Happy New Years Eve, everyone!! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday with their families. I had so much fun and this year, our Christmas felt semi-normal compared to last year! Christmas brings about so many fun projects you can do with Cricut, and I have loved seeing all of the creative minds this month.

Unfortunately, with teaching and my new little family member, I didn’t get to as much Cricut crafting as I usually do in the holiday season, but this tutorial I am bringing to you today is a fun, simple and fast project you can do up in literally minutes.

Last year, I created the cutest “merry.” Christmas sweater, and I loved how simplistic it was. So ta da!! I created another simplistic Christmas sweater using the most famous phrase: ho ho ho!

Here is what you need for this DIY:


Open Cricut Design Space and create a new project. Using the text tool, I typed out ho ho ho. following the same minimalistic phrasing that I used last year for my merry. Christmas sweater. Select your text – I used “BFC Flannel Shirt”.

Make sure to weld the text before you cut it so that it is all one piece. Now, size your design to fit whichever blank you are using. I am using a M size sweatshirt, so I maxed out the size of the text to fit the mat, which ended up being 11.7″W x 2.51″H.


It’s time to prep your mat for cutting!! Using the Standard Grip Cutting Mat (Green), lay out your iron-on, shiny side down, and smooth out any air bubbles. On Cricut Design Space, make sure you remember to mirror your design before proceeding with the cut.

Feed the mat with the material through your Cricut and sit back while it cuts your design out!

Tip: While your design is cutting, heat up your Easy Press 2. Follow the Cricut Heating Guide for specific directions on temperature and timing.


You know what’s great about a simplistic design? The weeding is SO EASY!! It took me probably 30 seconds to weed away the negative material, leaving me with a clear transfer sheet with just the script, all ready to press!

Once your design is weeded, you are ready to press. I always use the Cricut Heating Guide for specific directions and temperature guidelines. I have actually misplaced my EasyPress mat, so I use a towel! Just make sure you detail that you are using a towel when going through the Heating Guide options (as it does adjust the temperature a little bit).

Position the clear transfer with your design on your blank exactly the way you want it pressed. Make sure the design is showing the right way (not backwards). Once you are happy with how it looks and is positioned, press the design onto the blank using the EasyPress 2.


After pressing your design onto your blank, let the design cool (especially if you are using glitter iron-on) and peel the clear transfer page away. You should be left with a beautiful and simplistic, glittery design on your sweatshirt (or whichever blank you are using).

Now how easy was that? Making custom holiday sweatshirts or different occasion t-shirts is so easy!!

I had hoped to post this tutorial for you a bit earlier, but with all of the new additions to our life right now, it didn’t end up happening! However, I want to emphasize that this tutorial is applicable with really any design you wish to create using the EasyPress 2 and Cricut Iron-On materials.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.