Styling the Giveaway: #teampineapple

stylingIf any of you have ever entered a giveaway on Instagram, you would know how winning the giveaway is extremely tricky. I have never hosted a giveaway, but I can imagine how incredibly hard it would be to sort all of the details out (it’s on my blogging bucket list…). For those of you who have never heard of or seen an Instagram giveaway, I will describe it to you in a couple of sentences. An Instagram giveaway is when a group of bloggers get together and purchase a prize in order to motivate people to follow their accounts. It usually attracts hundreds of people. Especially when the prize is so valuable! If you don’t have instagram it’s fine, you can easily set up an account for free and there are even websites that help you set up a username by using an instagram username generator, it’s that easy! This way you won’t miss out on this big giveaway, and you can also keep up to date with my page.

Well, let me tell you a little story – the story of how I won my first giveaway. I don’t always enter giveaways, only because I don’t usually take the time to follow all of the bloggers that are included (confession..). But when I saw this giveaway, I just decided it would be fun to enter! The prize was a Tory Burch Kerrington Square tote in “Pineapple Stripe” along with a Chloe & Isabel pineapple necklace/earring set. I didn’t really think I would win, but low and behold, the giveaway closed and I won!

Why am I telling you this? Well, I want to debut the bag in this look, but I also want to give a shoutout to the bloggers who were apart of the #TeamPineapple giveaway!

Styling the Giveaway:

Obviously, the bag is the focus of this look. Which is why I have gone with a super simple look. When you are styling a printed handbag, you want to make sure you don’t upstage the accessory. That is not to say you can’t wear a printed top or bottom…but it has to be the right print (for more on pattern mixing, take a look at this post).


In order for this bag to stand out, I wore white on denim. I love to wear jeans – even in the summer – but I roll up the cuffs to make them cropped. I love capris, but I currently don’t have a good denim pair, so rolling up the cuffs is a quick and easy fix and makes your jeans look like two different pairs of pants!


I really like this top because it is light and airy. I’ve had this top for a while, and it is a summer staple, I have to say! I have a sweet spot for sheer tops, and this sheer sleeveless blouse is perfect!!


Wearing heels with jeans automatically lengthens the look. When you wear jeans with flats or flip flops, (especially if you are short, like me) it stunts the look. With such a simple look like this, you don’t necessarily want to stunt the look…which is why I chose my neutral wedges that give me a bit of height. I got these from Le Chateau.


Part of this giveaway was a beautiful necklace/earring set from Chloe & Isabel. The colour is gorgeous and looks great against the white top. I cannot get over how cute this set is!




Bloggers behind the Giveaway:

I wanted to give a massive shout out to the bloggers who took the time to coordinate this giveaway. After perusing all fifteen of these bloggers’ Instagram accounts and/or blogs, I felt the need to share them with you! I follow all of these beauties, and it is so worth it!


Original Giveaway Post

Mary Karo’s Closest – if you need inspiration, or are looking for modern fashion at a reasonable price, this is your site! I love to browse through Maria’s blog and collection as a pastime – all very cute looks. (Instagram: @marykaroscloset)

Torey’s Treasuresthis blog covers fitness, fashion and lifestyle, which are all the categories I look for. Torey never fails to put together some of the best looks! (Instagram: @toreystreasures)

Jessica Lynna – I am obsessed with Jessica’s posts – her outfits are to die for, and the photography is absolutely amazing! That’s really all that needs to be said about her blog – stunning! (Instagram: @jessica_lynna)

Glitter and Ruffles – Alyssa and Tracy (or “Glitter” and “Ruffles”) bring the fashion on this style blog! It is such a neat idea to have a co-blog site all about fashion…I love the idea and love their style! (Instagram: @alyssakmartinez)

Glitter Where She Goes – bringing the sparkle, Madelyn never disappoints with her looks. I suggest you get over to her blog and check it out – you will not regret it! (Instagram: @madelyn.weaver)

