SAM Fashion Show Recap: Part One

On Thursday night, #SAMAirlines took off and landed at the Cotton Factory to walk the runway for a cause. What is that cause? Ronald McDonald House Charities. The stage was set, the clothes were lined up and everyone was certainly ready to take off that night.


As much as I love coordinating fashion, I love watching fashion as well. Having a seat to view all these gorgeous styles was marvelous and the night ended with me wanting more! Today, I am going to give you the low-down on exactly what went down at this trendy event…

What is SAM? 

Other than my nickname, “SAM” stands for Style at Maca fashion outlet to showcase the diverse fashion sense sported around McMaster University. SAM aims to promote the fashion found on campus. A campus blog is run to broadcast those outfits that just make us all wow in awe.

SAM en Route

A hypothetical plane of fashionistas took off to view the fab styles around Hamilton and I would say it was nothing less than a success! We all put on our best to watch, sport and support fashion and  it was a night to remember! So let me dive into the details. I got to go backstage to see the crazy madness first hand, and I have to say…it was a blast.


Make up was being done. Models were getting dressed. Photographers were everywhere. It was quite overwhelming and totally amazing at the same time. Every one was having a blast pumping up before the big runway show and I couldn’t have been happier to be apart of the action.

The Models

All the models who appeared in Sam En Route are students who have a love for fashion and style. I got to speak with some guys and gals who rocked the runway, learn more about them and get their stories on how they got involved with SAM.

“Every girl thinks, I can do that…maybe. I just said let’s just go for it and it’s been an awesome experience” – Folasewa, SAM Female Model


SAM Female Models pre-show



SAM Male Models hanging backstage pre-show

“It’s a lot of fun, you meet a lot of cool people, and you get to wear a lot of cool clothes” – Jalal, SAM Male Model

Most models emphasized how great the experience is in general. After all, how many people can say they walked the runway in a fashion show? It was amazing seeing how connected the group was with each other. It’s not all fun and games though. Walking down the runway is a process to learn, and many hours went into perfecting choreography, timing and the walk itself.

The Model Coordinators

I got to know a little bit about the process in speaking with the model coordinators themselves, Samantha, Cynthia, Diana and Margaret, the Model Director. Each line walked on the runway was choreographed, right down to the poses and expressions.

“The most important thing was getting the models comfortable” – Diana, SAM Model Coordinator


SAM Modelling Coordinators and Director: Cynthia, Diana, Margaret (Director), and Samantha

It’s important to remember that these aren’t professional models…these are students who are getting involved to support a great charity, wear great designs and have fun. However, runway modelling is tough and can, at times, be uncomfortable. Practice makes perfect, and did it ever!

“Practices consist of walking, making sure you’re on time, and the pose – you gotta practice your poses” – Braeden, SAM Male Model

It’s no wonder that modelling could be uncomfortable for some of the models. Besides, this isn’t something you do every day. Practices typically ran 45-60 min. each week. If a model was walking more than one line, practice was doubled. It is so important to get that choreography down so that come show time, they are completely prepared. I learned from the models that walking down a runway is no easy feat.

The Pilot of SAM Airlines

Every plane has a pilot, and the SAM team couldn’t have been led by a better gal. I got to chat with Belicia, the SAM president, at intermission to get her thoughts on the group, the show and the night overall. Not to mention, she was definitely dressed to impress! Belicia is a first-time president, and a long-time member of the club. Working with her amazing team and models, this year has made it her favourite and final year of SAM.


SAM President: Belicia

“I’ve made some amazing friends, wonderful opportunities, and the chance to put on this show is pretty spectacular” – Belicia, SAM President

This year, the team grew from 20 members to 60 members (not including the models) so it was key that everyone kept up with their role. The hard work and dedication that all team members put in this year clearly showed that night. Belicia will be graduating this year, leaving the SAM community, but hopes to see the “baby club” continue to grow with the amazing people who bring creativity and passion to it each year.

All in all, it was a great night! Going backstage was amazing and getting to know the models, executive team members and of course the president was awesome.

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Of course, that is definitely not all the night brought. I will be covering more later on this week so you can get all the details of the runway, the clothing and the music that stole the show!!

Stay tuned for Part Two…

Suede and Ivory

As I get a little older and dive more into the world of fashion, I have taken a liking to certain trends. Suede is definitely one of them. Fashion felt hats is another. Combining the two makes me super happy…which is kind of what inspired this look! Lately, I have been seeing suede skater skirts everywhere.

Suede and Ivory - Pearls and Polkadots

Ivory Cotton Turtle Neck2 Black Felt Hat3 Cat eye sunnies4 Black Fringe Suede Booties5 Red Kate Spade Bucket Bag6 Suede Button-Front Skater Skirt 

Because of the colour tones that typically go along with suede pieces (military greens, burnt oranges, tan browns), many would consider a look like this to be in the “Fall” category. Personally, I think this is a great outfit that can be worn in the Fall or Spring. The long sleeved turtle neck keeps you warmer if it’s chillier weather (which Spring and Fall typically bring), but it is not such a thick fabric that you are sweltering.

Pops of colour are important in any look for Spring. This is the season to bring out the fun colours because the snow is melting away, Summer is right around the corner, and it’s a time to be jumping for joy! Why not throw a popping red bucket bag to brighten this look up?


