4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals

Living the student life is great, but when it comes to how much cash you have in your pocket, your pockets are, unfortunately, empty (especially for luxuries like clothing). However, if you are as fashion-motivated as I am, you find a way to buy the clothing you love, but at a lower price. Brand names are great, but they are not the ‘be all and end all’ of having great style.

Today I am going to give you four tips for finding those beloved and fabulous finds…

Scout out the Sales and WAIT!

They are out there. Trust me…you just have to look. More importantly, wait for things that you have been eyeing to go on sale! There is nothing worse than purchasing something at full price, and then seeing it two weeks later for half off! You can’t help but feel like you have been totally ripped off!

Old Navy is your friend. 

This doesn’t apply to Old Navy, but all stores that aren’t necessarily true brand name. Yes, TopShop and Nordstrom is a great place to shop…but the prices aren’t always so friendly and when you don’t have $150 for a sweater, the less expensive stores are more ideal! Not to mention, most stores follow the same trends for less money!

4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots


Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

This is probably the best way to find great deals. All of your favourite retailers will have the option to subscribe to email updates, and as long as you don’t mind your inbox being inundated with subscriptions, you are home free! I don’t subscribe to every retailer, but I definitely do for my favourite ones! This is how you are going to find out about the deals and special sales that they have!

4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots

The More you buy, the better!

If you are buying one item at a time, multiple times a week or even multiple times a month…you are wasting money. Paying shipping on one item versus five items makes a whole lot of difference – why? Often, there is a free shipping cap which means when you surpass a certain spending cap, you will get your items shipped for free! So try and group all of that shopping together so you can save a tad!

There are so many deals out there waiting to be found, in fact…

Here are some of my recent fab finds:

4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots4 Tips for Finding those Fab Deals - Pearls and Polkadots

Old Navy Animal Print Flats / Smart Set Statement Necklace / Avon Booties

Hopefully these tips help you get out and find those deals! Ultimately, the most important part is making sure you feel like you have gotten a great deal! Shopping is one of my strengths and weaknesses, but when you shop smart and find the deals, you can get what you want at a cheaper price!

What are your shopping strategies? Let me know in the comments below!

Charity Ball 2015

This past Friday night, myself and two thousand (yes, you heard me…two thousand) other students at my university dressed their best and went to a charity ball to raise money for the YWCA. I, myself, took the opportunity to be a princess for the night and put my best fashion foot forward! The dance was fun, we raised a ton of money…BUT, what did I wear?

Charity Ball 2015 - Pearls and Polkadots


Charity Ball 2015 - Pearls and Polkadots

Charity Ball 2015 - Pearls and Polkadots


Dress: Long Page New York / Shoes: Aldo (similar here) / Necklace and Earrings: Icing Jewelry (similar here)

I am all about cutting costs, being a university student and all. I found a little boutique that sold me this dress at a great cost and the designer turned out to be straight from New York! I found shoes that went perfectly with just a hint of gold – they are quickly becoming my favourite shoes because they look great with everything! My go-to accessory store is Icing so it wasn’t surprising that I found the perfect costume jewelry set that went perfectly with my target look!


I had a great night with great friends and I couldn’t be happier about it! It didn’t turn out to be too expensive, and I added a great dress to add to my evening collection (currently consisting of this dress). I truly felt like a princess at a ball!

3 ways to save time in the morning

Some of you may know that I recently started my teaching journey with a group of kindies that keep my pretty busy three times a week. This requires me to be promptly out the door at 7:30 AM…leaving little time to fuss. Maybe that doesn’t so terrible to some of you…but for a student who purposely schedules her classes to begin late morning…that is a major change.

I started thinking about how I could savor that time in the morning to sleep. One easy solution? Planning ahead of time. As much as I love my outfits, it can take me a long time to choose an outfit…so planning the night before has saved me a ton of time!

Today, I am going to give you some easy tips to plan ahead so that you are never late…

Check the weather

I always make sure I check the weather the night before so I know what kind of day to dress for. Even in the winter, there are more mild days than others, and on those kinds of days, you do not want to be caught wearing a turtle-neck with a sweater (because you will boil).