Blush Road – I love it when there are multiple niches to a blog, and Brittany certainly covers them well. She talks style, home and beauty, and I cannot get enough of her posts! (Instagram: @blushroad)

Urban Blonde – Stephanie’s style is always on point. There isn’t one outfit that she has posted that I haven’t wanted in my closet!! She also covers beauty and decor! Definitely head over to check her posts (Instagram: @urban.blonde)

Shopaholic Takes NC – Samantha never misses a beat when it comes to fashion, style, food, beauty or decor (and many other topics). This multi-niche blog gives a great look into her world! (Instagram: @ncshopaholic)

Dashing Darlin’ – Angelle has a pretty similar style to mine, which is why I always look to her for inspiration! I love to read her outfit details and pick up some style tips! (Instagram: @dashing_darlin)

Collective Passions – anything and everything that is shared by Annie is perfect and inspiring. Her posts are true and real, and I never get tired of checking back for new reads!! (Instagram: @collectivepassions)

The Girls who Brunch – Esther’s adventure is an exciting one as she shares throughout her posts about food, fashion and beauty! I go right to the style page when I am looking for inspiration! (Instagram: @esthercollins)

Zory Mory – Unique style is certainly what Zory is all about – she always keeps it hip, cool and classic…which I enjoy immensely when I am reading her posts! I am always curious about what she will debut next! (Instagram: @zorymory)

@loveam – Amanda’s Instagram is refreshing and classic. She snaps pictures of jewelry, her style and about her daily journey! I am a long time follower of her’s and I never get tired of seeing her bright love for everything fashion!

@champagneandsequins – Disi’s Instagram photos are to die for! The photography is amazing, the content is gorgeous and I just love to scroll through her account!

@marleyy.xoxoMarley’s Instagram account page is full of life and definitely one to follow! Being a Mom, an athlete, and a fit gal, I am always interested to see what she will post next!

Well there you have it…15 bloggers…one giveaway…and a very, very happy winner! Now, some will say this wasn’t necessary to highlight and show case these lovely ladies. They would be wrong! This is my way of thanking all of these fabulous bloggers for doing such a kind thing!

Have you entered a giveaway? Have you ever won? Share your experience below in the comments!!


Outfit Details: Nautical Preppy

One of my favourite parts of the summer season are the nautical styles that come out. Anything with a sea or nautical feel to it is good in my books. I love the colour scheme, the preppy style, and how it looks so perfect!! It is one of the categories that I constantly frequent on Pinterest. That is why, today, I am going to break down a very nautical look that I love and comes directly from my closet! I have tried to link similar items down below for your shopping needs!


I picked up all of these pieces this year and they all come from reasonably priced stores. As a university student, I am always on the hunt for sales and amazing deals!

I have many nautical looks that I love to wear out during this season, but this one has got to be one of my favourites. I have a sweet spot for anchor print. Last year, I searched the province high and low for a navy blue blouse with white anchors (that was up to my standards). I was all about the navy blue background with the white anchors. Well, THIS YEAR, I went the opposite direction. I am obsessed with the white background with navy blue anchors! The white fabric has a very summery vibe to it!


These navy blue sailor style shorts were made for me, I swear. They are so comfortable and fit me perfectly! I always keep my eye out for sailor style shorts because, surprisingly, they are pretty hard to find. I am pretty picky when it comes to this style – I love the gold buttons that are sewn in threes on the hip bone. Like the ones in this look. I found these at Winners. I only saw them there once, so I am extremely glad I didn’t put them back and purchase them another day (they definitely would have been gone…)


I love deck shoes. Let me say that again…I love Sperry deck shoes. I picked these up last year on sale and everything about them is perfect. The mini nautical charm, the metallic blue – it ties the look up and I love it. Since these were from last year, I have linked some equally nautical Sperry deck shoes below.


I pondered for a while over what bag to add to this look. I didn’t want to take anything away from printed polo or the sailor shorts. I really just wanted it to be a muted neutral for the outfit. I am currently on the hunt for a white tote, but haven’t found one yet, SO I went for this navy blue and white striped purse from Aldo. I love this bag, and it goes really well with the whole outfit.


