4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals

Living the student life is great, but when it comes to how much cash you have in your pocket, your pockets are, unfortunately, empty (especially for luxuries like clothing). However, if you are as fashion-motivated as I am, you find a way to buy the clothing you love, but at a lower price. Brand names are great, but they are not the ‘be all and end all’ of having great style.

Today I am going to give you four tips for finding those beloved and fabulous finds…

Scout out the Sales and WAIT!

They are out there. Trust me…you just have to look. More importantly, wait for things that you have been eyeing to go on sale! There is nothing worse than purchasing something at full price, and then seeing it two weeks later for half off! You can’t help but feel like you have been totally ripped off!

Old Navy is your friend. 

This doesn’t apply to Old Navy, but all stores that aren’t necessarily true brand name. Yes, TopShop and Nordstrom is a great place to shop…but the prices aren’t always so friendly and when you don’t have $150 for a sweater, the less expensive stores are more ideal! Not to mention, most stores follow the same trends for less money!

4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots


Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

This is probably the best way to find great deals. All of your favourite retailers will have the option to subscribe to email updates, and as long as you don’t mind your inbox being inundated with subscriptions, you are home free! I don’t subscribe to every retailer, but I definitely do for my favourite ones! This is how you are going to find out about the deals and special sales that they have!

4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots

The More you buy, the better!

If you are buying one item at a time, multiple times a week or even multiple times a month…you are wasting money. Paying shipping on one item versus five items makes a whole lot of difference – why? Often, there is a free shipping cap which means when you surpass a certain spending cap, you will get your items shipped for free! So try and group all of that shopping together so you can save a tad!

There are so many deals out there waiting to be found, in fact…

Here are some of my recent fab finds:

4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots

Old Navy Animal Print Flats / Smart Set Statement Necklace / Avon Booties

Hopefully these tips help you get out and find those deals! Ultimately, the most important part is making sure you feel like you have gotten a great deal! Shopping is one of my strengths and weaknesses, but when you shop smart and find the deals, you can get what you want at a cheaper price!

What are your shopping strategies? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Ways to Wear a Blazer

When it comes to clothing and style, there are endless opportunities to express yourself in any way you want by choosing the appropriate pieces! One of those key pieces that I have added to my wardrobe recently is the blazer. I have several, in different colours, that I love to mix and match with scarves, statement necklaces and coloured pants.

Blazers can be worn for work, but can also be used in so many different types of looks! That is why today, I am going to give you three ways to wear your favourite blazer!


3 Ways to Wear a Blazer - Pearls and Polkadots


The blazer is typically worn as part of a professional ensemble. Commonly found in the business world, the blazer is a symbol of professionalism and class. I love a good traditional look, and playing with the colour palette of your outfit can really take your traditional and professional outfit from dreary to dreamy!


3 Ways to Wear a Blazer - Pearls and Polkadots


When you add some colour, the world brightens up! I love a light coloured blazer for brunching or an event. When you don’t have to look so professional, the possibilities are endless. Pair your blazer with some denim, heels and a blouse and you have a look for the books!


3 Ways to Wear a Blazer - Pearls and Polkadots

Blazers are a must have item in your closet. Make sure you don’t categorize this piece as “work clothing” – think of it as one of your nicer pieces of clothing that you can have loads of styling fun with!

One tip that I have learned along my style journey: TRY. YOUR. BLAZER. ON. Every company has a different take on sizing when it comes to these fabulous pieces. Make sure you are comfortable and nothing is too tight – there is nothing that ruins a look more than something that looks like it doesn’t fit…

Follow along with my PROFESSIONAL board to get some blazer inspo…

Charity Ball 2015

This past Friday night, myself and two thousand (yes, you heard me…two thousand) other students at my university dressed their best and went to a charity ball to raise money for the YWCA. I, myself, took the opportunity to be a princess for the night and put my best fashion foot forward! The dance was fun, we raised a ton of money…BUT, what did I wear?

Charity Ball 2015 - Pearls and Polkadots


Charity Ball 2015 - Pearls and Polkadots

Charity Ball 2015 - Pearls and Polkadots


Dress: Long Page New York / Shoes: Aldo (similar here) / Necklace and Earrings: Icing Jewelry (similar here)

I am all about cutting costs, being a university student and all. I found a little boutique that sold me this dress at a great cost and the designer turned out to be straight from New York! I found shoes that went perfectly with just a hint of gold – they are quickly becoming my favourite shoes because they look great with everything! My go-to accessory store is Icing so it wasn’t surprising that I found the perfect costume jewelry set that went perfectly with my target look!


