11 Moments Every Blogger Experiences

Every blogger goes through the ups and downs of blogging – whether it’s ghost followers, low engagement periods, or even writer’s block…everyone goes through them. However, there are a few moments and experiences in the blogging world in which we can all relate to.

I’ve been discussing this topic with my fellow blogging ladies and together, we have come up 11 with moments that we all bloggers go through on a regular basis.

No, we are not making millions for our work.

This is probably the most frustrating question we get or people assume. Do we make money on some posts? Yes, some bloggers do take on sponsored opportunities and we do get compensated in free product or otherwise. However, no blogger I know is making millions and it is wrong to assume that every single blogger does, and more than likely the ones that do have other income streams too, for instance, they might take their money they have earnt from their blog and use all of that money for investment opportunities like etf investing as just one example, allowing them to rake in larger figures every month.

“There must be some type of rumor out there that it’s a get rich quick scheme.” – Mariam, The Petite Bijou

Nope, blogging is anything but a get rich quick scheme. There is nothing quick or rich about it. In fact, we often invest time, money and effort for zero compensation – especially when you just start out. Making money can be easy if you know-how. Websites like Money Sack are often really helpful to give you some ideas to get you started on your financial journey. But if you’re just looking to start out as a blogger, then you can find the best custom blog design for your site at littlebluedeerdesign.com, or there are plenty of other sites out there that can help you create your page.

Blogging takes dedication.

This is not a business for the weak. The women I have met in this world of bloggers are hard working, dedicated, empowered and extremely creative! Creating new content that people want to read is hard, but try doing it with life continuing all around you. That is even tougher. A lot of bloggers have families, young children, they are in school and often have a full time job (because we don’t make millions…).

“I think there’s the constant reminder that this is not going to happen overnight, and that it’s a daily habit priority and practice” – Krista, The Hundred Blog

Getting encouraging and uplifting feedback.

After setting up your blog and social media, you start to gain a following. Once you reach that level, you get a lot of emails. Yes, most of those emails are bogus proposals from random, non-existent companies.

“It means a lot that they took the time to seek me out and send me a message…that makes any doubts I had about a blog post – worth it!” – Laura, Monograms and Moscatos

But every so often you get an uplifting and encouraging message from a follower who wants to compliment you on your style, your work, or whatever they may have to say! That is probably the best feeling in the world because it reaffirms what you are blogging for – to reach the people you want to reach with what you have to show!

Perfection, perfection, perfection.

There is no “quick writing” of a post in this business. Every thing needs to be thought out carefully and perfectly coordinated. Whether it is your flat lays to go along with the post, or the perfect words to explain that outfit combo…you can never stop reading your post over.

“We all feel this natural want to connect with our audience, so when something isn’t hitting or performing I almost feel guilty that I’m not doing a good enough job” – Ilana Katz, The Downtown Katz Walk

You don’t want any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors…not to mention you want to make it easy to read! Blogging is all about attention grabbing and if you are too boring or too wordy, you will lose your readers.

Coming up with new content can be tricky.

This aligns with what I have been saying this whole post, but let me emphasize even further. Many bloggers blog every single day. Which means they are producing seven new and captivating pieces each week. That is ridiculously hard to do.

“I definitely think that you have to be organized about your process” – Laura, Monograms and Moscatos

On top of that, many bloggers shoot their own photos to accompany each post. That could mean they collage retail pieces or they could actually take photos of outfits, flat lays, or whatever else they need to boost their post up!

You can always learn a lot more.

It’s important to note that this techno-world is constantly changing. New bloggers pop up on the scene all the time and a new technique is always introduced to enhance your writing, or edit your photos better. Have you heard about Instagram? If you haven’t…then you probably haven’t been tuned into your feed in about a month. Petitions, encouragement to turn the notifications on…it took over (you can read about it here). Well that is a perfect example about how social media changes on a regular basis! It’s important to keep up and sometimes…it can be difficult.

11 Moments Every Blogger Experiences - Pearls and Polkadots

No, we are not into ourselves.

This can be really tricky. Your blog usually revolves around…well…you. You are your brand. You need to innately sell yourself (that sounds a lot worse than it actually is). You need to make yourself and your blog appealing to brands if you do want to make any money or network with brands. This can be super difficult for people who are not bloggers to understand. The automatic assumption is that we are full of ourselves or selfish.

