because, I have not physically seen it or flipped through it. However, after reading TONS of reviews on this planner and several other Lilly Pulitzer planners, I feel assured that I would not be disappointed. How could you not be happy with a planner that looks like this, anyway?

Sorbet Medium Agenda, Carolina Pad, $16.99

I absolutely love this brand. I have been buying Carolina Pad since I was in elementary school (binders, notepads, etc) mainly because it was affordable, and also because the patterns and motifs were unbelieveably stylish. Well, they still are today, and their planners are perfect! You can usually find it in your local Wal-Mart or Target. The best thing about this line of stationary, is that it is affordable. Keep in mind, that with a planner (specifically), it is an annual cost. You aren’t going to have to buy two or three of these per year, you will only need one!! I used to buy these planners when I was younger because I didn’t have a ton of money to be wasting on an agenda. I got my fix of preppy and cute patterns, while still continuing to have a functioning planner!!



Well, there you have it…those are my top three planners that I want to use this year. However, although these planners are super great and functional (and oh so pretty!!), I am really thinking that I want to try and DIY this one. I made a planner last year, but found that it wasn’t durable or as functional as I wanted it to be. Which is why I am back shopping for planners again this year…but the crafty girl in me is pushing me to look at more tutorials and try, try again!!

We’ll see what happens, I guess!! I’m sure I will blog about my decision in the future (Future post? I think so!!). Now, before I let you go, I promised I would give you a run-down on what I look for in a planner…

What I look for in a Planner:

1. Sections – There are so many components to a person’s life, and for me, I self-manage a lot of things that I like to have written down that just cannot go in my phone (like everything else..). I typically look for birthday sections, meal sections, daily agenda (as opposed to j1ust the calendar) and of course, lots of extra notes pages. This allows me to keep EVERYTHING in there, nice and organized so that I make sure that nothing gets left out!!

2. Pockets – Depending on what type of planner I want (book vs. zip-up), I look for pockets. Kate Spade planners (unless you go leather), don’t typically have a ton of pockets because it is more like a book that is bound. Awhile back, I was using a permanent planner, where you refill the pages. That had a TON of storage space to store all of my loose papers and cards that I may want to keep with my pages. Eventually, I moved away from this because it got too heavy and messy. Not to mention, pricey when you have to keep buying the pages!!

3. Bright and Funky Designs – This is totally cosmetic, but it is a valid point. No one wants a boring black or brown planner…what does that say about your personality? Dull. A planner is such a personal item, and says a lot about you!! When I go shopping for planners, I don’t give those boring planners the time of day. I look for the wildest and brightest planner out there!!

Confession: I mentioned above, that last year I DIY’d my planner and I was totally unsuccessful. It was a great planner,  but not too durable, which led me to not wanting to stuff it in my bag for fear that it would rip apart! What happened to it, you may ask? It got left on my shelf, and now I’m not entirely sure where it is. I can tell you one thing: it was never used.

Planners take commitment and you have to remember to use it, or else it’s basically a waste of money (not to be too blunt..). Make sure you check out some of the super cute planners I have linked below.

What do you look for in a planner? Let me know in the comments below!!

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Make a Statement: Round Two


Statement necklaces have become a staple in my wardrobe, and I find it so exciting and pleasing to pick up a new piece of jewelry that I can coordinate with so many outfits. I have a few tips that I have picked up along the way which have made it a lot easier to look at a wall of necklaces and choose the best one (in my opinion…). If you’re wanting to find the best ones (in your opinion) you can have a look around at jewelry stores both offline and online, such as on sites like Owen & Robinson Jewellers for instance.

When I first started out as a blogger, I wrote a post on statement necklaces. However, I had just begun accessorizing with different types of pieces, and well, finding what I felt looked best. I wouldn’t say that my style has changed in the six months I have been blogging, but I have definitely found ways to make it easier for me when I go accessory shopping and I know what I am looking for!

