Dress to Impress: The Work Wardrobe

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Since I started back full time at work downtown, I have had to polish off my wardrobe. That includes blazers, dress pants and pencil skirts. I can’t complain, since I love this posh style, but it can get a little repetitive. I certainly can’t afford a new outfit every day! That’s crazy! Today, I am going to talk about how to keep your professional wardrobe fresh and new without buying piece after piece. Here are three top tips that I use to create looks and recycle clothing for work:

Keep the inspiring flows going. Not everyone can come up with 100 outfits using the same pieces week after week…let alone come up with them in the morning when you need to leave in an hour for work. Let’s be honest…it is pretty hard to pick out an outfit to begin with, let alone remember if you have already worn it. Through whatever method works for you, keep looking for fashion inspiration. Whether it is scrolling through fashion boards on Pinterest, or buying the newest copy of Elle or Vogue on a regular basis…make sure that you keep fresh ideas in your head. That way, in the morning, when you open your closet and ponder what to wear…you will be able to tap into those sources to make the choice a bit easier.

Buy the staples. It’s common knowledge that a woman’s work wardrobe should include some of the basics. Every woman should own a pair of black dress pants, in my opinion. If you work in the private sector and you need to look professional, then that can be your go to piece in your wardrobe that will tie an outfit together. Dress pants can be paired with a nice blouse of any colour. That is your professional look right there…it’s as simple as that! Here are some other staples that I feel should be included in any professional’s wardrobe: nude heels/flats, black heels/flats, black dress (conservative enough for work), blazer, pencil skirt.

Colour, colour, colour! Just because you work in the business world, does not mean you have to wear black and grey all day, everyday. I try and incorporate one pop of colour (if not more) in my outfit every day. Not to say that wearing all black isn’t okay, because it definitely is. I have ensembles that have no colour in them at all, but you want to make sure that you mix it up a bit. Accessories play a huge role with this tip…if you want to maintain your conservative look, but not be washed out, add coloured accessories and you are set!

I hope those tips helped a bit when picking out your wardrobe for the private sector. Although I love the professional look, I love to be fun and wear prints and wacky colours, but you don’t want to be too wacky in a work setting. You want to keep it fun, but keep it professional at the same time. People need to take you seriously when you are talking business…dress to impress! I pulled some looks off Pinterest to inspire, check them out:









Four Month Touch point: My Blogging Experience so far

Instead of reviewing my favourite brands, talking about style icons, or breaking down outfit details…I am going to get more personal on “Pearls and Polkadots” today. Saturday marks four months since I launched this blog. It feels like yesterday that I was setting up providers, getting my theme set up and beginning to get into my ‘posting groove’ as I call it. I decided to spend the early days of my blog looking around for the best blogging platforms out there that would suit my needs and the needs of my blog. This took me longer than expected, but I’m glad it did as it allowed me to make the best decision possible. I was so excited to get started and I still have the same excitement now when the time comes for me to make a new blog post. It is sometimes hard to make time, multiple times a week to get a post up, especially when you have no idea what to post next! As the months have gone by, it has gotten a little easier, but I have to say, writer’s block is always a problem.

Going forward, I have set a goal for myself. Now that school has let out for the summer, I will have my evenings free to prepare posts and get them up the next morning. I am aiming to post roughly three times a week! Five days is a little hectic, and once is not enough to keep momentum. Through blogging communities and my blogger friends, I have gathered a lot of tips to promote “Pearls and Polkadots”, and have got some great plans for the future! If you have joined me for this journey I am on (by subscribing to the right), than you will be experiencing everything as I experience it as well!


Early Planning Stages of “Pearls and Polkadots”

If you don’t know my story, then here it is: I opened an Instagram account apart from my personal account about eight months ago called “@mystyyle” (follow me!). I would post my outfits of the day and mainly use the platform to get inspiration from other style bloggers. I didn’t think of starting a blog until a blogger suggested I do so on one of my photos. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea…what do I have to say to the world? Who would read my posts? I would have written the idea off completely, except I started gathering more followers, likes and an overall following. I didn’t blow up over night, but I did have a steady increase of people joining my network. It started to become more and more logical…why wouldn’t I start a blog? It would be an outlet, somewhere to focus my interest and really express myself.

So I did.

It has been four months of heaven and I have to say, it never gets old. The blogging community is always full of new people, fresh ideas and support that you wouldn’t believe. Everyone believes in everyone, which is so refreshing! It has been an interesting and positive road so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

I didn’t become an Audrey Hepburn fan until this year, around the time I began writing my blog. It’s kind of shocking how I didn’t really know about her until now. Of course, I had heard of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but I never really looked at Ms. Hepburn as a style icon. How could you not? She is the epitome of ‘upper class’, in my opinion. The pearls, the updo, the little black dress…it’s all so chic and amazing! I want to go through some of my favourite portraits of her and try and recreate the looks she so fabulously rocked over her many years!


Audrey Hepburn makes style look effortless, and in her case…it is. A simple striped tee, simple black trousers and simple black pumps. How hard could that be to recreate? Not hard as long as you have they key pieces. If you can  believe it, the summer season catalogues do not highlight black and white striped shirts…but if you must find one, there is one at Reitmans for a great deal. Through shopstyle.ca, I found these great trousers. I’m not familiar with the brand, but they sure mimic Ms. Hepburn’s ultra-casual look. To top it all off, a great pair of Nine West pumps dresses the look up just enough to look hot and stylish!