“People think you are shallow for being so involved in social media, and the blogging world!” – Kait, Make Mine Maroon

This may be true for some bloggers, but I can personally speak to the bloggers that I know…most are not. We are trying to do what we love and make connections and this requires posting selfies, pictures of our coffee, and cute shoe pics multiple times a day.

Getting that awesome collaboration you’ve been waiting for.

Once you focus your determination on sponsor ships and collaborations, the door opens. It’s like a world you didn’t know existed and you finally feel confident about all the effort and hard work you put into your blog every single day. Sending out emails and not hearing back is rough. However, when you see a reply from a brand who wants to work with you is SO exciting!

The Bloggers that think it’s a race.

We all know that one blogger out there. She isn’t very friendly, she is racing against you, and she can be a bully. Yes, bullying is totally present in the world of blogging. It’s a real put down when another girl is stepping on you just to get ahead. It’s happened to me and a number of wonderful ladies I know. The important thing to know is that it is not a race. What is the benchmark of success in the blogging world? I measure success by how I feel about my content. Yes, every one wants to make money (who would give up the chance to make money?). But I want to make it clear that there is more to blogging than monetizing. For many bloggers, it’s their happy place and their hobby and they do it to exert their creative style and ideas!

Our Instagram Hubands are amazing (and Instagram siblings, children, parents, etc.)

Who has seen the video? If you haven’t…stop reading and go watch it here. This is such an accurate reflection of the help bloggers get (of course, we are a little nicer to our loved ones than the women in this video). You can only use the self-timer so much to get that awesome depth shot that every lady on IG strives to achieve. We aren’t afraid to say it. We need help. And major credit goes out to all of the brothers, sisters, spouses, mothers, fathers, friends and children who often help us out. What would we do without them? Sometimes we also need help to get our Instagrams’ popularity to take off which is why many buy Instagram likes in order to give their online presence a boost.

11 Moments Every Blogger Experiences - Pearls and Polkadots


The most amazing community you will ever be apart of.

Last but not least, is the community that comes with blogging. When you find that niche network of girls that blog about what you blog about…it’s magical. There is no other way to put it. I can’t express how great it is to find bloggers who go through exactly what you go through every day. They are your friends, your sisters, your fans, your motivation, your everything. Support is key in this world.

11 Moments Every Blogger Experiences - Pearls and Polkadots

You need bloggers to get ahead and you need to work together to keep going! Blogging is not an “every woman for themselves” kind of world. You need to engage, you need to network, and you need to help each other out because in the end, it’s supposed to be fun. And what is more fun than having a group of gals who know exactly what you are going through?

Morning Must-Reads: For Style

MORNING MUST-READSIn the last year, I have become a real blog junkie. Being apart of the blogger community, I have found numerous blogs that I love to read and read regularly. I bookmark them, subscribe, and share as much as possible. After all, bloggers need other bloggers to support them!

Morning Must-Reads is a concept that I am going to carry out every so often in order to share the blogs that I love to read for particular niches.


Helena always looks amazing. I envy her style and am inspired by her outfit selections every day! I always look forward to a new post, and regularly are shopping her looks so that I can try and look as jazzed up as she is. The blonde from Brooklyn is a gal that I would love to be friends with…which is why her blog is so great! She is relatable and that’s why I read her regularly! Check her blog out here.


Helena / Brooklyn Blonde

Extra Petite

Jean has been one of my blogger idols for a long time. Since I got Pinterest, I have been following Jean along on her style journey. Her outfit posts are bright, cheery and joyful – and her clothing is to die for. I am almost always turning to her blog for inspiration, style tips, outfit ideas…and well, everything else!! Not to mention, she and her husband are adorable together! Check out her blog here.

boston public garden fall foliage outfit

Jean / Extra Petite

Convey The Moment

Eleni is such a sweetheart and has been one of my inspirations from the beginning. Her unique style is hard not to love, and her pictures are always impeccable. Even better? She is Canadian just like me, which I is always so great to find! Although I love all the American fashionistas out there, it hits closer to home when I see my country in the background (snow, snow and more snow!). Check out her blog here.

blanket scarf season

Eleni / Convey the Moment


Lyndsey is another Canadian beauty that I am new to following. Don’t you just love hashtags? That’s how I came across her page and fell in love with her clothing…and her dog, I mean…how cute! Lyndsey’s use of colour and patterns have given me inspiration in my daily outfits and reading her posts make me smile! How much better can it get? Check out her blog here.


