Life Update

I don’t really blog anymore. There. I said it! It has been forever since I sat down and wrote a lifestyle, fashion or general style post and I’m here today to tell you why. Why I have let this passion of mine fall by the wayside, and WHY it is OKAY.

Since graduating last year, life has picked up. Anyone who knows me inside and out, knows how much I love to teach. It has been my heart and soul for the last two years, studying teaching methods and creating my “teaching practice”, and that is what consumes me. Fortunately for me, I walked out of school with a position in two school boards, ready to do what I love, and change lives. There has been laughter, tears, an abundance of stress and lots of smiles during this first year. I moved into teaching the first grade, coming to love and know twenty beautiful souls that I will forever cherish as my “first real class”. I am back in an occasional teaching role, and am now kept busy day in and day out with different students of all different ages.

It sounds busy, doesn’t it? It is busy. Like, it is CRAZY busy. The amount of running around, and switching mindsets that I have done in the last six months is nothing I could have ever imagined for my first year of teaching. The good news is, is while this seems like I am saying “poor me, look at my busy, busy life”…I am throwing all these words down to say I. LOVE. IT.

Every single moment of it. The good and the bad. These last six months have made me realize that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Teaching others is a passion that cannot be replaced in my world.

Are you still with me?

So by now…(if you haven’t stopped reading)…you are probably wondering WHY I am telling you all of this. There are a number of reasons, really, for which I won’t bore you all with. The main reason is to share. Share this happiness that I am feeling, and hopefully inspire someone to go after their dreams.

As for my blogging? Through the many years I have spent studying, blogging has been an outlet for me. A passion to turn my thoughts into meaningful words, published for whoever wants to spend the time reading them. I still consider it to be an outlet, but not a necessary outlet.

It’s a place I come to express my thoughts and share my ideas…and that’s the attitude I will take going forward. I want to get back to creating posts that I love. I want to explore new attitudes and ideas, and write more lifestyle pieces that tells you guys who I am. So there we have it…a new outlook on writing, my purpose and a major update on my part! I am so excited for more dreams to come true, and to be able to share more of my life on Pearls and Polkadots. Until next time…cheers everyone!

Beautiful Bedroom Inspiration

I am finding that as I approach the middle of my twenties, I am in a constant state of transition. Recently, I moved back into my parents’ house. So often I think twenty-somethings, like me, dream about this independent lifestyle (especially after university) and then realize, how expensive it actually is to be completely independent from your parents.

Unfortunately, I cannot call myself independent just yet. That is where I have been struggling with this weird student-to- adult transition. Moving home, I came back to a bedroom full of stuffed animals, old posters, and CLUTTER!!! To say the least, I have a lot of work ahead of me, so that has lead me to this.

Two words: BEDROOM. MAKEOVER. I have been talking about it for a while, but never seriously considered it. Why? Well, first of all, I was living in an entirely different place, so why make over something I am not spending time in? All the more reason to begin the process now!

In order to kick off my bedroom makeover, I am going to showcase a few different looks and styles I found on Pinterest. What’s a makeover without a little inspiration, right?

Viktoria Dahlberg (@viktoria.dahlberg) • Instagram photos and videos


Instagram @laura.e.sanz


My Chicago Bedroom // Parisian Chic, Blush Pink — bows & sequins


White, gold and pink bedroom - sophisticated, glam and girly bedroom - floral accent pillows


☾ pin @aeslife ig



I have always been a major fan of pink! As I get older, I am transitioning into seeing pink as an accent colour rather than the main focus. Seems like the older I get, the lighter the shade of pink I like (weird, huh?). Above all, my colour scheme is looking like a mixture of grey hues, blush pinks and pops of gold!

I plan to keep you along for my bedroom makeover journey! It’s going to be a long haul, but I feel it will be TOTALLY worth it in the end…


My Fall Bucket List

There are many things about me that put me into that “basic” category. Whether that is a good thing, or a bad thing, I embrace all of these wonderful cliches. One of these happen to be this little fact: I. LOVE. FALL. Yup, that’s right! It is the season of blanket scarves, pumpkin spiced lattes, and changing leaves. That moment you walk out the door in late September and get a whiff of the crisp fall air…that is one of my favourite things. It gets me feeling all warm and cozy.

Lately, it has been nothing but heat, and honestly? I despise the hot weather. There is a point in September where you just want to put all of the maxis, shorts and summer dresses away. That fall clothing closet switch is extremely exciting for me (better than Christmas maybe?).

To change things up on the blog this morning, I am sharing my bucket list for this festive season! I also have a feeling that Fall may be a tad longer this year, which gives me plenty of time to check all of these boxes off!

