Winter Wonderland Style Board

Although we haven’t had too much snow lately (little to none actually), I haven’t had to wear any heavy duty Winter accessories…but what is great about this mild Winter we have been having is it has allowed me to break out the more fashion friendly accessories (as opposed to the heavy duty, built for warmth accessories). This always makes me happy because there is nothing I love more in the Winter time than dressing up in cute headbands, bow gloves and the coziest of scarves.

Today I have compiled some of my favourite Winter accessories into a style board that I am bringing to you from this little shop I found based out of New York called Spring.

Winter Wonderland Style Board - Pearls and Polkadots

All of these brand name accessories were taken from Spring‘s accessory collection (see here). Winter accessories are great and when it’s mild out, you can put fashion above necessity! I consider there to be four main accessories for Winter and I am going to tell you about those now:


In the freezing cold, wearing a hat is essential, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute doing it! These hats that I picked out are warm, cute and stylish! Not to mention the cool monochrome scheme is perfect for the season!

Winter Wonderland Style Board - Pearls and Polkadots

Maree / A Little Bit Etc. 


Winter gloves are not my go-to accessory, but when I do wear them, I like to make sure they are good quality. Leather is my first pick when it comes to gloves since they are so warm and comfortable.


Warm knits are the best. Whether it is infinity, or a wrap around scarf, scarves are the perfect accessory to pair with your winter coat or a cozy cable knit sweater! My personal favourite is the blanket scarf – they keep you so warm and they are SO in style!


Fortunately the sun does not go away in the Winter season, which is why it is always great to have a casual pair of sunnies in your bag, for when the sun becomes just too much! I love to stick to more neutral frames for the cold season, sticking with that monochrome scheme!

Winter Wonderland Style Board - Pearls and Polkadots


Style boards are so fun to make and I had a great time making this board from Spring’s collection! I suggest you head over and check their Winter accessory collection out. There are tons of brands that you will recognize and they have great deals.

Happy Monday!

Holiday Ring Guide to Sparkle You Up!

bannerI have been really in to bling rings lately. I have never really been one to focus on the fashion of my hands. I don’t get my nails done, I am so bad at moisturizing, and I have terrible habits that leave my hands looking…well, not so nice. However, I do try and dress them up with rings (so that people don’t notice the fact that I have zero nails).

Since the holidays are right around the corner and gift giving season is in full swing, I thought a little ring round up would be nice to show you what is out there right now (and for how much!).


Etched Ring / Pava Tube Ring / Simulated Turquoise RingDeep V Ring / J Lo Bar RingStudded Chevron Ring Set / Floral Statement Ring / Modern PearlGold Tone Pave Statement Ring / Pave Shield / Mesh Statement RingLeopard Statement Ring

UNDER $50 

Goreski Glasses / Ready Set Bow / Gamma Ring / Mag Ring / Pearl Floral RingCrystal and Fringe / Infinity Ring

UNDER $100 

Brilliance Statement Ring / Charlotte Ring StackCora Shell Ring / Darling DaisiesNew York Knot / House of Harlow / Laurel Leaves RingOlympia Shimmer WrapPamela Love Ring / Faceted Hinge Caged RingThree Row Band / Light as a Feather / Caged Statement Ring / Paved Border RingLouise et Cie StoneMickey Mouse


Triple Horn / Tortoiseshell RingGold Knot Ring / Moveable DiscSarah Chloe Ring


Hopefully you all found what you were looking for this year in terms of fashion rings! One of my upcoming New Year’s resolutions is to wear more hand jewelry…and work on my awful nails (no more bad habits!!). We will see how that one turns out…

What is your favourite ring of the bunch? Do you wear rings regularly? Let me know in the comments below…

Style Spotlight: Leopard Accessories

Style SpotlightThere aren’t too many patterns that I won’t wear. When it comes to style and fashion, I am a complete open book and ready to try anything. I first caught on to leopard print two years ago when I found the cutest leopard print flats from American Eagle. I just couldn’t pass them up, and when I began to experiment more with the pattern, I became a bit of an addict.

Today I want to talk about the best ways to wear the pattern. I am not huge into leopard print statement pieces like dresses, shirts or pants (are there leopard print pants?), but I am all for the leopard accessories!

