#WishlistWednesday: Infinity Scarves

BannerWednesday is probably my favourite day of the week! I get to go through my wishlists, it’s almost the weekend, and best of all, I get to sleep in (no morning class, woohoo!!). I am especially excited for this Wednesday because I get to break down my love for infinity scarves.

What is an infinity scarf? An infinity scarf is a scarf that has no ends. Literally, that is the definition. It’s basically a loop that you just pull over you neck – easy to style, looks cute and keeps you warm (especially when those chilly Fall winds are blowing).

Last year, I really got into the infinity scarf – especially the huge wool or knit ones. I love how you can bury your face in them and how they are so cozy. Some of my favourite Fall looks include infinity scarves (the big cozy ones), and unlike a blanket scarf or a regular long scarf, they are so easy to style. Just plump them up around your neck just the way you want them and you are ready to go!!

Chunky Knit Infinity ScarfPaula Bianco at Nordstrom Rack, $22.97

Does this not look like the warmest scarf ever? I would love to have this thing around my neck all day!! This is the kind of scarf that would keep you nice and toasty in the Winter time, but act as the perfect focal accessory in the Fall. I love the pattern throughout and the colour is gorgeous. This scarf also comes in cream, which would just be beautiful in the Fall.

Pretty Little Things XL Heavy Scarf, shoptiques.com, $39.00

I love the colour maroon (partially because that is my university colour), because it is dark but not depressing. Sometimes, the colour black drowns a person out. Too much black or navy can make the look too dark, but with maroon, the there is still that brightness of red mixed in so that it breaks up a look. Also, when put against a cream or white backdrop (whether you are wearing cream pants or a sweater, like in the photo below), it really pops and becomes the draw of anyone’s eye! That’s exactly what I love about this heavy scarf! It draws the eye.

Colourblock Infinity ScarfPaula Bianco at Nordstrom Rack, $22.97

I’m surprised I haven’t written about colour blocking yet…because I am a huge fan of it. Coloru blocking is when blocks of solid colour are worn in one outfit. Whether you do this yourself by wearing solids together, or buy items that are already colour blocked…it’s a great trend and so easy to do. This scarf is colour blocked which is interesting because it is knit. I think the colour block throughout the knitting looks fabulous and so chic. It kind of gives you your colour scheme right there, so pairing this with the right outfit would be simple (stick within that colour scheme).

Well there it is…all of the infinity scarves on my wishlist right now! I have to say, I have a thing for specifically knit scarves, it seems! They are just so comfortable to wear with a cardigan or just a long sleeved tee and step up your look when you’re in a hurry!! No need for jewelry (well, I mean you can still wear jewelry with a scarf…), just throw on the scarf and dash out the door!

Look forward to an upcoming post that I will do on styling infinity scarves!! Not there are too many ways to style them, but there are other pieces in your wardrobe that look great with them…and you may not even have thought to combine the two!! I should do that in the next week or so…

All scarves featured in this post are linked below for your shopping needs!!

Do you have a specific infinity scarf that you love? Or a favourite way to wear it? Let me know in the comments below!!

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Outfit Details: Rural Life

There are many things to appreciate in life, and one of those things is a rural sunset. I love them and even more so, I love taking photos of the sunset. Which is why I like these photos, and the outfit that went with it! It was a beautiful night, so I decided to snap a few…

But the real reason I was on that farm road, was to capture this cute summer get up I put together! Other than dragging my sister to be my professional photographer (thanks sis), we had a grand old time. There isn’t much to this little number, but I want to share it as it is one of my favourite looks of the summer so far! I mean, any chance I get to wear this rust coloured hat from Nordstrom, is worth it, right?


Rust is one of my favourite colours to coordinate in an outfit because of its versatility. You can wear it in the summer, but it transfers well into the Fall season (which is quickly approaching). It is surprisingly very hard to find a rust coloured, felt hat. Like I mentioned above, I found this one at Nordstrom last season and it is quite the find. It is my favourite hat and with such a unique colour, it can pair with many things. This was literally the last rust hat for sale in North America…so I cherish it with all my heart…


I just found this dress during one of my thrifting extravaganzas, and to my surprise, it was new with tags (always a definite buy!!) from H&M!! The pattern throughout the dress and then the detailing on the bottom, give it a very “boho” feel. There are two ways that I like to wear this dress – off the shoulder and on the shoulder. It has the ability to cinch at the waist, so either look is possible!