The brighter the better! There is nothing better than a bright statement necklace to make your outfit pop! When I first began to accessorize with statement necklaces, I was a little shy with them – I bought softer colours that blended in and didn’t really stand out at all. They were more “complimentary” necklaces, than “statement” necklaces! However, as the spring season rolled in, I expanded with my bright taste and started to wear more colours that popped!!

Don’t shy away from those flashy pieces! Jewelry is not just for special occasions!! This is probably the most common misconception when it comes to accessorizing! Sure, you should accessorize when you are going somewhere fancy, or even going out for a night on the town. But who says you can’t wear a flashy piece while studying for finals at the library? Well, I say you can!! And should.

Change up the length! One of the common trends right now: big, bold, and short in length. While those are great and certainly make a statement, you also have to make sure you are switching it up and add a lengthy piece to your collection. I typically wear longer pieces when I am trying to create a taller look. Don’t get me wrong…I love the cute little neck length pieces, but you have to switch it up (you don’t want the same necklace in every look you style…). Keep it fresh with new pieces!!

Jewelry is a mysterious area of fashion and I’m sure everyone will have their own opinion on what looks good or what doesn’t look good or even what they feel comfortable wearing! The most important thing to take away from this post, is this: Where what you love. If you love a rainbow coloured, spiky piece…WEAR IT! Not everybody is going to love what you are wearing every single time, and I have definitely made some fashion forward moves that not everyone I know liked…but who cares when you feel beautiful in it?

Here are a few of my statement pieces that I have collected in the last year. I love them. I wear them. I am addicted to statement jewelry!!




Before I go, I want to let you in on one last, little detail…to make your accessorizing easier, I have brought the necklaces to you!! Below, I have linked some of my favourite necklaces that are on the market right now, and some of them are on sale!! These are the best and brightest pieces a girl could ask for, so make sure you check em’ out below!

Let me know how you feel about statement jewelry in the comments below and what your most favourite style is to rock!

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Outfit Details: the Polka dot Maxi

Maxi dresses and skirts are one of my favourite things to wear on the weekends because they are so comfortable! Plus, they are easy to dress up and dress down! If you haven’t already looked at my maxi skirt post, have a read now! Maxi dresses come in all kinds of colours and patterns, and I have been building my collection for the past couple of years. However, one I picked up on sale at Old Navy this past season, has now become one of my favourite summer maxis to wear! Unfortunately, this exact one is not available anymore, but Old Navy did just come out with some new maxi prints that are to-die-for (linked below)!!

I styled this look last weekend as I ran errands for my sister’s graduation party! It is so fun and cute, and simple to throw on, that it was perfect for running around town. What I love about this dress is that it has a high-low cut going on. It is lower in the back, than it is at the front, and that actually comes in handy for me, being the short gal that I am!



Because it was a little chilly that day (the sun didn’t seem to want to come out!!), I paired the dress with a chambray that I picked up from Target, when it was still open in Canada. You can pick up chambray shirts, really, anywhere…but I have linked some cute ones below! The chambray really ties into the blue polka dots, and having that extra layer was much needed with the wind and sprinkling rain blowing around.

I like to pair different colours together, so I wanted to pair this ensemble with a statement piece that really popped! That’s why I picked this funky and chunky mark. by Avon necklace. I got this necklace about two years ago, but mark. by Avon regularly has great statement pieces like the one I am wearing in this look.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a close-up of the shoes that I chose to wear with this outfit (I was getting photos taken before we got poured on). The shoes that I chose to pair with this look (you can kind of see them in the first photo) were also from Avon. They are a pretty coral colour, with a metal feature around the open toe. They are so cute and comfortable, that I have them in coral and aqua!! Perfect for summer!!


On a side note, this braid that I did was something I completely made up on the spot. I am not the best at doing hair, but when it comes to braiding, I am intrigued at all the things you can do! In a desperate need to disguise my third-day hair (don’t judge me..), I quickly threw together this braid. I couldn’t tell you how to do it, even if I tried, but somehow, the above look came out!!