Leopard Booties + Cognac + Gold

Leopard print is a very warm pattern, which is why I tend to stick to warm, earthy tones to pair the pattern with. In the case of leopard print shoes or booties, I am a huge fan of pairing the shoe with gold based jewelry and the colour cognac. It is probably one of my favourite combinations.

1 2

I picked up these booties at a consignment store brand new in my area, but they are Sperry TopsiderI love them paired with my gold link necklace (Icing Stores), gold based glasses ring (Kate Spade New Yorkand to top the look off, my cognac shoulder bag (Michael Kors).


Using cognac as a main colour to pair with the print worked perfectly in the case of these Sperry Topsider booties since the trim between the tread and pattern is a close-cognac shade.



Leopard Beanie + Chambray + Pearls

Before this year, I really wasn’t into hats. I started getting into fashion hats, beanies and baseball caps at the beginning of this school year. This leopard beanie (D&Y) is the perfect printed accessory to spruce up any look.


Pairing the blue chambray with the leopard print really contrasts the two fabrics. Not only are you contrasting the knit with and chambray, but you are contrasting the print with the solid – makes for a great pair.


This leopard beanie is my favourite hat right now (next to my university baseball cap, that is). I ordered it off Amazon but it is sold by D&YIt sits perfectly on my head and is actually really comfortable. The multi-strand of pearls is from J.Crew Factory – this accessory is pretty much a staple for me. I picked up the blue chambray button up at my local Marshalls last year. They always have a great selection!


Leopard Scarf + Cognac + Gold

Like I said, leopard print goes really well with cognac and gold accents. Here, I have flipped the look from above – leopard is now shown in the main accessory, and cognac is accenting in the boot. Gold is used to compliment both the print and the cognac boot throw the gold accents on the boot and in the necklace.



This is my one and only leopard print scarf and I love it (Charlotte Russe). I got it a couple of years ago and it is my go-to when it comes to my fave leopard accessories. The boots are Ralph Lauren booties from a couple years ago. These were kind of bought on a whim because it was a half of sale at The Bay and so I had to take advantage. The necklace is from my fave accessory palace, Icing Stores


Leopard accessories are my favourite. 

These are three of the ways that I love to wear the pattern, but there are so many other ways you can wear it. It’s always best to make the leopard print your focus in an outfit. It is a very loud pattern, and although it is not against the rules to pattern mix with this print, I love to make it the focal point of any look that I am sporting.


How do you wear leopard print? Do you make it the stand out of your outfit? Let me know in the comments below…

Give love to the Silver Jewelry

As you all know, gold accessories are my forte! Gold is my main colour when picking statement pieces. Now, the piece itself doesn’t have to be gold…it could be rainbow all over, for all I care. However, the hardware is what makes or breaks the piece! What is hardware you ask? Well, my friends…hardware is the chain, clasp, and any other technical part of your necklace, bracelet or other accessory.

Damsel in Dior | silver statement necklaces | now on | @blogandthecity:

Jacey / Damsel in Dior

A few weeks ago, I did a post on how much I looove gold jewelry because most of my jewelry is gold. But just because gold is the colour I prefer, doesn’t mean I don’t favor silver jewelry as well.

I love silver jewelry just as much!

This piece is right up my alley! I love how it has silver detail, and most importantly, I looove the single piece in the centre. If you are looking for a piece to compliment your ball gown look…I would go with this piece for sure. It is simple, classic and totally in style (I have a similar necklace style, except…in gold).

Silver Jewelry

Bangles aren’t really my thing, if we are being honest here. I am not a huge bracelet fan, but I do like wearing them once and a while – especially certain occasions. This particular bangle is chunky and awesome and will break up most outfits!! You can’t really wear silver jewelry with much, but if you are going for a black and white motif, this is exactly the kind of jewelry you want!! This is a perfect example of making your jewelry the true statement of your look.

Silver Jewelry

This ring is a multi-ring. What that means is that there is multiple rings on one finger, yet they are connected with one another. This ring is interesting, in particular…why? Because of the detail, the ring is intriguing – I love the detail it has on the different bands of the ring. My favourite part about this accessory is the arrows – just a cute detail that I love. There are crystals, a design to die for, and overall, will look great on your finger!!