Lyndsey / Over My Styled Body

Grace is a blogger that I kept seeing pop up on my Pinterest home page and after seeing outfit after outfit that I was drooling over…I clicked a few times and found her blog. It’s been a morning must-read ever since. She is a fashion guru – whether it is a pair of rain boots with jeans, or a fab red mini-dress like below, she looks gorgeous! Check out her blog here.

bb dakota fit and flare dress, holiday dress, nordstrom dress, holiday outfit ideas, little red dress, lace up pump, taupe pumps, statement necklace, chain statement bib, holiday makeup, nude lip, lace dress // grace wainwright from a southern drawl

Grace / A Southern Drawl 

These are a few of my Favourite Things…

BannerWhen I was little, my Mom used to sing me to sleep and one of the main songs she would sing me is My Favourite Things from the musical The Sound of Music. I love this song so much and every time I hear it, I think of my Mom. So today, because I was doing a little thinking back (and because it is #throwbackthursday), I am going to throw it back to this memory, and tell you some of my favourite things that I am loving right now!



Although red roses are romantic and beautiful, there is nothing better than the colour pink! I love pink (shocking, I know) and these hot pink roses are right up my alley. Being that it was my birthday this past weekend, I was absolutely showered by my beautiful friends and family…and that included pink roses from my best friend (she knows me all too well).



I obviously love pearls (Pearls and Polkadots)…so it probably doesn’t shock you how much I love pearls. Especially this factory multi-strand pearl necklace from J.Crew Factory! I have rocked this piece so many times before and every time, I love how it looks. The cream tone, the gold accents…and just overall how many there are!! I love them!!



It’s kind of hard for me to rock hats because I am always in lecture (and trust me, people do not appreciate the big floppy hats in front of them…), but when the time comes and I’m not in school…it’s hats, hats and more hats. My hat collection keeps growing and no wonder because they are the perfect accessory. This one is from mark.Avon from roughly a year ago.



Chunky jewelry is one of my favourite types of accessories. I would love it if I my own personal wall of chunky jewelry (jewelry goals). This pale pink-coral chunky bracelet is one of my go-to’s when I am chunking up the accessories in an outfit. This colour goes with a lot of different things, and even though it’s super chunky…it is still not so overpowering – one colour, one type of stone…and you’re good!



My desk is a mess. That is no joke. I try to keep it clean (I am actually writing on it now), but usually it is stacked high with books. However, that does not mean that I can’t make it look nice with cute accessories like this Kate Spade New York eraser. Imagine bringing that to a final? It’s actually a real eraser and it does the job well…but way too big to bring to an exam…pure decoration only!


Well there you have it – a few of my favourite things…I may have to continue this next Thursday for #tbt. We will have to see!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Over-the-Knee Boots: the Reality for a Short Girl

Everybody knows that boots are the absolute staple for the Fall/Winter season. In fact, I pretty much forget about all my other pairs of shoes (sorry shoes!!) when Fall rolls around because I love pulling on my riding boots or my cute little ankle booties. The possibilities are endless when you incorporate boots in your look. However, with my short little legs and wide calves…there is one type of boot style that is incredibly hard to style.

What style is this? OTK (Over-the-Knee) Boots. 

I figure I am not the only one to experience these struggles…which is why today I am going to give you some tips on styling OTK boots.

1. Forget the “thigh high”. It’s a harsh reality, but buying and styling boots that go to your upper thigh is just not going to look the way you want it to. I have learned that I don’t have a lot of leg to work with, and covering it up with boot doesn’t leave enough thigh between my skirt and top of my boot to get that desired “fashionista” look that I want.

Annabelle The VivaLuxury

2. Heel or nothing. Heels are a short girl’s best friend. Seriously. The only pair of OTK boots that I own are flat with no heel and although they do look great, I get no height. I love heels and I would love the boots way more if I were boosted up 3-4 inches. Heels lengthen your legs, and with OTK boots, that is exactly what you want when you are short!!



3. Classic neutrals are the best. I tend to follow this rule with all boots. Boots don’t tend to come in crazy patterns, but there are different types of materials that come in weird shades. My favourites are black, brown and camel. These go with the most in your closet, and always look fab (plus, black is really slimming). Note: Images below are sourced left to right.