In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn searches in the pouring rain for her cat. Even in the pouring rain, she looks fabulous. In case you are cat-hunting in the rain, you will want your chic beige, tie-up trench coat, accompanied by a headscarf tied at the chin to keep your very polished updo dry. I have linked a very in-style trench coat below that I found through shopstyle.ca. To complete the Hepburn-esque look, add a headscarf of your choice!


Now for the ultra-classic look of the century. Audrey Hepburn basically created the little black dress look that every woman considers a must-have in their wardrobe. I have about three go-to little black dresses, but you really can never have too many. I particularly love this look of hers though because it incorporates matching black pumps and a multi-strand pearl necklace. With or without the gloves, the look is timeless.


Those are my three favourite looks that Ms. Hepburn wore effortlessly over her years. There are many more and her overall outlook on life is admirable. She is certainly one of my favourite style icons. I will leave you with this quote…



Outfit Details: Mother’s Day!




11194486_887715744623254_7065757134448883502_oBWhat a fun and short weekend it was! That’s usually how weekends go, right? Short. My weekend has run a little long this week since I woke up this morning feeling awful and sick as a dog. The good news is, is that I was up and about for Mother’s day and had the most wonderful day ever! My family and I woke up on Sunday morning, had breakfast as a family and spent the majority of the morning having my Mom open her gifts. After that, we spent the day at home together and then met my Grandmother for dinner! It was a lovely day.

11225893_901890169868207_376290474_nA 11253839_901890416534849_799160012_nA

My Mother’s Day look highlighted one of my favourite, casual dresses from Old Navy. I found this in the clearance section, so I don’t know if there would be any left, but they have similar styles selling right now! What is great about this dress, is that acts as a neutral that you can pair with bright pops of colour. That is why I paired the dress with my bright blue mark. by Avon statement necklace. It really ties the outfit together. My mark. by Avon hat is from last year, but a floppy felt hat looks amazing with this fun dress. To top it all off, I wore my nude covered heels from Avon. They are the ‘Cushion Walk’ line which means they are super comfy (and they are).

It was a great weekend, great Mother’s Day and one of my favourite looks!



What’s in my Bag?


One of the benefits of being a woman is accessories! I take full advantage of the fact that I can bring pretty much anything I want with me, anywhere I go, using the aid of a cute and stylish tote. Being that the school year has come to a close and my summer work term has begun, I decided to switch bags and gather my “purse essentials”. My bag can get super messy, but in keeping with the theme of organization this week, I am setting the goal for the summer to be to keep my bag clean. However, this post is going to go through each item that I carry in my bag on a daily basis!

This is my newest edition to my family of bags. Currently, it is unavailable online in black, but there are other versions in different colours! The bag is called the Wellesley Rachelle by Kate Spade New York.

Daily Essentials: iPhone, gum, lipstick, concealer, wallet.

I think this first essential is self-explanatory. Every bag should hold a special place for your cell phone, and all my bags do. But I would like to point out how cute this polka dot Kate Spade New York phone case that I found at Winners is! You can tell how much I love Kate Spade! But if you are not all about the designer products or don’t want to spend as much on a phone case like I did, it may be best to check out sites that allow you to create custom phone cases, if this is something you prefer. At least this way you get to choose your design. I used to have a personalized family one until now. Currently, my partner has the Personalisierte Handyhülle on his phone so at least it’s still being used.
Anyway, this past year, I have hopped on the lipstick train. My main providers for my love of lipstick are Avon and Revelon. Both are great and colourful (just the way I like them!). I always make sure I have gum in my bag at all times. Being a coffee addict, I need to make sure that the coffee breath doesn’t linger for long…and Dentyne Rush is the solution. In addition to lipstick, I also carry my “Extra lasting” Avon concealer just in case I start to look a tad tired. In the past, I have had troubles with wallets (not enough pockets, too big, too small, etc.) but this wallet from mark. by Avon is the best wallet ever created! Unlimited pockets, two zippers on the outer sides and it all snaps together making it fit in almost any normal bag!!

Summer Essentials: Sunglasses, Kobo, EOS lip balm.

As we approach the summer, a few more essentials must be added to my bag. First of all, when the sun is shining, you need to protect your eyes. I always carry a pair of good sunglasses in my bag (plus they are a great accessory!). The summer opens up a lot more free time – no studying, no essays to write…therefore, I have a lot more time to read! My mini-Kobo makes that really easy. It’s small, compact and fits into any bag I own so I can read on that long, boring commute to work! My last “summer essential” is an EOS lip balm. Technically, this could be a daily essential, but I tend to use EOS more in the summer to keep from getting burnt lips (not fun..)

“Non-essentials” found in my Bag: Nail Kit, Samsung tablet, JCrew pouch & billfold, book.

I try not to pack my bag full of things I don’t need, but sometimes, things end up at the bottom of my purse for reasons I cannot remember. The nail kit that I carry is zebra print and contains everything from a nail file to nail scissors. It comes in handy from time to time, but not totally essential. My Samsung tablet can often be found in my purse for long trips. I have movies, games, books, and magazines that keep me busy for long car rides or even on the commuter train. My JCrew pouch & matching billfold is probably my favourite little clutch set that I have ever owned. I keep my change in the pouch along with any other loose receipts or papers (better than crumpled up at the bottom of the bag) and the billfold makes a quick coffee run at work easy.

The last “non-essential” found in my bag currently, would be my hardcover book. I am currently reading “How to be a Hepburn, in a Hilton World” by Jordan Christie. I am only one chapter in, but so far so good! Maybe I will do a post on my favourite books in the future (noted!).

Well, that is what is in my bag! Hard to believe it all fits in there so nicely! Enjoy!