I had a great night with great friends and I couldn’t be happier about it! It didn’t turn out to be too expensive, and I added a great dress to add to my evening collection (currently consisting of this dress). I truly felt like a princess at a ball!

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf!

1/6/15 | Cowle Neck Shirt, Old Navy | Pants,  Old Navy | Boots, Sorel Footwear | Blanket Scarf, Garage Clothing | Watch, mark. by Avon | OutfitoftheDay_41/12/14 | Reindeer Crewneck, American Eagle Outfitters | Plaid Blanket Scarf, Garage | Boots, Sorel | Watch, mark. by Avon |

There are so many types of scarves out there that you can add to your collection of accessories, but one must-have, in my opinion, is the blanket scarf. You have your regular scarves, infinity scarves, but blanket scarves are limitless! You can even use it as a – can you guess? – a blanket! That’s how big they are. Cozy, warm and comfortable are only a few words to describe this must-have. They’re great with so many outfits too, and make a great statement alongside some high quality orthotic shoes for women. I’ve got some of my comfiest shoes on for these photos and they look great with the big, warm, cozy scarf! Blanket scarves are probably my favourite must-have of the season – especially because there are so many different ways to wear them…which is what I am going to show you today.

Classic and Simple…

The first way to wear them is the classic and simple way, fold one corner to the diagonal corner and cross the ends behind your head and bring them forward. Follow the below tutorial for further assistance (click the picture for a link to her blog). In my second and third photo (above), I usually wear my scarf this way. It keeps me nice and cozy. OutfitoftheDay_3

Belt it…

This is not a look I do too often, but I just got into it! To do this look, like shown in the photo below, drape the blanket scarf around your shoulders, forming a cape. Pull the ends over the front of you, crossing them (you don’t have to cross them) and then take a skinny belt and belt it over the end pieces hanging in the front. That way the scarf appears as a vest or a sweater and it looks cute! I find that this works really well when you want to pattern mix. As you can see, I have paired this plaid blanket scarf with a leopard print belt!

1/25/15 | Turtleneck, Old Navy | Blanket Scarf, Garage | Pearl Necklace, J Crew | Jeans, Kenneth Cole Reaction | Booties, Winners |

Wear a cape!

This is similar to the belted look, except minus the belt! If you drape the scarf over your shoulders and let it hang there, then it makes for a cozy and comfortable look that keeps you cozy! It resembles a poncho or a cape and it is so warm! This is a great way to wear it because it’s easy and can be thrown on in seconds!

Knot and Tie…

Some people like scarves to stay on so they are not fixing it all the time. Sometimes, that is the case. If I am wearing my scarf under a heavy coat, I want to make sure that pieces of it aren’t falling out and getting stuck in my coat zipper or moving around under my jacket, so I knot it. See the tutorial below to see how to tie a blanket scarf (I would make my own, but I didn’t have time…so here is an easy tutorial that I found).

There are many ways to wear a blanket scarf. I am constantly looking for new ways, but these are the ways that I use the most (particularly the first one for a more casual look). Blanket scarves are warm, cozy and comfortable and this scarf will always be my must-have, favourite scarf!

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Pairing a Classic Oxford with a Sleeveless Dress

My new obsession as of this week is a business casual look. It’s classic, cute and completely in style. Taking a collared oxford and pairing it with a sleeveless dress is the perfect way to spice up the usual work look. It is one of the cutest work looks I have seen yet!

I have been rocking variations of this look lately, and I have to give credit where credit is due. Today, I am going to showcase some lovely inspirational pins that inspired me to start rocking this ensemble! Normally, I would break it down into different variations of the look, but really every variation looks just as classy as the next…

Classically Colourful


I love this variation of the look because it is classic and cute. The light, airy vibe of the ensemble makes me so happy and it’s so differently styled compared to the rest. I love how the look is topped off with a beautiful costume necklace placed under the collar – so chic!

Classically Casual


I, personally, have never tried this particular variation. However, I think it is so wonderfully classic and casual, that I just might. A big bulky sweater dress with a collar completely screams perfect! I also love the neutral tones of the overall look.

Classically Creative

It’s always good to get creative with your looks. Whether you’re adding a fun pattern, or a stand-out piece of jewelry, fashion is a way to express yourself. I love this outfit version because she has such a fun tone to it – the print, the accessories – they are all magnificent!

With me going downtown and having to have these very professional outfits…this is such a nice switch up to what I usually wear. I like to have fun with putting looks together, and I was truly “pinspired” when I saw these wonderful photos.

Head over to my CLASSIC Pinterest board to get inspired…