Another great thing about a dress like this is that it transitions well into the Fall season because of the colour scheme. I mean it is a great summer piece, and the neckline suggests that it is made for hot weather…but if you doubled it up with some cute patterned tights (in Fall colours) and a comfy cardi, you are set!

The last piece I used in this ensemble are my favourite pair of tan wedges. I found them at Le Chateau this summer and they are my go-to’s. They are the perfect height and pretty much go with anything!! They are perfect for this look particularly because of the colour scheme. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to snap a close up of them (boo!)…so you’ll have to trust me on this one. Tan is always a good colour to work with as a neutral.


Rust, navy and tan is a great palette and perfect for a cool summer outfit – look forward to the Fall version (I am going to try and detail that in the next month for you guys!!).

Like I said, there isn’t much to this look. Which is why it is extremely simple! All you need is a hat, sundress and a great pair of wedges! You are set!


Make a Statement: Round Three

Jewelry is something a lot of girls have trouble with. More specifically, when choosing statement pieces, it can be difficult to grasp what you can and cannot wear them with. I am a true believer in statement necklaces…I love them a lot, but it took me a long time to feel confident enough in how I was wearing them. It is one thing that takes a long time for most people to grasp!!

I am about to make your life a little easier! In this post, I am going to look at eight types of necklaces worn with eight different necklines. That is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when you are picking out your necklace for the day. Start with looking at the neckline of the top you are wearing. This will be a useful indicator as to which necklace you should choose!


Necklace Guide

The chart above should steer you in the right direction, however, these are not set in stone…I certainly don’t always follow these rules…but if you are totally lost in the necklace department, then this will help you out! I am going to go through a few examples and show you how I have styled my jewelry. I keep taking risks and I get great results when it comes to long necklaces, statement necklaces or even short simple necklaces as well!

Well…here we go! I am going to show you how to style eight different necklines:

J.Crew bib necklace sweatshirt. Cute! @Gretchen Hawkins you'd love this...right up your alley ;):

Crew Neck: I try and jazz up my crew necks with a big statement necklace. This neckline is super simple, which allows you to have the ability to dress it up a bit. Keep in mind, statement necklaces don’t need to be obnoxious or flashy…they are just larger pieces of jewelry that can dress up a look. Personally, I try and colour contrast with statement necklaces which you can buy from places like HARUNI.

V Neck: You can pair a v neck with a statement necklace or a simple necklace as well. The simple necklace may be just a silver chain, or it could be something with a pendent on it. Like I said above, statement necklaces are great for dressing up a look. I sometimes wear a big statement necklace when I have a plunging v neck on. It takes the focus away from your cleavage and puts it on the fabulous piece of jewelry around your neck!! It also fills up the space on your chest.

Collared: If you are sporting an oxford or a layered collared look, you’ll want a multi-strand necklace. I typically wear my multi-strand pearls when I have a collared shirt on or if I am layering an oxford under a sweater. This is because singular necklaces can get lost under all of the layers, and of course, the collar.

Pearl and Crystal layered beauties over cable knit sweater and denim collared shirt:

Cowl Neck: Cowl necks can be tricky because there are several types. There are really bunched up cowl necks, or there are really scoop cowl necks that cut lower on your chest. Depending on what kind of cowl neck you are wearing, it may be difficult to pair a statement necklace or simple necklace…so that’s why you should opt for a long necklace or multiple long necklaces.

Tank Top: Who says you can’t dress up a tank top? Nobody said that…but since tank tops are typically very casual, I would pair a long necklace or long pendent necklace with the tank. Not that you can’t pair anything else…but a statement necklace would be too fancy and multi-strand necklaces don’t really do it with the tank.

Spun in Luxe tank Top:

Turtlenecks: Essential for winter, sometimes turtlenecks can be a little tricky. This is because when wearing a turtleneck, your neck isn’t being exposed at all. Which makes it all the more important to really jazz up on the jewelry. I would suggest either a multi-strand necklace or tight choker necklaces. They will define where your neck connects to your shoulders and slim your neck out.

