Style Spotlight: Leopard Accessories

Style SpotlightThere aren’t too many patterns that I won’t wear. When it comes to style and fashion, I am a complete open book and ready to try anything. I first caught on to leopard print two years ago when I found the cutest leopard print flats from American Eagle. I just couldn’t pass them up, and when I began to experiment more with the pattern, I became a bit of an addict.

Today I want to talk about the best ways to wear the pattern. I am not huge into leopard print statement pieces like dresses, shirts or pants (are there leopard print pants?), but I am all for the leopard accessories!

Leopard Booties + Cognac + Gold

Leopard print is a very warm pattern, which is why I tend to stick to warm, earthy tones to pair the pattern with. In the case of leopard print shoes or booties, I am a huge fan of pairing the shoe with gold based jewelry and the colour cognac. It is probably one of my favourite combinations.

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I picked up these booties at a consignment store brand new in my area, but they are Sperry TopsiderI love them paired with my gold link necklace (Icing Stores), gold based glasses ring (Kate Spade New Yorkand to top the look off, my cognac shoulder bag (Michael Kors).


Using cognac as a main colour to pair with the print worked perfectly in the case of these Sperry Topsider booties since the trim between the tread and pattern is a close-cognac shade.



Leopard Beanie + Chambray + Pearls

Before this year, I really wasn’t into hats. I started getting into fashion hats, beanies and baseball caps at the beginning of this school year. This leopard beanie (D&Y) is the perfect printed accessory to spruce up any look.


Pairing the blue chambray with the leopard print really contrasts the two fabrics. Not only are you contrasting the knit with and chambray, but you are contrasting the print with the solid – makes for a great pair.


This leopard beanie is my favourite hat right now (next to my university baseball cap, that is). I ordered it off Amazon but it is sold by D&YIt sits perfectly on my head and is actually really comfortable. The multi-strand of pearls is from J.Crew Factory – this accessory is pretty much a staple for me. I picked up the blue chambray button up at my local Marshalls last year. They always have a great selection!


Leopard Scarf + Cognac + Gold

Like I said, leopard print goes really well with cognac and gold accents. Here, I have flipped the look from above – leopard is now shown in the main accessory, and cognac is accenting in the boot. Gold is used to compliment both the print and the cognac boot throw the gold accents on the boot and in the necklace.



This is my one and only leopard print scarf and I love it (Charlotte Russe). I got it a couple of years ago and it is my go-to when it comes to my fave leopard accessories. The boots are Ralph Lauren booties from a couple years ago. These were kind of bought on a whim because it was a half of sale at The Bay and so I had to take advantage. The necklace is from my fave accessory palace, Icing Stores


Leopard accessories are my favourite. 

These are three of the ways that I love to wear the pattern, but there are so many other ways you can wear it. It’s always best to make the leopard print your focus in an outfit. It is a very loud pattern, and although it is not against the rules to pattern mix with this print, I love to make it the focal point of any look that I am sporting.


How do you wear leopard print? Do you make it the stand out of your outfit? Let me know in the comments below…

Fall Essentials: Top Five

Fall Essentials

Happy Fall! It is officially the Fall season and the fashion is changing!! Good bye rompers, hello sweaters. For today’s post, (as you can see) I have compiled a few of my very favourite essentials when dressing in Fall. Most of the items shown above will be linked at the end of this post so you can get your essentials before the season goes into full swing!

The Plaid Shirt. This has become an absolute staple in my wardrobe – especially for the Fall season. There are so many ways you can wear a plaid shirt. My favourite way is open with an accent tank underneath. However, you can also wear it tied around your waist, or just as a regular button up!

The Excursion Vest. Vests are a great transition piece for the Fall season. When the weather is getting a little nippy, but you can’t stand to wear your parka just yet, this is an excellent option. I get my excursion or “puffer” vests from J.Crew Factory, but I have also found them at Old Navy in the past!

The Elbow Patch Sweater. This is one trend that I love. Soft knit sweaters with faux or real leather patches on the elbows! Although sweaters are a must-have during the Fall season, the elbow patch feature steps up your fashion game.