12 Pairs of Springy Shoes You Need this Season!

Now that we are saying good bye to that constant white blanket for good (I hope!!), ladies, we can finally bring out our cutest pairs of sandals or we can go and grab the most to-die-for pair on the market! This season, I have seen some hot pairs of shoes – in fact, I would go as far as to say they are completely irresistible. 

12 Pairs of Springy Shoes You Need this Season! - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Kate Spade Flower Print Wedges2 Call it Spring Green Flat Sandals3 Aldo Red High Heeled Wedges4 Dolce Vita Cognac Flat Sandals | 5 Steve Madden Red Fringed Sandals6 Jack Rogers Pink Flat SandalsNine West Yellow High Heeled Sandals8 Aldo Turquoise Flat Sandals 9 Aldo Cobalt Flat Sandals10 Aldo Hot Pink High Heels 11 Call it Spring Mint Heeled Sandals12 Aldo Neutral Covered Open toe Heels

Are you drooling over these cute pairs of shoes yet? I am! If you couldn’t guess, Aldo is one of my favourite retailers for shoes! They are super affordable and their shoes are so chic!! My favourite colours this season for shoes are bright colours. Although I love the neutrals, Spring is all about being fun and adding that pop of colour!

My favourite pair from these twelve picks are the hot pink laced up heels from Aldo! I just picked these up a few weeks ago and they are the cutest pair I have owned to date!!

 What pair are you loving? Are you team neutral or team bright colours? Let me know in the comments below…

15 Trendy Suede Items Under $50

Spring fashion is coming in quick, and one fabric we are seeing a lot this year is suede. It’s everywhere…literally. Every mannequin in the mall is sporting some type of trendy suede item and I am loving it. I never really pegged myself to be super into the boho chic, fringed, 60’s trend, but I am actually loving how versatile this fabric can really be.

15 Trendy Suede Items Under $50 - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Black Suede Button-Front Skirt2 Lace up Suede Maxi Dress3 Suede Shift DressSuede crop or Skater Skirt | 5 Fringed Suede Vest6 Grey Suede Crop Top7 Golden Suede Cropped Jacket8 Grey Fringed Suede Crop Top9 Suede Wrap Dress10 Military Green Suede Button-Front Skirt11 Red Suede Button-Front Skirt12 Long sleeve Suede Dress13 Burnt Orange Suede Button-Front Skirt14 Suede Skater Skirt15 Button-Front Suede Dress

For trends such as this, you don’t want to break the bank. Sure, you can go for the super high quality, expensive suede jacket. But, you’ll be out $200 when this trend drops off the face of the earth in a couple of months (as most trends do). As most of you know, I am all about saving money (student life!!), so places like H&M and Forever 21 are my best friends to get the latest and greatest for an amazing price.

Being the super saver that I am, but sticking with my shopaholic roots, I have found fifteen super cute and trendy suede items for UNDER $50!! Yes, you read right. I am loving suede right now and you can too at a great price!!

Have you jumped on this trend? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below…

Easter Pastels

March is coming to a close, but we are not finished with it yet! We still have one of the best Spring holidays to celebrate and that is Easter! Whether you are having a big Easter dinner with family, going on a hunt for Easter eggs, or sleeping the day away and enjoying the long weekend…there is always the opportunity to look cute!

Easter calls for Spring pastels, light colours and pretty ensembles…so today I have put together a little outfit inspo so that you aren’t completely stuck this weekend on what to wear…

The Pastel Midi

I am really loving the midi dress/skirt look these days! It is so pretty and in a fun pastel colour like this pink, it’s beautiful. I like to dress up for fun family functions, so this midi dress paired with these gorgeous lace up nude heels…probably one of my favourite outfit inspos ever.

Easter Pastels - Pearls and Polkadots

1 Kate Spade Earrings2 Nude Felt Floppy Hat3 Pastel Midi Dress4 Kate Spade Pink Stone Necklace5 Nude ClutchLace up Nude Sandals

Cool and Casual Pastel Tones

Off the shoulder tops are really in right now. I even broke down and purchased a couple myself! Being that we are into Spring and that the snow is melting, this is the perfect top for a cool and casual Easter celebration! You can do this with a flat shoe or a heel (for more glam) – the pops of pink are what make the look!

Easter Pastels - Pearls and Polkadots

1 White Lace Top2 Kate Spade Necklace3 White Shoulder Bag4 Mint Skinny Leggings5 Pink Heeled Sandals

Pretty Pastel Yellow 

Yellow has always been an intriguing colour to me. I don’t typically go for it, but I think it’s a really fun colour for Spring – especially for Easter. I chose to keep the look really light with the white accents, even throwing in some pink toned earrings to compliment the warmer tones in the ensemble!

Easter Pastels - Pearls and Polkadots

1 H&M Pale Yellow Skater Dress2 Kate Spade Earrings3 Kate Spade Necklace4 Aldo Ankle Flats5 Aldo Floral Tote

Pastels are amazing to play around with. I love to tone them down or make them pop with an accent colour! Spring is the time to be fun and out there with your fashion – try new things and add new pieces to your wardrobe that you can mix and match with!

What’s your favourite pastel and are you buying into the trend this season? Happy Easter lovelies!