I am going to do some more nautical looks in the future, but for now, this is my favourite one!! Hopefully you all like the nautical look as much as I do!! Make sure you check out my most favourite nautical items (from this look included) that I have linked below.


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H&M Looks of the Week: Summer Styles

H&MI love doing roundups of my favourite clothing stores, because it gives me a chance to pick my favourite pieces and put together some hypothetical ensembles for all of you readers! The last time I did one of these roundups, it was with J.Crew and I was rounding up some of my favourite pieces of the season. Well, this time, I am putting the spotlight on one of my favourite stores – H&M!! I love H&M because it carries so many different styles and the price point is..well…on point.

Using Polyvore, I pulled some of my favourite pieces from various H&M stores and put together three looks for you!

FullSizeRenderCool and Easy! This is a very simple look to coordinate. Really, all you need is a great pair of coloured shorts. I am particularly obsessed with this shade of orangey-red that we see in this pair of shorts. It is so bright, but not too bright that you are blinding people. This colour works in all pieces – tops, jewelry, sandals, etc…

When you wear such a bright colour like this, you have to be choosy of which colour you pair it with. Personally, when I wear a neon colour, I like to play the other pieces down in neutrals or whites, because it creates a focal point. In this case, the focal point would be the shorts. Notice that everything else in the outfit has kind of a neutral tone to it – that is why I have done the jewelry in gold, and the sandal in brown (with a hint of snake skin).

It’s sometimes black and white. I love colour, but sometimes, you have to play up the black and white combo. This outfit I put together is perfect for summer. I live by FullSizeRender_1the rule “no white after labour day” (it may sound silly, but it’s tradition), so you have to pull out the whites while you can. These white shorts are maybe a little edgy for me, but you could easily do this ensemble without the distressed white shorts (which I would).

My favourite part about this outfit is twofold: the crochet maxi cardi, and the accessories. First of all, the bow is adorable (and so suitable for this ensemble). The necklace is to die for, and that cardi is something that should already be in my wardrobe. I will say this as my final word about this outfit: whether you are tall or small, this outfit works (because I have played with the different lengths in the pieces).

Sweet and Summery. Well, this is the epitimy of summer, now, isn’t it? The pinkish-red dress is just the right length, and neckline for a sunny day. This dress really FullSizeRender_2doesn’t need anything but a pair of shoes and a cute clutch, but because I love the extra details, I threw in some extras!

You don’t want to upstage a bright dress like this. So if you are going to pair accessories with this dress, you need to be very careful. A long necklace wouldn’t look too right with this neckline, only because this dress is short. The combination between short and long wouldn’t jive well because there would be no continuation as the dress would cut off not too long after the necklace ends! That is why I chose this flower necklace in a vibrant shade of blue. Blue and pink mesh well together. The straw accessories (hat and bag) are very neutral and add a summery twist to it. Finally, a simple heel in a cream/white neutral compliments the two bright colours in the mix and don’t add anything wild. Overall, this look is perfect for summer and can even be dressed down if you take away the bright accessories, or even the heel!

Well, there you have it!! Three outfits assembled from H&M. You should be able to still find these styles in stores and I have linked the same or similar items down below, so you can find them in a few clicks so make sure you go and check them out!!

Which one is your favourite?? Tell me in the comments below!!


Outfit Details: Summer Stripes and Polka dots

Lately, it has been extremely hot outside and pants don’t really jive with 40+ degree weather. So that calls for some cute shorts so that you can breeze through the summer season with ease. I put this outfit together last week after I stepped outside in capris and a tank and I felt faint. What I love about this look is the pattern mixing!! I am all for putting stripes and polka dots together, but this combo works from every angle – colour scheme, type of pattern, etc.


Let’s talk about the colour scheme…

Grey and slate blue is a pretty easy colour combo. You really don’t have to worry about anything…the two colours basically play off one another, creating an overall polished look. With a colour scheme like this, it is super easy to throw a splash of colour in there that doesn’t match (because then it looks like it does match!). The pop of pink in the Kate Spade New York bag looks great against the neutral colour scheme.


