Hi there! I am Samantha and I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario. I am a teacher by week and a lifestyle influencer by weeknight. If you have reached this page, then you have stumbled upon a collection that I have been building. I am so happy to reach all of you and be able to share all of my favourite things that I love to do!

A few facts about me: I am a huge fan of comfy, stylish clothing. I like the colour pink in almost any shade and love being creative in everything that I do. My loved ones mean the world to me, and I value spending quality time in person with those who are close to me over everything.


Pearls and Polkadots is a lifestyle blog that I began in 2015. I was looking for a way to combine my love of photography, writing and creativity into an outlet for myself and others to witness. The purpose of this website is to share what I love to do, wear, eat, shop and anything else with the rest of the world. As I have grown over the years, Pearls and Polkadots has grown with me. It is what I need it to be when I need it.

Through blogging, I have met incredible people and received amazing opportunities that I never would have gotten. Being involved in a supportive, and uplifting community as lead me to being able to create with no boundaries and has pushed me to achieve my dreams. It has also served as a wonderful outlet in contrast to my day job, which I am thankful for.

If you would like to collaborate with me, or would like to say hello, you can reach me by email. You may also wish to review who I have collaborated with in the past here.


When I was small, I always admired my mother and grandmother’s pearls. They are such a simple, but classic accessory that upgrade any look you have. Pearls, to me, represent a level of class and sophistication that I have always strived to achieve.

Polka dots represent the carefree, bubbly personality that I am and embrace each day of my life! Together, they have come to make exactly what I feel this blog embodies.

Disclaimer: Everything that I express through my writing on Pearls and Polkadots are my own. They do not reflect the opinion of any institution, organization or employer.Some of my posts include affiliate links, of which I may profit from the sales made using that link.