The Infinity Scarf. Infinity scarves are the best way to jazz up an outfit and keep warm. Infinity scarves come in all types of fabrics, but the woolen knit scarves are the best!! They can become the focal point of your look, or they can just simply keep you warm as Fall turns to Winter.

The Ankle Booties. I recently did a post on how much love ankle booties. Well, they are the perfect shoe for Fall. Closed toe is my favourite for Fall so that the warmth stays in. The only thing with booties, is you can’t necessarily wear them when the snow comes around – which is why they are perfect for the Fall season!

These are the essentials, but there are many other items that I could put on this list!! These are just the top five…can you tell how excited I am to wear Fall clothing? I’ve only been talking about it for a month now…

How excited are you for Fall? Are you beginning to wear your Fall clothes yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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#WishlistWednesday: Booties, booties, booties

BannerI’m switching up this Wednesday’s series. Well…not entirely, because how tragic would it be if I didn’t share my wants and needs with you (for clothing that is…)? Nope, what I mean is that I am going to change up the format for today. I usually debut three of my top choices for whatever it is that I’m wishing about that week, but instead, I am going to focus on colours and showing you the ropes of how booties can register as an absolute necessity for your closet this Fall.

When it comes to booties, it is all about three things: colour, height, and cut. But more on that later (post idea alert!). This Fall, booties are all the rage and I am totally on board with that. For those of you who don’t know what “booties” are, I will tell you. Instead of the traditional knee-high or calf cut, a great trend that is coming about is the boot that cuts off at your ankles. Ankle booties. I hopped on this band wagon last winter when The Bay was having a massive sale and I scored Ralph Lauren cognac booties…they were a steal, to say the least.

I’m getting off track…there are some really great colours in trend for this Fall, and that certainly applies to booties. So here we go…

The Tan Boot. I have said this before, camel is in. Well, tan falls into the same part of the colour wheel that camel does and for some reason, I am obsessed with this colour this season. These three pairs of tan ankle booties I picked are from (left to right) Ivanka Trump, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Steve Madden and they are all linked for your shopping enjoyment!


Why do I love this colour so much? It is always great to have neutrals in your wardrobe – even your shoes. Although shoes can be the statement of your look, in the chillier seasons, you want to put more of the focus on your warm knits and beautiful scarves. Rather than stealing the show, a neutral pair of booties will keep your look sophisticated, classic and chic!

The Black Boot. Just like the LBD (Little Black Dress), the little black boot is a necessity as well. It serves the purpose of a casual or dressy shoe and really goes with anything (as black does). These three pairs of tan ankle booties I picked are from (left to right) Calvin Klein, Ivanka Trump, and Jessica Simpson and they are all linked as well!


I love black boots. Plain and simple. Whether you pair them with a mini dress, a cute pair of skinnies or even some high waisted shorts, the look is flawless. I have a go to pair of black ankle boots that I wear with pretty much everything. They feature a peep toe, similar to the Calvin Klein pair (above, left). The peep toe is useful because you can wear them throughout the summer in addition to the other seasons! Whether the toes are peeping or not, black booties are a staple in any girl’s closet.

The Cognac Boot. I haven’t expressed my love for cognac yet, have I? To clarify…the colour, not the drink. Cognac bags, boots, shoes, are all a staple in my closet. I found the perfect cognac bag from Aldo last year, and of course, my Ralph Lauren booties were cognac as well. The colour is amazing and I never get tired of it. Which is why I picked some perfect cognac booties from (left to right) Anne Klein, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Madden Girl (of course all linked up).


Whether they are suede or leather, the colour comes through and really take the cake. There are varying shades of cognac ranging from dark to light, but whichever colour you choose, it’s a warm colour that compliments a lot. You can wear any one of these pairs of boots with a range of different colours – from black to red. It plays off the different hues in your clothing and gives off a polished look.

Well there you have it…my take on coloured ankle booties. When it comes to shoes, I know what I like and what I don’t like and these nine pairs I have shown you here are definitely in my sights for Fall. Well…my wishlist at least.

Which is your favourite pair and do you have a colour preference for your boots? Let me know in the comments below!