Make sure you check out the links below to get your own fun printed maxis!! This outfit is a favourite for sure, and definitely casual enough to wear out and about!!

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My Mint Picks!

My_MINT_PicksDo I have some picks for you on this gorgeous Sunday! I am always looking for cute, fun and colourful pieces to add to my wardrobe, and lately I have been OBSESSED with the colour mint. Mint is an interesting colour. It is one of those colours that I didn’t have in my closet for a long time. In fact, I didn’t really recognize it as a colour you wore (isn’t that crazy!?). However, in the past year, and through my obsession with Pinterest, I realized that mint is actually a great colour to wear!!

It can be used in an accessory, like the cute tassel necklace I have linked from Banana Republic. Mint can also be made the focus of the entire outfit by wearing a mint skirt or pair of pants!! I barely have any mint in my closet right now, but with this roundup, I will surely be showing off my mint fashion soon! I’m going to show you two things in this post:

1) My most favourite minty looks. 

2) Where you can get beautiful mint pieces. 

How can you not love the outfits that Taylor Swift walks around in? I mean, her style is pretty classic and this is certainly one of the classics. This is a perfect example of the colour acting as the stand out or focus of the ensemble. Although the shoes pop, the focus piece is the patterned mint number she’s wearing. Everything else is coordinated with the minty overall feel (the fuchsia, peep toe heels; the neutral bag; the simple necklace). This is one my favourite looks.

There is no other word to describe this look than adorable. There are so many things that I love about it, I don’t know where to begin. So I will begin with the colour scheme. Mint and white go together…it is a fact (white pretty much goes with anything). This winter white, lace detailed top compliments the tulle perfectly and makes for a pretty party look. To top it all off, the pointed nude heel is just the neutral that the look needs to keep the focus on the skirt. Stylish Petite is the blogger behind this magnificent look. I have been reading her blog for a while now, and she has the greatest eye for style. Definitely give her blog a look-over when you get a chance (you will not be disappointed!!)

The mint piece doesn’t always have to be the focus of the look. Maybe you don’t like mint, or don’t want to dress head to toe in it…that’s completely fine!! But incorporating the colour as a compliment to another piece in your look will leave you looking pretty in the pastel. For example, this look shown below has put the focus on the polka dot pattern. That is what draws the eye at first sight, but having that soft pastel colour in the cardi brightens the look up, so it does not become an all-black-and-white outfit.

The items that I showed in the three outfit reviews, are unfortunately not linked below. However, I have linked the items I picked out for my banner (which are all available in-store right now – just use the links below!!). My top three items of my mint picks are:


This polka dot mint clutch is currently part of the Betsey Johnson collection at Macy’s. I love how the white dots are so subtle…this clutch is absolutely to-die-for!! Another favourite are these sneakers by Sperry. If you look really closely, there is a white pattern on the shoe that resemble flying birds! So summery and adorable!! Lastly, I am crazy for tassels…but have never owned any! Which is why I have included this tassel necklace from Banana Republic. It is the perfect accessory for any mint-lover’s outfit!!

Well, there you have it – my mint picks. Hopefully you will take these cute pieces into consideration (or find your own fab pieces!!). Mint is the summer colour that’s taking over, and I am perfectly okay with that!! Let me know how you wear this pastel in the comments below!

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4th of July Style: the Canadian’s Picks!

4th of JulyLet’s start off by saying that I am not American. Maybe that’s an abrupt way to start, but stay with me. I am not American, but I love the 4th of July. Why is that, you may ask? Well, because I feel so much pride for Canada, my home country, that I find great appreciation for those Americans who appreciate and support their country. Not to mention, I have connected with so many bloggers from the U.S.A. and made so many great friends!!

