9 Spring Shoes for your Inner Fashionista

By the time spring comes along, I am desperate to pull anything other than winter boots on. I dust off my heels, pull out the cute sneaks and completely rethink footwear. I don’t consider myself shoe crazy, but I do love a good pair of shoes. Especially when shoes are floral, pastel or trendy.

I was cleaning out my closet the other day, and really thought to myself…it’s time to update my shoe collection. So I did what any fashion blogger would do, I went onto Nordstrom and made a wish list. The shoes are unbelievably cute this season, and honestly, I wish I could get all of these. I wanted to share the list with you and tell you a little bit about why they made it onto this running list of things I must have.

Rose pink or pink pastel is probably my favourite colour right now. I love how springy this colour is and the best part, is that it transitions perfectly for summer as well. It’s never a bad thing when a colour works for multiple seasons!

What screams spring more than floral patterns? Spring flowers are all the rage at this time of year, and since we aren’t able to spot the flowers IRL, we might as well sport the blooms on our clothes, right? I definitely think so! At the same time, having that pattern pop in an overall ensemble upgrades your look from dreary to dreamy!!

Yellow has never been my favourite colour. However, recently, I have been really trying to incorporate it into my wardrobe one way or another. These mustard or canary yellow give your outfit the pop of colour it needs! Plus, it’s such a bright colour for the seasons to come!

I have yet to try the see through fad that seems to be spreading like wildfire. I am seeing it everywhere – especially in Hollywood. Now, it is definitely an out there trend, but whenever you change over your wardrobe for a new season, it doubles as the time to be adventurous! I am itching to try it out myself!

Denim has always been my thing. I fully embrace denim-on-denim (happily, I might add). I have yet to embrace denim footwear. Similar to the see through trend, it may seem a little out there. The shoes I linked above give me 90s vibes, and honestly, anything 90s is eh-okay with me!

Well, there are are the springy trends that are surfacing this May! Hopefully you opened your eyes to some trendier options, or maybe it gave you the inspiration to click through and add one of these beauties to your closet to style! Getting in touch with your inner fashionista is always easy when there are so many pretty options!

Happy Shopping!

Ultra Violet Picks of 2018

Happy May everyone! It feels like I blinked and spring arrived. Just kidding, it has actually been the longest winter ever. The warm weather has finally arrived! Which means, the little shopper in me has come our of hibernation! I am constantly looking for new trends, fun deals and great new pieces to add to my closet.

If you haven’t heard the news, Pantone named ‘Ultra Violet’ as their colour of the year! Purple is taking it’s stance, and boy are we ever seeing it in fashion lately. I am always a fan of purple. Not everyone is a fan of this vibrant colour! Well, take a look at these pieces I found – it will be hard to resist purple after you see these ultra cute pieces…


These tops I have chosen are a mix between casual and professional. I carefully selected different shades of violet from pastel to concentrated. These are definitely my ‘top’ picks for the season when it comes to Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’. From Banana Republic to Garage, there is something in this lookbook for everyone…


It’s time to put away the sweaters and stock your closet full of those cute springy dresses. I selected these few pieces to really carry that violet vibe all through the season! Each of these dresses add fun, sophistication and trendy fashion into your closet.



Jackets aren’t necessarily the first thing we think of when the weather starts to warm up. However, when the sun goes down, it can get chilly. What says “spring night out” better than this fun lilac moto jacket? It is as pastel as they come, but definitely a trendy piece worth adding to your closet this season!


Shoes and Accessories

If you are new to trying colours like this one, and you don’t want to go bold right out of the gate…these are the items for you. Adding pops of colour to your outfit is always a good idea, but especially when you are trying a new colour you aren’t used to. These pops of violet is perfect for the colour newcomer!


Caught the spring shopping bug yet? Don’t worry, I caught it a long time ago. At least the side effects are cute clothes and great style, right? Stay tuned for more fun shop-able posts!

Happy styling!

Spring Picks

It’s been a while since I went on the hunt for some good spring clothing! Now that I am wrapping up my final year of school (yay!!), I’ve turned to the online shops to hunt down some pieces. I love looking all over the place for fun new items for my spring and summer wardrobe. This time, I am really looking everywhere. More specifically, I am looking to the online boutiques, the stores, the whole sale retailers – you name it, I’m looking.

These pieces just scream SPRING to me. In my eyes, spring is a time to test those fun patterns, play around and just have fun with your style. We have been knee deep in winter for such a long time, it’s time to put the sweaters away and bring out those cute rompers, jumpers and dresses!

This season, I am really loving a few of the in style trends. One of those trends is off the shoulder tops. They were in last year as well, but this year they are really coming in again strong. Simplistic, delicate and light, this style is perfect for a dressed up or dressed down look. I will definitely be rocking my OTS tops this season.

I am also really loving patterns. Do they ever really go out of style in the spring season? I don’t think so. However, this year we are seeing more fine print patterns – especially with embroidered pieces. Floral patterns are such a fun way to introduce spring, and personally, my favourite way to brighten up my look. And really, who can go wrong with a good gingham or polka dot pattern?

