#WishlistWednesday: Sunglasses

IMG_3239As the summer season approaches, we all start dusting off our best pair of sunglasses for the many beach days to come. There is always one pair that we are religious to, and feel naked without if they somehow go missing. But sunglasses are like anything else in your closet and you can never have too many pairs.

My go-to sunglasses are wide, big, and brown so that they cover my entire eye and brow. I get full coverage, plus it works as a super cute accessory (of course!!). However, there are so many types out there that you wear for different occasions! That’s why, this Wednesday, I am going to list out three pairs that I have fallen in love with and want on my face (that sounded odd..)!

“Aviator” or “Pilot”
I have always had a pair of aviator style sunglasses because they are so chic. But I have come to the realization that depending on who you buy them from, they can easily break. Now, I am not going to name off the bad places to get these from, because even though they are flimsy, sometimes it’s good to have a cheap pair in case you break them. You know what I’m saying? Either way, if they look good, they look good. A lot of retailers sell them, but my favourite are from American eagle Outfitters.

ae sunnies

American Eagle Outfitters, $19.83

Round Frames
I have a pair of these that I got from Aldo Shoes…and I love them!! I actually didn’t mean to buy them, but they were severely discounted when I was buying a pair of shoes, so I thought why not? Well, now I am addicted to this sunny style. They give you full coverage and come in so many different types from reflective to mirrored!! I suggest you hop on this round framed sunnies bandwagon…

Aldo, $12

This is probably the most versatile type of sunglasses because it looks good on pretty much everyone. From men in black to casual, every day use …this style is pretty much flawless. I love this style because usually you can pick a good pair for cheap and not have to drop 300$ for something so common. Below, I have linked Ray-Ban sunnies because they are probably the best quality that I have seen.

Ray-Ban @ Sport Check, $195

“Cat Eye” or “Hepburn”
I couldn’t limit myself to three items for this #WishlistWednesday… so this week I’m putting a fourth on. And what a good fourth item it is – cat eye Sunnies. Often seen on Audrey Hepburn, this accessory is perfect for that high fashion, chic look! I don’t own a pair of cat eyes yet, but I have been scoping a few pairs out and I have to say, I’m pretty much swooning over what I’ve found. See below these pairs that I am dying to own:

Dynamite, $12.95

I hope I have convinced you to pick up one of these styles…or maybe you have already endorsed one or all of them! Let me know in the comments below what your fave style is and where you got them! I am always looking for new accessories to add to my growing collection! Happy #WishlistWednesday!




May: Looking Back


It’s been a fast month (aren’t they all?). Today, I am looking back at my favourite looks from this past month. Spring is officially here, complete with rain, sunshine and nice weather! Which has certainly made my wardrobe more bright and fun! I love all of the springy colours and styles that I get to wear now that I don’t have to always think about layers! It was certainly hard choosing four picks for this month of May, but I managed!

My first look (top left) was a throw together on a Monday morning for some much needed errands. I got this cute, elephant tank top and white wrap-around cardigan from Winners (one of my favourite stores!!). My tan pants are Old Navy‘s “pixie pants” which are made for short people! Thank you to whoever created the Old Navy Gift Card it helped a lot! They are comfortable, colourful and perfect for work or play. Many people have asked me about these polka dot loafers. I got them from G. H. Bass & Co. in Pennsylvania. If you don’t own a pair of patterned loafers…you are missing out! They are so perfect and they go great with (almost) everything!

My second look (top right) was my Mother’s Day look this year . A simple, casual dress from Old Navy and a beautiful statement necklace from mark. by Avon made for the perfect look to spend with Mom that day. Of course, to top the look off, I wore my gorgeous nude, suede heels from Avon. I highly recommend them (super comfortable!!).

My third look (bottom left) was my most recent casual Friday look for work! I channeled my inner Audrey or Jackie for this look, keeping it simple with multi strands of pearls from J Crew Factory and a white shell top made by Bianca Nygard. Shockingly, my wedges are from Le Chateau! I didn’t actually know that Le Chateau had such amazing shoes, but (newsflash!) they do and they are truly amazing!!

My fourth look (bottom right) was the perfect outfit for a hot day! The top is ordered from SheInside.com that I found through Pinterest! This watermelon top is light, airy and fun for summer – it was absolutely key on this hot day. The olive pants are from Le Chateau, that I got on sale (music to a shopper’s ears!). The necklace is from Smart Set, which has really pretty costume jewelry. Of course, like most of my looks, my Kate Spade New York bag is featured. I highly recommend this brand as well!

Well, those are probably my favourite looks of 2015 so far because they are so fun! I love throwing my own twist on things, and I think that is well represented this month. All the way from elephants to watermelons! Looking back is always fun to do, especially because it makes the time fly! With that, I leave you with a shot of the countryside that I snapped this month:


Let June be as great as May!

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What does Style really mean?

OutfitoftheDay_1It all starts by seeing that one person. The person who catches your eye, and overwhelms you with how sharp they look. Put together, professional, sexy…whatever you want to use to describe how they look. You want to be them, and mimic exactly what they did to catch your eye. What am I talking about here – attraction? No! I am talking about a person’s sense of style.

Everyone has one.

Whether you like rocking a concert tee and converse, or stick to collared shirts and sweater vests…that is your style. You embody it, you portray it and adopt it throughout your life. That’s not to say that people cannot have multiple styles in a lifetime – everyone goes through stages or waves. It’s apart of finding yourself and learning who you are as a person. Growing up into the person I am today, I have learned several things that I am going to address in this post (beware, they may sound a tad cliche…but it’s all true).