2 3 4

Source | Source Mary / Memorandum

4. When you find them, rock them. If you find a cute pair that you love…hang on to them. Take great care of them and most importantly, be confident!! At the end of the day, if you love how they look, then that is what it is all about!! You will always find someone to compare yourself to…but don’t do it. You look great when you feel great! So smile, pull the boots up and strut your stuff!

The reality is…finding a good pair of OTK boots is tough – really tough – for short girls with big legs. It’s a harsh thing to accept, but if you keep looking…you will find your pair. I wish I could suggest some pairs to check out, but I have yet to find a pair that is sold in stores right now (I thrifted my first pair).

Keep your chin up shorty, your pair is out there for you!

With that, I leave you with some of my favourite fashion blogger ensembles that feature OTK boots! Cheers!

how to wear boots 2014 | 20 Style Tips On How To Wear Over-The-Knee Boots:

Helena / Brooklyn Blonde

How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots — IRL: You don't need me to tell you that everything looks different on a model than it does in real life.:


fall / winter - fall outfits - street style - street chic style - casual outfits - black leggings + grey over the knee boots + grey sweater + black leather jacket + green plaid scarf:

Jean / Extra Petite

19 Camo-Stripe Looks to Copy…

BANNERI am obsessed with everything fashion and one trend I am loving right now is pattern mixing. Pattern mixing is anything that combines two or more patterns. Personally, I stick to mixing two patterns and one of my favourite combos right now is camouflage + stripes. So many bloggers out there have done up their own look using camo and stripes. So I am pulling my favourite renditions that I have found out there…

Camo and stripes can totally be BFFs.:

Christine / Hello Fashion Blog

6 Chic Ways to Wear Camouflage | Glam Radar:

Taylor / Sterling Style

How to Wear Camo Prints: 40 Outfit Ideas To Try Now | StyleCaster:

Helena / Brooklyn Blonde

Really diggin the camo pants :-):

Helena / Brooklyn Blonde

Julie / Sincerely Jules

BowsandDepos: Camo vest + striped tee + jeans + coganc booties + burgundy satchel:

Bows and Depos

Suburban Faux-Pas: Fall Uniform in a @sugar love boutique jacket:

Krystin / Suburban Fauxpas

Clothes Casual Outift for • teens • movies • girls • women •. summer • fall • spring • winter • outfit ideas • dates • school • parties Polyvore :) Catalina Christiano:

Kate / The Fancy Pants Report

jean jacket, striped tee and camo leggings - www.lovelucygirl.com

Kayla / Love Lucy Girl 

Stripes, Jewels, Camo and Dots:

Sandy / Sandy a la Mode


Meggan / Somewhere, Lately

jacket: old navy / top: h & m / jeans: hudson / shoes: aldo / glasses: c/o warby parker / bag: c/o coach:

Kimberly / Eat Sleep Wear

Not with camo shorts...:


pattern mixing perfection:

Jen / Jen Loves Kev

 camo jacket, burgundy pants, striped top:

Krystin / Suburban Fauxpas 

Camo + Stripes:

Grace / A Southern Drawl 

Pattern Trio: olive green camo print cropped jacket, black and white striped silk tank, flowy chiffon nude Chic Wish maxi skirt, black lace up booties, Vince Camuto leopard clutch, Chanel cateye sunglasses, stripes and camo, camo and leopard, pattern mixing:

Meagan / Meagan’s Moda

Wake Up Your Wardrobe What I Wore: Green with Envy Camo Jacket, Striped Sweater, Neon Green Beanie, Deconstructed Skinny Jeans, Rock Stud Heels, Wayfarer Sunglasses, and YSL Lingerie Pink Lipstick:

Morgan / Wake up your Wardrobe

camo pants, stripes, blazer, valentino pumps.:


I love rounding up my favourite looks from different bloggers because it spreads the word about these fabulous ladies and the marvelous fashion that they showcase. Camouflage can scare some people, but I say try it! Why wouldn’t you? Start off small with camo accessories if you are feeling a little anxious. Then work your way up to the larger pieces like tops and bottoms!

Pairing camo with stripes or another pattern is a fun way to mix up your look – give it a try!