For more fall inspo, check out my fall fashion board on Pinterest

What’s on your fall bucket list this season?


Happy Wednesday everybody! Can you believe it is already the middle of the week…it seems crazy that we are nearing the end of September. Personally, I am really excited because fall is my favourite season and I am super ready for summer to come to a close. Since September is kind of my own January, being that it is the beginning of the new school year, I have been looking into personal goals to set for myself.

One of these goals is to branch out with my blogging, and tackle another niche that I love, and jump outside of my comfort zone. To do that, I am going to tap into my Pinterest and show you what I have been pinning lately.

Here is the catch, however…I’m stepping away from fashion and diving into design and decor (shocking, I know). It isn’t my typical niche, but I can spend hours online looking at pretty living rooms, dreamy bedrooms and inspiring kitchens. I even started thinking about what kinds of changes may be needed in a house to bring more soft light in – maybe because a friend down in Texas recently found out about Graceland Windows and Doors and all the different window options they can have, but softer palettes suit soft natural light. This could work in any room in the house, but in an effort to keep this short and sweet, I am focusing on living rooms today.

Mood: Living Room Inspiration

If you were to walk into my current living room right now, you definitely would find nothing in there that reflects this interior style, except my beautiful wide chest of drawers! Partially because I am a student, and partially because I currently live with six other students. A girl can dream though, right?
I am all about light, pretty, feminine things. Accent decor, cute quotes, floral prints, following trends like how recently they’re developing texture in contemporary rugs… that is what I am all about (or what I dream to be…). Blush tones, rose gold, leaf patterns – all I would include in a perfect dream of a living room. Future living room: designed!
Here are some of my inspirations when it comes to feminine living rooms:
You can find more of my interior and fashion inspiration by heading over to my Pinterest.

This post was inspired by Arhaus Furniture. Head over to their living room page to get some inspiration and design techniques!

All images were found through Pinterest and are not owned by me.

New Year, New Me: A Mantra Worth Following

Every year, we ring in the new year with resolutions and mantras that revolve around the “new year, new me” attitude. People attach this mantra to everything in an effort to improve upon their lives. I, for one, am guilty of this as well but…

I don’t see it as a bad thing if I fail. 

How can we ever fail at something when we actively decide to do something other than what we have set out to do?

New Year, New Me: A Mantra Worth Following

I want to blog more…but life gets in the way.

I want to eat healthier…but junk food is easier (and cheaper) to cram into my mouth.

I want to be spontaneous…but sometimes planning ahead is the right way to go.

The concept of “new year, new me” doesn’t mean that we have to completely makeover or change ourselves. It also doesn’t mean that we have to feel like failures if we alter our goals throughout the year! That’s what living your every day life is about: making your own decisions.

New Year, New Me: A Mantra Worth Following

We all have the best intentions to start the year off fresh, and that is great but it doesn’t need to be the be all and end all of life!

It’s great to have goals, but don’t be afraid to change them!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not hating on this phrase or saying that we shouldn’t embrace it. Quite the contrary actually, I love this phrase and am making it my mantra because it is positive and inspiring. However, I am not taking it at face value. I am me, and I am not going to change.

What I am going to do is set realistic goals for myself that I can manage and not be afraid to alter should I need to. That’s what the new year is all about, right? A fresh start! A chance to try new things! An opportunity to feel good about yourself.

New Year, New Me: A Mantra Worth Following

It is not a time to feel like you are going to fail – because we can’t really call it failure if we actively decide to do something other than what we have set out to do.

So here are my totally realistic and changeable goals for Y2017:

1. Have a super awesome, cute brunch in the city with friends.

2. Live a happier, healthier and fuller life on a daily basis.

3. Write about what I want to write about and makes me feel stellar.

4. Make new friends and embrace the ones I have had for years.

5. Get active in a fun way.

6. Travel to at least one new, cool place that I have always wanted to go to.

7. Make the most amazing memories and photograph it all.

8. Give as many smiles away a day as I want to (at least one).

9. Remember my fortune and be thankful for what I have each and every day of my life.

10. Give back to those who need it more than I do.

There you have it! It didn’t take me long, but I have come up with ten, amazing goals for Y2017 that I can carry throughout the year. Each and every one of those goals are realistic and completely changeable, should something get in the way of doing them. Yes, they are pretty general…but that is what makes them realistic.

New Year, New Me: A Mantra Worth Following

Life gets in the way sometimes.This idea goes hand in hand with everything in moderation.

No one is perfect, and the “new you” doesn’t have to be either. Happy New Year!