One of my favourite things about the 4th of July, is the inspired style that comes out the holiday! You have to admit, some of the stunning outfits that are coordinated for the 4th of July festivities, are just that…stunning! So that is why, I perused Pinterest this week, looking out for all of the American looks…and I am going to detail some of my picks (as a Canadian) in this post!

Look #1 – Anchors away on the 4th of July with these cute chino shorts!

This look if absolutely to die for. This was one of the first looks that I came across, and I fell in love with it. Let’s start with my favourite piece of this look – the anchor shorts from J.Crew. It’s no secret that J.Crew knows how to make the best of preppy clothing. As soon as I saw these shorts, I went crazy trying to find myself a pair…unfortunately…no luck. These are from a few years ago, and they haven’t been sold since. However, the good news is, is that I found a similar pair, linked at the bottom of this post (I am using a new widget, from this point forward to help you find my picks!).

The skinny red belt is such a simple detail, but totally stands out against the navy, anchor print backdrop…which makes this outfit completely suitable for the 4th of July celebration you are heading to! Even better, the statement necklace ties the entire ensemble together, giving just the right amount of red in the look. This flower necklace is very popular and originally sold by J.Crew. However, in keeping with my poor luck with these items, it is also unavailable. More good news!! I found a similar, knock-off, that I  have linked down below (make sure you check it out!). The flashes of red, tied in with the navy anchor print and white blouse, makes this outfit the perfect BBQ or parade wear for the day!!

The final thing I will say about this look…the Sperry Topsiders How can I even express my obsession with Sperry’s? I really can’t…I just love them and for a look like this, they are definitely a staple. Linked below, are a few pairs that I think would make this look!

Look #2 – Striped to perfection, with the pop of red everyone needs this holiday!

I LOVE stripes! Some people say that stripes will make you look wide, fat, etc.. but I am not one of those people. Certain patterns, yes, can not be flattering on everyone, but you really can’t go wrong with a simple striped top like this. The navy stripe paired with the red chino shorts is the ultimate preppy, patriotic look for this festive weekend (coming from a Canadian, of course!). I have linked similar shorts and shirt in the widget below (both from J.Crew and on sale!!) so make sure you check those babies out. Perfect for the 4th of July!

What I love in this look above, are the white Jack Rogers sandals. Not only are they super cute for summer, in general, but totally add to the American look! However, I do feel that any white sandals would work with this look and I’ll tell you why. The focus in this ensemble is not the shoes (if you can believe it!!). You really want the focus to be put on the top and bottom, because it brings the most patriotism (and that’s what you want to show on the 4th of July!!) The shoes are merely an accessory…which is why I opted to link a super versitile and cute pair of Steve Madden two-strap white sandals (a girl has gotta have her Steve Madden’s, of course!).

To top the look off, throw an American print bow in your hair (linked below) and you are set to go! For that extra flare, I linked a navy satchel below…because no look is complete without a bag to carry the necessities!

Link #3 – Gingham and Solids…make for the laid-back, dressy look!

I would totally wear this look to an evening bash or get together. What I love most about what this outfit, is that it screams casual, but also emits that dressy vibe as well. The gingham shirt on top, incorporates that laid back aspect, while the red skirt dresses the look up. This makes it appropriate to wear to whatever 4th of July soiree you may be attending (or hosting..)! I linked up two different types of skirts – the skater skirt and the midi skirt. Both work with this look…so it’s up to you how short you want to make the skirt (I prefer midi).

The white bag tops this whole look off. It completes the American theme we’re going for and really adds the flare that the outfit needs, It also breaks the outfit up in a way. Having the blue on top, with the red in the bottom…it looks a tad colour blocked (indirectly, of course). By adding that pop of white, it balances out the outfit. Although her shoes aren’t pictured, I can visualize some dressy white or off-white sandals with this look. I have linked a few of my favourite pairs in the widget below – so make sure you check them out!!

So there we go… 

Not bad for a Canadian, eh? (hehe…)

I hope all of my favourite American bloggers have a blast today in all of their American festivities!! Happy 4th of July!!

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