Another trend that I have always been for are pastels. Pastels are just the be all and end all of spring to me. I am such a pink-lover and pastel pink is my weakness. If I could have everything pastel pink…seriously, I would. However, other pastels go really well with overall spring looks!

Those are just some of my picks this spring. I am hoping to bring you more in the coming weeks as my shopping addiction takes over my life (oops!).

Happy Spring Shopping!


The season that everybody awaits is almost here. Summer is coming in strong and quickly, but are you as prepared as you need to be? Last year, I went on a massive hunt to find the best swimsuits I could for my move to Florida. However, I shied away from the bikini because…well, many ladies would understand why. Many of us prefer the more modest options like the one pieces seen here – https://thehermoza.com/collections/one-pieces.

This year, however, I am breaking out a new look and I am on another hunt. Except this time, I am hunting down the perfect bikini. These days, finding a swimsuit is as easy as clicking a button…and well, that’s exactly what you have to do! Nowadays, most online fashion retailers give you the option to mix and match your bikinis so you can stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. You may decide to have a look into getting an active bikini top that you can wear for any swim related activity and match it with the bottoms of your choice. Isn’t that a great idea? Having the ability to just buy a bikini online makes my life easier. Although, sometimes it can be hard to find a trusted site that will deliver exactly what you see.

Zaful has been my handy style site for about 6 months now, and I have been overjoyed with the products I have received. That is why I have done a little couch shopping this evening, and ultimately put together a wishlist for this upcoming bikini season. Now, I should warn you…I have not tested out the product. This is sight unseen. In no way have I actually tried the stocked collection that Zaful is offering – buyer beware.

Okay, hold on…it seems as if some monokinis and one pieces snuck their way onto this wishlist. I guess I will leave them because they are super cute (my favourite? Probably this palm print one piece). You really can’t have too many swimsuits, can you?

It will only be a matter a time before I get my hands on one of these amazing pieces…so in that case stay tuned

Peace out!

Simple giving, simple living

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Blue Nile Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This could not be a more true statement, especially around the holiday season. What is more simple than a crisp, clear and classic accessory that shines in the winter sunshine? It is no secret that I love pretty things, and the few pretty things in particular include gorgeous pieces like Blue Nile has to offer this holiday season.

Top Left: Lucille Diamond Rollover Hoop Earrings | Middle Left: Petite Curved Diamond Necklace and Blue Nile Studio Diamond Spiral Necklace | Bottom Left: Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Earrings, Petite Diamond Hoop Earrings, and Blue Nile Studio Diamond Floral Drop | Bottom Right: Diamond Gemstone Ring (variety of stones)

We are less than a week away from Christmas, which means holiday scrambling, gift giving and Christmas cheer galore. One thing to cross off your holiday to-do list? The perfect gift. Why are you crossing it off? Because I have got the perfect gift-guide for you today, thanks to Blue Nile.

Jewelry is the go-to

Now, this may be a hint for the fellas reading this post, however, this goes for any special woman in your life (be that your mother, aunt, daughter, etc.)…jewelry is always a good idea and a simple gift to grab. However, there are a few key pieces to stick to…

The Necklace

Necklaces are simple, beautiful and polished – especially diamond necklaces. When buying for another, keep in mind that big flashy pieces aren’t for everyone. However, classic and elegant pieces will look good on every woman out there and only make her eyes sparkle more.

Simple Giving, Simple Living w/ Blue Nile Diamonds

Simple Giving, Simple Living w/ Blue Nile Diamonds

Simple Giving, Simple Living w/ Blue Nile Diamonds

The Earrings

There is nothing better than a pair of diamond earrings. The bigger, the better (in my personal opinion). Earrings are the simplest item to style, and when it is a clear cut diamond, you cannot go wrong (no matter what you are styling). I especially love earrings with a unique and colourful design to them.

Simple Giving, Simple Living w/ Blue Nile Diamonds

Simple Giving, Simple Living w/ Blue Nile Diamonds

The Ring

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that diamond rings should not just be for engagements. Costume rings are fabulous, but a good quality, colourful ring is fun to flash around no matter your relationship status! Rings can do wonders for your fashion sense, especially if your are trying to dress up the look.

Simple Giving, Simple Living w/ Blue Nile Diamonds

Simple Giving, Simple Living w/ Blue Nile Diamonds

Simple Giving, Simple Living w/ Blue Nile Diamonds

Blue Nile gives careful consideration into the diamonds they select, all of which are selected based upon cut, colour, and clarity. Their selection is high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and every girl’s dream accessory. I associate Blue Nile with the idea of simplicity only because at first sight the decision to shop is simple. The look, the cut, the quality is impeccable and the consideration to detail in the designs of their accessories is impressive.

In keeping with simple giving, simple living, Blue Nile provides resources for the first-time shopper including a Blue Nile’s Holiday Jewellery Gift Guide, gift options for those on a budget, and a selection of what all the women are loving these days.

So why opt for the cliche bottle of perfume, boring old hand bag, or the tired out sweater? Live the simple life and splurge for an exquisite and timeless gift that she will lovea Blue Nile diamond accessory.

Photo Credit: Blue Nile

This holiday season, charm your loved ones with Blue Nile and take part in the simple giving, simple living lifestyle.

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