Planning your looks ahead of time - Pearls and Polkadots

Plan with layers

This may shock you…but this actually applies to all seasons. No matter the season, when you are working inside, the temp can be wild. I always make sure that I layer, or at least keep something available to keep me warm. Those air conditioning units can leave me shivering on the hottest days.

Planning your looks ahead of time - Pearls and Polkadots


Lay it out

Once you know what you are wearing…lay it out. You can save LOADS of time by just laying out your outfit or pulling the pieces you are going to wear to the front of your closet. That way, when you wake up with only half an hour to spare, you don’t spend half the time looking for those pieces.

Planning your looks ahead of time - Pearls and Polkadots

Spending time the night before planning out your outfit will save you a TON of time. It also is just plain organized. This goes right along with packing your lunch and bag the night before…really just allocate your time the night before so all of those previous minutes in the morning can be used for the important stuff…sleep.

First Day Jitters

How’s it going? I thought I would give you a little life update for today’s post since something BIG is happening! Today, I began my first teaching placement in a kindergarten classroom. What did it feel like? Practically terrifying…walking into a classroom packed full of 32 children. Full of energy, each with their own little personalities.

32 does not seem like a big number…considering my classes in high school had at least 30 kids and my tutorials have that as a minimum! However, you really get a sense of how HUGE that number is when you have to get them all changed into their snow pants for a 15 minute recess…

As terrifying as it seems, I am truly excited. All of these little souls are innocent, sweet, and considerate little humans that I could spend the whole day with. I can’t wait to get to know them each and see their personalities blossom. I truly feel like this is what I am meant to do…help them read, write and count.

So what did I wear?

My First Day in the ABC - Pearls and Polkadots


Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger / Collared Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Statement Necklace: Target

For my first day, I kept it classic and comfortable. Everyone has their own style, and for me that is a blend of the two. Considering my placement is in kindergarten, I wanted to keep it comfortable (you know, something I can crawl around in on the floor!).

I wish I had a full body shot of what I wore, but I’ll describe it anyway. Bright green cable knit sweater accompanied by a collared shirt (classy, right?). I paired it with some tan pants and what one little girl called “princess shoes”…which were actually a shiny pair of flats.

This is honestly my favourite place to be…I hope I can make it to my very own classroom someday!

It’s Back to School I Go + New Year’s Resolution!

Today marks the end of my holiday. It is back to school for me and time to hit the books! After a three week long vacation, I packed up all of my clothing and headed back to school. I can’t say it was the happiest occasion in the world…I do enjoy my relaxation time at home and miss my family when I’m at school. However, it feels nice to be back in my own place, with my own space to do whatever I want. It is a different feel from home…can’t say that I don’t miss my puppy though (the photo bomber in the photo below…)

What do I miss most? 

I would have to say my closet is one of the things I miss. That sounds superficial, but it is so true! At school, I rent one of eight rooms in a studenet house and my room happens to be the converted dining room. Therefore, there is no closet. Which means no room for anything. Somehow, I manage to get everything stored away…while resorting to interesting ways to store clothing (drawers, shelves, under my bed, under my desk…everywhere).

It's Back to School I Go + New Year's Resolution - Pearls and Polkadots     It's Back to School I Go + New Year's Resolution - Pearls and Polkadots

Anyway, I am excited to get back into my routine and have a great semester!


Obviously, there are the classic New Year’s Resolutions like get good grades and try to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but I have one resolution that is more realistic for the place I am at in my life now. Here is my one resolution for 2-0-1-5:

1. Continue with Pearls and Polkadots.

Pearls and Polkadots hasn’t been launched at this point, but this is definitely something that I want to be successful with. I want to make this my space for expression and creativity! We will have to see where it goes!

It's Back to School I Go + New Year's Resolution - Pearls and Polkadots

I have a really great feeling about Pearls and Polkadots and I am so excited about this 2015 year! I am really hoping that this goes well and I can’t wait to launch in a few weeks! Check back in a year from now…and we’ll see where Pearls and Polkadots is…

Happy New  Year!