Another season has come and gone. Summer was fantastic and full of new adventures. I feel like this summer, I rested, relaxed and soaked in my vacation time to the fullest. Although I am sad to see summer go, I am welcoming fall with open arms!

Fall is my absolute favourite season, and where I seem to thrive in terms of decorating, cute ‘fits and of course Cricut projects.

Today, I am not just bringing you a cute DIY tutorial, but I also have the pleasure of giving you a peek into the world of the Cricut Mug Press, one of Cricut’s hottest commodities these days!


What is a Cricut Mug Press?

This cool contraption allows you to create and design a variety of personalized mugs to your liking. Using Infusible Ink materials, you can bring your mug dreams to life with just one press!

Not only do I love that it uses Infusible Ink (I have made a few Infusible Ink projects before), but I love that you can choose to design in Design Space or you have the option of using Infusible Ink pens (which I can’t wait to explore!).

The Cricut Mug Press helps you produce cute dishwasher safe, peel-proof and high quality mugs in minutes – the perfect way to bring life into your cupboards this fall!

Alright, now that I have explained just exactly what this machine is…let’s get to the main event: the tutorial.

Here is what you need for this DIY:


Launch Cricut Design Space, and create a new project. When creating a mug, you need to use the new mug template, which can be found under “Infusible Ink” in the Project section. This template will make it easy to size the different Cricut mug blanks. The template can be adjusted for a variety of sizes!

Designing can be tough, and so if you aren’t up to custom design for your mug, Cricut has a bunch of different awesome designs to use! I have also made mine accessible here.


When you have your design uploaded, formatted, and ready to go, it’s time to cut. Make sure if you are using the mug template in Design Space, to hide that layer so that it doesn’t cut with your design! Prep your Standard Grip cutting mat (green) by smoothing the Infusible Ink transfer sheet, ink side up, onto your mat.

It’s very important to ensure there are no air bubbles when prepping your mat for cutting. Infusible Ink is very stiff, and air bubbles can disrupt cutting immensely (in my own experience).

For the first mug of my project, I cut out my design with three colours so that I could incorporate three separate colours. All of them were cut using separate transfer sheets (one per colour).


After you have cut all of the pieces to your design, prepare to transfer the ink to your mug blank. Weed each component of your design so that all of the excess transfer sheet ink is weeded away, and you are only left with what you actually want pressed onto your mug.

For my pumpkin print mug, I used multiple colours, therefore, I had multiple transfer sheets. Infusible Ink can be difficult to press more than once, so you want to ensure you press it great the first time. In order to make sure this happened, I took the largest design, and used it as “home base” for all of my other pieces. Carefully, after I had weeded the other transfer sheets, I moved the other pieces of my design (in this case, it was the other pumpkins) to “home base” so that I could easily press my design on in one piece.

This is a key tip when pressing with the Easy Press 2, however, with the Mug Press, this is an absolute must. I don’t believe it would be good to press your mug multiple times!


When you have assembled your “home base” and all of the pieces to your puzzle are accounted for, it’s time to secure your design onto your mug blank. This can take a bit of time to ensure that everything is lined up properly around the handle, and the edges (both top, and bottom).

Heat resistant tape will help to keep your transfer sheet completely secure while it bakes. It’s easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about it taking all the heat!

If the transfer sheet is not firmly secure to your mug when it goes into the mug press, the design may shift when baking, leaving a sloppy looking design.


When you feel confident that your design is firmly secure to your mug blank, it is time to press! Heat your machine by plugging it in, and powering it on. You will see the power button turn green when it is ready to use!

Open the press up, and carefully slide your mug snugly into the press for a nice fit. Once it’s safe and sound, close the flap and wait for the magic to happen!

On the face of the mug press, you will see five progress lights. This displays the progress of the project baking. When the machine reaches the fifth light, it will notify you that your project is done with a sound!


Beep! Your mug is finito! Make sure that when your mug is ready to be removed from the mug press, you have a safe place to place it down to cool completely. Carefully pop the flap and remove the mug by the handle only – do not touch any other part of the mug – it will be very hot!!! 

I used a towel this time around because…well…my mat seems to have walked off somewhere. A towel works great – it is primarily to protect your work surface!

Let your mug completely cool before removing any of the heat resistant tape and/or the transfer sheet. 


Once completely cool to the touch, begin removing the heat resistant tape and/or the transfer sheet and be amazed with the results. A crisp, clear and fantastic mug design…designed by you!!

I was truly shocked with how well these mugs looked after this intricate process. I have a little experience in Infusible Inks using different types of blanks (pillows, coasters, tote bags, shirts), but this is next level incredible. The way the ink infuses into the ceramic mug blank is so impressive – truly something I have never experienced before!


I had so much fun with my pumpkin print mug, I decided to make it into a pair, but with a twist. Pumpkin print…in reverse! The best part? All of the images and fonts used to make this pair of (amazing) mugs, can be found in Cricut Design Space!

I highly recommend you try this incredible mug press – you will be making mugs for every cute occasion! Uhhh, can you say…Christmas?! (is it too soon?!)

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.