Upcycling Home Decor with Cricut

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One pillar of my personality is my love and passion for thrifting. Well, this year, I have been taking it a step further and taking my thrifty finds and upcycling them using my Cricut Explore Air 2! The things you can do with this miraculous machine is, well, spectacular!

In this post, you will find three upcycling projects that will spruce up your space, giving your home decor a sustainable and homey feel!


I am really into the neutral aesthetic these days – blush, gold and nude tones are my go-to for decor! Teaching virtually this year, I typically spend my days at my desk in my “at-home classroom”. However, when the hypothetical school bell rings, I get a bit more comfy making my lap desk come in SUPER handy!

I found this nifty little lap desk on VarageSale for $5, and thought…time to upcycle to fit the “neutral aesthetic”.

Here is what you need for this DIY:


If you are starting with a lap desk that is an ugly colour, or has some dings, spray paint prior to doing anything with the Cricut. I did two coats using White Primer Spray Paint. Normally, you would add another colour on top of the primer, however, I liked the colour the primer came out in, and didn’t feel it needed anything more!


Open Cricut Design Space and create a new project. For this project, I used a cute and quirky rainbow design that I adapted to use three colours. I wanted to use the same rainbow and pattern it across my lap desk, so all I needed was one initial rainbow design!


Once you have found the design you like, we need to cut it out! Measure your lap desk, and decide how big you want your design. I didn’t want to cut too many copies of the rainbow, so I sized my rainbow to be 4″WX3″H. Smooth your adhesive foil onto the standard grip mat (green), liner side down, and insert it into your machine.

**I used the ‘Default’ pressure setting for the Adhesive Foil. I recommend setting the pressure to ‘More’ for easier weeding later**


Once the design has finished cutting, weed the various sheets of adhesive on your standard grip mat. Normally, I would use transfer tape, smoothed over the design, to transfer it. However, the adhesive foil is easy to peel off once weeded.

For an intricate design, I would highly recommend using TT, however, rainbows are simple to weed, and so I was able to just peel each component off and smooth it right onto the lap desk.

Now, you have a cute and aesthetically pleasing lap desk for all of your working at home needs!


A lot of my “decor” pieces right now have a purpose. I don’t have a lot of space, so I try to utilize storage as much as I can…while making it cute at the same time! A while ago, I picked up a few jars from Dollarama to house specific items in my room to keep my organization game up. I really love the minimalist look and so I often opt for clear or neutral jars to store things like bathroom essentials, hair accessories, make up brushes.

I decided to upcycle this basic clear jar that currently is home to my entire scrunchie collection. I don’t love labeled items, so I opted for a cute gold scrunchie accenting the jar!

(And yes, I do keep most of that in my bedroom…I live with my parents, okay lol?)

Here is what you need for this DIY:


Open Cricut Design Space and create a new project. I wasn’t sure what I would find when I typed in “scrunchie”, but to my surprise, there were a few options! I liked the scrunchie outline, as I felt that it would provide the minimalist look I was going for, and add just a slight accent to the jar.


Cut your vinyl to the size you wish, and smooth it onto the standard grip mat (green), preparing the machine to cut. Keeping in mind that rounded surfaces, can be difficult to transfer onto, I didn’t make my design too big to cut. I kept it to 4″W X 4″H to make for an easier transfer!

**I used the ‘Default’ pressure setting for the Adhesive Foil. I recommend setting the pressure to ‘More’ for easier weeding later**


Time to weed! This was the most satisfying and easy weed I have done in a while! The adhesive foil peels right off! Once everything is weeded, and you have your design ready to transfer, cut a piece of Transfer Tape to size. You want the piece of TT to be slightly bigger than your design for easy application!

I used the scraper tool to really make sure the TT was pressed over the design well, giving it a good chance to lift the vinyl away from it’s home base. It may take a few tries, so be patient with it.


This is the trickiest step where you will really need to exercise patience. Once you have your design on the TT, wipe down your jar surface and slowly apply the design. There are many tricks that I have seen floating around the internet about how to apply a permanent vinyl design to a curved surface. However, every time, I just wing it and use a different strategy every time!

The biggest thing to remember is to take your time. Make sure that each part of your design is applied smoothly and there are no creases. **You may need to apply one section at a time as opposed to all at once**

When you feel confident that your design is smoothly applied, peel back the TT and admire your simple and cute scrunchie jar!


There is no easier way to upcycle a pillow than to slide a cute, new pillow cover on! I can’t tell you how many fun designs I have created with the Cricut iron-on products! Iron-on is probably my favourite type of projects…but Infusible Ink takes “iron-on” to a whole other level! Infusible Ink is a Cricut technology that infuses the ink into Cricut blanks, using transfer sheets. It’s such an interesting technology and I love experimenting with the different patterns and ink transfer sheets available!

This pillow cover was inspired by our last year of staying at home! What better way to upcycle an old pillow, than by designing a cute new pillow cover?

Here is what you need for this DIY:


Open Cricut Design Space and create a new project. After finding a phrase that I wanted to apply to my pillow cover, I selected a font. I love script fonts – especially for home decor projects – and one of my favourite fonts (that I downloaded) is “Juliette Garden”. I typed out my phrase, “let’s stay at home”, sized it to my liking, and then added a few elements that I thought would compliment the text well.


Smooth the Infusible Ink transfer sheet, ink side up, onto your standard grip mat (green). Make sure you really smooth out the air bubbles, as I find with these sheets, air bubbles are inevitable. Set the pressure, when cutting, to ‘More’ over ‘Default’, as it will make for easier weeding.

Prior to cutting, make sure you size your design to fit the pillow cover. Cricut pillow covers are rather large, and so I wanted the text to be large as well, being proportionate. This will vary depending on the blank you are working with.



Weed each component of your overall design. Infusible Ink can be tricky to weed – it does not easily peel away like HTV does.


When you have all of your components weeded, set them aside and set up your EasyPress 2. Clear a space to lay your pillow cover down overtop of your EasyPress mat. Normally, for large projects, I would use a towel…but with Infusible Ink, it is recommended to use the mat.

Heat your EasyPress 2 using the “Heating Guide“. Infusible Ink has a specific setting, based on the blank you are working with, so follow it closely to get the best result.

Once your space is ready, heat your blank up for 5-7 seconds. Unlike iron-on proejcts, you can’t place the design down and move it around. As soon as your Infusible Ink hits the heated blank, the ink will begin to transfer, so you must be absolutely certain of the placement when you lay your design down.

I pressed each component separately, to get the best result. With Infusible Ink, I do not recommend moving the EasyPress around when pressing. Press in one spot at a time, applying a decent amount of pressure, to ensure all of the ink transfers successfully. It will be very hot when it finishes pressing, so allow it to cool for a few seconds, before removing the liner.

**Do not place the iron on top of a design without parchment. This will leave fading where the iron cuts off. To simply put it, press the design once or twice before removing the liner. Once the liner is removed, do not place the iron on top of the design without protection**

When you peel it away, you should be left with a completely infused design. You will notice on the transfer sheet design, all of the coloured ink will have gone away (infused into the blank) and you have a beautiful, upcycled pillow!

Home projects are not common for me as I don’t have a ton of space where I am living right now. However, I love interior design and making a space feel refreshed and new. The best way to do that is to take something that needs a little TLC, put the effort in and make it into something you love even more.

Cricut has made that so easy for me over the years, causing me to spend less in the decor store, and spend more time honing my crafting skills!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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