Boat Neck: Avoid any short necklaces when wearing boat necks. Because the neckline reveals a lot of neck and shoulder space, a long necklace or pendent necklace is best for this top. The necklace won’t get caught up in the neckline and stop at just the right place on your torso, elongating it.

Segment Dolman Tee - anthropologie.com

Scoop Neck: This is really fair game for any type of necklace, but the best one to go with a scoop neck would be a necklace that hugs the neckline. Try and find a scoop necklace which will fall just around your collar bone, and sit nicely, filling up the space that is revealed by the neckline.

A while back, I found a necklace guide in a catalog that I used to help me get started. Unfortunately, I lost it…which is why I am bringing you this post today. So that you can bookmark, pin or save it to refer back to when you are having difficulty!! Starting off with these tips in mind is a great way to get educated about wearing jewelry. Of course, it is totally up to you about what you wear with what…but sometimes it’s hard to know where exactly to begin!! I sometimes deviate from these tips when I find something that looks great, but this is my go-to.

After writing so much about necklaces, I think I’m going to have to go and see inventory from adinasjewels.com to decide if they’ve got anything nice for me!

Anyway, what is your favourite type of necklace? What are the struggles that you have faced when trying to accessorize with jewelry?? Let me know in the comments below!!


Outfit Details: Classic Prep

I like to think of myself as “preppy”. You could classify a “prep” as someone who is well educated, wealthy, a good dresser…but that word has evolved over past years. Although it can still mean all three of those things I just mentioned, I envision “preppy” as more of a way of thinking. I associate being preppy with being a positive, upbeat, stylish human being, who loves the high class lifestyle. I like to focus on the preppy dress style

Sweaters, khakis, pastels, pearls, monograms…all of these things tend to be classified as “prep” or “classic”…that is because these never go out of style. I will never retire my monogram necklace (it is my most treasured item…), I will never give away my sweaters. I will never get tired of my string of pearls I got from my Grandmother when I turned sixteen. There are those simple “preppy” things that are considered to be truly classic.

Classic prep… that is what I call this look I am detailing today. It’s everything I love about J.Crew, prep fashion and truly reflects what I love to wear most. Whether you are heading into the office, attending a baby shower, or going to Sunday service, this look is perfect, and so easy to style.


This gold polka dot dress is from J.Crew Factory. I picked it up in my outlet haul last summer. I only own a couple of dresses from J.Crew (shocking, right?) and I usually pick them up when they have been heavily discounted. Regardless, they are such great quality and they currently stand as my favourite retailer out there right now.

This colour is a great colour for a dress. Especially if you have fair skin. Why is this? Well, the gold undertone can bring out undertones that you might not necessarily see against white fabric, or a drastic contrasted colour, like black. I am very pale…but in this dress, I don’t look as pale as usual…plus who doesn’t love gold? I do!


I wore this look to work on a Friday, and because the office can get a little cold at times, I paired it with a white cotton cardi. The white pulls out the white in the polka dots. I wouldn’t recommend pairing the colour gold (at least, this shade of gold) with anything other than white. White and gold go together. Try picturing this look with a pink cardigan…or a black cardigan…wouldn’t look as sharp, in fact, it most likely wouldn’t look good at all.


Okay…shoes. Shoes are my all time favourite part of most outfits. These are my comfort heels that I wear to work (so my feet don’t die), that I picked up from Payless Shoesource. Every girl owns a pair…cute, affordable, and most importantly replaceable. However, I absolutely love these. They are uber-comfortable, and the perfect nude shade, which happens to go very nicely with this gold dress!

Usually I would have a handbag for the look, but in the grand scheme of the look, a bag doesn’t add or take away anything. This could be accompanied with a simple white clutch, a nude tote…anything that continues the gold-white colour palette.


This look is the classic prep look. It embodies the pearls, polka dots, gold tones, white accessories, and I see this as timeless. Timeless in that it will never go out of style. I won’t ever outgrow this look and I certainly think that a polka dot dress (or some classic pattern) is a staple in every prep gal’s closet (just my opinion, of course).