…and the pattern mixing…

I love polka dots and I love stripes. Putting them together is even better and probably the best combination ever. Okay, I have to say…there are some guidelines to follow when approaching this pattern mixing task. You want to make sure that you are not combining two wild and overpowering patterns. Usually by picking one “loud” pattern with one “quiet” pattern, you cannot go wrong! See the combo above? The shorts are in a quiet, thin stripe and the top is in a loud, large polka dot.

4 5

…and the accessories! 

An outfit is lost without some type of accessory. Accessories include anything from a cool hat to an over sized belt (if you want)! In this case, I used minimal accessories: a multi strand pearl necklace (J.Crew), fashion hat (H&M), and a neon pink bag (Kate Spade New York). That is really all you need in a casual outfit like this! Like I said, the pop of pink is a focal point and all else just compliments the outfit!


This was the perfect outfit for a hot summer day! Pattern mixing is such a fun thing to do when coordinating an outfit!! The polka dots, the stripes, the pop of pink, the pearls – it’s all perfect. If you take anything away from this post, take away this: neutrals with pops of colour make for a great summer look and patterns are your friend…

As always, I have linked some similar styles I wore in this post down below, so make sure you flip through those!! Enjoy!

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#WishlistWednesday: All-white Accessories!

#WISHLISTWEDNESDAYSummer is in full swing, and that means, white should be your main colour. I live by the rule “no white after labor day”…and that’s only because it’s been hammered into my head from day one. My Mom was full of style and as children, my sister and I were always dressed to the nines…which meant we followed all of the classic rules.

However, I don’t live by this rule because I always have…I live by it because I truly believe white looks better on me in the summer. I don’t tan incredibly well (I am truly a pasty gal), but my skin does get a few shades darker, which obviously makes white better. Today, I want to break down some super-fab accessories in white for you that are out there (and like always, I will link some super cute accessories down below!).

So White Now Necklacemark. by Avon, $38.00

If you haven’t checked out mark. by Avon products…you are really missing out. My Mom sells Avon product, and with Avon, comes the mark. by Avon magalog, which sells product for the younger, hipper style! (Keep in mind, just because this is more of a younger style, doesn’t mean you have to be young to wear it!) I am in love with this necklace. You all know that I have a special place in my heart now for statement jewelry and this piece totally supports my love. This could be the focal point of your outfit, or it could compliment a brighter colour – it works both ways and in many more than you think!!

Straw Hat – Natural, H&M, $14.99

The things that I find at H&M are usually bang on, and this hat is definitely a winner. A while ago, I focused on hats for #WishlistWednesday and featured some beautiful hats from H&M, but this one is absolutely stunning and perfect for summer. The detail in it is so simple with the straw material and don’t even get me started on the wide nude bow band going around the base of the hat!! Wearing a light coloured hat in the summer is always a good choice because it will keep things cool, cute and breezy!!

Downtown Perforated Faux Leather Backpack, Deux Lux at Nordstrom, $131.32

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to pay a hundred dollars for a backpack…but to be honest, it’s always nice to have some kind of carry-on that you can throw on your back as opposed to an over the shoulder bag. The benefit of a backpack purse is that it carries more, and you don’t have to worry about physically carrying it, because it will be strapped to your back!! This one is amazing, and I would love to own it…which is why I am featuring it on this week’s wishlist! However, there are several less expensive versions, similar to this that I have linked below (in case you don’t want to spend that much).

So there you have it, my #WishlistWednesday post for the week! I’d like to say it’s getting harder to choose the items on my wishlist to share with you each Wednesday…but it really isn’t. I have so many items that I want in my closet, I think I would need another entire closet (or three) to house all of them!! That’s why we wish… There are so many types of accessories that I have on my master wishlist…but these are definitely the best (and summery) items to date! If only I was a millionaire…

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