Silver Jewelry

Silver is the future – I see it everywhere and although I am #teamgold, it doesn’t hurt to try a different metal once and a while. As for mixing gold and silver jewelry, I will have to do another post on this one…I still don’t know how to handle this trend. I love gold jewelry, but all of this week, I have been wearing a silver hardware “Breast Cancer” awareness necklace – perfect for the month of October!

What do you think about silver jewelry? Are you #teamgold or #teamsilver…or are you both?

Gold Jewelry: Why is gold the better choice?

I’m a huge fan of gold. Who isn’t? When used the right way in anything, it is the perfect accent. Gold is the perfect accent colour. We have seen the colour gold on many runways in the past, worn in all different kinds of ways. It can be the colour of the dress, or it can be in a gold necklace…or maybe the make up reflects the golden accent. However gold is used, it is used often.

The photos shown above are from the runway looks in Summer 2014. This is only a small sample of how we have seen gold been worn (Note: the photo compilation above is not mine, source). What I want to talk to you about today is gold jewelry used as an accent. Whether it is a designer necklace or a personalized name necklace, if it is gold, it just adds something special to any outfit. With this being said, we do all have our preference, so if gold isn’t for you, then silver it is! First, I will show you some of my favourite pieces that are on sale right now. Next, I am going to show you some ways and looks to incorporate those gold accents!

What is gold jewelry? This sounds like a simple question, but I wanted to define what I mean here…because there are different classifications (that I have come up with myself) under the umbrella, “gold jewelry”. First, you have your solid gold, all gold jewelry (the colour, not the metal), similar to like a gold name necklace for example. No colour or different accents (pinks, reds, etc.) included…just the gold. Then you have the jewelry that includes gold as an accent, or the hardware is gold.

So now that we have that cleared up? Let me show you my very favourites! All of these images are linked, so if you see something you like, you can grab it for yourself!!

The necklaces above are my top three “all-gold” statement pieces that I am swooning over right now. Each image is linked in case you love them as much as I do, but (from left to right) they are from Purple Peridot, Forever 21 and Charming Charlie.

The necklaces above are my top three “gold hardware” statement pieces that I looove right now. Each image is linked in case you love them as much as I do, but (from left to right) they are from Bauble Bar, Purple Peridot, and J.Crew Factory. I want to point out the middle piece (above) in particular. This is something I have seen all over Instagram, and it is styled so, so well! Which is why I wanted to give it extra attention!

Okay now on to the style tips…

You wouldn’t style gold jewelry any different than you would style silver jewelry or copper jewelry…but there are some looks I have grabbed from Pinterest for you, so that you can see what I mean. Keep in mind that gold jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings…the whole category!! I chose to feature necklaces above because that is mainly the type of jewelry that I wear…

i am OBSESSED with this outfit/color scheme: 5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe on a Budget - @Jen (Balancing Beauty and Bedlam blog:

Gold statement necklace over a cream sweater with a denim jacket. So pretty. * SALE ! *: Love that bracelet and the dress 50 Hot New Looks For Spring 2014 - Style Estate -:

You can see that gold is worn with all colour schemes, all occasions…which is why I love the colour. Silver jewelry is reserved for elegant, special occasions. However gold is for all around the clock! I love the accent and I think it really adds that step of sparkle that most people need in their looks.

So why is gold the better choice? You may not see why I love it yet, so let me give you a few reasons. First, it never goes out of style. You will never have to go and get new jewelry because the world suddenly hates gold. This is why the best vintage jewelry (like that sold at Jess jewlers) is usually gold – it forever stays in fashion. Second, it warms up your look. Warming up your look keeps it alive. Having warm tones will top your look off and make it the best it can be. Third, it’s just the right amount of flashy! Flashy is good. You may not think so, but just the right amount of sparkle is perfect for anyone’s look!!

There you go…it will always be in style, warm and flashy…recipe for success, right?

Do you agree? Do you like gold jewelry or are you more of a silver person? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the links below for some other great pieces that are out there right now…

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