Outlet Haul of the Summer + Tips

Every summer, I do a massive outlet haul! By going to the outlet malls, you can save a lot of money and if you go on a holiday weekend, the prices are usually marked down even more! This past long weekend tends to be the sale weekend of the summer, as most stores are prepping for the “Back to School”/Fall season. I looove to take advantage of this because that means I get all of the clothing that have been eyeing the whole summer, for about 50%+ cheaper.


Unlike most people, I like to plan every minute of my outlet haul. I like to know the prices online in comparison to the prices in store. I like to know what I am going to buy before I even buy it. Lastly, I like to know the things I buy are going to coordinate with the pieces in my closet! I am no expert on “couponing”, but I can find some pretty great deals! Which is what I am going to detail in this post today. Along the way, I am also going to give you some tips on how I found the great deal that I did!

J.Crew Haul of the Summer

To maximize my dollar, I went straight to the factory outlet. Many people don’t realize that J.Crew and J.Crew Factory – in most cases – have different product. However, although different product is carried, the factory outlet carries the same styles. Make sure you head over to the J.Crew Factory website and pre-plan what you are going to spend!

Tip: Head to the clearance section first. Then, head to the other full-price areas so you can see what is current!jcrew

What exactly did I find? Well, when I got to the store, I employed the same tip that I employ when shopping online – head to the clearance section first. I do this because that will be the first place you will find marked down clothing. Here, I found two sweaters, a blazer, a pair of flats, and a super cute clutch. All marked down significantly!!

Tip: Next, head to the deal signs that pop up around the store (look for tables of clothing). Often there are full-price clothing that have special marked down signs. This won’t necessarily be reflected online, which is why you need to take advantage when you see them in-store.


There were a number of ongoing sales that included a lot of the key classics of J.Crew. Looking for those deal signs are key if you want to get a good discount. They may last for a weekend, or they may only last for one day. When you see them, grab them! Thanks to these little tables of deals, I picked up four of the classic “Clare Cardigans” , three cotton novelty sweaters and some pull-on shorts that are perfect for the last month of summer, transitioning into the fall.

Banana Republic Haul of the Summer

Although J.Crew was my ultimate focus of the outlet haul, Banana Republic had some amazing deals as well. Which is why I snatched up some great finds to take home to my closet!

Tip: Head to the clearance section before looking anywhere else. This is a repeat tip from above, but when it comes to Banana Republic, the best place to find the deals are on the rack at the back. In my experience, the clothing throughout the rest of the store don’t compare to the discounts that you find there.


I snagged a petite anchor tank, as well as a cute “You made me blush” tee in blush pink. Surprisingly, I was able to find some discount items along the line to the cash. I don’t usually grab things at the cash (because they are marked up, if anything), but these were a deal. Reflective aviators in two different colours (not pictured) for over 60% off.

Tommy Hilfiger Haul of the Summer

Tommy makes beautiful clothing, and I, for one, love to buy it. However, it is much better to get it 50% off than pay full price, so that’s why Tommy Hilfiger was one of the stops on my outlet excursion.

Tip: The sales are better in-store than online. I get the emails, but nothing is too intriguing about 10% or 20% off when your desired item is upwards of $100. That is why visiting the outlet is a lot more rewarding.

5      64

I only picked up a couple of things, but they were perfectly pink! A pair of striped sailor shorts and a pink argyle sweater makes for the perfect purchase! Although the shorts are a summer staple, the sweater can be transitioned into fall and even worn throughout winter!

Garage Haul of the Summer

For all of you Canadians, you will know what Garage clothing is. It is like Forever 21, and not overly expensive. However, when you mark down the already-marked-down clothing, it makes for a steal of a deal! Garage is the perfect place to pick up patterned crop tops, jogger pants, or a cool felt hat.

Tip: Wait for the sale season. The great thing about Garage, is that they mark their clothing down pretty quickly. With J.Crew or Tommy Hilfiger, you need to wait a couple of months (at the maximum) for your favourite item to go on sale. However, with Garage, items go on sale almost every week.


I love myself a good pair of jogger pants, and this faux jean pair of joggers is the perfect transition item into fall. I cannot wait to style these. In addition to these amazing pants, I picked up a poncho scarf (which I will be detailing later) and a few too many crop tops in some summery patterns.

Well there you go…

It only comes once a year, and it truly is my Christmas. So when the time comes for an outlet haul…I am ready and waiting to shop.