Wear and embrace the style that you want to. There is absolutely no point in dressing a certain way if you don’t like it. Why would you do that? Mimicking a way of dressing can be super hard, but it will be even harder to mimic if you don’t actually want to wear the clothing.

Style is a spectrum and an individual trait. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different idea of what they think they should be wearing. Additionally, not all styles look the same on everybody. What looks one way on one person, could look totally different on another person. So adapt the look to what you think will look good on you!

Wear what you want! There is no rule book to style! Of course there is Vogue magazine, the runway, and other fashion trendsetters…but at the end of the day, they style that YOU portray is your own. Work what you have and try new things! Every morning when I open my closet to get dressed, I put together my outfit of the day based on what I think looks good! Who cares what you wear as long as you feel like yourself and amazing in it? (Answer: WHO CARES!? It’s your life!)

I hope that this post was the slightest bit uplifting! I have been in a super positive mood all day and wanted to exert my positivity to all of my readers! With that, I will leave you with a few shots of my own outfit creations that I adore:


Have a happy and positive weekend!


#WishlistWednesday: Kimonos, kimonos, kimonos!

As a part of my new series, #WishlistWednesday, I will be featuring a wishlist of mine in today’s post, and this one keeps with this season’s boho chic theme – kimonos! Who doesn’t love a good kimono? Dress it up! Dress it down! Wear it however you want, because it is always a fashionable piece. What I love about this particular article of clothing is that it can be worn to work, at a music festival, or even just lounging around the house!

Because kimonos are so great, many retailers have caught onto this trend. Some are better than others, and I have three on my wishlist for this summer that I am going to share with you now!

Fringed Kimono – H&M, $34.95This breezy kimono will pretty much go with everything. It is a light cream colour, and so versatile that you could pair it with a dress, or a cute pair of shorts with a tee. I love how boho this looks with the fringe around the edges and the fine woven detail throughout the piece. You can see this look everywhere this season and H&M is the perfect place to go for all of your boho needs.

Patterned Kimono – H&M, $59.95

This is a different type of kimono. It has the fringe on the bottom, but it is a little bit longer, so overall, it will give you a different look. This kimono would be perfect for a summer festival or running errands. I wouldn’t necessarily where this to work, but you potentially could if you can rock the casual look! My favourite thing about this particular kimono, is the pattern. This would be the center of your outfit, so wearing this with a simple white tee and a pair of jean shorts would be the perfect look for summer fun!

Fringe Poncho – Garage, $36.95

This is the kimono that made me fall in love with boho – no joke. I don’t know if it’s the braided bottom, or the colour that made me take on this style, but I do know that this kimono is AMAZING. Save the best for last, right? The common factor of my kimono style seems to be fringed edges. I think that Garage put a twist on their fashion by braiding the ends of the fringes together and creating a very unique pattern. The colour is to die for, the quality is great, and I think it would just top off that cute, chic look!

Those are my three items for #WishlistWednesday! I might just have to go to the mall this weekend…

I will leave you with these amazing shots I found on Pinterest to inspire your kimono and boho style:


#WishlistWednesday: Hats off to these Hats!

Being a rather new blogger, I am still finding my blogging niche. I figure that creating a regular series will help me keep the creative juices flowing and keep it interesting! So I am introducing #WishlistWednesday by Pearls and Polkadots. I have often written about things that I want, and being a fashionista, I am always on the hunt for the next best piece to add to my wardrobe. If only I could be a millionaire (a girl can dream..)

So to kickoff my first, ever #WishlistWednesday post, I will be listing off the hottest fashion hats that I am absolutely swooning over right now! I am relatively new to wearing fashion hats. I have never really had the inspiration to incorporate hats into my looks, but this season, that has all changed! Over the winter season, I found great hats on sale and purchased them in anticipation of Spring & Summer 2015. However, with spring in full swing, there have been a few fashion hats released that have caught my eye.

Straw Hat – H&M, $17.95 
Straw_Hat_HMThis hat screams summer. It comes in this fabulous neutral colour with a black band, but also comes in ivory with a blush pink band as well – both are absolutely beautiful, however, I have a sweet spot for the neutral straw. I can just see this being worn with nautical stripes, a print maxi dress, or on the patio with an LBD! It is for sure going to be added to my collection in the near future!

Felt Hat in Wool H&M, $24.95

Felt_Hat_Wool_HMI love this hat because it is versatile. It can be dressed up or you can dress it down! Wool/Felt hats are perfect because you can get use out of them in the fall and winter as well as the spring and summer. It is an all-year round hat and is definitely a candidate of my wishlist. H&M is a great store because almost everything is affordable!

Wool Floppy Hat – American Apparel, $45.00 

Felt_Hat_AAThis is a long-term wishlist item because American Apparel always seems to have these floppy hats in stock (knock, knock!) so there is no rush. This hat comes in a variety of colours – pink, teal, navy, black, etc. I specifically want this hat in navy because it would go with so many of my pieces that I already have! Now that I have some “hat experience”, I have come to think constantly about what hat goes with what outfit (it’s so fun!)…so when you see a hat online and you know it will go with something you have…you instantly need to have it (or at least, I do).

That is my current fashion hat wishlist for #WishlistWednesday! I would say over the next few months, these babies will be popping up everywhere! Cute, stylish and affordable – three words that I love! Here are a few pictures of the hats I have welcomed with open arms in the past few months:





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